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    So I've done some learning over the years and the best glue joint is the thinnest super glue layer you can get. I know thin is a real pita (pain in the ass) and far more likely to get your fingers than the model but I'm here to tell you about a nifty tool. For awhile now I've been using a small puddle of glue in a paint well and wax paper to transfer it to the joint. Worked but was still tedious. I backed these things called glue loopers and they arrived this week. Changed my glueing life, think of them as detail brushes for glue, thin glue like the water (They do have thick versions as well but that stuff wasn't as tricky). Just have a lighter handy like it says in the instructions and use it regularly. Such amazing results just had to share for any one using water viscosity glues. http://www.creativedynamicllc.com/the-glue-looper.html
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    Rose City ComicCon

    Hello All! My lovely daughter has a booth at Rose City ComicCon this weekend! Her art is for sale. I am going to have a few items for sale for sale as well. Come say, "Hi." We'll be at booth kk-10. ✨
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Finished up last night just in time for bday party today.
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    Morg 'N' Thorg

    The greatest Blood Bowl player of all time! Hard to see in the pic, but that's a Heart Mom tattoo on his shoulder.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    And Bubba Fett is done.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

    Inquisitor and Jokero. Random Image:
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    Had an opportunity to fight against 8th edition Tyranids last night and it was well worth it! I used my rockgrinder with demo charge to much better affect than against the primaris marines. Doing d3 damage totally grinded some warriors down into biomass. Speaking of warrriors, Deathspitters are awesome guns! Assault weapons plus a -1 AP gives them a big leg up over previous versions of them. Shrikes were also impressive. They still lack the ability to take a flying Warrior Prime with them. They are still fast as hell and were a huge boon in the Burn and Pillage scenario. In typical genestealer fashion, my squad charged and killed his Tyranid Prime (hole in the middle of the blue stealers). His squad (black and oragne) then came and ate my squad. Good times!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Nathanvoodoo's escalation league

    Played two games with the nids since I've last updated. I'm still figuring things out with them. I'm not truely sold on the Genestealers at this time. They undoubtedly can put out some hurt, but they die so so easily. They are assuredly difficult to play. The tervigon, however, was outstanding in my game against Orcs and their hordes. I'm not sure how astounding she'd be against a more elite army, but she's my MVP so far. That said, she needed some paint.
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    Ando's Grey Knights for Escalation

    If you 'love' the kit and spend some time on them you can get a lot out of them.
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    So I thought I would share some pictures from the match up. Overall it was awesome. I finally got to set up my home table, which was great. And I showcased the terrain that I got for my birthday. @Josiah was a great opponent, and we spent some time trying to figure out where to go with his army. This match up has really taught me how good ultramarines have it in this edition so far. I really look forward to trying to figure out different ways to run my army. And I think I'm going to add some more primaris marines to my force. Intercessor squads have been a ton of fun.
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    Friends, Ordites, Gamers, lend me your ears! On September 23rd at 1:00 PM, the Ordo Fanaticus Senate (our organizing committee) will be holding our annual elections. These determine the makeup of the Senate, as well as the Officers who will be responsible for various duties over the next year to ensure that both our club activities, and the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge (OFCC) actually HAPPEN. This is a PUBLIC meeting, and we invite all interested members of the club to attend and possibly stand for election! Did you attend this year's OFCC and think to yourself "This event rocks, I want to help"? Now's your chance! Get involved in your local club community, and help organize the next year's events! In addition, starting at 10:00AM and running until the meeting time, our Consul, evil_bryan and other Senators will be doing a general club cleanup, sprucing up the place a bit, and possibly even working on curating our terrain collection. Many hands make light work here. For the good of the Order! Exile Ordo Chaplain
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    Ogre Seth

