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  1. Raindog

    D+D Maps

    Yeah. There is open space to from the ground floor to the lower space. Then, there is a door is basement leading to?????
  2. Raindog

    Escalation League: Week Four

    Where: Ordo@717 SE Main St, Portland When: 3-7 PM- Pub After! Points: 180! Who: You ! Mission: Grab the loot, bring it back home. +1 Point for each coin held at the end of the game. +1 point for each coin held in their deployment zone at the end of the game. Special Rules: 1) There will be 10 coins in the center zone of the table. 2) Anybody can pick-up a coin with a successful WIP roll. 3) Specialists and models with the scavenger rule get a +3 on the roll. 3) It takes a short order to pick-up the coin 4) If the roll is failed, the safety system protecting the coin detonates as if the model was struct by a panzerfaust. (The coin stays intact and the trap re-arms.) 5) Command tokens can be used to re-roll failed attempts. 6) If a model is killed or goes into a null state, it drops a the coin. 7) A model may carry one coin. Any model with the baggage rule can carry two coins. 8 ) A coin be passed off to a friendly models by spending a short order with another friendly model in base to base contact. The Winner has the most points.
  3. Raindog

    2018 Fall League Standings

    After Week 3: Darron:1 Joel (Ichi): 2 Jenni Harper: 2 Jay: 13 ( 7/10 models assembled) Tyler: 16 Exile: 17 (4/10 models assembled, 1/10 models painted) Nick: 22 (8/10 models assembled, 3/10 painted) Rudra: 24 (10/10 models assembled) Data Entity 26 (2/10 models assembled) Nick: 22 (8/10 models assembled, 3/10 painted) Raindog: 35 (10/10 models assembled. 6/10 Painted) * Joel (Paladin X): 45 (10/10 models assembled, 10/10 painted)
  4. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  5. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  6. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    Dart is assembled and ready to go!
  7. Raindog

    Fall Escalation League: Week 3

    @Muskrat I hope to see you!
  8. Raindog

    Infinity sports game

    I am sticking to Infinity over Arristeia. I have time for one game right now.
  9. Raindog

    Crucible7 - Florida wargaming convention

    If you are paying, I am sure I can make it........
  10. Raindog

    New Book - Third Offensive

    I am offended at your offense.
  11. Raindog

    Infinity sports game

    Aristeia is the Blood Bowl of the Infinity World. The game has many fans and is is a solid game. The different characters give you different combo and skills to try. I don't play it, but if you want a demo game @thediceabide and @WiseKensai are Warcors and can help you out.
  12. Raindog

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Iron Fist 2: Not as bad as Iron Fist 1. It does not live up to the Danny Rand we saw in Luke Cage 2. The allegory of the dragon being an addiction with the mirror of Ward was handled with a deft touch, but then this is a comic book show. It does have a few cool fight scenes. Dany is not as annoying as he was, but I found it lacking. 6.5/10
  13. Raindog

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    My wife enjoys this series.