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  1. Anyone down for a 9th age game at 4:30 at dark tower?
  2. Let me know quick! 4500 points let's do it!
  3. @D_Lo if your up for a game after I could squeeze another in, if I get out of there by 6-7 I would be happy, about a 3 hour drive back.
  4. I should be there around 2
  5. Let's do it gabado, 4500 points sound good? I wanna prep for OFCC
  6. 9th age, sorry should have specified.
  7. I could actually be in Bellingham around 2-3 if anyone is up for a game as well.
  8. I figured as much, that's quite a drive. I'm coming over from port Angeles area, if it helps would marysville or Everett area be close enough to attract a game?
  9. Anyone up for a game on the 20th or 22nd? I'll be in Bellevue or Seattle area and any shop is fine with me. Just in town for the day both those days. Let me know!
  10. Thanks for the information pax! I could take off 10% so 4.50 a tray and than the 7-13$ shipping depending on size of trays/order. that way we can both stay out of eBay and do it direct. thanks!
  11. Is bumping allowed?
  12. If anyones interested in a 4500 point game let me know, Im trying to get some OFCC prep in and toying with lists. Still need a game who's down!? Id appreciate the practice!
  13. Anyone down for a 9th age game in silver dale tomorrow at noon? 4500 points
  14. Hey zeev I'm on my way to the store now
  15. Hey Zeev, still on for Wednesday? Should be available pretty close to 1-2pm still