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  1. Lord Hanaur

    Guardian Cup, oh Guardian Cup

    I hate the idea of play clocks but I have kind of come to the conclusion that 8e just requires it. 😞At LVO, if one player wants to use the clock, you use the clock. I used it every game. Paid off. Don't worry. Keep fighting.
  2. Lord Hanaur

    Guardian Cup, oh Guardian Cup

  3. Lord Hanaur

    Guardian Cup, oh Guardian Cup

    Make it happen. I think this one has 5 games, so you're shooting for 3-2? Should be doable with Da' Orks. Go git 'em.
  4. Lord Hanaur


    Yeah, good for going after a remote objective.
  5. Lord Hanaur


    Aaaaaqalmost the same as what I fought at lvo. My opponent had more lootaz, and more gretchen instead of meganobz. Otherwise the same.
  6. Lord Hanaur


    Dont apologize. Orks got a LITTLE exposed, but are still exceptional. Ynnari are currently still able to beat em, as is the bloody castellan list of one thousand paper cuts+ sledgehammer. I beat an ork at the LVO as well (and he timed out which obviously hurt). GT's always mostly bring the hard core lists, so im sure you'll break a sweat at least. I'll see if I can arrange things on short planning time. Also depends if my back is feelin it. I stayed in Vegas and am still there and have done a tooooon of exercize between the gt and going to and hither.
  7. Lord Hanaur


    Git 'em. I forgot about Guardian Cup. Probably sold out by now. Ive gone 2 or 3 times. I never seem to do well at that event. But then again, I've never brought a real effort. I brought militarum Tempestus one year, I brought my fun time Tau a couple times, especially last time which was more of a narrative thing.
  8. Lord Hanaur


    That would be pretty killer.
  9. Lord Hanaur


    Well my final ITC standing is now 230 out of 10,000, looks like. Exceeded my previous best (previous was top 3%). Super sweet. I'll take it! I had 15 tournies when I did it before in 2016 and most of the top ones had about that many give or take as well. So maybe I can go higher if I go to more events? A pretty satisfying end to the season. Onward and upward.
  10. Lord Hanaur


    LVO was a trial by fire for sure. Jason warned me not to win "by too much". Honestly I hate how true that is and my pride gets in the way of good sense. Joshua Death knows this very well, and its part of his winning strategy to go nap of the earth. He did again this LVO. Me, not so much. I went big or went home with 40, 38 and 30 point wins, but to go with them, 21,18 and 15 point losses. So 3-3. Not bad for a first LVO. I also did a single elimination thing Sunday. Got a 37 point win and then ran headlong into ynnari, played by the guy who was at top table at the Socal Open. What can ya do. No shame in that. So 4-4 weekend all told. Only got first turn once in 8 games. Lol? Best memory will probably be taking out a billion IG/mortars plus Castellan list. The worst memory in a separate game will be that my Ghostkeel had about 30 melta shots (including being charged) at a Castellan, at juice range, over the course of six turns ( JUST the Ghostkeel alone) and I never killed the damn thing. I really felt robbed in that game, I can tell ya. Ghostkeel never died and...yeah. absurd improbabilities in that game. Broadsides, ghostkeel, supremacy Railguns, Darkstriders analyzer, and so on... what a joke. That'll sting for a bit. Also had an opponent time out which has only happened to me one other time. That was noteworthy.
  11. Lord Hanaur


    Well in this case, I wasnt going to ignore results. My T'au have won at competitive events and GT's as well as casual play, whereas the same was true to a far lesser extent w Beta Codex Sisters. My sisters were 6-4, and all of them but one were quite close games like ive mentioned (imp knight army did NOT enjoy itself against Sisters 🙂 ). Anywho, I am boarding the plane in a few minutes. Exciting.
  12. Lord Hanaur


    Rivers of cheese flow In this place called LVO Soup kitchens grow jealous of our show Forewarned I am, yet forewarned I go The sound will attack Dozens of dice click and clack Models removed, hopes faded to black Forewarned I am, yet forewarned I go Orks and Ynnari Dark Eldar on safari Deaths cavalcade like none you will see Forewarned I am, yet forewarned I go 800 wild dreams Thatfor many end in screams For only 16, are dreams as they seem Forewarned I am, yet forewarned I go Forewarned, now you know What awaits at LVO Forewarned you are, forewarned will you go? -Josef McCoy
  13. Lord Hanaur

    Shadowsun question

    Seems to make sense.
  14. Lord Hanaur


    Nanavati? Well I mean isn't he ranked number 1 (currently)? So I mean sure. Obviously! That number doesn't lie. I think he will do REALLY well. Board control is overwhelming with that list as i can tell you, and you don't need MUCH in the way of elemenets to slow the enemy down just long enough for the enemy not to hold more...ever. Killing more is iffy depending on who he fights because they CAN spread out and there ARE some pretty good hammer units that can respond to them. Someone can knock out ONE of the Lootaz squads in round 1 (he can only use the Gretchen shield to protect one of them), if they go first which would be helpful, and then could get the froggy Orks to Jump away from LD buffs and pound them after it gets its pound of flesh. So it makes sense almost to go second against him if not for the merging lootaz issue. Weird thing about orks, that. Going second against them isnt totally the most terrible fate depending on the deployment zone. Quarters deployment is pretty brutal. I think its the list you MOST need to plan for and honestly, there are no excellent answers against it. I suppose 3 Arco-Flagellant units would be one. Hehehe. They are suh good, even without the Stratagem. But I digress. My T'au Empire list is going to have its hands full against that. Remember the Zulus.
  15. Lord Hanaur


    Cool. i was going to, but my despair just grew and grew as i played the Sisters of Battle more and more. Maybe I shoulda' just gone to do it for the lols but people talked me out of it. Put up a poll and the response was basically overwhelming that i should play the T'au Empire and rep with them. So I am. but i was heart broken about it. I had registered originally as them with great anticipation of the Beta Codex.