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  1. revenant titan datasheet

    I have the digital update book for 8th from FW - it is in there. .... I will see what I can do -d
  2. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    Not sure that 12 people would be so many that it would justify finding a larger venue. How large of a table were you going to set this up on?
  3. Black Friday Black Crusade APOC

    huh - wish I wasn't headed to the airport black friday - I would consider this
  4. Black Friday Black Crusade APOC

    only 10,000? I am kinda shocked it isn't way more... and you call yourself a guard player lol
  5. LF: Craftworld Children of Asuryan

    Romans.... aren't you in IT? maybe I am mistaken... lol
  6. LF: Craftworld Children of Asuryan

    if you got the digital version of the book - it should be easy enough... - screen capture
  7. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    i saw a scratch build Warhound on eBay...looked decent for 70$?
  8. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    it would all depend on how many show up to play - there appears to be plenty of space at Geeks and Games based on the numbers here and on FB planning to play. How big is the normal 40k group at Geeks and Games? -d
  9. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    hmmmm no I think it was a FW one - judging from the photos from the event. I know that my Phantom "one-shotted" it lol maybe @andozane knows something? -d
  10. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    I have a line on two warhounds so far - no takers yet. At the last Black Friday Apoc (couple years ago) someone had a chaos warhound - I can’t remember who had brought it though. -d
  11. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    Hmmm seems like s know of at least one warhound in the area. I can ask around. -d
  12. sorry - updated the thread the other day - all are sold
  13. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    I've hosted (Organized or Co- Organized) the Black Friday Apoc (sometimes annual) event. I can firmly say I will not be doing so this year - because I have to get my daughter to the airport black-friday morning. But I'd be interested in possibly participating in something on NewYears Day... But would miss APOC level of toys for sure. -d
  14. TO question

    And that seems reasonable to me Von Hammer... I am not sure why this is an issue. The TO decides... what is what at the event they took the time to put together (gathering terrain / building terrain... promoting the event, finding a location...etc.). I think that someone whom goes beyond the normal gamer level and is a TO deserves some credit for sticking their necks out. For making their idea become reality (TO'ing an event isn't always rewarding). It is up to the players to decide to play in a tourney following the rules set out by a TO. Otherwise - more power to a player becoming a TO and running the show they want. -d
  15. TO question

    let me get this straight... so because half or more of the armies out there are using the Indexes ... because GW hasn't gotten to doing all the 8th ed codex versions yet... NO ONE should be allowed to use new codexes until EVERYONE has a new codex? is that the logic? -d