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  1. Random Photo Thread

  2. I have an Insert problem

    I have yet to buy any of the organizers myself...though have been eyeing the one for Terraforming Mars (glad we got you hooked on that one)
  3. Tau Army For Sale

    Teaches me a lesson to take better pictures with less of my own stuff... :) That was an armold palmer in the glass, sorry, not beer. As for being a filthy Xenos lover...this is a little secret but my first army ever for 40K was Eldar...shhhh...don't tell anyone.
  4. Supposed new Primarus Super Heavy

    Too bad that is a FW piece and not a plastic kit...
  5. Bell of Lost Souls has dates, and it looks like the Tyranids are next to get a codex...
  6. Supposed new Primarus Super Heavy

    The Repulsor Grav tank has been kind of a divisive vehicle, it seems people either really like it or think it is dumb. This thing is the same way...I happen to fall into the category of thinking it is cool looking :)
  7. Tau Army For Sale

    I did not paint it...it was a commission I had done a few years back....
  8. Tau Army For Sale

    Here you go, everything you need, and plenty painted to a great table top standard! Paint scheme is standard Tau, so easy to replicate. Played the army a few times...but I have too many armies. All in all, about $1400 retail value down there below... $600 takes the lot. UNIT # NOTES Riptide 2 Broadsides 6 Piranha 3 Converted Stealth Suits 12 Old style, 6 suits to a squad, only pricing this as 3 man squads. Cadre Fireblade 1 NIB Devilfish 3 Sniper Drone Team 2 Extra Drones Hammerhead 2 Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship 1 Pathfinder Team 12 Older metal models, two 6 man squads Firewarriors 36 Older plastic kit, 3 12 man squads Darkstrider 1 NIB Tau Commander 1 Older finecat kit Crisis Suits 10 These are all older crisis suits, there are about 10, only pricing at one 3 man squad Longstrike 1 NIB
  9. IMG_8106.jpg

    From the album Tau For Sale

  10. IMG_8100.jpg

    From the album Tau For Sale

  11. IMG_8090.jpg

    From the album Tau For Sale

  12. IMG_8013.jpg

    From the album Tau For Sale

  13. IMG_8012.jpg

    From the album Tau For Sale

  14. IMG_8011.jpg

    From the album Tau For Sale