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  1. Raindog

    Random Photo Thread

  2. Raindog

    Random Photo Thread

  3. Raindog

    Parking and The Rose City Raid

    Yes, the Lucky Lab on 19th and Quimbey
  4. Raindog

    An Infinity Curiosity

    I am sure they are metal only. You may referring to an IP clone.
  5. Raindog

    Parking and The Rose City Raid

    Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, I scouted around the Luck Lab for parking. The news is a bit grim. Street parking is limited and maxes out at four hours. Most street parking is metered.. There are two pay lots. The closest is at 20 / Pettygrove. (Remember the streets are alphabetical.)The second is at 16/ Pettygrove. They cost $12 for the day. The looks to be some free parking around 16-18 on Thurman and Upshur. People are going to want to car pool.
  6. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    Fiday number one done!
  7. Raindog

    D+D Maps

    Draw your own.
  8. Raindog

    Got your OFCC tickets yet?

  9. Raindog

    Papa Nurgle Arrives

    Perfect. 😀
  10. Raindog

    D+D Maps

  11. Raindog

    Got your OFCC tickets yet?

    Kick in the shin?
  12. Raindog

    Got your OFCC tickets yet?

    Kharmic points of grace and tranquility!