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  1. I am also storing a ][+ for my friend. I already have a Lisa (but that doesn't want to work).. I have not tried to start up my old Ti or my MacSE.. although The ][e seems to be working perfectly :) - I found some game on eBay... but most are ridiculously priced lol -d
  2. I recently was gifted an old Apple IIe - and books and discs. This was awesome because its nearly the same set up I had when I was a much younger boy lol. Anyhow, I am looking for games on floppy disks for it. I have a few that came with the computer. But I would be interested in more titles if I can. If you have anything - let me know :) -d
  3. This Is Not A Test (TNT)

    I did the kickstarter.... picked up mini's but have yet to have a chance to play it. -d
  4. APOC 2018

    hmmmm well I am in outer south portland (Hubbard - near wood burn)... I will have to find a day to drive up... (probably about an hour drive). So I will think about that.
  5. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    with snow coming - I am getting weather warnings - Game night still on? I have a league game scheduled... -d
  6. APOC 2018

    Ok - I am still interested - do I just email them through their website ... telling them I want to sign up for the APOC came in march? The calendar on their site is still on December. So I am not sure what they will be calling it. Anyhow, I will be 90% sure to do this... Eldar. I will be 100% on this in another couple days planning. =d
  7. Job searching sucks

    just entering the market myself - my current employer just gave us 90 days notice... they were sold and are closing the plant in Portland. So I have just started to shop around my resume to the other local printers. Hoping I don't have to long of wait. I won't be worried until after March though. I have already contacted 2 headhunter agencies to assist my search. p.s. Weav... you wish to critique my res as well? -d
  8. SAGA New Edition (2018)

    hmm Ok I ordered the book - looking forward to trying this out. -d
  9. SAGA New Edition (2018)

    where do you meet to play?
  10. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/13

    I have a game of 40k with @paxmiles
  11. 2/6 Game Night at W.O.W

    thanks for the game Ninefinger! -d
  12. W: Chaos Marines H: $$

    I'll have to look later this week - but I have some CSM from the last ed... my son's attempted army - but he has decided not to play them. Anyhow, I will take a look by the end of the week and let you know what we have. -d
  13. APOC 2018

    Hmmm I’d love to get my phantom on a table again 😀
  14. APOC 2018

    Will there be other titans? I’d be interested... but without opposing titans it’s kinda lopsided
  15. another conflict year for me... ya'll have fun