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    Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    So all the painting is complete. I went with gold for the eyes rather than green, I think the green clashes in this case, and "Golden Eyes" are typical descriptions for griffons in fantasy settings so it fit. I did some chipping on the feet/lower legs but no more distressing. Less is more in this case. I'll get them all matte varnished then assemble them. I can start on the bases too.
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    Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Monster does not negate character get a pg reference... there was an index mis match on deamon princes. the CSM one had few enough wounds for protection but the demons one had a couple more wounds (prolly to represent it being more powerful and tougher) so it didn't qualify for character protection which made it infinitely more kill able and not as "tough". That could be the disconnect, they faqd them to be the same tho.
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    Random Photo Thread

    ^^^ I know it's from something else, but that really gives me a vibe that reminds me of Sourcery by Terry Pratchett.
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    Managed to get something that more or less works. Had to use a left hand from the SM Dev Kit, and need to do some greenstuff on a couple of the wrists, but it should look pretty good after that.
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    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    I hope everyone is going to pay their shipping costs this week. You deserve to receive your game with all due haste.
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    I guess I'm not following the rules by putting dates and pictures of unbuilt models and stuff up- but eff it. I'm painting. i finished this guy and two of his brethren are shortly behind.
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    I have an Insert problem

    And by problem I mean that I've probably spent enough on fancy board game inserts lately to cover the cost of several new games. Broken Token seems to be getting more of my money than any one board game publisher. But then if you've played Terraforming Mars using their organizer you'd want one too. I couldn't find a fancy insert from BT or any of the other insert makers for Mice and Mystics which I recently picked up to play with the kid. Eventually found one on Etsy and had it shipped to me from Kiev, Ukraine. I went so far as to buy the Broken Token organizer for Gloomhaven even though my Kickstarter copy won't be here for likely another month It's been sitting there, assembled in my basement, waiting for a game to organize. I have a problem
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    Far from done but here is one dude I got done:
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    Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Whoops. None of us caught that yet.
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    Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    You have to Summon it to do that with a 'Thirster.
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    Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Getting some Berzerkers in Rhinos will really help solve the tarpitting problem. They're amazing at clearing out chaff Units. The CSM Dex has a Stratagem that lets a Daemon Engine ignore the penalty for moving and firing Heavy Weapons. It's not a 100% fix, but it does help substantially. Also, if you actually do go World Eaters, that unlocks a Stratagem that will let you shut down a Psychic Power on a 4+ within 24" of a WE Unit. Daemon Prince is low Toughness, but is also a Character with fewer than 10 Wounds. Just keep some kind of screen around so it's not the closest Model until it's in Combat, and it'll be fine. If you're going to be Summoning, better to go with a super cheap Chaos Lord or Exalted Champion or something. Keeping an expensive character stationary wastes a lot of potential. Summoning does require Reinforcement Points like in AoS, tho, so it's more about flexibility than raw power.
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    Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Does your Daemon prince have wings? That would make him much faster.
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    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Done and done. 😊
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    The red on the cloak is nice.
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    Factions Represented in Portland

    Tzeentch and Khorne
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    Skaven Unit

    I have a unit of 10 Skaven from an old Mordheim box. I'll gladly trade them for Khorne or Tzeentch units for AoS or 40K. Or make me an offer. They are unpainted. 8 have square bases and 2 have round ones.
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    I'm sure they will get something, probably tied to stratagems and using CPs
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    I'm more referring to in every previous edition genestealers could outlfank or infiltrate or something. The new index has none of these options.
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    Well the start collecting comes with the trygon. Seems like even just an index army could start that way. Only matched play requires the half army on the table right?
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    Don't forget giving the genestealers their own special deployment option. The index currently only allows them to come out of the trygon hole or via droppod. Which leaves then severely lacking on their own.
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    If that Trygon can be a prime, and the broodlord can start with the genestealers that's a great start collecting pack.
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    I think i can make this with my sad unpainted models. If it stops raining here then I'll at least prime them.
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    The Wraithlord kit needs revisited. No excuse for such static nature.
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    Here come the 'Nids to 8th!

    Friends don't let friends link to BOLS. :)
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    Codex + 2 start collecting Tags : warhammer 40 000 v8 Hello everyone !! Codex nids (and eldar now named Craftworld) are coming in Nov (04 for pre order and 11 for release) 2 Start collecting box too. /cheers. bob. Nids SC Eldar SC
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    Here come the 'Nids to 8th!

    Sweet 🤣
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    Weav also promised a free backrub with every sign-up! Probably.
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    The winner will receive a special card celebrating their victory, as well as a trophy and their name etched on the official FFC trophy!
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    Brick Bungalow

    Mordheim WestSide

    Hey all, just thought I'd mention that we've got a decently well attended Mordheim event going on Fridays out in Beaverton at Retro Game Trader. I believe we had six or so players when I left at nine pm. If you want a place on the west side to play any of the specialist games or anything else of 4x4 scale feel free to reserve a table or just show up thursday thru monday and claim one.
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    New 40k edition

    I thought we weren't going to get 8.5 for like another year or so, when they did the update? ;)
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    At least it's not gerbils.