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  1. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

    If you haven't read The Book of the New Sun, I definitely recommend it... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Book_of_the_New_Sun
  2. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

    For @Rogre
  3. andozane

    OOP Swap Meet - 12/8/2018 - Seattle, WA

    You have been to this a few times now? How is it? Worth the trek up there?
  4. andozane

    WTB Rogue Trader Imperial Assassin

    Awesome JO...how much you want for one? I will take it, I don't mind stripping them...I got a jar of Pine Sol waiting to bathe it 🙂
  5. Great sets....you have a price in mind?
  6. Nostalgia is dangerous... I would like to get my hands on this mini...anyone have one sitting around they would let go?
  7. andozane

    Your first album

    I cannot recall what cassette I purchased first, or what 45....as I can't recall ever buying a full record back when I was young. But I do recall what CD i first purchased...AC/DC Back in Black
  8. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

  9. andozane

    X-wing 2.0

    I've gotten one game in of the new version, and really enjoyed it. I do miss this game...it got too many releases and the constant flow of new ships with new rules was too much. I think that burned a lot of people out. Coming back with a fresh look, and remembering how cool all these models are, definitely makes me want to play more 🙂 I have bought one of each of the conversion kits...definitely short a few things, and have too many of a few more. Also makes me realize I need to find a whole new way to organize everything.
  10. andozane

    Blackstone Fortress

    Who is the Robot? And maybe a Ratling Sniper and Squat in the crew?????????
  11. andozane

    Blackstone Fortress

    That mini is badass...
  12. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

  13. andozane

    I don't know what to think about this...

    Yikes...hadn't ever thought of that...but it would have been perfection.
  14. andozane


    Meh...I'm with Bro G...if you are going to use a name like Orktober for your marketing, every saturday of Orktober should have had some Ork release...oh well. I do find it very ironic that Codex won't even be in hand in the month of Orktober 🙂
  15. andozane

    Random Photo Thread