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  1. I think I'm playing Armada with Brad? Is that true? If Brad's too cool (or just wants some variety instead of playing me two weeks in a row) , I'm up for something else too.
  2. "Minihammer" - 10mm 9th Age?

    I think I've found my Suarian Ancients minihammer army! Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs (72 count) - $7.72
  3. 8/15 Warhamster Game Night

    I believe that I have an Infinity game scheduled with Brad, possibly playing a Nathan scenario, but I'd also be down for a less crazy game since I'm still getting my Infinity-feet.
  4. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    I'm planning to Infinity against Brad. I don't know what I'm doing at all, but I'd try out a mission.
  5. It seems incredible to me. Gives the army more grudges, gives Swiftstride within 6", and makes the King nearly unkillable with 6 wounds. I'd never leave my mountain hold without one.
  6. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Starting up a thread early because that seems like a cool thing to do. I'd be up for a game of 9th, Armada, Rebellion, or 100% proxied Infinity if someone doesn't mind me not knowing what I'm doing.
  7. I've thought about trying a Dwarf army someday. If I were to build one, I think it might look like this: [820] King: runic weapon (might x 2, destruction), runic armor (steel), runic talisman (aether loathestone), shield, war throne [446] Thane: bsb, runic weapon (might, fury) runic armor (steel, crushing), shield, shield bearers [626] Greybeards x 24: shields, full command, war banner [270] Clan Marksmen x 10: guild-crafted handguns, musician [230] Clan Marksmen x 10: crossbows, musician [720] King's Guard x 25: full command [610] Seekers x 25: full command [120] Vengeance Seeker [120] Vengeance Seeker [200] Steam Bomber [335] Organ Gun: rune crafted, flaming shot TOTAL: 4497
  8. Army Builder Options?

    Battlescribe on my phone works for me. I've heard people complain about the interface, but I haven't had any issues with it.
  9. Awesome OFCC Was Awesome!

    Sounds like an invitation!
  10. Awesome OFCC Was Awesome!

    I'd also love to see the OFCC return to being a team event, but we'd need at least 6 teams to pull it off and face different teams each round. That said, I could see us starting it out with 2-person teams maybe? That could be fun.
  11. Awesome OFCC Was Awesome!

  12. Awesome OFCC Was Awesome!

    Best Painted: Scott's Orcs & Goblins Best Sportsman: Andrew and his Ogres (after a tie-breaking rock-paper-scissors match with Sherbert) Best General: Some jerk and some Draculas
  13. Warhamsters Assemble!! August 1st

    Okay what the hell. Teach me to play Infinity Joey.
  14. Warhamsters Assemble!! August 1st

    I'm planning to make it down. I'd play some 9th Age or some Armada or a board game perhaps? It's been a while since I've gotten a game of Star Wars Rebellion in if anyone is down for that.
  15. Agreed! Big thanks to the organizers and also a special shout out to @TheBeninator for running the Ninth Age event along with all of my opponents for the great games!