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  1. Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Looking good! I think the "problem" with the Shining Spears mount/body blue is a tonal one rather than hue. If, on the finished product, you raise the highlights/drop the lowlights significantly on one and not the other, you'll get some very nice delineation.
  2. Codex Daemons

    Ehh, this book is a little different than either CSM or nids as neither had to/did prop up other books as much as this one does (also both of those had more obvious power moves than Daemons does by this point in the reveal). Codex Daemons is, as it should be for balance issues, balanced around people bringing demons from other books which makes what's being offered so far seem internally weak. Mix that with rules such as Tzeentch's locus being a bookkeeping nightmare against combat armies and I think you'll see Codex Daemons is a different beast from what we've seen so far: an exotic support book.
  3. Why do you pick your armies?

    I started out Infinity in early N2 with a want to play Haqq because of their cool background, but I settled for Nomads due to the rather small player base we had and there already being a Haqq player. Fast forward a bit to after the first Infinity league I played in had ended and I wasn't really a fan of Nomads (in N2 it's important to remember that HMGs and HI were the name of the game and, at the time, Nomads had zero HI and their hacking was pretty useless) so I swapped over to Yu Jing so I could play in the aggressive way I wanted. Starting in N3, I played only YJ until Onyx came out which I thought looked pretty cool and we had basically no CA players in the area. Since then I've played a load of Onyx, a bit of vanilla CA, and a smattering of MAF (I'm eagerly awaiting Shasvastii to exit the trash can they live in right now, too) along with every permutation of YJ you can think of (the only model I don't own for the faction is the Guijia because...why?). I've also been fortunate to play a bit of Haqq this past year which I thoroughly enjoyed, but alas the army isn't mine and I recently had to give it back to its owner where it will sadly sit in a closet with all of the other games he doesn't play. I guess I like to play armies that fit at least two of these three criteria: Do I like the feel of playing this army? Do other people I'll play with a lot play this army? Do I like painting this army? I've been saved from that last one, thankfully, through doing quite a few Infinity commissions in the past. If it weren't for that, I think I'd have pretty much everything except for ALEPH and Ariadna.
  4. What Would You like to See In 2018

    I want to see the new Shasvastii rules because a third of the Combined Army is stuck way behind on the power curve.
  5. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    What kinda dessert? I need to know what tasty fate my models could face!
  6. For jim and mike, not pretre

    Always do!
  7. Infinity Thoughts Blog

    Just listened to that Remote Presence episode and, wow, those are some very similar ideas on triple drop troops. Now that I've had a bit more time and a different perspective listened to, I still don't see the point of three tigers and a jager. My issue is that you're investing too deeply into the "everybody knows what I'm about" which is a trap. At that point, it doesn't matter if you have a fourth drop troop as it's unlikely a fourth will do something unique compared to an infiltrator or the other three. What I do like the idea of is swapping out one of the Paramedic tigers for the SMG jager as having shock in the midfield is always appreciated. I'll have to think it over.
  8. Infinity Thoughts Blog

    Not sure about the place for the Jager in my lists as I don't need a short-range skirmisher in my Tiger pairing list and the SWC is pretty tight in the Tiger list.
  9. BOLS Preview of January Releases

    I'd be more into that Charontid if the pose wasn't so bad. It looks like somebody was gluing together a Space Marine and it drooped down a little while drying.
  10. Before you gripe about GW pricing...

    "Goldswords" were the beginning, but at least the kit was covered in extras. The Bestigor that followed were the same cost with so few extras that you had to build a champion. Even then, both were put to shame by the aforementioned Witch Elves that clocked in at $60 (over $65 with tax around here) a kit for 10 pts of bloody troop choices. What really drove me nuts though was that corsairs were something like $25 for similar quality, the same point cost, and the same FO slot not to mention the Black Guard/Executioner kit which was $55. Just nonsensical pricing conventions that have eroded customer loyalty over the years. As for the thread, I get that the title is just to throw a little flair in, but people complain about GW pricing because they're large enough to print bulk product and invest in additional framework that should allow for lower pricing and they don't. Hard cover prices for digital books, $30 for one Space Marine, and FAQs you have to buy is justifiably infuriating for a company that size which ostensibly makes its money off of volume.
  11. So Luther escaped...

    That is bafflingly bad even by 40k standards.
  12. New Beast of Nurgle?

    True story. I do like the current Beast, but only the metal version. Anything that replaces Finecast is for the best.
  13. New Beast of Nurgle?

    Right, that's why I was throwing out a brown. For acrylics, a brown is likely to have much better coverage than any red you're gonna throw down and won't offset the overall hue provided you use a warm one. Anyway, the new beast looks like a...thing? Can't say I'm particularly impressed.
  14. Blood Angels Coming

    I wonder if they could say blood a few more times to really sell me on the excellent background?
  15. New Beast of Nurgle?

    As a quick note, it'd go faster if you use something like a brown first tocujdercoat for the red.