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  1. Next in Line is Decapitation! 300 points! See you there!
  2. We had a full house. it was very nice .
  3. I thought Mobile Brigada would be Wildcards, but Daktari and Lupe is fine. Two Brigada and 3 Alguaciles is going to make some nice fireteams.
  4. Okay Gents, let's get back into fighting shape. Unmasking is done. We are playing real Infinity and prepping for the road to Rose City Raid. This week, we are going to play the Rumble Scenarios: Supplies! 300 Points. The doors open at 3 pm. We hope to see you there!
  5. Thank you Karl, Nick, Joel, and Bermen!
  6. Bingo! There are a few, very cringe-worthy lines. If you substituted a protected class for Cossack, the movie would never be shown today.
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