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    Hi, this year i wanted to work on something i started poking at a little bit before last years OFCC. i wanted to do a kind of lizardman in 40k kind of army and aztec themed marines combined. I figure i like the idea that the Slann were actually another race created by the same old ones who created the orks and fought the C'tan/Necrons. Some might have survived because Deus Ex warp and maybe were able to convince some marines possibly from one of the destroyed legions to work with them or maybe they just built their own cause space frog magic... Anyways here is what i started with. here are some color tests. i'm trying to go for a bright central american kind of color pallete and will try some animal prints and such. for the display board i'm doing like a jungle covered necron tomb i'm trying to remember to post pics as i get things done but for now this is my sneak peak.
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    Random Photo Thread

    I see your 3rd Ed Gamma World, and raise you Erol Otus
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    So funny story from my grandma. Some backstory my uncle Joe when he was in college flew down to Costa Rica to study orchids in the rainforest. Instead of flying back he sold his plane ticket and hitchiked back. Now he had blonde dreads, blue eyes and a huge red beard. He said that he had no problem getting rides until he got to america. So my grandma goes "Well I can see why. If I saw you on the side of the road I would have swerved and hit ya." To which my aunt (uncles sister) says "Mom didnt you pick up hitchikers a while back and give them a place to stay? You said they reminded you of Joe." Grandma: "Yeah I must have missed and felt bad so gave em a ride."
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    any SSRS guru's out there?

    To be fair, I know exactly what SSRS means, though my personal experience with it is very limited. But if someone knew SSRS on here, they would have known what Bro G was looking for. If you don't know what SSRS is, you were not the target audience, and its just time to move along 🙂
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    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Up next will be the transport for the troupe plus a few more supporting characters. After that comes a Webway gate for funzies.
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    STUG 3000 or somesuch
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    Beware of Cougars

    Thread did not deliver as expected......
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    06/23 Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

    Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale @WOW - 717 SE Main ST Portland, OR Saturday June 23rd Setup - 10AM Sale Time - 11AM - 3PM Clean up - 3PM - 4PM Bring your bits boxes, your excess minis and your board games. If you are planning on selling, plan on utilizing a 4' Long x 2.5' Deep space approximately (if tables don't fill up, we can spread out some). If you are selling please bring what you are selling and some cash change so you can make deals. If you are looking to buy, bring some cash! Any further questions, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!!!
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    With the release of the new Harlequin codex for 8th ed I thought I’d take a break from power armor for a bit and dip my toes into the Webway. The force itself (like most of mine) is second hand with a repaint, and is intended for tabletop quality. One of the challenges of getting the army done will be staying motivated and finding time with work and family. To help in those regards I plan to avoid big batch painting sessions, and will try to finish (completely) a unit or two at a time. At some point I plan to add small diamond/checker patterns (perhaps with a rubber stamp system) but for now I’m satisfied with the base colors. First up is a shadow seer (my test model for the army) a troupe master and a troupe. I really enjoy all the implied movement the models have.
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    Sat down to watch bad movies last night and built this guy. Always wanted to do an Orky version of an Arctic explorer rig, figured the Big Trakk was the perfect opportunity. Did it as a shorter body pulling a trailer because it keeps with the cuter vibe the Grots pull out. Trailer has a central pin so I can swap the main weapon or add a flatbed if I ever go transportation role with it. Still needs detailing but mostly done.
