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  1. Khorne and Bretonnian Teams

    Even crusty old BB players want something new after a decade of nothing.
  2. Chaos Dwarfs team now on Kickstarter (by Gaspez-Arts)

    @Gaspez Arts Congrats on crushing the Kickstarter! Beautiful models and amazing team. Please keep Ordo updated on your next campaign.
  3. Ordo Magnets 50% off today!

    Got something you need stuck to something metal, without all the stickiness of adhesives? Try the new Ordo Fanaticus magnets! Available in 3 sizes, these are guaranteed to be the coolest way to hang up notes, painting tutorials, and Roboute Guilliman posters. Today only you can get them for 50% off with this coupon: ZPERFECTPAIR https://www.zazzle.com/ordo_fanaticus_round_magnets-147432634260721102
  4. Trade

  5. The official Ordo swag store is bolstering its catalog with several new items, including these awesome Trucker Hats. Get one now and enjoy a 40% off coupon - only today! Ordo Fanaticus Trucker Hat
  6. Swag

    Official Ordo Swag
  7. Morg 'N' Thorg

    The greatest Blood Bowl player of all time! Hard to see in the pic, but that's a Heart Mom tattoo on his shoulder.
  8. Blood Bowl

    Blood Bowl miniatures painted by JollyOrk
  9. OBBL season two schedule - updated 9/3

    @ninefinger are you ready to rumble next Tuesday at WOW? Close out the season in style with some hawt tree on big guy action!
  10. Ordo T-Shirts 40% Off Sale!

    The 40% off sale ends at midnight tonight. Get your official Ordo shirt at great price today!
  11. Ordo T-Shirts 40% Off Sale!

    Have you always wanted an awesome official Ordo Fanaticus t-shirt but haven't been to a recent Ordo event to get one? Now's your chance to order the exact size and color you want - and get it 40% off for the next two days. Go to our official Zazzle store to pick out your shirt: https://www.zazzle.com/ordo_fanaticus And use this coupon code to get 40% off: ZAZTEEDEAL40 There will be lots more Ordo swag added in the future, so keep an eye on the store.
  12. Return of Necromunda?

    The box game may (may!) be under $100 but the Gang War supplement with multi-level rules will be released the same day and is probably $40. Unless it's just a book like Death Zone and is $20. Whatev, I'm buying it all.
  13. OBBL Super League season two champs!

    Nice job! Hope that trophy cup was filled with something appropriately chaosy.
  14. OBBL season two schedule - updated 9/3

    I'm playing @scotthartman at WOW on Tuesday. We'll get AC going in one small room.
  15. Um, someone else finished tied for 1st place in Best Sportsman, only losing a tiebreaker based on record. I guess that doesn't mean anything around here anymore...