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  1. Romans832

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    Great point... this was humans that knew their $h!t and could call me out... but my bluff was stronger 😉 So can a password bot be programmed for it? yes... do they? hell if I know...
  2. Romans832

    Low Carb diet!?!?

    Best wishes Pax... As someone who's lost 160#s I'm not sure I exactly follow... but based off your replies to us all trying to cheer and encourage you... would seem you're not as interested in it as the Original Thread implied. OK, I was wrong, your OT was halfhearted in the first place. I hope you find what you're looking for... We Americans suck at anything "good for you" unless we choose to completely change how we think. I still struggle with that
  3. Romans832

    Beware of Cougars

    Fuskies!!! Mountain Lions or Cougars or (insert one of their many names) are easily scared by eye contact or making yourself HUGE... Grab sticks and branches and get real loud. If you're in their territory, wear a mask on the back of your head, they hate being seen, but aren't smart enough to realize that mask isn't a real face... Majestic creatures when observed at a distance. (Stupendous when up close and personal)
  4. Romans832

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    Except if you know your SSN details, it's very obvious when they're fake. @PumpkinHead & I, while at Pullman, had the opportunity to sign up for a credit card for a free Pita (@ Pita Pit). I had no problems coming up with 9 digits, but the people doing the sign up challenged me, the numbers I gave them followed NO pattern that they're supposed to follow... Sadly Pumpkin struggled to keep his 9 numbers straight... (Funnily, they couldn't stop me because I didn't trip up when they challenged my false info)
  5. Romans832

    Harlequin Formations

    That's what I love about Eldar & the Harlequins... such a beautiful orchestra that one mistake sends them in shambles... And learning how to play without pieces, expected or unexpected, and keeping that orchestra playing, is amazeballs
  6. Romans832

    Harlequin Formations

    Cards & Codex pre-ordered
  7. Romans832

    Koyote's Pagan Rus

    Woot woot!
  8. Romans832

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    Wow, Weav's SSN gets around...
  9. Romans832

    Harlequin Formations

  10. Romans832


    ROFL Awesome
  11. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    DeadPool double header - go see it
  12. Romans832

    Harlequin Formations

  13. Romans832

    New Eldar Terrain, Harlequins and Deathwatch