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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Super excited for John Wick 3 - https://www.imdb.com/list/ls053181649/videoplayer/vi3978017305?ref_=vp_pl_0
  2. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Kin - 6/10 - Really disappointed with it... had low/medium hopes and it sure didn't meet them.
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    Random Thought Thread

  4. Romans832

    D+D Maps

    Nice layout!
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    Large Table Top Painted Ork Army

    @fluger, because, orks
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    How very cool
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    Comic books

    Found my Gen13 collection!! Now to figure out what you listed vs what I have...
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    Comic books

    My pleasure.
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    Comic books

    Hi Don... please let your super buyer have dibs... else I'll need to catch up with you after the weekend
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    Better Triple that bourbon shot o.O
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    That was painful, pass the bourbon!
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    Conversion assessment help?

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    Thank you kindly for the thought. I, as I would hope understand, was trying to say I try to honor my host wherever I'm at and drink it their way. Wife & I had the pleasure of helping Chambers Bay Distillery fill on Sat & Sun back in Dec. Second day was the special bourbon, I asked him if he had an opinion on how it's drank and if I may bring Coke Zero. He had no problem with it. (The day before filling Ghost Dog we were drinking everything straight) I brought my Zero and it was funny how many people were like, DUDE genius! ROFL What can I say? I was taught to mix 😄 Sure hope you're having a great time out East. We have a ton of amazing ciders, if you ever come to the Tacoma area and need a place to crash, you have a bed available... Plus, once you get your legs under you I'll introduce you to Cockrell Cider, Schilling Cider Tap Room, Schilling Cider Cider House, Fierce County, Locust, Elemental Cider, oh Lord, a million ciders in Woodinville, 3 cideries over on the peninsula, 2 or 3 ciders out on Vashon island... If you wanna do cider, I know a thing or two 😉
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    Yeah boy! Clemson!

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    Fruit for the fruit cake. I am a big mixer. Back in college I was Long Island Ice Tea (top shelf) & AMF (top shelf). Rum & Coke Brandy & 7 Now these days as I learn more I mix and match. Neat, straight, tend to avoid the ice, Still love Rum & Diet Coke Find Bourbon & Diet Pepsi go well. If you invite me over and serve it your favorite way, I won't insult you, I drink it your way.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Holy Crap @Ish, well said man!
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    https://www.hitimewine.net/woodford-reserve-double-oaked-750-101167 https://www.hitimewine.net/catalogsearch/result/?q=michters Which of the Michters?
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Skyscraper - 8/10 - I knew this was a turn your brain off thriller But my tech brain just can't stand the security issues with the movie. A billionaire isn't going to invest that much and have security so weak that they ONLY use facial recognition. Too many people argue the security of Face Rec (hell my coworker's daughter outsmarts iPhone X's Facial Rec). No one would only go off just that. 2 step authentication at a minimum. The security on the tablet would auto lock after seconds or a minute of no use of the tablet. OR the fact she closed up the tablet, locked right then and there. Great turn off your brain and enjoy. I was pleased with it.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Wow... uh... you take your moves WAY too seriously... for the most part (incoming rant) I'm a simple movie watcher.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Hm... I've liked the Resident Evils... but then again I don't play the games so I don't know how they're ruining the game
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    Worldsmith Industries 50% off Closing Sale

    Wow Jim, hate to see it end, but I sure hope this dream has been everything you hoped it to be!! Blessings in what you have planned for your future!
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    The Greatest Showman - 9/10 - Wow, that really did live up to all the hype! Very impressed. Even more impressed was listening to the bonus content where we learned this took 7 years before the green light was given. That's what I call sticking with a dream! Anyone know the story w/Jenny Lind? Did PT get infatuated in her and she used him? Or some false promise from him? Seems bizarre to think, having met his wife and daughters, she'd turn around try to get him to sleep with her. Maybe I'm dense, but I never saw him making any moves on her... yet she's the one who pursues something even when he says hell no... Did I miss something? HellBoy 2019 - WTF, that preview looks terrible. Go back to the old cast! PLEASE At least Milla Jovovich is in it.
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