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  1. OgresWanted.jpg

    From the album Wanted

  2. Wanted

  3. Long Shot Request: Plastic Squats

    Hehehe, that is lemon scented pine sol soaking old metal deathguard and old metal squats :) Or...it is a jar of urine...your choice.
  4. Long Shot Request: Plastic Squats

    Krommlech has a line called Dvergr that are pretty cool looking. Otherwise, good luck in your quest....finding unpainted is very difficult. I have been trying, but more so it is easier to find some that are basecoated. Be careful, this is a slippery slope....
  5. Squats

    From the album Squats

  6. spleenripper.JPG

    From the album MISC

  7. MISC

  8. epicorks.JPG

    From the album MISC

  9. Can you link any pictures to specifically which model this is?
  10. Gencon this week!

    Take me with you? :) Be careful posting this up ...you will become a Mule :) Check out Starfinder for me! and FFG's Genesys? And have fun! I'm very jealous!
  11. dwarfxbomen2.JPG

    From the album Dwarfs

  12. Dwarfs

  13. Looking for Marauder Dwarves!

    Finally dug out my storage box...any of these?