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  1. I think I will try pointing him out as an Autarch first... The jet bike cats would be a good comparison to the pods on the skyboard. Banshee mask and maybe the lance. Not sure but I will start there. Of course I still need to find where I put this model lol. -d
  2. OK - I may regret posting this topic... But here it goes. I am working on a army idea - and I wanted to take Baron Sathonyx ... knowing he doesn't exist anymore in 8th of course. But I do have a mini meant to be him.. and I plan to cut some of it up for conversions for my own version of this HQ choice. Big problem is that he doesn't exist and no skyboard riding hellion type exists within the Eldar races. So... options? My first idea was simply an Autarch on jet bike or wings. The other option is the winged phoenix lord... Baharroth. But maybe there are better ideas to be used to create an Counts-As figure that would generally fit the mold? If you were playing against this figure - what would make the most sense when you see this dude on a larger skyboard? I am thinking the Autarch on jet bike is the best option myself. But I thought I would toss it here for optional ideas. -d
  3. "The Sorrows of Empire" - by Chalmers Johnson. I had started this book back in the 90's... and put it down. Recently I picked it back up with my audible app and listened straight through in less than a couple evenings. Disturbingly accurate - and even though its dated to only Bush juniors presidency it felt fairly relevant. You get to thinking that it is kinda a pointless system to think a common person in this country really controls anything - And the Empire that is the US is doomed to fail sooner rather than later. History shows this to be true... with the current administration things may be speeding along a bit faster than before. Anyhow, very informative... thought provoking - if a bit depressing.
  4. Here is my blog link to that last game... of APOC that I have been involved in. -d
  5. Anytime, I’d love to discuss a big game. Our most recent game of apoc was on Black Friday up in Vancouver at fate and fury games. Was great fun — not complicated. It was really just a big game of 8th Ed. With lots of big toys getting blown up lol. We also played with special terrain features as well. Looking forward to another game like that. We had a very loose story as well. It lasted all day - with breaks for food and no real problems. -d
  6. hmmmm last few dozen year of games of Apoc I have played had no restrictions on the printed rules for Apoc. We have always finished full games ... and never time issues. Due to structure and time limits put into place for each sides rounds to take place. And because apoc is just a fun big messy game to play with big toys or lots of minis without worry about "gaming" the system. d
  7. depending on the particular Saturday ... I am nearly always down - big toys on the table? (yes please). we've done big games in the big room with all the tables shoved together in the past - and quite a few folks at ORDO know how to make a game move and finish (full rounds) on time. -d
  8. hmmm this is a hard wired tub and not a 120 plug and play type? I have a hot tub... but its the low energy plug in type. But it does have a dedicated circuit with breaker (60A) I think. Which I wired myself from the breaker box. Not to complex - really need to shut down power ... be safe... and otherwise its not bad to do - even hard wired - its really just a wires from the box with a breaker. -d
  9. awesome stuff Bryan... my guess is your liking this purchase? heheh -d
  10. Ok - only a couple hundred away from my goal to get a 3D printer. In a week I will be there (based on current eBay bids for sale I will be there by sunday). Anyhow, O'Bacon master - how are you enjoying your Prusa over a 3 months or so in working with it? -d
  11. Ok - Jay - I have found the Dark Imperium box... the marines within are un-touched ... still on the sprue. Which should be... 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 1 Ancient, 10 Intercessors, 3 Inceptors and 5 Hellblasters. - I think I have some more of these somewhere. I know I have the marines from the prior GW box set as well. -d
  12. I'll have to make a dedicated "look around" this weekend - I should have some. -d
  13. hmmm a point missed perhaps... as already stated. It isn't about the one player ... it is about the many players. Specifically - five great games... the 5 unknown opponents that this player would face.. This of course is to the inclusion of the player brining the list in question. It is in cooperation to be sure everyone has a great time.
  14. The point of OFCC is for you & your opponent to have fun. In all of your games at OFCC.
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