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    CABIN FEVER RELIEF - 2019 Game Day: SAT, FEB 23, 2019 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM Guardian Games, Level-Up Home Screen Entry Fee: $10 per person for the day Host your favorite game, try a new game, meet new peeps SIGN-UP: email RoseCityDukes@gmx.com , or https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/ > Tournament/Event Info > Cabin Fever Relief http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/211003-cabin-fever-relief-2019-game-day https://www.meetup.com/Rose-City-Dukes-and-Duchesses-Tabletop-Wargaming-Group Join us for an all-day tabletop gaming event. Grab the game you got for Christmas. Pull your favorite game down from the shelf. Dig out your all-time favorite game from deep storage. Host a game or join a game. We will have prize drawings at the mid- and end-points of our gaming day. We will have both old games and new games. Sign up in advance on our blog, email or Ordo forum. If you are planning on hosting a game, here are our recommendations: 1) You should have played the game at least once (even if only by yourself). 2) Game length: Between 30 and 120 minutes is good, but games lasting up to three hours could work, also. 3) PLAYERS: You can gather your own group of players, or meet new people and recruit new players 4) NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-6 players, 3-4 player games preferred. 5) SPACE: Table space for your game: should fit on a table 4' x 6' or less. 6) TYPE OF GAME: Game type can be board game, card game or miniatures game. 7) Inventory the game before you arrive 😎 Be comfortable with teaching the game to new people. We setup at 10 AM First game starts at 10:30 AM Games end before or at 9:30 PM. We must be packed up and out the door before the store closes - 10 PM. Arrive and leave when you want. Players are limited to Age 21+, since we are in the open bar area of the GG store. More details here: Announcement: Detailed info Schedule, as of MON, 11 FEB Sign-up and registered players Questions? Comments? Send email to RoseCityDukes@gmx.com