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  1. Raindog

    Random Photo Thread

  2. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  3. Raindog

    CB News

  4. Raindog

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Serenity. I saw this in the theater on a Whim in 2004. I had never seen the show. It looked good, I was rewarded with an amazing story and fantastic characters. I have watched the move at least 10 times. It is still worth the viewing. 10/10. And it is on Netflix.
  5. Raindog

    Past the Sands of Time

    oh, the bugs! The boss fight: 10 Ogre, 2 mages, 1 Demon.
  6. Raindog

    The New And Improved Infinity at the OFCC

    Packets are printed!
  7. Raindog

    Look What I Found At Guardian Games

    No, it is still there.
  8. Raindog

    Look What I Found At Guardian Games

    It is good to see OOP models you can't get any where else!
  9. Raindog

    CB News

  10. Raindog

    New JSA inspired Terrain from MicroArts Studio

    More Kokkyo Terrain for Interplanterio
  11. Raindog

    Happy Birthday to Our OFCC Overlord!

    Happy Birthday!🥓