    The year of Tohaa

    Been a few weeks and I think that I have recovered from OFCC>..... had to spend half a week at the beach and another at sun river..... but I got there :) I'm good now, and Infinity can resume :) Some of you may recall that my other army (on the shelf for the last year) is Tohaa... some of you may think I only played Yu Jing after playing it almost exclusively last OFCC cycle :) But yes, I have a Tohaa army and I will be playing it (mostly) until next OFCC. This is that same army that I assembled and painted in 2 weeks time for a Rampage (say winter 2016ish?) They will make their great comeback this Sunday and I'm looking forward to adding to their ranks and re-basing throughout the fall league. Seth -So looking forward to playing them again with the trixy Tohaa shinanigans.
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    Random Photo Thread

    Who needs virtual avatars when we both can wear Gremlin hats to the Con?
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    Basing has begun on what has been built....with skulls!
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    Random Photo Thread

    The most interesting Muppet in the world.
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    Thanks to some doors from Sam, Operation Salvage Land Raider is complete (mostly) :)
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    Forge World Focus: Metalica One of the most exciting features of the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex is rules for seven different forge worlds, allowing you to customise your collection more than ever before with powerful and thematic new abilities. This week, we’ll be previewing what the forge world rules mean for your army in our daily previews of Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus in advance of the pre-order this Saturday: When you think of the Adeptus Mechanicus, mobility might not be the first word that comes to mind – yet the forces of Metalica make for a mobile force, capable of advancing rapidly while suppressing the foe with a withering hail of fire. Metalica’s forge world dogma is Relentless March: This is a versatile dogma that is superb for the line infantry of the Adeptus Mechanicus, allowing your Skitarii Vanguard and Skitarii Rangers to quickly close in on the optimum firing range for their weapons. Best Units As we’ve said above, Skitarii Rangers benefit from being able to advance and use their rapid fire weapons, whether you’re closing in on the 15” “sweet spot” for their galvanic rifles or repositioning in the face of an oncoming assault unit. Throw in the Protector Doctrina Imperative and you’ll all but mitigate your reduced accuracy for doing so! The Tech-Priest Dominus is a great leader for the Metalica army. As well as allowing you to take advantage of the powerful Ordered Efficiency Warlord Trait, the Adamantine Arm adds some much-needed power in melee and has the potential to catch enemy combat characters off guard! Metalica is the army for you if you want to keep your forces mobile while maintaining a steady fusillade of firepower. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be checking out Lucius, the indomitable armoursmiths of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
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    Rose City Raid 2018

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce that next June we will be hosting the Rose City Raid at the Lucky Labrador Brew Hall in NW Portland! We've been reaching out far and wide to sponsors to make sure that nobody leaves empty handed. We've even been so lucky as to get a full table of pre-painted muse terrain to offer up for raffle. Can't wait to see you guys there and get to practicing those Season 9 missions! :) You can find all the current details here: https://www.infinitythepdx.com/event-information/
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Josiah's Escalation Thread

    My favorite tank in the spehss muhreen arsenal is the Vindicator. I affectionately call them 'War Pigs' because of the the wide, chunky profile; the blunt, snout-like cannon; and of course, my fondness for Black Sabbath. Back in 7th, the Demolisher cannon was justly feared by infantry because of its large template with S10/AP1 damage potential. But the Demolisher could also pinch-hit as a decent source of anti-tank because that AP/damage profile was so freaking good. One of my fondest 7th edition memories is taking down a dual-gatling Chaos Knight with my Linebreaker formation of three little War Pigs. I've yet to play with Vindicators in 8th because our PL/points have been so low in the league, but I think that's gonna change very soon. The new Astartes Codex gave Vindicators a healthy price drop, and the new Linebreaker stratagem seems like it could be devastating if you time it correctly and if the dice gods smile upon you. One last thing: I am terrible at hazard stripes, but I finally hit on a cool way to make those dozer shields look cool. I slopped tons of Typhus Corrosion over the whole thing, and after it dried, I dry-brushed Leadbelcher on top of it. I love the gnarly, rugged look of it, and I imagine those shields are at least 5,000 year old relics by this point in the 40K timeline.
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    I love seeing marine heads on spikes.
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    Sgt. Rock

    Sgt. Rock's Springfinity stories!

