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    Brother Glacius

    Start my new job today

    Yup, after too many months of searching, I finally landed a job. All signs point to a good company and a good fit for me personally. I truly hope that I do not have to go through that hell ever again. Best part is, I get to keep all my toys
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    Random Photo Thread

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    I've realized I don't really want an Arctic table. It looks cools, but It's far too limiting in variety. So I'll omit the snow. As such the first scatter terrain is done.
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    Shi Guy

    The Death Knights of Khorne

    I haven't had much time for painting lately, but I've been trying to get in an hour here or there every so often. As a result, these guys have been stuck in limbo for a bit. They're not done yet, but they're getting close. Death Knight Riders (Bikers) Inspiration
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    I left Lexington planning on going to Charleton west Virginia. Halfway through the day a truck driver picks me up and offers me a ride. Turns out he was heading to South Carolina via a stop in Pennsylvania. So that's where I headed, super nice guy if a little off once in a while. Ended up offering me a job if I ever made it to his neck of the woods in texas. He was hauling pipe bomb explosives for mining so I helped him load and unload stuff and he fed me ihop. It was hilarious because he facetimed his 8th grade science teacher in the middle of dinner and had a conversation. I swear he called half the people in his phone book to tell him of the crazy hitchhiker he picked up. I had him leave me in Richmond Virginia because I wanted to explore the city. I found a guy who has couch surfers. Super cool dude. We ate subs and talked about Dungeons and Dragons. Funny enough he is probably going to be moving to Seattle to go to UW
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    Cutting Marbles in Half?

    I gotta step in on this one. Don't cut marbles in half. It's dangerous. Buy stick on craft half pearls instead. Below is an example for more than anyone will ever need for $3 + shipping. You can get them at the big craft stores like Michaels for around $7. https://www.etsy.com/listing/104588610/800pc-assorted-sizes-ivory-pearls-flat?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_e-craft_supplies_and_tools-beads_gems_and_cabochons-beads&utm_custom1=4b508160-a053-4cbb-8314-8c35424820be&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp7TUiOal2gIV2I1-Ch1HygDwEAQYBSABEgIEKPD_BwE
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    A Grassy Wastes Table Build

    Managed to get some scatter terrain built, he's a couple of the pieces, still WIP
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    Ordo Septenarius

    Nurgle Pox Walkers

    http://mordheimpdx.blogspot.com/2018/03/death-guard-marines.html Some Death Guard.
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    I built a Tyberos!

    I prolly could have done a bit of a blog but I didn't. I however would like to put the unpainted fished project here. I built this for a club mate who will bee painting it himself. Yay it was super fun based on an aggressor with custom Hunger and Slake. I also smoothed out some of the curved sections to reduce the power armor look and play up the terminator type save. Finally he has less bling and more open plate to allow for more paint work as he will be very Pacific islander inspired for paint. 360 view video... 20180404_182947.mp4 edit: caution! 67mb file
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    H: $$$ W: Your Unused Miniatures

    Have stacks of unused minis and games? Have a closet full of projects you are sure you will get to 'eventually'? Just want to clear some space and make a little cash for your next project? Good news! We can help you out. We turn piles like these into cash for you: Shoot me a pm and I'll let you know what we can do to help you out.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Start my new job today

    I have a second interview with International Paper friday... :)
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    John Wick: Chapter 2 - watched it again last night. Damn I love this movie. John Woo would be proud and honored at the homage to his craft of gun-fu. Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance - why do I hate myself so much that I stayed up late to watch this. Maybe it was the lure of Nick Cage and Idris Elba (and Christopher Lambert of Highlander fame) all on the screen at one time. Maybe I was delusional based off the late hours, or maybe I was just to lazy to get my ass off the couch and upstairs to bed. No matter the reason I suffered through this monstrosity that even if it had sharks I don't think Shane could suffer to watch it. And how did it even get 4.5 starts out of 10? I think even GI Joe: Retribution is better than this movie. For reference http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4425200/?ref_=nv_sr_1 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1071875/?ref_=nv_sr_4
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    Space Wolves

    It’s been awhile, but I managed to pull myself away from a side army (space clowns) and put some paint on something Fenris’y. From experience vs Scary’s Great Co. I know they do well once they start rolling dice, so I’m excited to be close to having this guy on the table. Base coats and washes.
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    Transporting Large unwieldy models

    Add glue and touch up paint to the packing list. Job done
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    Also on a happy note, I volunteered with a group called permaculture action network. They helped revitalize a womans community garden in a food desert in west atlanta where the vacancy in the neighborhood is higher than 50s. We rebuilt her greenhouse, helped build a retaining wall for the creek, planted trees and helped clean up. The ammount of garbage is insane. They also teamed up with Lead to Life which melts down guns confiscated by police and uses the metal to make farming tools. Such an amazing group of people. Made me feel like I was home in the PNW. Also Georgia has a law where they can't destroy weapons confiscsted but they don't want to sell them. So the Georgia police is sitting on thousands of weapons.
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    Sgt. Rock

    A reminder.

