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  1. Clearly something is broken...let me see what I can do.
  2. @VonVilkee @Craeat @WestRider @Edosaurus Rex @Tallbeard @Manethak @Xavier319 @peter.cosgrove @DisruptiveConduct @zcaust83 @Limey_ElJonson @Frowbakk I have updated the the 40K Captains group and you should all now have access to the 40K Captain's forum below. http://www.ordofanaticus.com/forum/49-40k-captains/ This forum is just available for you and can be used to arrange challenge matches, seek advice from veteran captains, discuss army list power level, or engage in some good old fashion trash talking. You are not required to use that forum for those type of discussions, but it is available to you as you need it. 🙂
  3. evil_bryan

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    Well @Frowbakk, with @Nathanvoodoo and @VonRuger you are nearly there. Also, I never saw if @sorienor got picked up by a team. If not, it sounds you could have your 4. 🙂
  4. evil_bryan

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    Team Ad-Hoc is approved! 🙂
  5. @Limey_ElJonson Yes! It will be great to have you. Is it still A Club Underdogs, or just Team Underdogs this year?
  6. evil_bryan

    40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    yes there are....we are still adding teams 🙂
  7. Getting you on a 40K OFCC team will be easy if you are looking to play. Please add a post to the following thread: I doubt it would take more than a week or two to get you lock into a new or existing team. Sounds like you would be a perfect fit for OFCC....you are sportsmanship focused AND and you are painting your army?!? I can't ask for more. 🙂
  8. Sweetness! Added to the list!
  9. Team name has been updated in the list 🙂
  10. evil_bryan

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    For the sake of simplicity, I would have to call that 2 sources. I fear that is not the only example of items not carrying through from the Index to the Codex and listing all of the exceptions makes the process even more complex.
  11. evil_bryan

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Man, this is making me miss 7th edition. 🙂 Okay, to clarify sources....I do mean one source to qualify for Old School. In my eyes, a source is any published codex or index for 8th edition. To date, there are 5 Indexes in 40K and 4 in Forgeworld. I think we also have 18 published codices with more to come. If a model is released with rules in White Dwarf, it can be used in a corresponding codex (or index) without issue provided it has similar keywords. Also, new Forgeworld models can be included with the corresponding Forgeworld Index (but not a normal codex) provided they also share similar keywords. Please note that these restrictions only apply to Old School and do not impact your ability to include this models under normal circumstances. One final note, you can run Forgeworld and still earn Old School but it would require your single source to be one of the Forgeworld Indexes. Please let me know if that clarifies the situation.
  12. evil_bryan

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Clearly Old School needed another 8th edition re-work to make more sense. I think this should streamline the process. Going Old School - Sources?!? You mean source! Your whole army fits within a single Detachment with no single model over 400 points or over 20 wounds
  13. evil_bryan

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Clarified the Spirit (adjusted dates) and Sportsmanship (adjusted language) awards: Spirit: Advanced Planning - List submitted for review before 7/28/2018 All In - Ticket purchased before 7/14/2018 Sportsmanship: Going Old School - Sources?!? You mean source! Your whole army fits within a single Detachment from one source with no flyers, super heavies, or gargantuan creatures No surprises - Start a dedicated post on the Ordo 40K Forums for your team, then add information about your players and their army lists