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  1. Jayfinity

    So my Hsien led Harris is done adding two more models to my painted total. And I painted my anathematic to round out my ten.
  2. Jayfinity

    Yay! New toys. Early Christmas present came.
  3. My sexiness will indeed be present for you all to enjoy.
  4. Jayfinity

    So I had a foam tray with my Oyoroi, Asuka and her bike, and a Lu Duan remote in it. I went to look for it for tomorrow scenario but I can't find it anywhere. Last time I remember having it our was the clubhouse. So if any of you spot it I would be very grateful.
  5. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Oops. I didn't catch that in the list builder. Sorry.
  6. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    When you are ready to move forward send a proposal to @DisruptiveConduct.
  7. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    My kids have all been there. They think it's cool.
  8. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    I bet Ordo has a great space for this kind of event. And probably tables and terrain as well. ;)
  9. Sunday the 5th

    Wow. I get busy with family/holiday stuff and y'all get impatient. That's fine we can use RDs scenario.
  10. Jayfinity

    Any of my Couv friends able to pick me up a Pnuemarch this week and bring it down on Sunday?
  11. Escalation League: October 29th

    You never have anything worth hacking anyway. Freakin Luddites ;)
  12. Escalation League: October 29th

    This will they, won't they relationship drama is so entertaining.
  13. Jayfinity

    Battle report for my game with Aaron: I put models on the table and He killed them. The end. :)
  14. Escalation League: October 22nd

    I will not not be there.