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  1. shmitty

    X-wing 2.0

    I've only gotten in a couple of games of 2.0 myself, but I feel like the update was really solid all around. They managed to make the game better for competitive and causal play at the same time.
  2. Sunday - Red Castle (SE Portland) Monday - Dice Age Games (Vancouver) - although we are playing more Legion than Armada right now Tuesday - Rainy Day Games (Beaverton) Fridays - Portland Game Store - I think this might be every other week There is a fairly active Facebook group "Armada Admirals of Portland" that you can probably setup some games through. I just bought a new house, so I haven't been playing much lately.
  3. shmitty

    Tempting Kickstarters

    I drug @andozanearound GenCon and kicked the tires on a bunch of different gaming tables. This was not the shiniest table we saw, but the price is great for the quality that you get. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1296268806/the-jasper-a-board-gaming-table/description
  4. shmitty

    shmitty’s GenCon mule service

    The KDM booth is crazy. But I grabbed an Echoes of Death for each of you @VonVilkee and @Prophecy
  5. shmitty

    shmitty’s GenCon mule service

    This thread for requests, as I can keep them all in the same place. Then PMs to handle payment, etc.
  6. shmitty

    shmitty’s GenCon mule service

    I try to hit most of the main booths. What ya need? Not familiar with them, but I’ll take a look.
  7. shmitty

    shmitty’s GenCon mule service

    w/ Fries? Nothing specific yet. I’m assuming there will be something fun though.
  8. Hey guys, I will be attending GenCon again this year and am generally happy to grab exclusives, promos, or early releases and haul them back. (I am not always happy to stand in the more ridiculous lines) Let me know what you want and I try to can pick it up. I have a press badge that gets me in early so I can usually get items before they run out, but I make no guarantees. Once I grab the item I’ll send you a photo of the item and receipt and ask that you PayPal me the cost. Indianapolis does have a sales tax that most vendors charge at the con. I also ask that you throw in a little extra. I usually have to check an extra bag on the way home and it’s nice to have some help offsetting that cost. Make your requests below, if you can include a link to a photo that helps me get the right item. I already plan to hit the FFG, Infinity, and Kingdom Death booths.
  9. shmitty

    GenCon Shoppers?

    What ya need?
  10. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    A few sequences reminded me of a certain SW:RPG campaign that you GM'ed.
  11. shmitty

    MCU musing - possible spoilers inside

    I believe the writers implied that Valkyrie led the other half out in escape pods or something.
  12. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Solo - Really fun. Not amazing or groundbreaking, but as fun as any unnecessary prequel could be. By the end you buy in to the new guy being Han and Donald Glover absolutely nails Lando.
  13. shmitty

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    A campaign going after the Green Knight armor does sound like fun, but I don't have all the requisite expansions. We are finishing up our current vanilla campaign then we will probably get one going focusing on all of the new expansion quarries that we do have.
  14. shmitty

    X-Wing 2.0 Announced

    I can probably get by with one upgrade kit. I will definitely be grabbing the new core and upgrade kits at GenCon though.