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  1. Bellingham Warhamsters Dirty Game Night 12/12

    I'll Space Poker.
  2. 9th Age 2.0 BETA Release Dates

    The tokens play really well and while I don't physically like the cards as a component, the system works fine if you use a d8 and just track what you rolled each round to avoid dupes.
  3. 9th Age 2.0 BETA Release Dates

    From the internal playtesting I've been doing, I really enjoy the new edition; the new magic phase is awesome!
  4. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, the official release dates for the 2nd Edition BETA have been announced! They are: Sunday, December 17: Main Rulebook Monday, December 18: Paths of Magic Tuesday, December 19: Beast Herds, Daemon Legions, Dread Elves Wednesday, December 20: Dwarven Holds, Empire of Sonnstahl, Highborn Elves Thursday, December 21: Infernal Dwarves, Kingdom of Equitaine, Ogre Kingdoms Friday, December 22: Orcs & Goblins, Saurian Ancients, Sylvan Elves Saturday, December 23: Vermin Swarm, Undying Dynasties, Vampire Covenant Sunday, December 24: Warriors of the Dark Gods - Full Army Book This is a public beta for the new edition and will be a work in progress though 2018 with minor fixes coming out every few months as people settle into the new system. Big thanks to those of you that have gotten a chance to playtest the new rules with me and I'm hoping that we can get some more games in soon! Let me know if you have any questions about the new stuff and I'll answer what I'm allowed to!
  5. Bham Warhamsters Game Night 12/5

    Are you thinking an Arc of Visibility like this? They exist around on the internet in various places, but they're harder to find these days than they used to be. http://www.gf9.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=2544
  6. Bham Warhamsters Game Night 12/5

    I'm playing some Armada with @greenwood. Anyone else playing any games?
  7. Tuesday night is the night for games! Anyone looking for 9th Age, Armada, or something else that you can talk me into - Let's game it up!
  8. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    Yep, I'm going to PM you.
  9. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    @Scipiano 9th Age?
  10. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    I'm up for more 9th Age, either 1.3 or a 2.0 playtest game if anyone wants to try out the new rules and help the project.
  11. I thought this was a 9th Age tournament at first and was excited. These lazy 9th Age tournament organizers need to get their acts together!
  12. Nov 14 Warhamster Jam @ DTG

    Can this be the new official name of the game?
  13. Nov 14 Warhamster Jam @ DTG

    I'm playing Nick again this week for some more 9th Age, this time of the 2.0 playtesting variety. Anyone else planning to make it down or is everyone wiped out from the weekend?
  14. I believe I have a 9th Age game scheduled against the Lizardmen guy whose name I don't know. Lizardmen guy, do you read this forum? If so, we should get in touch and discuss if you'd like to make this a 2.0 playtest game or just play 1.3.
  15. Spooky Wargames 10/28

    Drive to Bellingham and play my Vampires!