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  1. Eldar info

    ROFL My bad.
  2. Eldar info

    Welcome to Mind War, it's been around forever, but we'll tell you it's new
  3. Nurgle for The Dalles kids

    Excellent job Jay!
  4. Eldar info

    AWESOME! How cool my Bonesingers will finally be something instead of a Warlock or Farseer! Kind of sad to see them bringing back my pewter models as plastic
  5. Adeptus Custodes Assembly Problem

    You got this Westy!
  6. Here come the 'Nids to 8th!

    YAY! Eldar & Nids at the same time... this'll be interesting
  7. 6 week "tourney"

    Ah, so a mix of signals and trying to find clarity. Great questions
  8. 6 week "tourney"

    @InfestedKerrigan, are you saying you have issues with this 6 week league because lists can change? Because two people (troublemakers?) will exploit what everyone can do: switch up their lists? I'm not sure I exactly understand why you're angry over this.
  9. 40k 8th Edition Escalation League Wrap Up, Awards, and Props

    Congratulations all!
  10. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Groovy dude!
  11. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Never did I think they'd get this far or keep you that interested in it. Been 20 years since I watched....
  12. Why my models aren't painted.

    DAM dude! Well done!
  13. Looking for action figures and more

    Those transformers are AMAZING
  14. It's Pete Harper's Birthday

    Happy birthday Pete! May your cup never empty and your dice never betray you!