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  1. jollyork

    Ordo T-Shirts 40% Off Sale!

    The 40% off sale is back, just in time for OFCC. Get your awesome Ordo t-shirt and arrive in Portland in style! https://www.zazzle.com/ordo_fanaticus Use this coupon code to get 40% off: IWANTTSHIRTS
  2. After Dracula, you should read Frankenstein. But this time... backwards.
  3. jollyork

    LF: AM Hydra w/ACs

    Cool! Will PM you.
  4. I'll take Belakor and the wee Halfling!
  5. I'll be there, losing at Blood Bowl. 🙃
  6. jollyork

    LF: AM Hydra w/ACs

    Astra Militarum Hydra tank with autocannons. Got one gathering dust?
  7. I think I could use that for my Knight armada. And I'll just rub my cats on the foam so they smell like my pets instead of some stinky stranger's.
  8. jollyork

    shmitty’s GenCon mule service

    Space Marine Adventures! (not a joke)
  9. One of my favorite childhood toys.
  10. Is this what's in the bg of your photo?
  11. jollyork

    W: Old GW Measuring Sticks

    I just dropped off some red ones at the clubhouse (WOW).
  12. jollyork

    Tuesday 7/17 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Likely late, if at all, so can't bank on a game. Maybe I'll just show up and sweat to some oldies for a bit.
  13. jollyork

    Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter resources

    I love when Rogre’s head pops up from behind the pitch.