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  1. Selling board games

    Cash, PayPal or trading for unbuilt Age of Sigmar Eclipse with custom acrylic trays -$60 Battlestar Galactica - $20 Dark Souls - brand new in box $70
  2. New to Infinity

    It was good to meet you. I hope you like the game and weren’t scared off by the rough crowd. ;)
  3. Sunday Funday Game Night 02/18/18

    I got covered Pete.
  4. I would like to play a game or two up to 1500 points with my Stormcast between 3-9 at WOW.
  5. Any of you guys going want to ninja shop for me? I need the Darkoath Warqueen.
  6. Looking for beastmen

    Messaged you.
  7. Looking for beastmen

    Only plastics, yes.
  8. Looking for beastmen

    I am looking for Gors and bestigors on sprue or in bits form.
  9. Game Night: Feb 11th. Unmasking

    I’m not going to be there. See you all next week.
  10. Infinity at the 2018 OFCC

    Jay, Darren and Seth are in.
  11. Game Night: Feb 4th! Tin-ball, Not Football!

    I over did it today so I’m out tomorrow.
  12. GG AoS Game Night

    I would like to play but if I had Tuesday off I would rather play at the club house than GG. I can’t get anyone other than Pax to come and play there with me at the club on Sunday. I can’t expect Pax to want to be my opponent every week.
  13. Eisenhorn Mini

    Ravenor preview: