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    Brick Bungalow

    Why my models aren't painted.

    I've been working on this mural for our game room at the shop. It's probably a little over halfway. About 15'x25' Top portion is missing from photo.
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    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Ordo Fanaticus is proud to announce the official dates for the 2018 Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge! The weekend of August 24-26, we return to the Hilton Vancouver's 14,000 sq ft of gaming space to celebrate all of you who make this community great. Mark your calendar. Tell your spouses that their anniversary/birthday/childbirth will just have to wait for another weekend because you will be busy gaming with the best of the Pacific Northwest! Please keep an eye out for upcoming Head of Gaming (HoG) solicitations and further details as early as our next Senate meeting, October 28th at 1PM. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a PM to our newly appointed Gaming Czar, @DisruptiveConduct; You can also reach out to @ninefinger, @evil_bryan, or @Raindog. This year is going to be another fantastic gaming event. YOU make it so every year. We hope to have you there to make it even better than before! For the Good of the Order
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    Finished up last night just in time for bday party today.
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    Muh' Zug

    Hey doc, will please take a look at my Zug? It's got blood on it...?
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    New 40k edition

    Got my first game in today. PL100, my CSM vs. Nato Sicarius's Necrons. It was the most fun I've had playing 40K in months. Leaving aside one Game back in February, the most fun I've had playing 40K since last OFCC. The game took about as long as a game of similar size in the same circumstances would have taken us in 7th, but this was our very first game with this rules set, vs. a couple of years' experience with 7th. I boxed my Land Raider in and wasted way too many Lascannon shots on his Ghost Arks (Quantum Shielding is amazing. Makes a huge difference in how you want to take those Vehicles down. Great Rule.), plus ran my Bikes out too far unsupported, so I got kind of picked apart, and he had the board solidly locked down at the end of the Game. But I never felt like I was outclassed by his List the way I often have in 6th-7th.I made some screwups, and I had an inefficient list because there were so many things I wanted to try out. But still. I took a list with a Squad of Chaos Terminators in a Land Raider, a Sorcerer on foot, and a Terminator Chaos Lord, and did alright with it when I didn't make mistakes. I can't remember the last time I could say that.
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    My brother is out of the ICU, so that is good news.
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    Before I start, I just want to mention that I've ran this buy a moderator prior to posting in order to make sure I wasn't breaking any community rules: I am the Assistant Director for The Dalles-Wasco County Public Library, and we have a ton of exciting stuff going on at the moment. We just opened our new Teen Space which has a Steam Punk interior, and our Teen Librarian won Oregon Librarian of the Year. I was brought on recently to help their technology and am running their Maker Lab. I also was given permission to start using Tabletop Gaming as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education tool and have started a Tabletop Gaming club using the Games Workshop Universe (for now). At the end of our fiscal year we were able to buy the 8th Edition reference books, the Shadow Wars rule book, and some Sigmar Books, as well as the Dark Imperium Boxed Set. (Of which, all of the books are in an open circulation throughout the Oregon Sage Library system, so if any of you members want to check out one of our rule books on "library loan" go to your local Sage Library and place a hold. The hope is you can check out an index book to play with rules and army lists before comitting).I am currently looking around to see if anyone out there would be willing to donate terrain, models, or other items that the kidsin our club could use? As you know we work with a mostly poor demographic where most children, over 88%, qualify for free or reduced lunches. We are looking at using the Library as a way to plug some of the holes in the education system here, and our gaming club is turning out to be a good way for us to start focusing on basic math, art, english, and engineering skills. Since wargaming usually has such a high price point for people to get into, we are trying to build an infrastructure that allows for interested kids in the community to participate in a hobby that is typically out of their reach. Any and every donation will help us create a dynamic club where the kids can experience the totality of what the hobby has to offer, and hopefully this will inspire them to experiment with other programing and educational opportunities offered in our library. Since I'm also working on other elements of library, I'm also looking to see if there are any professional miniature painters in the area that may be willing to donate a table top paint job onto our Dark Imperium set? I know this is a huge request, and a total shot in the dark but I figured I would ask. I know this is a far fetched request but the momentum and energy we have at the library is really exciting and we are making huge inroads with the youth here and this gaming club has real promise. Any and every donation no matter how small can be treated as a tax deduction, and we are able to provide a receipt for all donations.Thank you for your time, if you do want to help us with anything feel free to pm me, and if you would like to speak with me personally by phone or email send me a PM and I will provide you with my contact information. Game on everyone!
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    Thanks for OFCC 2017

    Hey all, I just want to say thanks for the great time at OFCC this year, this was my first year there as a player and it definitely met my expectations. Some great games and memories to carry on till the next one.
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    As I said I went looking at the example lists when I got home. The Windrider thing is exactly what I needed to see. The Dark Eldar one did me no good in understanding it but I got ahold of my book after work and saw the Windryder. So it is as you say. I am glad it works this way.
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    Ordo Fanaticus Upgrade

