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  1. I still like to sent out the invite!
  2. @Andrewc, That is a solid excuse. I will miss you greatly. See you next time.
  3. Okay Gamers, ' I am challenging you to make it this weekend. I want to see @Muskrat @Caitlandia @rudra34 @dataentity @Globemaster @PaladinX @Exile @Justjokin @scotthartman @Gremlin King @George @Twinmasks @PortlandOutcast. I want to see Dan, Jeremy, and Brandon from Hillsboro. I want to see @Andrewc, and Frazier, and Juhno. I want to see Tim Steed and anybody else who loves Infinity.
  4. Raindog

    Rose City Raid Tickets

    Use staples then.........👻
  5. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  6. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    I played against Joel and his Druze. He took Scarface and Cordi, Arslin and a Duze Fireteam, a Peacemaker, and a few Order monkeys. Joel’s Deployment had holes. He went first and launched a strong attack and placed several units into Supressive Fire. He left his left flank open and did not optimize his fire arcs. On my turn, my Fiday, dropped his Assault Hacker, a Rifle Druze, and stuck behind Scarface for a nice set of AP Boarding Shotgun shots. I used all my orders, but it paid off. Arslin killed my other Fiday and the Druze remaining Druze Hunkered down in suppressive to hold consoles and quarters. I grabbed a Console and my other Fiday went on a Rampage and smoked covered fire lanes and picked off troops. The Govad team advanced and picked off a a few Druze. I picked up my Highly Classified with a Coup de Grace on Cordelia. On his last turn, Joel had a quadrant and a Druze. Since Druze are Veterans, they don’t go into retreat or care about loss of LT.s. She killed the Fiday with her Viral pistol. On my final turn, I advanced to grab two more consoles and killed the last Druze for a 9-0 win.
  7. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    I forced myself to sit down and paint on Sunday Night. Having a decent TV show to watch helps. I am watching The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix with Sean Bean as the lead. It is not bad at all. I am still working on my Govad Sniper. The main part of the uniform is done. The green contrasts are next. I still need to work on the rifle, face, coat and helm........
  8. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  9. Raindog

    4/22 Game Night and League

    I am in.