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  1. Through all my reviews and research it’s the one I keep circling back to myself. Maybe by spring I can pull the trigger on one. - good luck with your project! -d
  2. Which 3d printer did you upgrade to? -d
  3. Torg

    Urban Conquest

    I’ve pre-ordered this ... hoping for some renewed playing time lol.
  4. Torg

    Video Arcade Machines

    Interested. I’ll have to make it by the shop to see them. -d
  5. Torg

    CA leaks

    I’ll probably pick up the digital CA - I like the points reductions ... I’ll have to see how it pans out with my usual builds. -d
  6. Torg

    My new blog :)

    Nice post - never tried warmaster. Pictures!? Why no pictures?
  7. Torg

    3d Printer User's Group

    How’s your experience going with the ender3 Scott? I’m still debating on the ender3pro vs pursa mk3
  8. Torg

    WoW January 2019 40k League interest?

    I like the B set up. Not a fan of doubles. I’d rather try to get 2 quick games in and try things out a bit before getting to the bigger point games. Allows me to noodle around as I’m building a new army and see what is effective. As far Ashe battles go ... what mission style are you thinking? Ie. open war , open war modified... players pick at the start of their own battle (book or random or cards or whatever is agreed on). Or will their be a published mission each week to play? -d
  9. Torg

    WoW January 2019 40k League interest?

    Last time I trekked into WoW on a game night after work ... driving it took about an hour and a half lol.
  10. Torg

    WoW January 2019 40k League interest?

    I now (as of last spring) work in Hillsboro... so yeah - 26 into downtown lol and out the other (east) side of the river. I live south of town ... (Hubbard) / so typically avoid hwy and freeway on my way home - lol. -d
  11. Torg

    WoW January 2019 40k League interest?

    And as far as the 2nd question for speed of build - I vote “B”
  12. Torg

    WoW January 2019 40k League interest?

    I’m a solid maybe... depending on how things shake out. I don’t look forward to the commute into downtown... but I really miss playing at the club lol. Min also curious as to how the rules for the league work out. I’m fine with either really. I played a few rounds of the GW store set up as pax relaid. It was nice but not a big deal for me. Although I’d be looking for an excuse to build s mechanicus force I’ve been collecting bits for. -d
  13. Torg

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    Pete, how do you think your tower worked out? I was awesome to look at. But I wasn’t involved with “dealing” with it. Points ok? Was it over powered or under powered? Anything you’d like to have been different with it? It’s Apoc so things are usually fun and crazy. But it’s good to reflect on how things worked. -d
  14. Torg

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    Ok - slow day at work lol - so here ya go ... Torts blog - Black Friday Apoc post -d
  15. Torg

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    I’m putting together a blog post which will have all the photos I took at the event. It may be a couple days though. Was great fun. (Spoiler) Although the forces of Chaos overwhelmed the tables and took a narrow (?) victory. -d