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  1. andozane

    You, yes YOU, need a Tau Army

    Tau Tidewall has sold...rest is still available 🙂
  2. andozane

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    Invite me 😋
  3. andozane

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    I mean...if you don't mind crunchy systems, Dark Heresy I thought was a great game. Don't go crazy with the side books, and stick to the idea of an Inquisitorial Henchmen squad. I had a lot of fun playing that one.
  4. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

    I see your 3rd Ed Gamma World, and raise you Erol Otus
  5. andozane

    From the personal collection of Robin Williams

    That is so awesome...
  6. andozane

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    I never played and or ran it, but I always thought GURPS Space would be a great rules set. Easy to pick up a few source books, mix and match some flavor books, and you could have some pretty awesome games I imagine. Plus I've always had a soft spot for Steve Jackson games 🙂
  7. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

    DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN INFINITY WAR (Or don't care about spoilers)
  8. andozane

    Random Photo Thread

  9. andozane

    You, yes YOU, need a Tau Army

    Painted Tau Army For Sale What you get: Riptides x2 Broadsides x6 Piranha x3 Stealth Suits x12 Devilfish x3 HammerHead x2 (one alternate ion cannon too) Sky Ray Missile Defence Ship x1 Patfhinders x12 Firewarriors x36 Bonus, a box of old skool Crisis Suits painted nicely, but in rough shape. Also a ton of bits to go with it. Asking $600 for the above. Also seen in the album, a brand new in box Tidewall Rampart. $100 Please PM me with questions. Thanks... Please see the pics in the album.
  10. andozane

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: 4th Edition

    I didn't dig much, cuz of laziness. What is the rule system like? I know I'm really liking what I'm hearing for the upcoming Wrath and Glory 40K RPG, but that is made my a different company. I have never read any cubicle 7 games.
  11. andozane

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    Well, if those are the one's you like...then you definitely like the crunch factor 🙂 We never actually played Space Master, though at one point I owned most of the books. Personally, my favorite is the Star Wars FFG RPG. I'm assuming by your list you are looking for more big Space Faring sci fi setting. As a lot of people will tell you, Gamma World is where its at 🙂 Hmm...if you don't mind a lil fantasy in your sci fi, the new Starfinder RPG from Paizo looks pretty cool.
  12. andozane

    W: Travellers RPG

    Well, from nostalgia point of view, i read my little black books many many times. How I wish I still had my old boxed set, but it was pretty torn up. I just saw a set go on auction sell for $150 for the original set. Mind you, that was just books 0 - 3. Honestly, are you looking for a Sci Fi RPG? Or is there a reason you are picking Traveller specifically? What type of game play are you looking for?
  13. andozane


    Isn't the only vehicle that can carry Primaris the special floating land raider tank?