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    Random Photo Thread

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    Posted 25/03/2018 From the Dark City they come… Which faction in the 41st Millennium is most evil? This being the grim darkness of the far future, it’s a pretty tight race, but we doubt many can compete with the wickedness of the Drukhari. Do you fight for the Dark Gods? These guys gave birth to one of them. By partying. Do you kill your enemies for territory? The Drukhari have almost infinite space in Commorragh and still slaughter anyone that trespasses in their perceived domain (which, to this arrogant race, is everywhere). Next week, these sinister raiders will be receiving a codex of their own, and it’s a particularly special one. This edition of Warhammer 40,000 has allowed players to customise their armies more than ever before, thanks to a flexible collection of Detachments and in-depth rules for dedicating your army to your chosen Chapter, Chaos Legion, craftworld or other appropriate sub-faction. Stratagems, meanwhile, have opened up all sorts of possibilities and breathed new life into previously overlooked units and tactics. Codex: Drukhari takes the principles of the codexes so far, and, as with everything else the Dark Kin do, pushes it to a whole new level. Codex: Drukhari isn’t just your guide to one army, it’s your guide to three, featuring in-depth rules for the Kabals, Haemonculus Covens and Wych Cults that inhabit Commorragh. Thanks to a flexible new set of rules, your Drukhari armies will reflect their background better than ever before – a disparate raiding party drawn from several sources with multiple leaders vying for influence. Next week, you’ll be able to pre-order your copy – in either standard hardback or a Collector’s Edition– along with datacards to help you devise particularly cunning plans – and there’s more! The new Drukhari codex marks the perfect time to begin your own force of these soul-thirsty raiders, and you won’t find a better way to kick off your army than Start Collecting! Drukhari. Packed with enough units to build a Patrol Detachment and designed to save you money, this set is particularly awesome in light of the new codex, featuring a range of units that have been greatly improved. You’ll be able to pre-order Codex: Drukhari and this new Start Collecting! Set next weekend, but keep your eyes on Warhammer Community as we’ll be running a series of in-depth previews next week to whet your dark appetites…
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    Jim I created this in part to keep you informed! Also I now own a machete. I did not buy a machete, I was given one. Because I Got a ride from a nice lady who proceded to describe EVERY [BIG BAD SWEAR WORD] SNAKE WHICH COULD KILL ME. I HATE SNAKES. So after seeing the pure horror on my face, she gave me a machete. I hope people still give me a ride after I am drenched in blood from fighting off this horde of snakes that are apparently set on a mission to kill me.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    "Will you keep your red snapper, or will you trade it for...what's in the box?"
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    Meh. DE have been "obsolete" for more time than not. I don't really notice. I play what I know and what I like and it works more often than not. Except when Pretre gets me drunk at the OFCC. I go 0-3 on those days.
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    Big day of firsts. Left Richmond this morning and have ended up in Halifax. If ya havent heard of Halifax well neither had I before today. First I finally got harrassed by a state trooper. Belck. Annoying. I was in front of the "no pedestrian" sign by a good ways. Le sigh. Whatever floats ya boat man. Second a plumber and an electrician (sounds like a great start of a joke), gave me a ride in their work van. They were real nice and decided to go to the farthest job they had to give me the best ride. And the plumber didnt have any weed but he did offer me heroin. I passed up on that adventure. Had to jump in the window of one guys truck because his door didn't open. Finally I was reminded of how universal kindness is. I got invited into a man's home, he offered me a place to stay the night and a warm dinner and place to sleep. His family basically accepted me as one of them. They even prayed over me and my journey at their evening devotion. These kind folks also drink raw milk, beleive the earth is flat and dont trust vaccines to name a few of their ideals.
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    Terrain Project -hills and valleys

    Five years in making jmgraham. Played some remote D&D this weekend so worked on my 2.5” tall pieces but also poured some molds and started to work some modular inserts to give it a little bit of variety. Hope to get some tree stump inserts done to take woodland scenic trees. Make the hills very modular to play with. Also thinking about how to do the bases the pieces sit into. Might try rather large single cast piece for each of the three hills.