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    Great Sector Mechanicus Ideas

    Ray Dranfield Retweeted CyphAU‏ @cyphau Mar 22 @RayDranfield if you did not deliberately design the clips for the scenery to make stairs... it's an awesome coincidence. 0 replies 4 retweets 32 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield Feb 24 Ray Dranfield Retweeted Paul Collett This is one of the coolest scenery conversions I've ever seen Ray Dranfield added, Paul Collett @ozrax finished my new scenic piece 'the Experiment ' for my #admech army. hope you like. #40k #wh40k 1 reply 11 retweets 63 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield Jan 7 Ray Dranfield Retweeted Bitten By Design Great conversion work @bittenbydesign I always love seeing people take an piece of scenery and then go even further with ideas and narrative. It helps inspire me when I'm designing the next set of scenery kits. Ray Dranfield added, Bitten By Design @bittenbydesign @RayDranfield have to say have been loving the terrain kits. So much fun. Of course I never seem to build anything like it’s supposed to be... 😉 0 replies 4 retweets 47 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield Jan 1 Goodbye 2017, a pretty good year for #warhammer40k scenery releases. Can't wait for 2018. #warhammer #AoS #40k #terraintuesday 17 replies 11 retweets 103 likes Ray Dranfield Retweeted 40K Today‏ @40Ktoday 24 Nov 2017 [Warhammer TV] WHTV Tip of the Day - Combining Scenery Kits. 0 replies 1 retweet 2 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 7 Dec 2017 Plasma Conduits No5. The pipes have a guide groove to help you cut them to different lengths, which gives you even more build options. #40k 6 replies 16 retweets 86 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 6 Dec 2017 Plasma Conduits No4. Separate feet allow the conduits to stack (so save any spares) and the flat bend lines up perfectly with the T junction 4 replies 8 retweets 59 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 23 Nov 2017 Conduits No3. Feet are separate, leave them off if you want to use conduits vertically or suspended in mid air. Save the spare feet though 4 replies 8 retweets 47 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 22 Nov 2017 Plasma Conduits feature No2 These parts fit together in any combination and orientation, giving you all T or + junctions you could ever want 4 replies 9 retweets 38 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 21 Nov 2017 Plasma Conduits feature No1. These parts not only fit with each other but also with themselves to add more variation. #sectormechanicus #40k 1 reply 7 retweets 43 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 19 Nov 2017 Plasma Regs No4. They have the same clip fittings as the #sectormechanicus kits so you can link them with existing floors #40k #Necromunda 4 replies 17 retweets 121 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 19 Nov 2017 Plasma Regs No3 Compatible with the #sectormechanicus railings and ladders (if you cut them down a bit) #40k #Necomunda #shadowwararmageddon 5 replies 13 retweets 65 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 18 Nov 2017 Plasma Regs No2. Pipeline fittings allow you to link them to your #sectormechanicus #scenery giving your game more levels. #40k #necromunda 8 replies 11 retweets 80 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 18 Nov 2017 Plasma Regulators No1. Both of the left sides fit with both of the right sides, giving you 4 different variants #sectormechanicus #40k 2 replies 11 retweets 59 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 13 Nov 2017 Thermic Plasma Conduits & Regulators also available on pre-order. I'll be tweeting some features soon. #40K #Necromunda #shadowwararmageddon 9 replies 10 retweets 73 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 11 Nov 2017 Promethium Refinery available to pre-order today. A great way to quickly beef up your #sectormechanicus collection #warhammer40k #necromunda 1 reply 5 retweets 25 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 24 Jul 2017 Ray Dranfield Retweeted Aaron Dembski-Bowden This looks great, it will be time well spent once finished. Ray Dranfield added, Aaron Dembski-BowdenVerified account @adembskibowden This... this is going to take some time to finish painting, @RayDranfield. 2 replies 1 retweet 12 likes Ray Dranfield Retweeted NGC40k‏ @ngc40k 26 Jun 2017 Games Workshop Gets Industrial 0 replies 5 retweets 6 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 13 Jun 2017 Which pipes match which lengths of #SectorMechanicus flooring? Here's a helpful guide #shadowwararmageddon #warhammer40k #terraintuesday 4 replies 16 retweets 82 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 11 Jun 2017 #SectorMechanicus tip. If you are making long walkways and need extra strength then use multiple clips across the joint instead of along it. 2 replies 9 retweets 44 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 6 Jun 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No10. The bolt heads on the cylinder tops are raised to provide location. Stack/unstack your scenery between games 6 replies 16 retweets 56 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 4 Jun 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No9. The dome is exactly half the height of the cylinder so you can