    Story time. I bought one of the old Crusader Brethren models with a combi rifle on eBay for $7. It was used, mostly in good shape. When it arrived, it was missing one of the little wings off his jump pack. I contacted the seller and got a refund. Today, I found the wing in an empty box on my kitchen table, and offered to pay the guy the $7 back, because he sold me a product that I received as advertised, and it was the honest thing to do. His response was "Just keep the 7 bucks, it's hard enough on you playing PanO." Shots fired.
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    Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Thanks! Finished him up this morning, now to figure out the next project.
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    Chapter Approved is coming back

    I think your cat walked on your keyboard in the middle there.
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    This next model was another hard salvage I was "dread"ing. :) It was in rough shape and broken. Thoroughly addressing mold lines and sprue contact point becomes infinitely harder after a model was assembled by a drunk toddler.
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    [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Got in a game against Jon with his Nomads at Glipses last night. We played the Armory. I got my ass handed to me, and it was awesome. He had an intruder sniper and a tsyklon feuerbach locking my link team down, which prevented me from getting to the objective room with them. He played a very good game, but this one was won in the deployment phase. We discussed after the fact, and I have some ideas for changing the list, and for how to address this type of situation in the future. Every game has been a learning experience for me lately. Next change to play will be at the tournmanent on september 9th. Very much looking forward to it. @Raindog I have boxes for you. If @rudra34 is coming to the tournament, I can pass them off to him if that works for everyone. Finally, a shot of WIP Rodoks and Samaritan.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    TNT Warband - Peacekeepers

    Another post-apoc warband joining the mix, some Peacekeepers ready to bring justice to the wasteland. This faction represents law enforcers of all stripes. I'm using the company's own line as a base, and will expand with some models from all sorts of companies down the line. I'm hoping to build a decent narrative out of the campaign, and will update the warband's adventures here each week. Individual profiles to follow, but here's the initial group shot.
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    Saw this on Reddit and thought it was very helpful for all of us who struggle with photos of minis. Click (3 times) to embiggen and make readable.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Kung-Fu Hustle. What a weird movie. It turns common kung-fu movies themes and slides them sideways across the screen. I laughed. I scratched by head. It has sub-titles. 7/10.
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    OK, so other than week 1, I been slacking. Had some hobby time today, so tried to organize my very disorganized army. Did some black on weapons, primed a few dudes, and built a guy with a Daemon Hammer :)
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    Chikin's Escalation Thread

    After building that broodlord I needed something easier again. A brood of venomthropes.
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    Nathanvoodoo's escalation league

    Knocked out a dozen gants- not beautiful but nice enough for table top
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    Nathanvoodoo's escalation league

    And finally I'm building this awesome but very challenging resin model A dimarcheon
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    Nathanvoodoo's escalation league

