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    With the recent purchase of a decent 3D printer, I thought my first lofty goal would be to build an entire 4x6 terrain table for 40K. Here is the layout for Tile #1: One down, 23 more to go! Why Corvus X? All of the files I have used so far came from Corvus Games Terrain and X refers to the unknown number of filament spools it will take to complete this project. 🙂 My goal is to have it completed and painted in time for this year's OFCC.
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    More GSC previews

    Just $10 a week will let you sponsor a child at a schola progenum which will guarantee her food, shelter, bolter training, and a righteous upbringing. Please, help if you can.
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    SpaceORK's Orks... n' other armies.

    Ehh... its "done". I see lots of other things I could finish up on this guy but it's good enough for table top.
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    More GSC previews

    For the record, I would like to apologize in advance for spending the entire lifespan of this codex until it’s inevitable replacement in a future edition, for constantly referring to these tokens as “The bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.”
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    On golden wings they come

    All I see is DIVE!!!
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    I decided to pull the trigger on buying a 3D printer about 4 weeks ago, a Prusa i3 Mk3 kit. It arrived two weeks later and after a slow and methodical assembly, I got it up and running. After two weeks of constant printing, I now have a pile of terrain. I have a long way to go in getting a whole 6x4 table, but that is my goal (for now.) 🙂
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    Been sitting on these models for a long time. Painting 40ks been getting stale for me so... figured id show off what I’ve been working on
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    I've taken your recommendations (thanks guys @WestRider @Ish and @paxmiles) and built my Death Company with the bits I have, and given them a paint job that, while not an award-winner, is more than adequate and I'm quite proud of. I'm looking forward to a big-time charge soon!
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    On white wings he comes

    They’ve never been shy about the Blood Angels’ thematic inspiration being Renaissance religious artwork and literature (with a sprinkling of Baroque to keep it fresh). They’re the Renaissance Italian Catholic Vampires in Spaaace, and that’s why we love them.
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    You know, its really the best hobby for me. Small bursts of activity followed by long periods of inactivity. It is the first time I have ever been able to make hobby progress AND get some sleep at the same time...it's perfect. 🙂
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    Ok, mission time. Took a chapter approved mission and desecrated it!!! Mwa ha ha! Hopefully Khorne approves. Posted from my phone so some of the formatting may be wonky, the Google drive doc might be better. Mission URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rq3D7-9MvCxB3y-oZXa_Aa9LuhiKoOT-5xfu7xyszsI/edit?usp=drivesdk League week 3, Mission 3, Forgive me NARRATIVE Battle brothers, we have secured our position on this desolate rock. However, dire news has reached our lines. An altar of Chaos has been unearthed by the destruction of this war. We have been ordered to purge its heresy from existence. Prepare the Thunderfire cannons, all of them. But sir, we have friendlies in the area! I know, the Emperor protects and I hope they can forgive me...FIRE!!! Sir, they’re firing on our position. We need to retreat NOW! Hold your line soldier, you see those ancient relics near that altar? They are not Chaos, but they don’t know that! We must retrieve them at all costs! Sir, our vox is dead, we have no way to request a cease fire. I know, the Emperor protects, right? CHARGE!!! THE ARMIES Each player selects a 1000pt Battle-forged army with no more than 2 detachments. THE BATTLEFIELD Create a 48”x48” table with proper 40k terrain density. Setup one piece of area terrain to represent the altar in the center of the battlefield. The players then roll off and, starting with the winner, alternate placing objective markers until four have been placed within 12” of the center but not within 6” of another marker. DEPLOYMENT (one on one, two on two, or four man free for all) Use Front-Line Assault deployment (pg 217). Players roll off, highest roller picks deployment zone. Their opponent uses the other deployment zone. The players then alternate deploying their units, one at a time, starting with the player who did not pick their deployment zone. A player’s models must be set up within their own deployment zone (unless special rules allow otherwise). Continue setting up units until both sides have set up their army. FIRST TURN The player who finished setting up their army first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can roll a dice; on a roll of 6, they manage to seize the initiative, and they get the first turn instead! BATTLE LENGTH Chaotic explosions: Start of each battle round (not player turn) all of the objective markers move 3” from the explosions around them. Alternate who moves a marker first. Starting with the 2nd player, each player may move one objective 3” in any direction they choose until all 4 moved. You may not move an objective already moved in this turn. Friendly fire: Start of each battle round after chaotic explosions, roll a D6 for each objective marker. If a 6 is rolled, a direct hit has happened. The objective marker is removed from play and any units within 3” of it suffer 1 mortal wound. For every unit of yours that suffered a wound this way, score 1 victory point for their sacrifice to Khorne. At the end of battle round 5, roll a D6. On a 3+, the game continues. At the end of battle round 6, roll a D6. On roll of 4+, the game continues. The battle automatically ends at the end of battle round 7. VICTORY CONDITIONS At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most victory points is the winner. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw. Victory points are achieved for the following: Secured: At the end of the game, each objective marker still in play is worth 3 victory points to the player who controls it. Slay the Warlord: If the enemy Warlord has been slain during the battle, you score 1 victory point. First Strike: You score 1 victory point if any units from your opponent’s army were destroyed during the first battle round. LEAGUE POINTS Win = 5 points, Draw = 3 points, Loss = 1 point Painting points: Newly painted model (1pt per, 3pts max) OR unit/vehicle/monstrous creature? (5 pts, 5pts max) Sportsmanship points: Update your thread on the Ordo forums tracking your missions & progress +1pt Did you bring food for the league? +1pt Provide Matt (a.k.a. Dark Trainer) feedback about what you’d like to see in the league via PM +1 Did you laugh or grin during the match or crave a rematch? Yes or No
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    Sgt. Rock

