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  1. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    A few sequences reminded me of a certain SW:RPG campaign that you GM'ed.
  2. shmitty

    MCU musing - possible spoilers inside

    I believe the writers implied that Valkyrie led the other half out in escape pods or something.
  3. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Solo - Really fun. Not amazing or groundbreaking, but as fun as any unnecessary prequel could be. By the end you buy in to the new guy being Han and Donald Glover absolutely nails Lando.
  4. shmitty

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    A campaign going after the Green Knight armor does sound like fun, but I don't have all the requisite expansions. We are finishing up our current vanilla campaign then we will probably get one going focusing on all of the new expansion quarries that we do have.
  5. shmitty

    X-Wing 2.0 Announced

    I can probably get by with one upgrade kit. I will definitely be grabbing the new core and upgrade kits at GenCon though.
  6. shmitty

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    And Thanos throwing a moon at Iron Man might be one of the most comic-booky fight things ever.
  7. shmitty

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    One of the biggest questions is how will the ending impact Ant Man and the Wasp? Does it take place before or after the "finger snap"?
  8. shmitty

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    Did we ever see the Soul Stone used? I know we saw the Power, Space, Reality, and Time stones all get used, but don't recall seeing the Soul Stone used.
  9. shmitty

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    Oh yeah, it was well worth having watched all the previous films before seeing it
  10. shmitty

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    It was really good. The body count was surprising for both the volume AND who actually survived. I was pretty surprised that Cap survived this one, but I suppose he and Iron Man need to make up before they both die. It was extremely well paced. Longest Marvel movie, but didn't really feel like it dragged anywhere. Best pairing? Rocket/Thor?
  11. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Avengers: Infinity War - (6/6 Infinity Stones) It’s good. It’s really good actually. Good pacing. Good humor. Good action. Good story. Thanos is excellent. Don’t want to say much else for fear of spoilers. Wife says - Go see it if you’re at all a Marvel fan. Glad we watched the others again before this one. Made for a really nice build up and pay off. I’ll post a longer thought on the MCU later.
  12. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Thor: Ragnarok - (5/5 Damn Cate Blanchett is Hot) I really don’t even know how to describe this movie. It is visually excellent and completely bat-shit insane. So much a better direction than Thor 2. My reaction when they had the director of What We Do In The Shadows take on the Thor was a bit incredulous. But he obviously had a vision and made it work. Hela made for an awesome villain and overall Thor showed quite a bit of growth. Good times. Wife says - Funny, entertaining and well Jeff Goldblum is the best. Sadly we we don’t have time to get back to the theater and see Black Panther before we see Infinity War tomorrow. So our plan to re watch them all will end up one short.
  13. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Spider-Man: Homecoming - (5/5 Man in the Chairs) I was a fan of the Raimi/Mcguire Spider-Man movies, but skipped the Andrew Garfield ones completely. Tom Holland has pretty much got the character nailed though and it is great that Sony worked things out to have him in the MCU movies. I wasn't sure about the Inclusion of Stark in this movie at first, but I felt like it was done well. The show has a good mix of humor and the challenges of being a teen super hero. Keaton is amazing as the Vulture and that character is made into a much better villain than might be expected. Really looking forward to seeing Spidey in Infinity War. Wife says - What's not to like about the bumbling, no-kill, teenage hero?
  14. shmitty

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 - (4.5 Living Planets) This one does a good job on the dysfunctional family trope. It’s a good idea for a sequel to focus on the relationships between the characters you care about rather than just increasing the spectacle. I liked Ego as the villain except that it kinda kept the film from exploring more of the cosmic universe. I am excited for more of surly teenage Groot. Wife says - It seemed a little long. The over the top violence set to music is all kinds of fun.