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  1. evil_bryan

    2019 OFCC Date Announcement

    The date for the 2019 OFCC will be August 16th - 18th We are returning to the Hilton Vancouver for another year! Expect additional event details in future posts.
  2. evil_bryan

    "2D Terrain"

    Or we could have an actual terrain party 🙂 I have the tools at the club and would be happy to assist in a terrain building session. The first question I have is what type of terrain you are looking for. I probably have an idea and/or technique to build just about anything you are looking for. 🙂
  3. Well, it seems the conversation has taken a turn and diverted from the original topic. If anyone has OFCC specific questions, feel free to strike up a new post or send me a PM. This thread is locked
  4. It is too bad you have missed that last couple of years as I have personally run the 40K event, and I think we have addressed several of the issues you mentioned here. Let me tackle the big one, the painting score 🙂 Last year, I overhauled the way paint is measured. I wanted to make good scores achievable and make it easy to evaluate on a large scale. I also wanted to make the scores as objective as possible so that two people could come to the same conclusion on scoring. In addition, I changed the weight of paint score in the calculation for Best Overall. Best Overall = 40% Sports, 25% Painting, 30% Spirit, and 5% Captain Achievements Pasted below for your reading pleasure is my paint scoring rubric. Scoring Criteria Basing Textured/painted/flocked/resin/etc. Painting Represents the three-color minimum Depth Extra care for shading and highlighting Detail Modeling, conversions, putty work, etc... WOW Factor A great representation of an army/faction/team Basing 0 - Bare plastic or resin, void of paint or basing material 1 - Paint or basing material applied 2 - Multiple colors, a variety of material, the bases demonstrate a level of care and effort Painting 0 - Bare plastic, only primer, less than 3 colors 1 - 3 or more colors, generally referred to as tabletop standard 2 - A variety of colors, shades, and tones setting the model apart from the standard Depth 0 - No effort made to illustrate the depth of the model's details 1 - Drybrushing, washing, edge highlighting to varying degrees 2 - Blending, smooth transitions, skillful application of the techniques listed at level 1 Detail 0 - Model is built as designed with no variation 1 - Some conversion work, purposeful construction to demonstrate variety, scratch building, minor sculpting 2 - Heavy conversion, extensive scratch building and/or sculpting, clearly a unique representation of the army WOW Factor 0 - A tabletop presentation that does not go far enough to stand out from the crowd 1 - Unified and cohesive, can definitely stand out as an excellent example of the force represented 2 - A true showcase, representing the highest level of skill and technique of our hobby
  5. Okay, now that I have an appropriate click bait title for what can be an emotionally charged issue I can get started. 🙂 After answering this question for one of the captains, I thought it would be useful to post my position so others had the opportunity to judge me harshly. 🙂 Not having list rating in this year's 40K OFCC reflects my personal opinion on it not being worth the effort it takes. I have a few issues with list rating that I am happy to share to better frame my decision not to have it. List rating requires early list submission, which historically has been a challenge for many teams List rating is terribly subjective, and the only way to minimize that is to have lots of raters reviewing the same lists to come to an average score List rating is very time intensive, which is multiplied as you have more the one person rating the same lists List rating requires an encyclopedic knowledge of all of the various 40K armies, rules, and unit interactions Finally, list rating causes drama because regardless of how hard you try there will be folks who are unhappy with their rating My alternative to list rating is reward versus restriction. With achievements like Old School and No Surprises, I want to encourage people to build friendlier lists and openly share them with the community (who can provide feedback as needed.) Also, tools like Challenge matches and the Captain's forum can also be leveraged to further enhance the team/player experience. It is not a perfect system and still needs work, but I believe it is the better way to go. Now that I have said my piece, let the judging and feedback commence!
  6. @merkthejerk I am so sorry you had such a poor experience during the weekend. Although we cannot guarantee that everyone has a great time, we certainly want to make every effort to make that possible. Please know that if you or anyone is not having the expected OFCC experience, you or your captain can track me (or anyone other organizer down) so we can address it as its happening. 🙂 @Kolby Hopkins You are correct that match-ups were not performance based. All match-ups were built prior to the event using the following methodology First, arrange all challenge matches Then avoid matching up team from the same club/region Finally, ensure no one plays the same team twice Since OFCC is an event rather than a tournament, we focus on doing our best to provide variety in match ups. I hope that clarifies the process when I run the event. 🙂
  7. I took 265 pictures over 3 days! 🙂 Let me know if these links work: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN00AqBzj0uC5P7F0hLtc5Kdy_TINPDO4hOQG9iALvUBU8ph0Vkn4U5b7PodqvkcQ?key=T0EtWTZJMElHQXk0WmtoNU5WRk11UlV3ajVmcldn https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPXTUgcoJkT4GyC3O9Qxt6WWQSQYCPR7beKXWATvfj-RYrosCFuV4N-qYtQTmIPjw?key=bWNkSmlWOFZzaFpHMGdCUDZlY0dYQl8wRlRpa2N3 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMX8TpP4cYXqM8T_jV3dhBFXnFckv2Q8mJr31AFjhe8inagx2k_FmMsCVyxRv_7vw?key=S2t5dzA0ZENsdWs2QmltbTdUbk1vOGQ3RXgyN1p3
  8. evil_bryan