    Sgt. Rock's War Stories

    Proof that I can, indeed, paint models! Not 100% complete yet, as I'm waiting for some shoulder badges I ordered from Pop Goes the Monkey. But other than that, they're done.
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    Is dere somefing metal, in yo’ battlefield? Whose youse gonna call? Tankbustas! (“I ain’t a’feared uv no tank!”)
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    The ITC Format is pretty fun. While games can feel one sided in standard missions the ITC Format gives you as the player the options to succeed. The primary missions are simple scoring, did you Kill something on your turn? Did you Hold something on your turn? If yes score one point for each yes and if you killed more or held more score another point for each of those. Example: @Dark Trainer went second in our last league game and I didn't kill anything T1, Dark kills my Dakkajet, giving him Kill Something and he held the same number of objectives so he held the same. So he gets 3 points; 1 for killing something, 1 for killing more, 1 for holding an objective. I get 1 point; I held an objective. From there things come down to some choices that you get to make pre game when you walk up to the table and see the list you are fighting against. This is where you get to choose your secondary objectives. Secondaries are things you accomplish during the game that can give you at best 4 points per secondary. You get to choose 3 secondary missions that your army wants to accomplish in a game and your opponent know what they are and who they affect. The Secondaries are; *Headhunter: 1pt for each enemy Character that is destroyed. *Kingslayer: Choose an enemy model that is a Character. Earn 1 point for every 2 wounds of damage it loses, cumulatively. If the model selected has the Character and Vehicle or Monster keywords, you earn 1 point for every 4 wounds it loses instead of 1 for every 2. If the Character is also your opponent’s Warlord, earn 1 additional point if it is destroyed. *Marked for Death: Choose 4 of your opponent’s units with a Power Level of 7+. Earn 1 pt for each of these units destroyed. *Big Game Hunter: 1 point for every enemy model with the Monster or Vehicle keyword and 7+ wounds destroyed. *Titan Slayers: For every 8 wounds lost by enemy units with the Titanic keyword in total throughout the course of the game, earn 1 point. The Reaper: For every 20 enemy models destroyed, earn 1 point. Recon: Have a unit at least partially in each table quarter at the end of your player turn. A unit may only count as being in one table quarter at a time for the purposes of this rule. 1pt per turn. Behind Enemy Lines: If at least one of your units is wholly in the enemy Deployment Zone at the start of your turn, earn 1 Point. A unit is wholly in if every model in the unit is at least partially in the enemy Deployment Zone. The Butcher’s Bill: Destroy 2+ enemy units during a player turn to earn 1 Point. Ground Control: Earn 1 point for each objective held at the end of the last Battle Round played. Old School: Earn 1 point for the following: First Strike: An enemy unit is destroyed in the first Battle Round. Slay the Warlord: The enemy Warlord is destroyed at game’s end. Linebreaker: Have one of your models within your opponent’s deployment zone at the end of the game. Last Strike: An enemy unit is destroyed in the last Battle Round played. Anything with an asterisk (*) next to it can not count a second time. So no killing the Warlord for Kingslayer and Old School points as Kingslayer can not stack with other Secondaries As you can see there are a few to choose from that gives you the player the best chances to succeed. Are you facing orks or Nids with a ton of models? Well take Reaper. Facing many small squads of units you think you can kill in a turn? Take Butchers Bill! Does your opponent have multiple scary units that have to die (looking at you Lootas) go on and take Marked for Death on those units. Remember, each secondary only gives 4 points maximum and you get 3 of them so 12 points there while just holding something and killing something a turn gives you 12 points over 6 turns as well. Killing more and holding more is a chance for up to 12 additional points as well giving you a max of 36 points not including the bonus. Every ITC mission will have a bonus objective as well. This is usually something difficult but you do get a point for each turn you achieve this bonus objective. Scoring is taken down at the end of every Player Round. For those curious about details on the format here is the Frontline Gaming ITC page. Just use the ITC Champion Missions link and it will bring up a word doc with how you set up and such as that is slightly differ (you choose your extra relics and psychic powers game to game)
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Clue I’m always shocked that this movie isn’t more well known. It’s one of my favorite comedies of all time, every time I watch it I laugh just as hard as I did the first time.
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    Space Marines new Beta Rule

