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  1. Update time! I now have the components to build two more copies of tile #1, and have moved on to designing a new tile layout. First, I needed to upscale one of the other storage tanks from the set. The larger tank has been scaled to 164% of the original Why 164%? I wanted it scale it to the other tank and used the integrated ladder for reference Speaking of scaling, I don't this little tank provides enough cover: This is much better! Picture for scale:
  2. Printing everything for that tile took ~5 days, and was 85% of a $20 roll of filament. The printer I am using cost ~$800, and it has been very consistent for me.
  3. evil_bryan


    I knew about this game, but got my first play in at Rose City Comic Con. Based on that play, I bought a copy while I was there and brought it to the club. 🙂
  4. Small update...I am in the process of building copies of Tile #1. The tanks, walkways and stairs are done for 2 more tiles and I am now working on the flooring. I'm a fan of this layout since it provides both line of sight blocking and a bit of height for troops placement. Here is an example starring my super long-term GSC project. 🙂
  5. I feel so out of touch, I did not know Brian the Sewer Grate was even a thing.
  6. I bought the Prusa i3 Mk3
  7. With the recent purchase of a decent 3D printer, I thought my first lofty goal would be to build an entire 4x6 terrain table for 40K. Here is the layout for Tile #1: One down, 23 more to go! Why Corvus X? All of the files I have used so far came from Corvus Games Terrain and X refers to the unknown number of filament spools it will take to complete this project. 🙂 My goal is to have it completed and painted in time for this year's OFCC.
  8. evil_bryan

    Terrain... Terrain... Oh what to do about you

    Another way to seal that prior to applying paint, it using this: It works great, and really keeps that thirsty MDF from drinking up that paint. 🙂
  9. evil_bryan

    Just another nerd with a 3D Printer :)

    Building the Prusa is not easy, but it is certainly manageable. During my build I ran into a couple of challenges that was able to overcome, but my solution to one of the problems really amped up the difficulty of the build. In building the Y axis, you need to drop nuts into the provided extrusion to anchor these parts to the frame. When I was screwing one of these parts to the frame, the bolt cross threaded a bit. I think the threads on the nut/bolt were not cut well enough. Once that happened, the nut started to free spin within the enclosure and tear up the walls which kept the captured nut in place. The easiest solution was to simply replace the 3D printed part, but since I was building the machine that could print that part I had to find another solution. I drilled a parallel hole to the nut channel and drove a brass pin through the part to provide a new surface for the nut to resist against. That allowed me to free the cross threaded nut. After adding a second brass pin to the other side to shore up that channel, I replaced the nut with one from the provided spare parts bag and continued assembly. I think most people would have been happier to spend the extra $200 and bought the machine assembled. 🙂
  10. evil_bryan

    Just another nerd with a 3D Printer :)

    You know, its really the best hobby for me. Small bursts of activity followed by long periods of inactivity. It is the first time I have ever been able to make hobby progress AND get some sleep at the same time...it's perfect. 🙂
  11. I decided to pull the trigger on buying a 3D printer about 4 weeks ago, a Prusa i3 Mk3 kit. It arrived two weeks later and after a slow and methodical assembly, I got it up and running. After two weeks of constant printing, I now have a pile of terrain. I have a long way to go in getting a whole 6x4 table, but that is my goal (for now.) 🙂
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    Make King Bacon play Blood Bowl

  13. evil_bryan

    Make King Bacon play Blood Bowl

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    I really enjoyed this game...until I got my big sub. After I started to brave further out into the deep, I frequently experienced what the leviathans would probably referred to as "prison sex."🙂