    OFCC 2018 Scores for 40K Team Event

    That is a good question....if I am running the 40K team event then probably. 🙂
  9. evil_bryan

    OFCC 2018 Scores for 40K Team Event

    A common question I receive Post-OFCC is "How can my team improve next year?" and I think the easiest way is to work on the pre-event scoring opportunities. Here is a list of all the points earned prior to event weekend: A Club Underdogs 2 Ad Hoc 4 Fanger Zone 2 Get off my LAN 12 Grimdrunk 6 Infil-Traitors 8 Just the Dickel 6 Kill! Maim! Beer! 6 Ordo East 10 Silence of the Warp 2 Team Diversity 4 Team FURY 4 The Emperor's Neckbeards 6 These are NOT dollies 4 Wake me up when the group is full 4 Special recognition must be paid to Get of my LAN for getting max points...good work guys!!! Ordo East got close, but those pesky New School lists did them in. 🙂
  10. evil_bryan

    OFCC 2018 Scores for 40K Team Event

    For those of you who are curious on how Sportsmanship was calculated, here it is: Each player could earn up to 3 points per match, with 20 games played across the team that gives a maximum score of 60 points. Each team was awarded 2 bonus points for each Favorite Opponent pin earned. Finally, each pre-game Sportsmanship achievement (Old School and No Surprises) each also provided 2 bonus points The good news is IF the point value of the FO pins was 1 point versus 2, the Warhamsters would still be the winner 🙂 FO Pins at 2 points FO Pins at 1 point Warhamsters: These are NOT dollies Warhamsters: These are NOT dollies Ad Hoc Kill! Maim! Beer! Kill! Maim! Beer! The Emperor's Neckbeards The Emperor's Neckbeards Ad Hoc Team FURY Get off my LAN Just the Dickel Just the Dickel Silence of the Warp Infil-Traitors Get off my LAN Ordo East Ordo East Silence of the Warp Infil-Traitors Team FURY Team Diversity Grimdrunk Grimdrunk Team Diversity A Club Underdogs A Club Underdogs Fanger Zone Fanger Zone Wake me up when the group is full Wake me up when the group is full
  11. Thanks to everyone who came out and played this weekend. I know lots of people love to see the scores from weekend, so let's waste no time. 🙂 Although we do not award a Best General, I do track performance as well. 🙂
  12. evil_bryan

    What time does the hall open tomorrow?

    The first event starts at 1PM, and the hall should be open by 11AM at the latest...at least that when I will be arriving. 🙂
  13. Command points and stratagems are used as they are a normal part of 8th edition 🙂
  14. For those you who want a peek at the Quick Start guide and the Achievements then check out this file 🙂
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This document has the quick start guide and the OFCC achievements