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  1. Romans832

    KEEP AN EYE OUT. Stolen Ork Army in Seattle

    Sorry to hear 😞
  2. Romans832

    Kill! Maim! Beer! OFCC Team Thread

  3. Romans832

    Team FURY: ofcc team thread

    Hey me too! JUST got my book today... don't have a lot of Quins, but hoping maybe I can take a small band of them
  4. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Hostiles - 8/10 - What a movie. Really enjoyed it, was surprised by the ending. Nice to see a good western is still possible
  5. Romans832

    Team FURY: ofcc team thread

    @Arizenkin, what Xenos do you play?
  6. Romans832

    Kill! Maim! Beer! OFCC Team Thread

    Bravo good sir
  7. Romans832

    Kill! Maim! Beer! OFCC Team Thread

    A Beer Off, of course! I could have sworn this conversation was had already...
  8. Any of you fans of the Seattle Sounders FC? We have season tickets and cannot make June 9th's game @ 7pm. We're looking for someone who'd like our pair 335 C7&8. Face value is $95. Make me an offer I cannot refuse so you can attend and I can recoup some of my cost.
  9. Romans832

    Repressor Trio

    Awesome thank you, that explains much... I thought that's what they were going for and appreciate your clarification, thank you.
  10. Romans832

    Repressor Trio

    WTF is that crap? Almost had a moment of decency...
  11. Romans832

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Loving that Shadowseer!
  12. Romans832

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    Mind bending ending. I love how walking out of the theater you have a million theories going. (Really starting to hate crowded theaters and might start living in assigned seating, no little kids or super talky people)
  13. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Infinity War - Wow... 9/10... I'll stay quiet and go read the Spoiler page now
  14. Romans832

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Nice start!
  15. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Solo - good movie... Not sure what I give it
  16. Romans832

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Starts in 60 minutes...
  17. Romans832

    Warhamsters these are NOT dollies: spoiler thread

    Where's the challenge? Who's going to drink who under the table?
  18. Romans832

    Low Carb diet!?!?

    Spot on Ben
  19. Romans832

    Low Carb diet!?!?

    Bread pizza etc, frenemies for life
  20. Romans832

    Harlequin Formations

  21. Romans832

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    Great point... this was humans that knew their $h!t and could call me out... but my bluff was stronger 😉 So can a password bot be programmed for it? yes... do they? hell if I know...
  22. Romans832

    work in progress for OFCC. Thousand Slann

    Way cool!
  23. Romans832

    Low Carb diet!?!?

    Best wishes Pax... As someone who's lost 160#s I'm not sure I exactly follow... but based off your replies to us all trying to cheer and encourage you... would seem you're not as interested in it as the Original Thread implied. OK, I was wrong, your OT was halfhearted in the first place. I hope you find what you're looking for... We Americans suck at anything "good for you" unless we choose to completely change how we think. I still struggle with that
  24. Romans832

    Beware of Cougars

    Fuskies!!! Mountain Lions or Cougars or (insert one of their many names) are easily scared by eye contact or making yourself HUGE... Grab sticks and branches and get real loud. If you're in their territory, wear a mask on the back of your head, they hate being seen, but aren't smart enough to realize that mask isn't a real face... Majestic creatures when observed at a distance. (Stupendous when up close and personal)