    It has long been true (though slowly changing) that GW could give out free puppies and cash prizes with every customer interaction and some folks would complain that they're not kittens and that the cash is taxable.
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    knock knock knock do you have time to speak about our lord and savior Bob?
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    On white wings he comes

    Classic GW, stealing other people's IP
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    SpaceORK's Orks... n' other armies.

    You worry far to much about things that most likely will never happen.
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    W: imperial knight arms H: $

    Locking this thread. This is a personal dispute. Please keep it to PMs. And remember personal insults are against our forums code of conduct.
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    More GSC previews

    I want to get these vehicles and kitbash them into Ork vehicles... ...but I can't because I'm saving up for the eventual Sisters releases. (Just $10 a week set aside for almost the last two years)
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    Black Library and New Commissar

    On the 23rd and 24th of February, Warhammer and Games Workshop stores across the world will be hosting their annual Black Library Celebration. It’ll be a weekend of adrenaline-fuelled fiction, with stores running events that retell stories from the novels. And, of course, there are going to be loads of new books, CDs and other goodies to pick up… The celebration is going to be online as well, and the best place to join in with it will be the brand-new Black Library Instagram, which launches today! (It still has that new account smell.) As well as a place to find out about all the latest books from Black Library, this will also be somewhere that you can discuss your favourites and join a community of like-minded fans of Warhammer fiction. And if you head there now, you’ll find some gorgeous pictures of a new Black Library-themed Citadel miniature being released for the Celebration – Commissar Severina Raine! This fantastic model is your chance to add this devout Imperial hero to your collection. Her Black Library-themed box includes rules for using the resin miniature in your Astra Militarum army – and February’s White Dwarf will include the rules for using her as your Commander in games of Kill Team as well! The Raine miniature is based on the cover art for a new novel also coming for the Celebration, Rachel Harrison’s debut novel Honourbound. This is the first full-length story to star Commissar Severina Raine, who’s become a fan favourite through Rachel’s awesome short stories. The novel sees Raine and her 11th Antari Rifles take their war with the Sighted to another level – and the cult’s machinations may expose secrets from Raine’s troubled past. The Celebration is also a fantastic chance to catch up with the Horus Heresy. After nearly thirteen years and 54 books, the series is coming to an end… of sorts. Later this year sees the start of the Siege of Terra, in the form of an epic eight-book miniseries – and the Celebration sees the launch of the last book before the Siege begins: The Buried Dagger, by James Swallow, tells the long-awaited story of the fall of the Death Guard. Bestilled in the warp, the Legion is ravaged by contagion. Nurgle wishes to bestow his gifts upon them – but will proud Mortarion accept such corruption to save the lives of his sons? It’s also a bridge between the series so far and the Siege, catching up with heroes on the Throneworld, including Knights-Errant, the Sigillite, the would-be saint Euphrati Keeler… and nine mysterious silver-armoured figures with psychic powers. You’ll also be able to look back to where it all began, with Celebration editions of Horus Rising and False Gods. Each of these is a gorgeous artefact, with new covers and black page edges – and each has an additional