use 2 together to support flooring. #wh40k 4 replies 12 retweets 48 likes Ray Dranfield Retweeted NGC40k‏ @ngc40k 1 Jun 2017 June’s Model Terrain Company of the Month: Games Workshop http://ngc40k.com/2017/06/01/junes-model-terrain-company-of-the-month-games-workshop/ … 1 reply 3 retweets 10 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 31 May 2017 Ray Dranfield Retweeted Blaz Kristan 🐸 This look cool, I didn't know you could do that with it. #SectorMechanicus #shadowwararmageddon Ray Dranfield added, Blaz Kristan 🐸 @blazoncek This just might work! #shadowwar #SectorMechanicus #Warmongers 1 reply 0 retweets 22 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 30 May 2017 Ray Dranfield Retweeted martin burke Great use of the small tank on its side, perfect for blocking line of sight. #SectorMechanicus #ShadowWarArmageddon #warhammer40k Ray Dranfield added, martin burke @pompeyladBFP Replying to @adembskibowden @RayDranfield Love this stuff! 1 reply 2 retweets 10 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 28 May 2017 On the coach home after a great couple of days at #WarhammerFest. Thanks to everyone who came to say hello. 0 replies 0 retweets 9 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 27 May 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No8. The clips fit the top of the tank so you can use them to join and support flooring #ShadowWarArmageddon #40k 12 replies 18 retweets 77 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 18 May 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No7. Use the pipe fittings on the domes as feet, then the top lines up with the mid level fitting on other parts. 15 replies 32 retweets 122 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 11 May 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No6. I designed the Servohaulers crane motor to be interchangeable with the tractor designed by Dave Andrews. #40k 11 replies 23 retweets 92 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 10 May 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No5. The crane wheels from the servohaulers can be used for armoured containers. Use multiples to make a landtrain 5 replies 30 retweets 101 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 7 May 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No4. Glue these parts to a length of floor to make walkways that hook between structures. #ShadowWarArmageddon 6 replies 15 retweets 69 likes Ray Dranfield Retweeted Matthew Crowther‏ @mattcrowther 6 May 2017 I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://youtu.be/7-NAk_ec8nQ?a Sector Mechanicus: Galvanic Servohaulers Unboxing 0 replies 1 retweet 1 like Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 3 May 2017 #SectorMechanicus feature No3. This section of the Alchomite Stack is the same height as the legs. Great for making silos. #warhammer40k 3 replies 14 retweets 54 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 1 May 2017 Another #sectormechanicus feature: Fittings on the cylinders and domes allow you to mix and match panels & another way of linking pipelines 4 replies 16 retweets 64 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 25 Apr 2017 Little known #sectormechanicus feature: I designed this piece of Alchomite Stack to fit with itself for use in a pipeline. #shadowwar #40k 4 replies 21 retweets 71 likes Ray Dranfield‏ @RayDranfield 19 Apr 2017
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    5/19 Ordo Terrain Day

    we had a great day. lots of great help that i will detail now. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! - @splinx and his 40K friend Richard showed up to do some airbrushing. They added a ton of great color to a number of our Necromunda and Infinity lasercut MDF terrain. - @Burk brought is airbrush too and finished up a quite a few catwalks/bridges. - @evil_bryan arrived to add his airbrush to the mix and the team really started cranking out the pieces. - @pretre arrived with many helping hands to make short work of sorting our bitz box and getting some resin ruins from Worldsmith Industries (thanks, @JMGraham) - @Blustorm put together a grip of Snow/arctic themed battlefields in a box for easy access and setup for OFCC and other events - @jollyork shows up in a documented photo tidying up the clubhouse and making our library organized and looking good - @savion47 painted up a nice center piece for an Ork table - @peter.cosgrove started construction on some foam based terrain; cutting some pieces with the hot foam knife - @ninefinger put in some work on more Necromunda terrain, making it look easy - @TheBeninator showed up to see what Senate Meetings are all about (and be bored for a couple hours :-)
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    Hello there ordo! Corey "Von" Wilke captain of the team here to spoil all the things about our team. Well maybe not everything, let's call it everything I'm enthused enough to Swype into my phone and post... First off members Vonvilkee: duh I'm the captain Munkie: Kevin returning ofcc vet know him? You love him. Don't know him? Prepare to fall in love :P. Sugarlessllama: Will moved up here from Portland somehow this will be his first ofcc. Storiest story teller you will ever meet! non forum member Mike: this guy is a blast to play I love the way he naturally got with the goal of the event.
