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  1. Sunday!! The 17th, We Game!!

    Everybody has a chance of getting a present.
  2. Sunday!! The 17th, We Game!!

    Yes, but the handle must remain alive.
  3. Sunday!! The 17th, We Game!!

    No! You cannot hurt Santa!
  4. The Infinity Run

    Hey guys, the Mantic Connector set I ordered from Guardian Games in August of 2016 came in!
  5. Sunday!! The 17th, We Game!!

    Infinity Game Night. 3 PM. Bring Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind. 300 points. Mission Operation: Save Santa Goal: Rescue Santa by having a specialist in contact with him and passing a WIP roll to make him believe you are nice (at the end of the game). 4 pts Secondary Goal: Spread the Love: Open more goods from the panoplies (Santa's Sleigh) than your opponent. 4 pts. Third Goal: Deliver Coal to your opponent. - D Charge a Building in his Deployment Zone. 2 pts.
  6. Sunday game night is on!

    My tree is going up...... and then a Christmas Concert.
  7. The Infinity Run

    The Christmas Tree takes the over the painting table space....
  8. Before you gripe about GW pricing...

    That is an ugly model.👎
  9. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Welcome to my life.
  10. The Infinity Run

    My painting table is down for the season.
  11. Yay Rampage!

    You are awesome! My thoughts so far are: Food or Drink, both are welcome, but I will score only one. There will be retreat rules. No Spec OP. Best Food will be a full 10 points. 10 points for a win 7 points for a minor win 5 points for a tie. Are Swords still cool? Or should I consider something else? What about tokens? Should I go away from tokens? Thoughts?
  12. Yay Rampage!

    Is it wrongs that I am already working on next year's event?
  13. Guard color scheme

    It is sad to be headless in the Imperial Guard. Some may think you are a mutant or a heretic.
  14. Post-Apocalyptic Terrain recommendations

    Warsnal's Dark Age Stuff DeathRay
  15. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Awesome! Congrats, but I was hoping for a name like Nexus or Onyx or Morat!😃