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T9A OFCC 2017

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Hey everyone,


I am late to introduce myself as your HoG for T9A this year. For those of you who have not attended an OFCC tournament yet, I can only describe it as the single best tournament you can ever find in the Pacific NW. Besides good games and fair opponents, the format of the tournament encourages outside the box play styles, top notch sportsmanship, sweet paint jobs, and plenty of screaming out loud.


As a quick summary, we will be using the most up to date rule set v1.3.4 with any and all FAQ documents that come up before the date of the tournament. As many of you know, T9A has locked the rules down, so rest assured there will not be any changes to your army book between now and the event. We will be playing 4500 points with all army book and main rule book restrictions / requirements.


The scenarios we will be playing however, are not standard. I pulled 5 scenarios from the home brew section of the T9A website to provide a bit more random flavor, and new ways of thinking about the game. The tournament packet for the event is almost ready to stamp as complete, but I would like to invite all of you to take a look at the scenarios and provide some feedback as to your impression.


If you have any suggestions or concerns about the scenarios, lets have a conversation in this thread. Think about them from many perspectives, such as are the scenarios too complicated, are they too broad, do they slow the game down too much, are they easy to forget, are they biased to particular armies, can they be abused, ect.



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