    Hi Ordos, Over the weekend we upgraded the forums to the latest and grooviest version of our hosting platform. As you can see, the forums have changed a bit, with some new features and some deprecation of old stuff that wasn't used. There are some background tasks still running on the server, so there may be a bit of slowness from the site as it continues to metamorphosis into the beautiful new butterfly it is destined to become. Thanks for your patience over the weekend, and over the next week or so as we continue to sweep up dust, patch walls, and brush on some fresh paint. There's more exciting things to come, and we hope you enjoy all the new shininess!
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    So I've done some learning over the years and the best glue joint is the thinnest super glue layer you can get. I know thin is a real pita (pain in the ass) and far more likely to get your fingers than the model but I'm here to tell you about a nifty tool. For awhile now I've been using a small puddle of glue in a paint well and wax paper to transfer it to the joint. Worked but was still tedious. I backed these things called glue loopers and they arrived this week. Changed my glueing life, think of them as detail brushes for glue, thin glue like the water (They do have thick versions as well but that stuff wasn't as tricky). Just have a lighter handy like it says in the instructions and use it regularly. Such amazing results just had to share for any one using water viscosity glues. http://www.creativedynamicllc.com/the-glue-looper.html
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    Brother Glacius

    Random Photo Thread

    Recent artwork by my daughter.
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    Congrats, Jim Graham and Dark Curios!

    We just got the word in that Jim's board game Dark Curios made the finals at the Kublacon convention in San Francisco this weekend. Playtesters will rate it over the course of three days and we'll find out on Monday whether it placed 5th-2nd! Good luck, Jim! *winkyface* My game, Kingmaker, made the finals as well.
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    This is going directly on my fridge. Then I'm gonna call my mom and tell her how stupid she is for ever doubting me. Then I'm gonna be too cool for everyone and I'll lose all my friends. Then I'll get heavy into coke and when people confront me about it, I'll turn it around on them because they don't know the pressure and responsibility of getting an A+ from Yarb. And then I'll die in the streets, after briefly living in the box that refrigerator came in. I'll breathe my last, clutching that A+ to my chest. So I guess what I'm really trying to say is thank you. Things are looking better from here on out!
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    With 6 weeks to go until OFCC, I wanted to share with everyone how appearance will be scored. To keep the process manageable, we will be evaluating 5 categories. In each one, you will receive a score of 0, 1, or 2 0 = Does not meet criteria 1 = Meets criteria 2 = Exceeds criteria The five categories are: Basing - textured/painted/flocked/resin/etc. Painting - represents the three-color minimum Depth - extra care for shading and highlighting Detail - modeling, conversions, putty work, etc... WOW Factor - this is a great representation of a 40K army At OFCC, we should never see a score below a 2 since everyone must meet a minimum basing and painting requirement. As simple as this is, it is still a subjective measure. In an effort to minimize that, I will list out a guide that will dictate how those scores will be quantified. Basing 0 - Bare plastic or resin, void of paint or basing material 1 - Paint or basing material applied 2 - Multiple colors, a variety of material, the bases demonstrate a level of care and effort Painting 0 - Bare plastic, only primer, less than 3 colors 1 - 3 or more colors, generally referred to as tabletop standard 2 - A variety of colors, shades, and tones setting the model apart from the standard Depth 0 - No effort made to illustrate depth of the model's details 1 - Drybrushing, washing, edge highlighting to varying degrees 2 - Blending, smooth transitions, skillful application of the techniques listed at level 1 Detail 0 - Model is built as designed with no variation 1 - Some conversion work, purposeful construction to demonstrate variety, scratch building, minor sculpting 2 - Heavy conversion, extensive scratch building and/or sculpting, clearly a unique representation of the army WOW Factor 0 - A tabletop army that does not go far enough to stand out from the crowd 1 - A unified and cohesive army, can definitely stand out as a excellent example of the army represented 2 - A true showcase army, representing the highest level of skill and technique of our hobby I hope this provides a measure of clarity about the process. Please let it serve as a guide as you finish your OFCC armies and fuel your excitement to play! :)
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    SW Terrain project

    Terrain project I'm working on, excited to get to use this with the league ??
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

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    Snagged one

    he's too sexy for your power sword...
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    Rose City ComicCon

    Hello All! My lovely daughter has a booth at Rose City ComicCon this weekend! Her art is for sale. I am going to have a few items for sale for sale as well. Come say, "Hi." We'll be at booth kk-10. ✨
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    Just a quick note: If you AND your opponent wish to play 8th edition during your match at OFCC, you are free to do so. If you want to have this option then I would suggest prepping an 8th edition version of your list. This is completely optional and not required in any way. Remember, OFCC is all about having fun and we want to ensure everyone does. If you do plan to play 8th during your match, you are on your own regarding rules. I suggest settling all rules disputes with a drinking contest. :)
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