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  1. jollyork

    Tuesday 5/29

    I'm bringing a Spike roster, and Necromunda in case Frosty has already decided to lose to a draw with someone else.
  2. jollyork

    Tuesday 5/29

    Anytime, anywhere.
  3. Zazzle is running a site-wide coupon code for the weekend: ZMEMORIALDAY Which you can use at the official Ordo Fanaticus swag store to get your awesome gear:
  4. I'm planning on playing, and signing up the morning of.
  5. Do NOT wait until the last minute to book a room. Last year all they had left was $500/night rooms.
  6. jollyork


    Van Saar https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/free_radicals.11951/
  7. jollyork

    FS/T: Dominion (Complete)

    I have Dominion (1st Ed) and all 12 expansions up to and including the latest one, Nocturne. You can see the expansion details below. Additionally, all cards and accessories (coins, boards, etc.) are sorted and stored in 4 Bluetech hard cases. All cards are like new, only the base cards (treasure and victory points) from the original game have any wear at all. Seaside came with an additional set of these base cards and those are completely unused. Total retail for these is approximately $500. I'll sell for $250, or $225 if you don't want/need the original base set which I'll keep with the worn cards. I can also be talked into trades, particularly for:-Kharadron Overlords -Ad Mech & Imperial Knights-Inquisition -Orruk Brutes Bluetech Cases: Expansion Details: Name Re­lease Date Type Cards King­dom Card Piles Theme Dominion (Base game) October 2008 (1st ed) / October 2016 (2nd ed) Standalone 500 25 (1st ed) / 26 (2nd ed) The original game. Relatively simple cards. Intrigue July 2009 (1st ed)/October 2016 (2nd ed) Standalone (1st ed) / Expansion (2nd ed) 500 (1st ed) / 300 (2nd ed) 25 (1st ed) / 26 (2nd ed) Decisions among multiple possible effects. Hybrid cards that are both Victory cards and another type. Seaside October 2009 Expansion 300 26 Duration cards (cards with effects that happen longer than one turn). Alchemy May 2010 Expansion 150 12 The Potion Treasure as an alternate card cost, with cards that require a Potion as well as Coin to be bought. Decks with large numbers of Action cards. Prosperity October 2010 Expansion 300 25 Expensive cards and Treasures that do something when played in the Buy phase. Higher-value basic Treasure and Victory cards. Victory Point tokens. Cornucopia June 2011 Expansion 150 13 Cards that are more useful when there is variety in the player's deck. Hinterlands October 2011 Expansion 300 26 Cards that have an additional effect when bought or otherwise gained. Base Cards[12] June 2012 Replacement cards 250 0 A set of all the basic cards—Treasures, Victory, and Curse cards—from the standalones and expansions with new design and different art. No Kingdom Cards. Dark Ages August 2012 Expansion 500 35 Cards that have an additional effect when trashed. Cards that care about the Trash. Cards that upgrade themselves. Ways to upgrade other cards. Shelters (initial three cards), Ruins (bad cards), Spoils (one-use golds), Looters (cards that give Ruins). Guilds June 2013 Expansion 150 13 Coin tokens that can be saved to spend later. Cards you can get more out of by paying extra for them. Adventures[13] April 2015 Expansion 400 30 Reserve cards (cards that are set aside when played and can be used when the right moment comes), Events (immediate effects that players can buy), Traveller cards (cards that can be exchanged for other cards), player-owned tokens that modify cards, Duration cards. Empires[14] June 2016 Expansion 300 24 Cards you can buy now and pay for later, piles with multiple different cards, and Landmarks which add new ways to score. Duration cards, VP tokens, and Events return from previous sets. Nocturne[15] November 2017 Expansion 500 33 A new type of cards, called Night cards, which are played in the Night Phase (which comes after the Buy Phase and before the Clean-Up Phase) during a player's turn. Also adds in more non-supply cards that cannot be "bought" in the normal manner. Hexes and Boons, which aren't "Cards" or "Events" per se but have effects similar to events.
  8. jollyork

    FS: Space Hulk

    $75.00 - Space Hulk box (2009) - All models are bare plastic. The Thunder Hammer guy has small holes drilled into the underside of his base for magnets. Includes the Battle Foam custom tray to hold all the unique figures ($16.00 value). I can also be talked into trades, particularly for: -Kharadron Overlords -Ad Mech & Imperial Knights -Inquisition -Orruk Brutes
  9. jollyork

    Low Carb diet!?!?

    Eat Less, Exercise More.
  10. jollyork

    Tuesday 5/15 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Jeff, I'm bringing Necromunda and really going to play this time.
  11. I would not pass up this opportunity to sleep on the floor of a posh hotel room.
  12. jollyork

    Spring '18 Necromunda Campaign

    I'm in with Vasquez and the Eschers.
  13. jollyork

    Blitzmania II league at Guardian Games!

  14. jollyork

    Tempting Kickstarters

    Hey folks, in case you've missed it, my comic book Kickstarter is into the final week of the campaign. Any additional pledges or social shares are greatly appreciated as we run through these last five days on our way to a stretch goal. Muchas gracias, amigos!
  15. jollyork

    Midnight's Masque Kickstarter LIVE

    We’re down to the last 5 days of the campaign and OH-SO-CLOSE to our stretch goal! This has been an amazing run, and all of us on the Midnight’s Masque team cannot thank you enough for your support. Please pass around the link to the campaign to those last few comic book fans you know and let’s finish off this week right by hitting the stretch goal and getting the cool bookmark cards made for all of our backers.