short story (‘Misbegotten’ and ‘The Wolf of Ash and Fire’, if you’re curious), along with introductions by authors Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill. The weekend will also see the launch of Angron: Slave of Nuceria, the eleventh book in the Primarchs series. United with his World Eaters, Angron must adjust to life as a master instead of a slave. But as his life on Nuceria – and the constant pain from the Butcher’s Nails – haunts him, Angron insists on reshaping the Legion in his image… This lavish limited edition will be available to order online – and each store will be getting a copy as well, so if you’re quick, you can be among the very first to read Ian St. Martin’s first Horus Heresy novel. That’s a lot of Heresy – but there’s much more to the Celebration. Fast forward ten thousand years, and there are two incredible tales from the Dark Imperium to savour as well. Our Martyred Lady by Gav Thorpe is an audio drama boxed set in the style of Realmslayer. Four hour-long episodes make up a story of Saint Celestine and Inquisitor Greyfax as they struggle to stop a religious civil war from erupting in the fractured Imperium. It’s perfect for extended painting sessions (maybe the Celestine and Greyfax miniatures?) and long journeys. Oh, and did we mention that the fantastic cast is headed up by none other than Catherine Tate? The Celebration will also see the launch of this year’s Reader’s Choice novels, as voted for by you. Storm of Iron is a true Black Library classic, one of Graham McNeill’s earliest novels, and pits the Iron Warriors against the forces of the Imperium in a battle to control secrets hidden beneath a mighty fortress. With Graham McNeill working right now on exciting new stories after a few years away, this is a great chance to reacquaint yourself with some of his best-loved characters. And speaking of characters you love, City of the Damned is David Guymer’s first Gotrek & Felix novel and is a must-read for anyone who loved Realmslayer and the other recent Gotrek tales from the Age of Sigmar. So there are plenty of stories new and old, celebrating Black Library’s past, present and future – but, of course, that’s not all. There’s some amazing merchandise on offer as well, including a set of four vinyl coasters, themed around the Heresy and The Buried Dagger. They boast the symbols of the Death Guard, Sons of Horus, World Eaters and Knights-Errant, and are perfect for keeping your table safe from nasty stains while you’re enjoying a hard-earned mug of tea (or maybe blood, if you’re a World Eater). The last thing you’ll be able to pick up at the Celebration is a fantastic free short story anthology. Containing six tales – including stories about Severina Raine and Mortarion – you’ll get this with any order of a physical product from the Games Workshop and Black Library websites, and you’ll also be able to pick up a copy in your local store. What’s more, the Celebration will be starting early online. To whet your appetite, there will be a week of brand-new digital short stories building up to the weekend – six of them, several with links to the new releases, including a Severina Raine tale, a look at Mortarion in the aftermath of meeting the Emperor and the tale of Angron’s last stand on Nuceria. In the meantime, check the Store Finder to locate your local store, and find out what their plans are for the Black Library Celebration 2019 – because, with all of this in store, you’ll definitely want to join in. And remember to keep an eye on the Black Library Instagram.
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    You just need a score sheet (which you're going to need at the end of the game anyways) and you check off stuff either, as you get it (secondaries), or at the end of turns. Even in non-progressive games, I used to do this so I knew where I was at in the game.
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    Want a Gentleork Head? I have a few now thanks to my order coming jn