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  1. Kremmet

    New Book - Third Offensive

    Poor MAF. Your changes look more like a buff to Onyx and vanilla CA rather than what was needed to bring you up to speed.
  2. Kremmet

    Emerald City Incursion Mark II

    I've learned to just immediately stop paying attention when an employee tells me to "think of the children."
  3. Kremmet

    W: Warhammer Base 100x150mm H: $

    I've got one for you. Just PM me where/when and I'll give it to you (giggidy).
  4. Kremmet

    New Book - Third Offensive

    By that definition, I’m not quite Brad Pitt.
  5. Kremmet

    New Book - Third Offensive

    That new Suryat profile doesn't seem the best for MAF, but for Onyx it'll definitely be worth trying out. An extra order is pretty nice when you can't form a Fireteam with him anyway! In MAF, I think I'd rather have him in the new Vanguard core if I'm gonna run him.
  6. Kremmet

    New Book - Third Offensive

    I'm disappointed that they're still not touching the Shasvastii in game terms, but I'm happy Morats are getting a revisit as they're the Shasvastii of N3 CA 😉.
  7. Kremmet

    New Book - Third Offensive

    I third that.
  8. Kremmet

    New Book - Third Offensive

    Shasvastii hype!
  9. Kremmet

    Questions for You: OFCC and Infinity

    My primary concern was just that I was double (actually quadruple, but three were able to handled here in Seattle) booked last weekend, but I'll give this a shot anyway. 1) Do people like the venue? It's not my favorite due to the price of accommodations, but otherwise I enjoyed it in 2017. 2) Is the multi game system tournament event a good thing or does it detract from the Infinity Event? Given my history in games, I think it's nice to see people that I know but don't necessarily play the same game as anymore. 3) Do you like narrative event or ITS events? Yes. 4) Is the painting requirement a barrier? Of course it's a barrier, but is it meaningful? I think so. Were it dropped, I doubt you'd see an appreciable upswing Infinity wise. 5) Is the price point a barrier? Yes. Not necessarily for me, but it definitely makes it a harder sell. 6) How many points do you want to play? 200, 300, 400? Two hundred for narrative is fine, but otherwise 300. 7) If you like a narrative event, do you want the missions to be secret and announced before play? Seeeeecrets although that can give a rather unfair advantage if they're revealed to the home crew first. 8 ) Should Ordo run Infinity events, or are Warcor like Rose City Raid enough or even preferred? I don't know or particularly care, but I also kinda think Ordo's mission for sportsmanship is more than a little anachronistic. I get the intention, but we're not even playing the GW rule sets that forced it in the first place. 9) What is a good weekend to run the OFCC? With how much people travel these days, maybe you're better off splitting into several smaller events rather than one big one? Otherwise, I don't really know. 10) How many games should we play in a two day event? 5 or 6? Five. 11) If you did not attend, what were you barriers? Mainly scheduling conflicts, but I also didn't feel much of an out-of-game connection last year. Most people from the Infinity side just wandered off with their established cliques so it was hard to find something to do after our games.
  10. Kremmet

    The Infinity Run

    Korben Dallas Multipost.
  11. Kremmet

    The Infinity Run

    CB has a stern policy on, if there is a sniper version, they make the sniper version. Never shall they drift from this path.
  12. Kremmet

    Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Nightmare fuel.
  13. Kremmet

    Hecklers! 🤩

    I vote we skip what they do and move right along to calling them A/S/L-mines.
  14. Seriously, that intro is amazing as are the new Magister Knights. I'm not sold on the new Raicho, but that's probably a render problem.
  15. Kremmet

    The Bakunin Thread

    It's the only way to be sure full Yiff Mode is achieved.