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    OFCC 2018 Friday FACE PUNCH ITS

    How long til the missions will be announced? I have a few options for armies, but it would be nice to know what I will need painted and table ready 🙂
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    As title, I have 4x sets of the Custodes from the Prospero Set. They are brand new and on sprue. They retail for $60 each ($240 for all 4). I'd be happy to sell them for $30 ($120 for all 4) each if i can sell them quickly and locally (I don't want to ship). Quickly is mainly because the longer I have them, the more likely I am to start another army... and I don't need another army. I'd also consider trades. Pictures of sprues identical to what I have can be found here: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Custodian-Guard-Squad-2017 EDIT: Assuming @spagunk follows through, I will have 2x sets for sale/trade.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Coming back down to earth, I just got back from seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp. When I saw the first Ant-Man, I said that I liked it, but wished it had been more of an ensemble piece, since there were so many great secondary characters. The sequel delivers. Very fun flick, highly recommended if you liked the first one.
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    Space Wolves

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    stupid TSHFT list

    okay my painting is behind so I was thinking of going with what is painted. supreme command detachment HQ#1: rage thirster HQ#2: skarbrand HQ#3: Uraka the warfiend HQ#4 Deamon prince HQ#5 skulltaker Lord of War: An'ggrath the unbound Elite: crushers to fill the rest of the points. I could also bring less hq's and bring a small berserker detachment.
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    You get zero lists!
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    Brother Glacius

    LF: various warmaster

    Just did inventory and found that I could use a few units here and there. Would prefer trade when possible. HE: Chariots heavy knights (silverhelms, etc) hero on giant eagle Phoenix guard or swordmasters Dwarfs: gyrocopter rangers Tomb Kings: giant scorpion carrion Orcs & Goblins: boar boyz black orcs ogres trolls giant rocklobba Have tons of GW stuff. I probably have a few warmaster dwarf units that are extra and can trade away as well.
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    Though if you are in Washington, I'm definitely hesitant on a paypal sale because apparently I'd need to figure out taxes on that. Though I'm honestly very unclear how any of that works. One of things I really like about living in Portland is in not having to know anything about sales tax.
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    My thoughts being I can toss ya the money now and meet up later. Lemme consolidate funds and get back to you. If someone grabs it before I get back to you, that's fine.
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    I can, and could, but if meeting in person for a hand off, does seem like an extra step. But yes, I am able/willing to "do" paypal.
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    Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Still not convinced that Soulgrinders are viable, but I had this idea a while back and I finally made some more progress on my Tzeentch Soulgrinder:
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    Koyote's Pagan Rus & Eastern Princes

    I have a number of Fireforge's plastic spears. For plastics they are sturdy and not too thick. If I had to recommend plastic spears, I'd recommend Fireforge's. I've had no problem with with my wire spears holding paint. As a rule, I don't varnish my models as it tends mute the color. I do, however, apply matte varnish to the sides of bases and anything pointy that sticks out from the model. This cuts down on paint chipping. I use Valejo's matte varnish in the plastic squeeze bottle.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Now that you mention it. I'd want to recast parts in high temp food grade silicone, others in metal, and a couple in glass. For safety.
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    Random Awful Mini Photo Thread

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    Random Thought Thread

    I wonder if anyone has made a bong out of Sector Mechanicus parts yet.
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    Random Thought Thread

    I'd call it a "Crops 'n Chops Burger", were I a signature burger makin' man.
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    I'm already planning on blaming the scenarios for all 5 of my losses.
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    The Death Knights of Khorne

    Great job
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    Shi Guy

    The Death Knights of Khorne

    2000+ pts are finished!
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    Random Thought Thread

    That is, it is still a "vegetarian burger," although the meal no longer meets the dietary restrictions to be vegetarian.
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    Random Thought Thread

    That depends. If you put bacon on a turkey patty, is it still a turkey burger? Also delish, especially so with avocado or guac.
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    Random Thought Thread

    If you put bacon on a vegetarian patty for a burger is it still a "veggie" burger? Ps it is delicious either way.
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    lictors are so iconic for me and genestealer-hidey-pop-out-eat-your-face action. they are utterly and terribly useless once they are on the table. they do help with target saturation and the possibility of using their Pheromone Trail Stratagem to bring in my small squad of stealers to give them a better path to assault. the ability to split fire anything and everything turns target saturation into a different chore entirely. maybe i drop the lictors and just add a trygon in the form of my Catachan driven power loader?!?!
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    Tempting Kickstarters

    With booze you lose, with dope - there's hope! This Abe Sapien rocks so hard. He's so cool in the comics, and it always bugged me that they chose to make him kind of a wimp in the movies.
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    Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

    Only reason I am playing this year!