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  1. smashthedean

    Warhamsters 7/17 We still make threads, don't we?

    I'll be down with Armada stuff.
  2. smashthedean

    Warhamsters 7/10 Game Night

    I'm going to be coming down with the usual Armada in tow if anyone wants a game.
  3. smashthedean

    Anyone north of Seattle?

    If you're interested in playing in Bellingham, we typically meet up on Tuesday nights. If you can make it up for one of those, I'd keep an eye out for the weekly thread to pop up in the Game Night subforum. I'd potentially be up for a game this coming Tuesday or the week after.
  4. smashthedean

    Hamster Game Night @ DTG 6/26

    I'm going to be down giving X-Wing Jim Armada Jim a demo of his new favorite game. I will also have some checks for OG Jim and Brad for the Kublacon Reckoning.
  5. smashthedean

    Hey Hamsters, I love the things you do...6/19

    If you bring Armada stuff, I'm down. I'll probably be showing up around 6:30 or 7:00 if someone is game for pushing some spaceships around.
  6. smashthedean

    Warhamsters 6/12

    Are all of the Armada folks going to that show?
  7. smashthedean

    Warhamsters 6/12

    I'll be down with Armada stuff as per the usual these days
  8. smashthedean

    Warhamsters 6/5

    I'll be down with Armada and if that doesn't pan out I could be talked into helping with some playtesting.
  9. smashthedean

    Warhamsters Game Night 5/22

    I'll be down playing Armada with Kevin.
  10. smashthedean

    Warhamsters 5/15 Tuesday Gaming

    I'm going to have Armada stuff ready for a game if any of you Armada folks will be down.
  11. smashthedean

    Warhamsters 5/8 Tuesday Gamin'

    @Wiccus are you still down for Armada?
  12. smashthedean

    X-Wing 2.0 Announced

    I'm imagining I can start with one kit and build lists within that just fine until I get the itch to run 8 TIEs or whatever.
  13. This might just be the thing to get me back into the game... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/1/x-wing-second-edition/
  14. smashthedean

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread, NOW FEATURING: Goliath and Wasp

    I'm holding my breath for this to lead to a reboot with the X-Men and Fantastic Four merged into the greater MCU for a massive Secret Wars movie in the 2020s.
  15. smashthedean

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread, NOW FEATURING: Goliath and Wasp

    I thought it was pretty great overall, but wasn't feeling that all the way through. There were definitely some points where it felt a little disjointed and I felt like they humanized Thanos more than I would like for the character. I do appreciate that they made him less one-dimensional, but I think it took a bit away from the Mad Titan to have him get a little touchy feely at parts. That said, seeing him win in the end was the perfect character moment for one of my favorite villains so I can't complain too much. I'd say it's fairly obvious that losing like this was Doctor Strange's plan as the only 1/14 million plan that could succeed, but it'll be interesting to see that all play out next year or whenever we finally get a followup to all of this. Also I was totally holding my breath for there to just be no after the credits scene at all as the ultimate f- you to the audience after murdering everyone, but it was nice too see Fury so it's cool.