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  1. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    zcaust83 is working up the advertising 😄. I seem to remember 10am - but not positive yet. -d
  2. Torg

    3d Printer User's Group

    Looking forward to hearing about your build. The Mk3 is one of two printers I’m looking to buy.
  3. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    Huh - well I’m working with zcaust83 on this for the shop he works at. It’s up in Vancouver- so not sure how that effects things for WoW and GG. Ours will be themed and fluffy battle hopefully lol. Right now working out terrain building needs
  4. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    Pax - spot on about just needing a normal sized 40k army really for apoc. And yes - you need to consider the rules tweaks. On the other side of this- The game I’m planning will be held over in Vancouver... and may be limited to 10 players at the most. Points hasn’t been worked out. But the main thrust of this will be a theme and story to the battle. A bit more fluff than just a massively big battle. -d
  5. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    Thanks all for the interest- and input in this. I’m currently working on arrangements with a location/ shop and doing other planning for an “apoc” big themed game. Pax - I won’t likely be doing this at Guardian Games - so you have your reservation to organize or lend to some other gaming option for a big game. -d
  6. Are you thinking a Patreon type blog? I would consider following. I can see a real advantage to watching an learning tips as real projects come together. -d
  7. Torg

    My new blog :)

    Good job - get back on that pony!
  8. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    Hmmmm a reaver Titan... something to shoot at with my phantom 😄
  9. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    My next question would there be a reason to try and mix in some kill team? In this particular Warzone battle - they have a small table or area for the Imperial ships battery control... if only one force controls this then that team gets use of the large guns of the gothic ship that shooting phase. Maybe this could be something to include- as just 40k - but the possibility for it to be killteam came to mind. -d
  10. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    Very true... completely separate is an issue. I’ve spent the last 15 minutes or so looking through the Pandorax Warzone - “ rescue the revenge” battle. Basically a long wide table - from large land formation to a “space station” / imperial gothic ship. - asteroids between. But - the wide / long table is split length wise ... allowing for different zones of play as well as ways to get from one end to the other - no split table. It’s a Imperial v Chaos battle - but it can easily be modified for whatever we get to play. I’d be Eldar ... can do however many points needed really. But Eldar can easily be on the Imperial side. Orks can be raiding... could be on either side ... could even flip flop throughout the game. Who can possibly commit to a Black Friday game ... how many points possibly and what factions? We need to get a rough idea of what we’d be dealing with. - size and scope. -d
  11. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    Ok - forgot that I had lots of this on a flash drive - anyhow, Warzone Pandorax is the one - perfect for multiple tables.
  12. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    I’m not familiar with the possible tables at Guardian Ganes in the new-ish location. Last time we did Black Friday apoc at wow - in the big room with the huge table assembled. (Not sure on the dims). But it wasn’t impossible to move around. We played on that table more than once for Black Friday apoc over the years. Multiple groups of tables would be good - gaps for impassable areas is a good idea - think a group of asteroids... space stations. Allowing maybe 2-3 tables set up 16’x12’ ( two 4x8 foot tables wide by three tables deep). The gap between tables can be anything. Looking to Ish’s example... a big H. You could have a one table (4x8) between the larger tables. Come to think of it - GW did have a book / realm of battle- forge world thing (war zone) ... that was an asteroid with a space station. And some kinda giant chain between them. I’ll look up the book for ideas tonight. -d
  13. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    In the past - we’ve decided on the table after we figured out teams / sides and all that. Basically, gauging interest and possibly commitment. And - themes ... this usually boils down to just basic things. Game turns would be timed - so the game completes in the time we have allowed at the location. Team captain would be responsible for keeping his team under the clock. Last time I did one of these (the year before last) we had 40,000 pits on the table I think. Several super heavies - including my Eldar phantom. The trick of course is balance - we need opportunity for opposing super heavies. - because it’s just not “fun” to have a phantom Titan alone in Godzilla mode lol. - Pax - I was unaware that you had stared a post on this. - or I just forgot it. I’m sure we could use the space if it works out. I am talking with someone about co-organizing the game. Still trying to be more than just a big battle. (Dreams) -d
  14. Torg

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    Maybe some kinda killteam tie-in as well. Lots of options
  15. I’m currently not playing much of anything - but I’m thinking I’ll be free for Black Friday this year. For something 40k - large game - multiple players. Bring out your big toys - just big battle with some thin themes. Location, points and all that is all undetermined... so if your interested- let’s discuss and make some plans!