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  1. Jay

    Looking for a ALEPH army

    I think it was Derk Kieft.
  2. Jay

    CB News

    That’s the first thing I thought. Haha. 😂
  3. Yes, Jay forgot to post this week. If you want to come down and play Infinity and such doors open at 3. See you there.
  4. Jay


    Ok, I’m gonna try and put together some Orkses for my Killa team. So consider Sunday officially open for league too.
  5. Jay

    Andrewgeddon's trading thread

    Are you going to be at the Guardian thing tomorrow?
  6. Jay

    More Sisters News

    Remember GW is English so you pronounce it Beeta. 🙂
  7. Jay

    CB News

  8. Jay

    Classified Cards

    If you are missing your dignity after this weekend.... I can’t help you. 😜
  9. Jay

    Return of the Beastmen?

    @WestRider - You should be ashamed of yourself for that Khorne pun. It’s so bad Games workshop would hires you immediately to write army books.
  10. Jay

    Return of the Beastmen?

    If they just give them chaos marks and I will be happy.
  11. Jay

    OFCC 2018 Friday FACE PUNCH ITS

    Face punch players please make sure you have your ITS code ready.
  12. Jay

    OFCC 2018 AoS Singles Tournament

    @Threejacks 3 color min and based is all that is required.
  13. Jay

    Warhammer Fest Europe - 40k stuff

    Mod mode on: This subject has run it's course. Move on or I lock the thread.
  14. I have a two sets of Orlocks minus one dude available.