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  1. Captain Marvel - 8.5/10 - Great movie, loved all the Themes, how wicked cool.
  2. Great artist doing his second Kickstarter. Sure hope it goes well.
  3. You're in good company bro. Welcome out of retirement. That's two of us noobs coming back from retirement
  4. My understanding is that a lot of the first Bonds were all named in jest to things actors said or did during filming of current film or previous film. "Never Say Never Again" was in jest at Sean Connery for saying he'd never do another Bond movie and proceeded to do the next one...
  5. Yeah... but I'd be afraid of you being too apathetic to the cause... 😉
  6. Time to purchase the boxset so I can introduce the wife...
  7. Alita - 8/10 - I think I had unfair expectations. I just hope they keep going and make this an amazing franchise. That ending was far too abrupt
  8. Wild West board game
  9. Utilikilts, answers all your needs while still looking fashionable. 😉
  10. SpaceBalls - 9/10 balls - Introduced the wife to it tonight. It was so much fun catching new quirks I had never noticed.
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