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    Random Photo Thread

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    Cheap SM legs alternative?

    Cheapest legs are $1.45 each on ebay including shipping. For example this is one of the people I have bought from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WARHAMMER-40K-BITS-SPACE-MARINE-TACTICAL-SQUAD-LEGS/352646418776?epid=2254426253&hash=item521b5d5158:g:4xMAAOSwsWVcu5Pt @pretre at Mindtaker.org has used models for $1-1.50ish and you get the entire model. He is local and really awesome about local pickup. For example: https://mindtaker.org/product/marines-x10/ A box set is $3.40 each shipped and you get more parts you can resell... Its a slippery slope. Buy local I say!
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    Evokrootion! OFCC 2005

    Here's a blast from the past - pics of my old Eldar + Kroot Merc army that I brought to OFCC. Glad to see that I still have a pic of the Kroot Wraithlord!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Dart, AKA Miranda Ashcroft all done!
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    @merkthejerk I am so sorry you had such a poor experience during the weekend. Although we cannot guarantee that everyone has a great time, we certainly want to make every effort to make that possible. Please know that if you or anyone is not having the expected OFCC experience, you or your captain can track me (or anyone other organizer down) so we can address it as its happening. 🙂 @Kolby Hopkins You are correct that match-ups were not performance based. All match-ups were built prior to the event using the following methodology First, arrange all challenge matches Then avoid matching up team from the same club/region Finally, ensure no one plays the same team twice Since OFCC is an event rather than a tournament, we focus on doing our best to provide variety in match ups. I hope that clarifies the process when I run the event. 🙂
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