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  1. Itc and power level caps

    Yeah you can go in either direction. We did one of those already. it was a fund raiser for a missionary to Vietnam. All the big boyz came out to play for that one. I don't prefer the more powerful stuff in the game but you're right, Power level could be used that way.
  2. Itc and power level caps

    I did however bring this subject up and the idea of having a few events that have such a cap just for what one might call more friendly matches. Nearly everyone owns enough stuff not to need the enormous stuff so I think it would be a good change of pace.
  3. Soulburst was literally the most frustrating thing I ran into in 7th and now 8th. I have beaten my share of Ynarri to be completely fair. But not one of those games was fun. I just endured them. Lost a tournament once though because of their shenanigans on my turn so this could not have ended better, methinks. I was actually pretty bitter about that loss. I had absolutely won that game and then the chain reaction of Soulbursts... Ugh. So deflating.
  4. Stormtrooper Army 2000 pts

    I love dropping 10 units into reserve and then saying "okay... deploy 10 ...". Something about that is fun.
  5. A hidden change to Oblits

    So once again we see in this diagram that the Codex is INDEED determined to be, once again, better than the Index in every way. In other news, water is wet. Lol. But seriously though, this really is a boost for the poor Obliterators for sure.
  6. FoW in the Lakewood, WA area

    Id love to get games in. I've just been playing V3 because theres no one doing anything else, basically. Even taught a couple new players V3, but ultimately it would be nice to get in some V4.
  7. TO question

    By December, everything will be fine.
  8. Portland Meta?

    Welcome to the gamer pool.
  9. Just realized what's missing.

    Well its actually a LOT bigger impact than it looks. I did an article on it, but it affected the game SIGNIFICANTLY. I think the most impactful thing that happened though was the elimination of Sweeping advances. That was SO big.
  10. Portland Meta?

    ...and yet... tournamnet results are saying very firmly that you should be very cognizant of what you see there...
  11. Just realized what's missing.

    Leadership is basically desertion now. Bergdhal checks is what we should call it..
  12. Portland Meta?

    Astra Militarum seem to be the most dangerous faction this time around, ironically and I'd take a look at what they can do as a first step on meta.
  13. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    I'd be a big fan of this idea. there's my two cents.
  14. Sunday October 29th ITC Tournament...RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    Don't forget to congratulate them. Best Painted went to Ryan Fredin and his Imperium army. Best Sportsman Went to Eric Evans and his Necrons Best General went to Greg Skewis and his Astra Militarum. I was the ringer. RESULTS: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/unxewvw1
  15. Sunday October 29th ITC Tournament...RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    Official registration has begun. Take a look at who we got coming and if your name is supposed to be on there, this would be an EXCELLENT time to tell me! https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/unxewvw1