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  1. Romans832

    Your first album

    DC Talk - Jesus Freak First CD I ever owned was Ace of Base "The Sign"
  2. Romans832

    RIP Stan Lee

  3. Romans832

    Armageddon Pattern Basilisk Build Log

    Keep it up, simply stunning!
  4. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    The Nutcracker & the Four Realms - 8/10 - Pretty good flick, we were both pleasantly surprised by it
  5. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080491/ Never heard of it, thanks for asking @InfestedKerrigan
  6. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I'd give it a 3... I'd use different words to summarize it, but rushed is perfect... " Result is a plot that doesn't make sense, characters with unclear motivation and no depth, & rushed acting" I spent the movie explaining to my wife who each one of them are and filling in all the holes they made and left
  7. Romans832

    H: Construction Skillz W: $, trade

    Rheem R96V & RA14 vs Bryant 986 or 926 & 124 Horizontal AC --- 986 vs 926, thoughts? Found out I was confused: 926 is two stage variable... the paperwork I read omitted that so I didn't pursue... 986 & 987 are communication so they work with AC so you can get full AC22
  8. Romans832

    H: Construction Skillz W: $, trade

    Thank you! First quote has us at $12K for a 95% efficient 2 stage furnace & AC unit Or like $6Kish for just a new 95% efficient 2 stage furnace... It literally was a $200~300 difference for solo vs both at once 😕
  9. Romans832

    D+D Maps

    Wow! Any D&D wish they had this kind of a map!
  10. Romans832

    Random Thought Thread

    ROFL Wtf Awesome man
  11. Romans832

    Random Thought Thread

  12. Romans832

    Random Thought Thread

    Your paranoia and his lack of keeping politics and religion out of games depresses me. God votes for no politician. Humans screw the world with politics
  13. Romans832

    Saboteur who wrecked Nazi nuke program dies aged 99

    Hell yeah
  14. Romans832

    Kill Team Commander Review

    I know NOTHING... That Death Jester's rules look sick... Yes or no??