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  1. Ordo Fanaticus 15th Anniversary Shirt

    Right now Zazzle is offering 25% off this t-shirt (down to $18.72), and 60% off our regular Ordo shirt - that makes it $9! Grab your Ordo gear while the deals are hawt.
  2. Any chance of getting black OFCC T shirts with White logo?

    1. jollyork


      Yes, but OFCC isn't until August! 

  3. Ordo Fanaticus 15th Anniversary Shirt

    Unfortunately this shirt won't work with white ink. Just get the pink color!
  4. December 2017 is Ordo Fanaticus's 15th birthday. Celebrate the occasion with this limited edition shirt available on our Zazzle store featuring a custom logo highlighting the milestone. This shirt will only be available in December and then it's gone forever. Thanks to all of you members for making Ordo the biggest and best hobby site in the Pacific Northwest. Here's to another 15 years of hobby awesomeness! Ordo Fanaticus 15th Anniversary Shirt Happy Birthday, Ordo!
  5. Necromunda Campaign League - Opening Day Dec 10

    Is it just me or does your image link not render?
  6. FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

    How much for one Termagant?
  7. W: necromunda tiles...

    There’s an expansion set of tiles coming out with Gang War 2. Supposed to be early next year if you can hold on.
  8. H: Bretonnia Army, 40K books, AvP, Dark Age CORE, BB

    I'm sure it's only a matter of time* before the Realm Gates to fair Bretonnia are discovered and reopened, once again releasing the thunder of hooves and glint of polished steel to trample throughout the lands of the daemonically unjust and unworthy. Stormcast Eternals be damned, the true armoured noblemen will lead the way through the darkness! *like 10-20 years, max
  9. 11/21 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night at W.O.W.

    One model. 800 points. Boom, baby.
  10. BA, DA and Daemons Next

    Quirky English if from translation:
  11. Nice work, @michaels! You could carry the trophy around and use that in a bar fight.
  12. Khorne and Bretonnian Teams

    Both rosters are ridiculous, but the Brets take the cake.
  13. Khorne and Bretonnian Teams

    Read 'em and weep.
  14. Khorne and Bretonnian Teams

    Even crusty old BB players want something new after a decade of nothing.
  15. Chaos Dwarfs team now on Kickstarter (by Gaspez-Arts)

    @Gaspez Arts Congrats on crushing the Kickstarter! Beautiful models and amazing team. Please keep Ordo updated on your next campaign.