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  1. Grok Smoke?

    Another very important bit that I see people miss a lot is how to properly use Impetuous orders on smoke. The key here is that crucial throw where you want smoke up for something like a Rui Shi to move through and mow down the opposition so you activate your Shaolin that is beside it with her Impetuous order to get it there. Unfortunately, when you move forward you risk the F2F roll not going in your favor if you try to use the Dodge special trait of smoke on the Shaolin. Instead, what you should do is have her throw the smoke behind her so that it'll still block for Rui Shi, but it'll just be normal rolls. Sure your 5 pts monk is probably gonna die to ARO, but the point was to enable the Rui Shi to trade exceptionally well which is well worth 5 pts. Just a little tip that I see people miss pretty consistently.
  2. OFCC 2018 1 day Tournament

    This might be doable for me as I intend to go to the Infinity team tourney as well so hopefully things'lol work out. One thing I feel I should mention is that 2250 is the new standard set forth for this year and is actually pretty easy to get to if you're a Warhammer refugee given the model count differences between the two days. Anyway, looking forward to more details about this in the near future!
  3. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    That warm scheme looks great!
  4. DPs infinity blerg

    That's too bad. It still baffles me the amount of justification that goes into playing AoS, but at least it sounds like Infinity will have a new home!
  5. DPs infinity blerg

    AoS has all the momentum of a runaway freight train; what makes it so popular?
  6. The Infinity Run

    Yep, NBW negates Surprise Attack.
  7. New rule thing I learned!

    Did they ever definitively answer the Engage+wall question (i.e. there's a path to the model I'm trying to engage, but it's not within my engage range even though my model is)?
  8. LVO Goodness

    Someday the last third of Combined will live in the halcyon future of 2016. Someday...
  9. LVO Goodness

    I'd be pretty pissed if one of those isn't Shasvastii.
  10. Just Wolves

    That army shot definitely makes it look better. I'd still probably dial it back and use a warmer gray for the highlight, but I think at that point I'd just be counseling you to do it the same way I did back when I painted wolves. Still a cool army either way.
  11. New Infinity achievement to strive for

    No. TAGs have Fatality 1, not their weapons. It's the same thing as how you wouldn't steal Martial Arts just because you took the mono weapon off an Oniwaban.
  12. Just Wolves

    I love the work, and I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, but that edge highlight on the gray is waaaaaay too stark. Dial it back a bit especially if you're going to use it all over like I'm seeing in these pictures.
  13. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Hmm, mine's stayed on pretty well.
  14. Question for Daemon players regarding troops

    Also, they've now hit this with an erratum so all the Horrors play the same regardless of codex.