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  1. If that happens, I will summarily execute him for his scavenging incompetence.
  2. I, unfortunately, have a friend in town, so will be unable to make it. Also, I'm now sad to miss Cascade.
  3. I like the way that booty roll is going to work. I was thinking the other day how useless it would be for a Fusilier to end up with an E/M CCW...
  4. A local Irish folk band. Doing some field work. :P
  5. I'd really like to, but I have too much housework to do, and a show to go later in the evening. Sorry. :( I'll come in and get my butt whooped on Sunday with everyone else.
  6. I assume Infiltration, Mech Deployment, etc. all work as normal?
  7. Well that kind of sucks. Alright, good to know.
  8. Question: AD troops. If we're on a ship, how are they handled?
  9. Yeah, I'm going to be out of town, as well. Gettin' my ITS on in Tacoma. Next week!
  10. Yeah, I would have come, but I was just dead on my feet tired. I think it was too many sodas and bear claws, sugar crash, y'know? As for the mats, laying down something to provide some friction between them and the table would probably help, maybe a big piece of felt or something.
  11. I thought they were pretty slick, especially the risers. I'd still worry about the pieces shifting too much during play, but I didn't get a chance to actually play on one of those tables.
  12. Well you're obviously sleeping on it! Get it together, man!
  13. In another trial run of my NCA OFCC list, I played Pete with his ALEPH. In typical Pete fashion, he systematically dismantled me, further impressing upon me that I find that list, and the idea of NCA in general, to be reasonably effective but uninspiring. New project is to test out a FRRM list with Mirage 5 for the big show. It might not be effective, but parachuting werewolves are always fun. Eric and I talked tactics after game night, and I think I've got some ideas I'm going to try and put into practice in my next couple test games. I'll be giving it a first run tomorrow against Bob, so we'll see how it does, and if I like it, I've got some models to buy/paint...
  14. In the interest of being a pedantic jackass, it was a Seraph. Squalos aren't available in MO, they're NCA. JUST SAYIN'.
  15. But there are so many pretty faces in that room...