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  1. I got a game in against Josh from Seattle area recently and the new ruleset seems pretty solid. Not much changed from the last time I played, but with the assurance that it isn't going to change again in a month. I'd be up for a game sometime.
  2. Speaking of last minute drops... Our childcare for the weekend fell through so I won't be able to make it down. Hope all goes well and lots of good games are had by all!
  3. Would one of you guys be up for a game on Tuesday?
  4. 9th Age has finally released their official gold 2.0 rules that they promise not to change constantly so it's time we can start playing again! There doesn't seem to really be anything changed dramatically from the last set of rules, but take a peek at their website and hopefully we can get some armies on the table soon. Anyone up for a game this coming Tuesday?
  5. I have no idea what my schedule will look like that far out, but go ahead and save me a spot. We haven't played 9th in Bellingham for a while, but mainly just because everyone is tired of rules changes so once the gold rules hit, I'm hoping we'll start up again.
  6. I'll be down around 5:30 or so and will have my Undead and a Beastmen band for anyone needing catch-up games.
  7. I'm going to be down for my second game around 6:40 or so. I suggest Kevin and Nathan don't match up since Christian and I played last week and then one of you can play Christian and one can play me!
  8. An excerpt from "Count Draklea's Revenge" as recorded by Govelius the Necromancer Kaldezeit 16 After centuries in exile, the Count has returned to his homeland of Sylvania to reclaim his ancestral estate and feast upon the blood of the fools who have taken up residence within his domain. Shortly after dusk, our warband approached the crossing of the River Stir along the northern borderlands and were met with a coven of foul-smelling Skaven seeking to plunder the nearby settlement for treasure... --- I got my first game of the campaign in against Christian's Clan Pestilens Skaven and it ended in a solid victory in my favor. My MVP was definitely my Vampire, Count Draklea, for killing a Zombie and ending two Skaven while remaining unscathed. My Ogre Bodyguard, The Beast, did great as well, killing off two Zombies and taking out the Skaven leader. Post-game I got lots of levels across by warband, including a juicy Strength boost for one of my Ghouls. I also found a dead Priest of Mor that I was able to make into a free Zombie and a Lucky Charm in an abandoned building so very nice overall! I'm enjoying the Undead quite a bit so far. I was worried about everyone other than my Vampire being scrubs, but picking up the Ogre has helped give me another good threat on the board. Looking forward to hopefully getting in another game next week!
  9. I'll be down around 7 to hopefully get a game in this week.
  10. I'd also be down for some 9th Age. I could do most Tuesdays and potentially other days of the week if we plan ahead for it.
  11. Yup! I'm also using skeleton models in place of Dregs in case there is any confusion.
  12. After centuries in exile, Count Draklea has returned to Sylvania to reclaim his ancestral homeland and bring death and destruction to his enemies of old! Painting Credit: Joey
  13. I have decided that I'm going to run Undead instead of Beastmen Raiders... Beastmen are so good, but I feel like I have to break out my painted Undead models since we're in Sylvania and all.
  14. It would be awesome to see you; hope all is going well!
  15. I should actually make it down this week
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