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  1. Thanks! I don't have access to a printer (at least, not one that's worth a damn) so is it generally cool to just use a laptop instead?
  2. Hey guys, So I'm going to play my first game tonight against Philip, hoping to mash a few goblins. Thing is, I've never played in a BB league, and I obviously have never played in an Ordo BB league. What's the etiquette for matches? What do I do for bringing my team list, or whatever? I know in other games, it's a courtesy to have a copy of your army list, but as I said, I'm new to Blood Bowl. What do I do to avoid any sort of major faux pas over the course of the league?
  3. I'd like to show up, but I've got some stuff to do first. Might be a bit on the later side, maybe closer to 4 or so.
  4. I'm actually probably going to switch to Humans, just for some variety (also because in order to get the blockers and blitzers I'd need to be competitive with the orcs, I'd basically have to buy a whole new team's worth of minis.)
  5. Sadly, I have a friend's graduation to attend, so I won't be there, either.
  6. Gonna be there, but may or may not be slightly late. Got a couple things to do before I head out, and they may bleed over a little bit.
  7. I'm in! My team should be created, it's Da Bloody Blaggards.
  8. Only if you paint the tubes green.
  9. As far as the Mutts go, one of our guest writers for Pride of Rodina did a really great writeup on them. You might give it a read and see if there's anything there that can give you some insight.
  10. I'll be there, FRRM in tow! I have a parachuting werewolf that laughs at your feeble repeater coverage.
  11. So I already joined Fate & Fury's club, and apparently you can't join more than one. :( Buncha stupid bullcrap.
  12. If that happens, I will summarily execute him for his scavenging incompetence.
  13. I, unfortunately, have a friend in town, so will be unable to make it. Also, I'm now sad to miss Cascade.
  14. I like the way that booty roll is going to work. I was thinking the other day how useless it would be for a Fusilier to end up with an E/M CCW...
  15. A local Irish folk band. Doing some field work. :P