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  1. andozane


    and after playing you will crave starburst...
  2. andozane

    Tempting Kickstarters

    The nostalgia is strong with this one...
  3. andozane


    Sounds like you were coerced 🙂
  4. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

  5. andozane

    Tempting Kickstarters

  6. andozane

    On golden wings they come

    And we are not alone...FLASH!!! AHHHAHHHHHHH!!!!
  7. andozane

    On golden wings they come

    Just from the first picture, they looked so dark I initially thought these were new Black Legion Raptors.... Wow, was I wrong!
  8. andozane

    On golden wings they come

    All I see is DIVE!!!
  9. andozane

    Blackstone on eBay daily deal

    Yep, that is why you wait for one of those ebay 10 or 15 % off coupons, then jump on it! And, BTW, Blackstone is really awesome.
  10. andozane

    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Discworld's Death
  11. andozane

    Let’s dish! An Ordo cooking thread

    You started this mess, you should post up first 🙂
  12. andozane

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Spiderman - Into the Multiverse 8/10 WOOHOO! This was a fun movie. I'm thrilled we are seeing an animated feature movie. Still wish Sony would hand over all the rights of the webslinger to Disney, but oh well, at least this wasn't a total disaster.
  13. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

    If you haven't read The Book of the New Sun, I definitely recommend it... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Book_of_the_New_Sun
  14. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

    For @Rogre
  15. andozane

    OOP Swap Meet - 12/8/2018 - Seattle, WA

    You have been to this a few times now? How is it? Worth the trek up there?