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  1. Massive Darkness

    I got my kickstarter yesterday - wow this is a lot of stuff. I hope to break into the boxes the weekend. I did do a quick scan through the packages and wow the figures are nice :) -d
  2. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    hmmm maybe its just a special group of knights for use with the Mechanicus. -d
  3. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    back when they first talked about this book - it was in the list I had thought - of course now I have not seen it mentioned for a few news blurbs
  4. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    I had thought the Imperial knights was to be rolled into this book - is that still the case? I don't seem to see that now. -d
  5. Massive Darkness

    Mine is in transit... tracking tells me will have it by next tuesday. I am really looking forward to playing this game. But as with most all of my kick starters - I just want the mini's lol. -d
  6. hmmmm I may have to drop in again this year..
  7. funny - I use my iPhone almost (99%) exclusively on my blog... But I use an assortment of apps (Manual mostly) to get decent shots of the mini's. But lighting & white balance is the biggest issue I see with miniature photos. -d
  8. Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

    OK - plans changed - I can't make it back into portland tonight after work - Hope to get another time - for this game soon. -d
  9. Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

    did you know what time you may be there? I generally get off work around 2pm... I will head home and back into wow later. -d
  10. Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

    Tuesday (next week?) is possible - the next few sundays are kinda full with end of summer stuff. But into September sundays free up -d
  11. Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

    great conversions - I have yet to cut mine up. Did you pick up the 2 new mini's at gencon? I love the game - I have played only a handful of times - but as simple as it seems - it is incredibly tactical. When were you thinking about getting down to game night? d
  12. Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

    I have .... to many... a couple factions of stuff. Fun game - wonderful mini's (although I have issues with some of the resin flexibility issues (too flexible)). If you bring to game night - I have a mat - several factions as well and dice. I would be there for sure. I have yet to paint anything yet though. And I am working on a custom arena... someday lol -d
  13. Infinity Boot Camp! September 17th

    hmmmm may be a good time to brush back up on the game - shake of the rust. This may fit into a schedule for me - but I will not be sure yet... I REALLY want to play this and get back to a regular gaming schedule. =d