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  1. Raindog

    Infinity tournament at Fate & Fury

    Crap, my Saturday is booked. 😥
  2. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  3. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  4. Raindog

    Campaign Week Three is a Week 2 Redo!

    @Exile @Muskrat @Norrad @dataentity @Pyre Warden @George @Gremlin King @EricTheRed @PaladinX Hope to see you and bring a friend!
  5. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  6. Due to the weather, week 3 us a make up week for week 2.
  7. Raindog

    Campaign: Week Two

    Okie dokie
  8. Raindog

    Campaign: Week Two

    Yes! We game!
  9. Raindog

    Campaign: Week Two

    No snow! As of now, we still game!
  10. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  11. Raindog

    D+D Maps