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    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Some progress on the skimmer. I applied some blue tape to a note card and used the wife’s paper trimmer to cut thin strips out of it. I then peeled the thin strips of tape off and used it to establish the diamond pattern. Some base coats and a wash later, with standard highlights on top of that. Im still not sold on the purple canopy, we’ll see what develops with the rest of the Air Force.
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    Clearly Old School needed another 8th edition re-work to make more sense. I think this should streamline the process. Going Old School - Sources?!? You mean source! Your whole army fits within a single Detachment with no single model over 400 points or over 20 wounds
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    The wait is almost over – the Imperium’s mightiest war machines are ready to walk. There’s nothing quite like an Imperial Knight – one part noble scion from the darkest reaches of mankind’s empire, one part giant freakin’ robot, these titanic warriors encapsulate much of just what makes Warhammer 40,000 so iconic. When the first Imperial Knights came out 3 years ago, they immediately became a favourite of Warhammer 40,000 fans and redefined the scale of warfare on tabletops everywhere. Since then, we’ve seen all manner of combatants large and small join the battle for the 41st Millennium, including, xenos Knight equivalents, a pair of Daemon Primarchs – but now, the time has come for Imperial Knights to once again rise to supremacy. Not only are the Imperial Knights getting a brand new codex, they also get a veritable household of new Knight patterns to bolster their already considerable strength. First and foremost of these new additions are the Dominus-class Knights. These magnificent engines of war are amongst the biggest plastic kits we’ve ever made – each is a walking fortress, bristling with all manner of deadly ordinance. If you’ve been looking for a Lord of War for your Imperium army, this is it – devastate enemies at close range with then Knight Valiant or annihilate foes at a distance with the Knight Castellan. Looking for something a little (but only a little) more subtle? Look no further than the Armiger Helverins – fast-moving, long-ranged fire support that’ll have a place in any knightly house – or just an Imperium army that needs even more guns. Like the Armiger Warglaives, you can get three of these guys per Lord of War slot, making them ideal for rounding out a larger Detachment of Imperial Knights. You’ll find the rules for all Imperial Knights in the new Codex: Imperial Knights – alongside a rich collection of rules that allow you to realise your Knight household in greater detail than ever before. The personalities of each household – nay, each Imperial Knight – are as diverse as the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes or Regiments of the Imperial Guard, and now, you’ll finally be able to represent that on the tabletop with nine new Household Traditions. These powerful faction abilities let you customise your collection to suit your play style. If you prefer to go your own way, well, you’re in luck – the book ALSO features tables for generating your very own Freeblades, complete with epic, tragic backstories. Build your own from the traits you like, or throw caution to the wind and roll for them – you could, for example, end up with a Freeblade who fires with unerring accuracy… but also occasionally falls into murderous rages where he is forced to charge the foe. These rules are thematic, fun, and really let you go to town in bringing these characters to life. It says a lot about the Imperial Knights that even their accessories are awesome. Like with previous codexes, you’ll be able to grab some themed dice (you can never have too many) and some datacards for keeping track of your Stratagems (of which there are LOADS in the new codex). What’s more, there’s a set of datasheets for referencing your units on the go, plus a beautiful stainless steel Battle Gauge, featuring all your essential distances to make measuring simple. What if you’re looking to grab some classic Knights to add to your army? Perhaps you’ve been inspired to finally bite the bullet, or perhaps you just fancy some more Knight Paladins, Knight Wardens and so on. Well, we’ve got some great news – Imperial Knights: Renegade is coming back, and it’s going to save you EVEN MORE money than before! For those of you that missed it the first time, Imperial Knights: Renegade is a boxed game that pits two Knights against one another in epic combat. As well as being a great game in its own right, the set costs much less than buying two Knights on their own, AND even features some scenery – we’ve swapped out the older Sector Imperialis stuff for a shiny new Galvanic Magnavent. This kit’s a pretty appealing option for Chaos players too, as you’ll be able to field both Knights inside as Renegades using the rules in Index: Chaos. Handy! Last, but not least, the hobby team thought it was high time the Imperial Knights got some scenery of their own. The Sacristan Forgeshrine is a battlefield repair-and-reload station that’s a great choice in any Imperial Knights army. Used defensively, you’ll be able to keep your Knights in the fight for longer. Used offensively, you can ensure that your weapons with a random number of shots (like the volcano lance wielded by the new Knight Castellan) always perform at maximum effectiveness. Get ready for the new releases and make sure to check back on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page and right here on Warhammer Community as we look into what the codex means for you in the coming week… The post All Knights Great and Small appeared first on Warhammer Community.
