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  1. daily4605

    H: Seraphon W: $$$

    It is like $480 retail.
  2. daily4605

    H: Seraphon W: $$$

    Finished college and moving back to Oregon so trying to get as much $ as possible to make the move easy. I have for sale: 30 Saurus Guard nib 2 Bastiladon nib 20 Chameleon Skinks nib Lord Kroak nib Metal Astrolith Banner (needs stripped) Metal skink priest with feathered cloak (primed) Skink Star Priest (painted probably want to strip) Asking $350 shipped to US
  3. daily4605

    Want Necron Immortals H: paypal

    Got em thanks folks
  4. daily4605

    Want Necron Immortals H: paypal

    Looking to purchase 20 necron immortals, assembled and primed/based black preferred.
  5. daily4605

    D&D Mageknight Miniatures

  6. daily4605

    D&D Mageknight Miniatures

    I have huge lot of Dungeons and Dragons Mage Knight miniatures 350+ in great condition large amounts of Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, Gnolls, Goblins, Undead, Centaurs, Mounted Characters, Elves and a red and blue dragon looking to get $275 shipped for them. Message me on fb @ https://m.facebook.com/andrew.p.daily For pictures.
  7. BFG gone, Tears of Isha and Storm of Vengeance Remain
  8. Everything is new still sealed in Plastic wrap, I have for Warhammer: The Grudge of Drong and Tears of Isha. Warhammer 40k I have Storm of Vengeance campaign box and a army of 2nd/3rd edition Space Marine army still sealed and in Original box . Includes 1 tactical squad, 1 Terminator squad, 3 space marine bikes, 1 landspeeder, 1 command squad, 1 Devastator squad, 1 rhino, 1 predator, 1 scout squad, 1 dreadnought, and a Gothic Ruins set. Then for BFG Ork Ravager Attack Ships, Brute Ramships, and Onslaught Ships still in blister packs. Looking for $55 per each Campaign (shipped) all the BFG ships $65 (shipped) and $350 for the marine army (shipped)
  9. Picked up this event model a while ago, decided to convert it into a Space Wolves Caster of Runes. (I have bases on way why his isn't done)
  10. Kit bashed these using Ivanus's helmet, BoP Marine Torso, legs, back pack, and Anvil Industry axe arms, and spartan shields with shield arms.