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  1. Romans832

    D+D Maps

    There are stairs and it says on the bottom "Open to above" I'm left to assume that's how?
  2. Romans832

    Warhammer 40k Airfield

    I have a 2'x2' board & foam needing a new home that'd be a great starter for your display board 😄
  3. Romans832

    Random Video and Gif Thread

    You're very welcome, don't know why it decided to embed it into your post, but what do I know? I wasn't going to watch it, but was simply blown away by so many of the facts they shared. Simply amazing
  4. Romans832

    H: Massive Hive Fleet Behemoth Army W:$2,000

    LOL That's awesome bro
  5. Romans832

    So this is a thing....

    ROFL Holy crap, glad I came back to see all the drama... This just got WAY better... Silly Robos
  6. Romans832

    Tempting Kickstarters

    Ogrezine 2 - The Ogre Magazine, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sjgames/ogrezine-2-the-ogre-magazine
  7. Romans832

    H: Massive Hive Fleet Behemoth Army W:$2,000

    Holy @#$%^%^&^&%**IFGHDFG#$%#@$^%$^&^&%*^* I think you need more bugs...
  8. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Mission Impossible: FallOut - 8.5/10 - Enjoyed the plot twists and the action
  9. Romans832

    So this is a thing....

  10. Romans832

    DeffWotch list for next year's ofcc

    Oh snap a match made on Ordo 😉
  11. Romans832

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Dauntless - Interesting version of Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Worlds - Very interesting game. purchased it to play with the brother-in-laws... ha! not yet 😞 (Which sadly is the normal case) Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine - was gifted it by SeeSharpist... he was Twitch streaming it, we started geeking out on Eldar lore, and he offered me a free key! WOOT
  12. Romans832

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    RIP Ironic quote... both ended up doing amazingly
  13. Romans832

    Random Thought Thread

    Spot on Mark...
  14. Romans832

    Random Thought Thread

    I do not think that means what you think it means...
  15. @Torg thanks you!!! I was SO tempted! But with moving into our house... not a good time
  16. Romans832

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    Sounds like a perfect ending to a big oops
  17. Romans832

    PAX West

    It's this weekend!!! Anyone else going? I'm leaving at 3pm on Friday... anyone interested in taking the afternoon shift?
  18. Romans832

    Just Dusldorf things

  19. Romans832

    Random Thought Thread

    It's so Bizarre to talk about "being old" The first time it hit me was when I asked a friend to help me at the Clark County Fair's BSA Booth and his buddy asked me how long I had been in Scouting: *does math* "longer than you've been alive"... Or the time someone asked me how long I've had my Eagle Rank for.. "Uh... longer than you've been alive" 😞 Those have been mind benders for me
  20. Romans832

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    Dam son, that's nutz!
  21. How big of an army can I fit into it?