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  1. Don Sartain fielded 2 Stormwolves against me at the Bremerton event. My Kroot Hounds circled them and then when I shot them from the sky... yup. Just don't play them as aggressively as he did. Watch out for fast moving little buggers around your ladning zones
  2. GW GT Rulespack

    pretty neat
  3. V4 FOW thoughts

    I think I heard something about this tournament before... I may have invented it and maaaaaay be holding on to the trophy for it from last year... =) V4 is definitely a new thing. I guess my brain is rejecting it Phyfor88 @Barca, I got the Afrika Korps book (of course because: Rommel) and the Midwar Rules. Building forces threw me. Part of my hesitation is the feeling that I may not be understanding it correctly. Lack of practice for a long time has also dulled me probably. I think a sit down over the phone might straighten me out. I need the human interaction perhaps. I am an audial learner primarily so it helps me.
  4. Chaos and GK Codexes Coming

  5. V4 FOW thoughts

    Havent gotten a single game in for 4th Edition. I bought the books, tried to understand the cards thing and realized I didnt feel up to the cards thing since it doesnt seem clear where I get thesecards. That's where I left it. I feel like I need to get more informed. Never felt this lost with this game but I kind of am? I dunno. It's weird. I am going to need some help getting into this version, it seems.
  6. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    Well considering the dearth of truly OUTSTANDING units in the Sisters of Battle repertoire, I don't know how much I can get up in arms about them having one great thing and a bunch of toolsfor the tool bag. Ive always seen Sisters as being a good tool bag, kind of like Eldar were MEANT to be with all their specialized roles.
  7. FAQ Updates

    Yeah, Pen and paper is definitely the best thing to do right now. You dont want to be DQ'd because of list errors you didn't think were list errors. My buddy just found an error for some new unit in the SM codex and I guess its like 60+ points off.
  8. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    Yeah? The Immolators do look juicy. That Flamer is averaging 7 hits, and 3.5 wounds to save against at minus 1, per tank (Im talking against tougher stuff like the Knights you mention). So 17.5 wounds to save against is boss. Even a Knight won't like that very much.
  9. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    Custodes are solid. My friend is playing them and loving them. He has two Custodes units, a Land Raider also, and then a Hell Blaster unit as welll as some Primaris Marines for objectives and stuff. He also has dreadnoughts. The funny part of that is that I always kill his army but that dang Land Raider never dies. I've blown it up once out of our several games and the rest fo the games it persisted because of target priority and such. Just a funny sidebar which is completely irrelevant to the attendance. I sure hope everyone got their ITC points. all it requires is a name and an email.
  10. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    The ITC thingee says there were like 4 or 5 players at the open. That's kinda crazy. I know there were only like 12 or so last year but 4-5 is a steep drop. The 40K portion of 2016 was 80 players. I wonder how many went this year for the 40K side.
  11. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    I tried to look up the results from todays tournament. Am I just missing it? Did the Fridat tournament not happen?
  12. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    oops. =) Good luck!
  13. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    Original post shows no start time. Am i missing it? Can you pay the day of?
  14. OFCC 2017 Flames of War Event IS CANCELLED

    No one could step in for the TO?