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  1. Stitches question

  2. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Okay, just so you know I am not dead :) Time for a quick post before game night. My building projects have been slowed by two events. On August 30th, my wife and I hit 25 years married and she insisted on celebrating...something about "this is a milestone" and "put down your toys or I'll kill you." So, we took a hobby free trip to the coast. :) The second event was the release of Destiny 2...which has been very effective at voraciously feeding on my free time this last week. So, what did I build? Terrain! 8th edition just screams for more line of sight blocking terrain, so when I saw someone build something like this I knew I had to do it myself. :)
  3. Rankings - 40k 8th Edition Summer Escalation League

    I am guessing the table may not be correct as I know Khan was having issues with it yesterday. In looking at my build points (the only place I really earn points), my total is off. :) Week 1: 2 points total Stalker - 2 points Week 2: 17 points total Razorback - 2 points Sniper Scouts - 5 points Shotgun Scouts - 5 points Tactical Squad - 5 points Lieutenent - 0 points Week 3: 15 points total Captain - 0 points Centurions - 5 points Land Raider - 2 points 4 Dreads - 8 points Week 4: 22 points total Scout Squad - 5 points Scout Squad - 5 points Terminators - 5 points Ven Dread - 2 points Shrike - 0 points Assault Marines - 5 points Also, my fine bag of pretzels was missed :)
  4. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    It seems silly to build a Shrike model without giving his some buddies with jump packs I was forced to violate my "only build from my stash" rule to add this unit. It seemed I did not have any regular assault marines squirreled away in a box somewhere. :)
  5. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    This next model was another hard salvage I was "dread"ing. :) It was in rough shape and broken. Thoroughly addressing mold lines and sprue contact point becomes infinitely harder after a model was assembled by a drunk toddler.
  6. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    here is a better picture of the skulls on the bases with rocks and sand
  7. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    My initial thought was to run these Marines as a Raven Guard successor chapter, but then I started looking at Shrike in the SM codex. He looks pretty cool, so I decided to fully embrace my inner Corax. To do that, I need a Shrike :) The Vanguard Vet kit provided enough bits to build one!
  8. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    I know they look barren now, but once I add rock / sand / grass they should look like the accent I am hoping for.
  9. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Basing has begun on what has been built....with skulls!
  10. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Hey, I found a sprue of Terminators....more stuff to build
  11. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Someday they will get painted :)
  12. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Time for two more 5 man Scout squads, one with heavy bolter and one with missile launcher :)
  13. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    In my never ending quest to build more models, I bring you the four horsemen of the dreadpocalypse!
  14. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Here is a closer look at the Land Raider