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  1. Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    Holy Crap Awesome. Plus Bears!
  2. 2/17 - Ordo Terrain Day

  3. Attack On Titan DBG

    Best. Anime. Ever.* Glad to hear the card game is fun. Would like to know how you feel about it in another 10 or so games. I have lost interest in other card games with alarming rapidity (Ascension, Hearthstone). *with the possible exception of One Punch Man.
  4. You might enjoy the original Dracula for similar reasons. It's fun to see where some of the modern styles and elements derive from.
  5. Kickstarter Advice

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. And extra thanks to Brick for the retail hookup! That would be very cool. I have done a first draft of the KS page, but I'm going back through to add some of the specific points here. Coming Soon!
  6. League roll call

    Khorne: when you like losing so much you do it to yourself.
  7. Roster Builder at Yaktribe

    I registered, Let's do this!
  8. Tentative league start

    Everyone can play Tuesday at WOW except michaels, which is why he's trying to recruit you into his back-alley death league.
  9. Blood Bowl

    Blood Bowl miniatures painted by JollyOrk
  10. Kickstarter Advice

    Hey Ordos, my little comic book I've been working on for years (link in my signature) is finally ready for printing. I'm going to bundle the first five issues into a trade paperback. I'd like to run a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the production costs, pave the way for the next five issues, and ultimately generate some social media marketing buzz. I have both pledged to and run KS campaigns in the past, so I know the mechanics of KS, but I am curious what you all think makes a good campaign. What factors tip you from casually browsing a Kickstarter to making a pledge? Is it things like rewards and stretch goals, or is it simply a killer video that lures you in? Any nuggets of knowledge and opinion are welcome.
  11. Turns out my memory is blank, as is my collection.
  12. Ha, maybe I do, maybe I do... Let me figure out if I have those daemonettes first. I misplace my memories of miniatures as often as I misplace the miniatures.
  13. I think I have some Diaz models stashed away. Please pm me and I’ll remember to check tomorrow.
  14. Tentative league start

    I will likely bow out of a date that soon. The human league will barely be over.