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Return of Necromunda?

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Well this turn of events was unexpected to say the least. If you'll excuse me for a moment.

~Inarticulate maniacal hooting and jumping around ecstatically goes here~

I just might need to dust off my gang.

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Necromunda Is Back!

It’s been more than a decade since we last visited the Underhive, but very soon you’ll be able to battle it out in the depths of Hive Primus.


If you’re new to the hobby, you may not be familiar with Necromunda – or perhaps you’ve only heard about it from the fond memories of other hobbyists. Necromunda dives into the underworld of the Imperium, allowing players to control their own Hive Gang – a pack of ruthless criminal killers augmented with black-market cybernetics, gene modifications and scavenged weaponry. Where Warhammer 40,000 puts you at the head of an army, in Necromunda, the scale is much smaller but the action is just as intense – every single Ganger counts.


Between intense skirmish battles, your gang will grow from a pack of battle-hungry Juves to a feared and respected syndicate of hardened veterans. To get there, however, you’ll have to battle against your fellow players, each with a gang of their own.

The Underhive is a big place, and the gangs that inhabit it are as diverse as the alien races that inhabit the 41st Millennium. We’re launching Necromunda with two classics.

Gangs from House Escher are fast, deadly, and cruel. While lightly armoured, these cunning warrior women hold their own in melee combat, while at range, they are notorious for their use of armour-melting plasma weaponry.


The gangers of House Goliath are a living testament to brawn over brains. Every member of House Goliath is a slab of vat-grown muscle, armed and armoured with repurposed industrial gear.


What makes these miniatures even better is that they’ll be available in multi-part, plastic kits – so easy to assemble, customise and paint into a gang of your own.

Keep your eyes on Warhammer Community for all the latest news and previews.

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via Warhams-77, via Anthony - Yaktribe.org

"From LittlePlasicSoldiers

"We have an info dump of information for you from speaking to the amazing Specialist Games veteran designer Andy Hoare at The Forge World Open Day 2017.

So we are broadly looking at a game based on the 8th Edition 40k mechanics, but tailored to skirmish warfare. We see the edition of Action Points, that can be used to active gangers in a similar way to how Space Hulk works. Different actions will cost different points, such as activating a Heavy will cost two Action Points, whereas your run of the mill Ganger will cost only one.

We are looking at a release schedule much like BloodBlowl, this is the ‘Preview’, launch of the initial box set will follow in the same sort of timescale as from when BloodBowl was ‘Previewed’ then launched.

The box itself will contain the Escher and Goliath gangers we have seen already, the rules, accoutrements and most likely Shadow War terrain. The Specialist Games studio do not have the resources to produce terrain solely for Necromunda, so they are trail blazing the Shadow War release with all the cool terrain that was released with that boxed set, and subsequently in individual kits until present. The rules will allow for play in the way we are used to on gangways, ramps and gantries, but also in tunnels making use of the Zone Mortalis tiles available from Forge World.

We will see all the gangs from Hive Primus return, along with the gangs from Outlanders and Fanatic. We will also see new gangs and some expansion of the fluff on Necromunda.

HIVE SECONDUS was written about in the Fanatic days, a Hive overrun by Genstealer cult, nuked by the Necromunda Defence Forces to rid the planet of the infestation. However, the hive toppled on its side with most of the Cultists surviving resulting in the Defence Forces building a large trench system in the surrounding Ash Wastes to isolate the remains of the Hive from the rest f the planet. It is hinted we will be visiting this intreaging story in the future! "

Thumb fw openday bbtroll1kvs

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