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  1. Yeah cell phones and Ipads are crazy expensive. Most people pay their $700 over two years but...it's...$700.
  2. but then your opponent has to handle your $700 phone. No thanks. Ill pay for the book.
  3. Lord Hanaur

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    0-1 Lord of War means 0-1 Lord of War unit entry, as with all unit entry restrictions. If the unit entry itself allows three then you can take 3. I haven't seen the Codex but that should answer the question.
  4. Lord Hanaur

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    text me how you want it to appear and what email address to use, what faction etc...
  5. Lord Hanaur

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    15 are registered and we are now getting near the 30 day mark so I thought I'd just remind people that they can pre-register for this event via the Facebook page.
  6. Lord Hanaur

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Oh wow. I love it. They finally got rid of Best General. Oh man. That totally makes me happy. I myself am terrible at painting and I have six eye surgeries in 3 years to prove why. But this change is so appropriate for this event. Why even BOTHER bringing a crazy good list when a win couldnt matter less. Why not just do representative interesting forces if you have no built in reason (other than ego) not to! I just love it. Lots of people have commented on this in past years, the disconnect bwtweenthe OFCC mission and 5he awards. Now it has happened. This is such a good move. Sorry that I'm gushing but man...
  7. Lord Hanaur

    fow upcoming events map

  8. Can we get an updated list of events? Are we looking around to encourage shop owners to do them?
  9. My Militarum Tempestus unit can do about 8 wounds at -2 and 3 wounds @ -3 all abilities and bonus's considered. Soooo optimistically, one squad does 10 unsaved wounds in a round (slightly less but close, call it 9 if you like) So I should be able to drop an entire 20 Warrior squad with 2.5 squads for certain( and they can splitfire). That means I can kill both 20 man squads in one round using my Scions with firepower to spare.
  10. Lord Hanaur

    Flames-of-War Learn-to-Play on SAT at GG

    I AM coaching but in Olympia. I am having fun with the game now that I get it better. Enfilade really made me realize how much I wish this were a bigger crowd into it and while I did get away from it for quite a bit given times limitations, I now am thinking that I will be concerted in my efforts. I feel that by the end of Enfilade I had enough grasp of the tolerances of my list and of the other lists I competed against. Things started to click with me by the third game and I was starting to "see the board" like I used to. Thanks to Barca and the gang at Guardian Games for helping me reignite my interest in Flames of War. Highly recommend going to learn from Barca and the others if you get the chance..
  11. Lord Hanaur

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    48 interested, and now some early registrants! https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/u5pwbrxd?embed=false
  12. Well its for sure an unusual list, given its need to go first. Scattered and Delayed Reserves kinda hurts you or it seems like it would? Given that, I'd say you had to have had a brilliant day at the office! It's just a lot of armor to kill so unless people were bristling with anti-tank weapons, it's a pretty kewl force. Even if they are, if its in reserve and you can gain the jump...
  13. Lord Hanaur


    Well they are bathing and I took a toothbrush to them. Im leaving them overnight and then I'll scrub them again. I have renewed the water multiple times as warm water seems intuitively obvious as preferable. How can you really know if its all off? I just dont deal with Resin that often. These are particularly large pieces and they have a tooooooooon of nooks and crannies unfortunately. I can post a picture and you'll see what I mean. Thats my fear is that I'll underestimate how much that will affect them. Im already not a great painter (as if that needed to be said) and I sure dont need any help sucking at it. So yeah.... Im bathing and scrubbing away. No good compound will remove it?
  14. Lord Hanaur


    I will if you recommend it
  15. Lord Hanaur


    Other than a hot water bath, does anyone have suggestions for preparing to paint resin? I bought some resin models for a game and dunked em in soapy hot water. I havent cleaned the flash yet. But is there a trick to mak8ng sure the paint stays?