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  1. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Broadchurch - Season 1 In some ways it’s a generic murder mystery. But where it really shines is in exploring the impact of the murder and investigation on a small town. Really well written and acted.
  2. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Black Panther - it’s a Marvel movie so by now you should kinda know what you’re gonna get. It was fun, well designed, and well acted. The antagonist had a stronger arc and motivation than most of the Marvel movies, which is nice. Fits well into the MCU and explored some real world themes at the same.
  3. IK Armada Adventures

    Really happy with both the Chimera and Profundity. Great models and some nice additions to the game.
  4. That's right, there's going to be a team Armada tournament this year at the OFCC. The details that I know right now: 3 Person Teams - Same Faction - No duplicate uniques 5 rounds Sat-Sun 400 points I'll post more details soon, but wanted give people an idea of what to expect.
  5. Co Op Games

    One I missed up above is Mechs vs Minions. Basically what you'd get if you crossed Robo Rally with a tower defense game. It also includes voice-acted audio files for each of the missions. Good times.
  6. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Infinity was all I could think of while watching it.
  7. Co Op Games

    The wife and I play lots of different co-ops together. Mostly those with a campaign system, but we've played plenty of others. Here's some quick thoughts on those I have played. Let me know if you want more details on any of them. Pandemic - Save the world from nasty diseases. One of the first modern co-op games. At this point I think of it as being an average game at best. Gets pretty repetitive and can suffer from one Alpha player running everything. Best with 4. Space Alert - Crew a spaceship on missions scouting dangerous sectors of space in the SS Sitting Duck. I love this game, but it is damn stressful. Introduces a time mechanic that forces fast decision making. Really fun with the right group, but not for everyone. Still fun even when you are losing badly. Best with 4, but 5 players works too. The campaign system is a fun add. Designed by Vlaada Chvatil who is easily my favorite game designer. Forbidden Island - Explore and island and grab treasure before it falls into the sea. A good co-op for non-gamers as it is really light. Don't own this one, but have played a few games. Lord of the Rings LCG - Build decks and lead heroes through quests in Middle Earth. Mechanically this one is great and there are tons of cards available at this point. They've released campaign expansions that follow the books, but most of the game explores other quests and parts of Middle Earth. My wife likes to play, but has no interest in the deck building so I handle that. Best with 2, but works fine with up to 4. Kingdom Death: Monster - Can you build a settlement that can survive a nightmare world by hunting monsters? Super expensive and really dark, but the game is mechanically a lot of fun and easy to get invested in as a player. Best with 3-4 players. Somewhere between a miniature game and board game. The game we are currently playing the most. Red November - Save a bunch of drunken gnomes on a badly damaged submarine. Fun for the theme, mechanically its all about pressing your luck. We have a really low win rate. Supports up to 8 players and I wouldn't play with fewer than 5. Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - This is a mod for the X-Wing Miniatures Game that turns it into a mission based co-op campaign. You need a ton of ships to make it work, but the payoff is absolutely fantastic. Best with 4, but would work with 2-6. Mice and Mystics - Turn into a mouse, grab some friends, and save the kingdom from an evil sorceress. Mechanically fun, but simple enough for kids to enjoy it too. Good storytelling throughout the game. 3-4 players. Legends of the Alliance (Imperial Assault) - The recently released app for Imperial Assault allows a full co=op mode. We love it. Best with 3-4 players. I'm sure I've played others, but that's what I can think of right now. As I said, let me know if you want more details on any of them.
  8. IK Armada Adventures

    Nice. There is a pretty solid Armada community in the area. I am actually hoping to run an Armada event at the OFCC next summer.
  9. BN 50% off on Armada

    Vancouver Barnes had their ships 50% off too, but the selection was limited.
  10. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    And The Last Jedi did not disappoint. I like my Star Wars to be fun and full of big moments. It had that and more. Good times, looking forward to viewing number two.
  11. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Just re-watched The Force Awakwns for the first time since seeing it in the theater in anticipation of Ep 8 on Thursday. It actually held held up really well and I found myself enjoying the new characters more than I had remembered. The pacing was solid despite the occasionally clunky dialogue. Most importantly, it was fun. Which was made it feel like Star Wars to me. Cannot wait for The Last Jedi.
  12. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    So far the work magnetizing has been totally worth it. It’s fun swapping the gear around and the wife enjoys things more when the people look right. Been busy painting and magenetizing, but also have a couple of campaigns going. I’ll put up some photos of the magentized survivors soon.
  13. Question for Seattle Denizens...

    I’ll split gas if you want to drive up to the next one.
  14. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Yep, They are working well. I have had a couple of forearms split when drilling the hole, but nothing irreparable. I am only magnetizing wrists and necks currently. I'll get some pictures up later.
  15. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    1/16 x 1/32 N52 discs from K&J Magnetics