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    No longer just a place holder. Mike's list will be very blood for the blood God in rhinos with predator support. It is almost all painted already and looking good people! Should have some firm info soon. Okay Michael delivered like a boss! Rumbling and grinding of ancient machines fills the air as a battery of predator tanks roll in to firing position. As the cannons boom, rhinos' engines roar as they move to collide with enemy ranks. Inside, Berserkers stand shoulder to shoulder, lead by their Exalted Champion and worked to a religious frenzy by the Dark Apostle, ready to tear in to mortal flesh. Chainaxes roar like battle cries as the doors of the Rhinos fall open. The sounds of battle overcome all, and the black wings of the warlord swoop low. Once a mighty commander of Khorne, his ascension to daemon-hood has made him infinitely more deadly. Behind him, a sea of chittering Bloodletters rush to join the fray. So, my name is Michael and this will be my first time coming to this event. I'm a devoted player and hobbyist but have the most fun with casual lists. I enjoy a good thematic experience and will openly celebrate close games and pivotal rolls. I'm excited to meet the community!
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    Hello again, I've almost finished my 2nd squad of Zerkers. Here's photo of freshly painted Squad Bloodbliss right before they get decimated by AdMech Destroyers I'm making steady progress on my next squad of Zerkers for OFCC. I also received my Khorne Daemon Prince for OFCC in the mail last week. He is the Minotaur Demon Lord from Reaper Miniatures in Texas, quite a steal at $14 plus shipping. To be named Daemon Prince flanked by my Blood Slaughterers, 888 and BloodLady I've also successfully de-Nurglified 16 of my Death Guard Chaos Marines. These will be used as World Eaters Havocs at the OFCC. The champion on the right has a magnetized right hand so he can have a variety of weaponry And the champion with the axe is also magnetized Enjoy the pics!
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    Random Photo Thread

    Gamma World
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Congratulation on Pete Harper, Exile, on winning the Spring Infinity League. He was top in league points and tournament points. Thanks to everyone who came out played during the league. We will still be playing every Sunday so come on down!
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    Hello everyone, I might as well make this into a general Works in Progress blog for my various Chaos Armies (Night Lords, Death Guard, Renegades and Heretics, and World Eaters). I'll be taking a Khorne army to OFCC as part of the Infil-Traitors team this year. I just painted up this squad of 8 Bezerkers for my OFCC list. BloodBliss Squad 4 members of BloodBliss Squad: CullHuman, Aspiring Champion Kilwrath, Maim, and Dreagher 4 other members of BloodBliss: Zor, Memory of Bodt, RedSkull, and Sangre Some closeups... You'll be seeing a lot more over the summer as I have to paint up 3 vehicles (a rhino and 2 BloodSlaughterers), a Khorne DP, and 30 to 40 infantry to get ready for the ETL. I hope you enjoyed this and see ya'all in August!