    Update finished the trygon-
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I love plenty of stuff. Just not that flick. For instance: The last couple of nights, I rewatched The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Maybe not the best in a technical sense, but man, those movies are a whole lot of fun. Those, I love.
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    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/22/codex-death-guard-first-lookgw-homepage-post-2/ Codex: Death Guard: First Look The Death Guard are almost here, and with them, yet another new codex for Warhammer 40,000. We know you’ve been asking to see more of the Death Guard ever since we teased them back in March, and today, your patience is rewarded: This is one of the most exciting armies of the new edition, and you can expect to see loads of new and revamped units (you may be able to pick out a few of them from the picture, if you’re not too distracted by just how awesome Mortarion looks leading his Legion). That’s not all – we’re also very excited to announce today that Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus is next in line for release! The Adeptus Mechanicus are being re-armed for the new edition with their best codex ever. This book will contain rules for fielding the Cult Mechanicus, the Skitarii and the Knights of the Questor Mechanicus, alongside – for the first time – powerful faction rules for seven forge worlds. Codex: Death Guard will be out in September, with Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus not far behind. We’ll be previewing both books, in detail, in advance of their release, so make sure to keep coming back to Warhammer Community to make sure you don’t miss any of it.
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    [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    The September to Dismember tournament at Glimpses was a true learning experience for me. I had the opportunity (or made opportunities) to use new rules and try new things that I had not done before. I won't write out full reports, but talk about defining moments, learning experiences and other tid bits about each game. 1. Frontline vs Eriks NCA: Erik and I had a great back and forth game, that was really dictated by link teams with high ground. I setup my unidrons on a building, he set up his core link on a building and that really dictated the pace of the game. I learned that Fraacta can be very effective at taking out a flank when mine walked on out of LOS and killed 3 models. I finally remembered white noise could help deal with an MSV2 fatherknight sniper. I used cybermask to move to take out an assault hacker (although it took a lot of hacking to get him off the table. Finally, I used CC for the first time with my legate. All in all got some use out of models not previously used (fraacta and legate) and learned how to deal with other models. I was winning that game until a 32 point intelcom card swung the game in his favor. 2. Deadly Dance vs Alex with his ISS. Once again I placed my unidrons on the high ground in the center and really locked him down. I moved my xeodrons up to my designated quadrant turn 1, taking out a minelayer in the processes. I also made use of superjump to gain LOF to his HMC Yanhuo, while using the building to block lof from other models. He moved impetuous models and really took a beating, the blast of my missile launcher killing the unconscious yanhuo before it could be brought back. McMurrough moved up and killed a xeodron. I moved Dr. Worm up to diddle his HVT, moved my Samaritan up to take out McMurrough with protheon. Fully boosted up, he went on a rampage in the backfield. Alex really took a beating in this game. 3. Show of Force vs Evan: This was a really fun game, the first two turns were basically long range gun fights. Evan dropped smoke with his Yuan Yuan and used his MSV sniper to take out my tags. I failed a lot of armor saves, but that's ok. I retaliated with my own long range pieces, but the damage had been done. I took too many wounds and spent too many command tokens reforming the link. We talked about it after the fact, and I was probably a little bit too aggressive withe my tag deployment, especially going second. Looking forward to October Exploder, the missions are acquisition, Power Pack and the Grid. The Grid seems tailor made for a haris of Kurgats. Maybe I'll try and get morats put together for this one.
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    Dark Trainer

    Foam carry case suggestions

    I got the best tip! Walmart sells some soft coolers that fit the foam insert perfect, and have hard durable sides!!! They are on clearance right now for half off for end of summer!!! $9: Compare to sabol motor pool (since it's single stack maybe smaller) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-36-Can-Cooler-with-Removable-Hardliner/20637067 $15: compare to sabol armored company (since it's single stack maybe smaller) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-42-Can-Cooler-with-Removable-Hardliner/20637057
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    New to Airbrushing

    Friday, I taught my son to use an airbrush to lay down primer. Yesterday, I showed him laying down multiple thin layers of his base color for his models... I come home from the Fight last night and find this: I'd say he's putting his new knowledge to work!
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    [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Basically, paint is made of three things: pigment, medium, and vehicle. By messing with the latter two you create washes which can be used for a variety of purposes (shading and tinting being the primary uses for miniatures). Water is one vehicle you can use, and the most commonly used one for acrylics, but it isn't the only one. Personally, I tend to just use water unless I'm trying to get a specific effect or need to up my game. To do that, I use a mixture of various matte mediums, mixing mediums, retarders, and thinners to get the desired outcome. It's not particularly hard after some practice, but it is definitely arduous if not done with a specific purpose in mind.
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    Brick Bungalow

    Mordheim WestSide

    Hey all, just thought I'd mention that we've got a decently well attended Mordheim event going on Fridays out in Beaverton at Retro Game Trader. I believe we had six or so players when I left at nine pm. If you want a place on the west side to play any of the specialist games or anything else of 4x4 scale feel free to reserve a table or just show up thursday thru monday and claim one.
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    Sunday, August 27th

    Come play AoS, Blood Bowl or 4OK. Get your league games in! Or, join us for Infinity.
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    Brick Bungalow

    Random Photo Thread