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  1. hmm, after looking into this I am not sure a Bastion is going to add more than it takes away. I jujst can't really make the leap of faith to adding the bastion. Its enough points that it reduces the firepower enough whether they would have really firedat the one unit I build to put in there anyways in any given round. Them ignoring the Bastion until last is sort of the equivalent of them saving that firepower for the units that ARE exposed. Conversely, I'm unable to buff them making them less effective ad if they dont HAVE any better tragets turn one then I might just be making things easier on the enemy, giving them a good target to shoot instead of a bad one or hidden one. Theres no hiding the bastion. Im not sure what fire it would divert to be honest and the enemy can avoid that Bastion once it goes down. Another consideration. I did give it a serious knoodle though. Never ask for ideas if you're not wiling to knoodle them, so I did.
  2. That's too bad. But it's still a consideration for a Volleygun unit. They put out some decent pain. The auras and orders don't work in there which is equally uinfortunate
  3. Speaking of that i never did post the link to the final results, so...here you go: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/r/rhde271h Hobby track is here: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/bcpevent/q09agcqGBf?league=wwc0LjyUJY&embed=true
  4. Well we had a good time. Best Sportsman was Gary Bohon o' the orks, Best painted went to Christopher Wilsons Space Wolves and Best Overall was Jason Byrd O the Orks. Ironically Orks took first AND last place. Didn't have any acrimony over rules, and I only had to step into one players games to force the action forward due to slow play. To be fair, he's not a practiced player, but dayam. It was absolutely necessary that i get involved in that one for his opponents sake, and he took it as well as one can expect, so that was good). Not one single player wanted to use a clock which was noteworthy. The largest prize went to our last place finisher, who won $70. The other prizes were for $50 by raffle. Armies were by and large great. Only one really typical tournament list was there. The winner, Jason Byrd deserves credit for bringing a pretty atypical one. It had the Lootaz of course but everything else about it was pretty unusual for the meta. So props to him for embracing the spirit of the event. I really liked the spread.
  5. I had not considered a bastion. Ill have to ponder that. Certain enemies like gsc can overrun you pretty damn swiftly. If you can fire on them while they chomp at your bastion, that could be useful.
  6. Yeah, Vultures cant happen for me. But they are plenty broken enough to want to do it. Ive faced three in Colin Shermans GSC list.
  7. Just to reiterate, my OP questions were: 1. Is anyone out there playing Militarum Tempestus that I can Knoodle with on army ideas or just to BS about it. 2. How has the Deep Striking limitation affected your Militarum Tempestus force? Is it the absolute death knell of the army in competitive play or is it hyperbole as i suspected it to be? 3. Castellan + IG opposition: Should i just deploy everything turn one? 4. Shining Spear Ynnari: ideas on how to counter that? Is my sheer numbers enough of a defense sicne they really can only kill a couple things a round? Stratagies that might be great against them? 5. Orks: My army has a massive volume of low STR shooting but no Psyker defense and so i am also interested in how you might counter the Lootaspam and Jumping Bean attacks. Are my Rough Riders decent enough shielding? Should i make him go first? Or should i press the advantage of my volume of shooting? Deploy on the field or DS around his crazy pants jumps?
  8. Sadly, I am in Olympia. But I am sure I will make another Portland event. I also sometimes visit infrequently for Flames of War. So you never know. I hear tell OFCC is happening again this year so if I hop on a team, we could always challenge each others teams.
  9. I...guess? I dislike the spread out nature, designed to make you buy stuff. But disliking it doesnt make it an epic struggle.
  10. 8th isnt struggling. Writing a list fom your codex really isnt work. We've become too spoiled.
  11. Just be careful. I got burned and it was recent and humiliating so for what it's worth, just double confirm and double check it all.
  12. Six planes? wow. I own one of them. I do own 4 Taurox Primes but i hear they didn't make a Formation for the Taurox prime like they used to. they just took the old rules for that formation and gpasted it onto Valkyries. Too bad, really.
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