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  1. LF:High Elf bits & Castodies bits

    Looks amazing! But sorry, don't have any of those bits
  2. LF:High Elf bits & Castodies bits

    What kind of High Elf bits are you looking for? I found that I've got some winged emblems and such
  3. Hey Ordo - looking to beat Ebay prices Looking to see if anyone has a plastic Warlock head from the skyrunner kit or a Shadow Weaver gun from the Support Weapon kit to sell. I've got Paypal and am up near Seattle (will pay to ship). Also have a bunch of Eldar bits if you're looking Thanks
  4. Cold weather priming

    Krylon matte. Warmed it up in some water and tested it on a spare scrap - worked fine. Was able to get a ton of stuff primed while the sun was still out
  5. Cold weather priming

    I've warmed up my primer cans in warm water before priming in chillier temperatures, but am I just asking for grainy models if I try that now?
  6. Eldar info

    Should we start a GoFundMe page?
  7. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Watched it last week with one of my daughters - fun laughs. She wants to show it to her sister today
  8. Eldar info

    That’s what I’m working on with my Exodites
  9. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    ??? Wut imma deploy in your pants
  10. Eldar info

    I think the Fire and Fade is great for footslogging Wraithguard who move at 5" as it is. Move, shoot, high-tail it up the field even further. The Wild-Host boost is almost better for a Biel-Tan army, especially one with lots of Striking Scorpions. Cheaper than having an Avatar nearby to goose them on the charge. Hmmmm
  11. Ad Mech Super-Troll Strategem

    We're all in agreement with the Rule as Intended.
  12. Ad Mech Super-Troll Strategem

    Please to be reading pg 215. In matched play, you can use as many as you like "before the battle begins" And Pax, I've got 7 CP in my current two-detachment list. Hypothetically, that's 252 shots from a unit of 4 Kastellans with three Heavy Phospors each (4 x 9 x 7). Str 6, -2 AP, 1 D, no cover saves.
  13. Ad Mech Super-Troll Strategem

    Oh yeah, this would be a total "C'mon..." moment and I like to think no one would ever pull this. Doubt you'd see it in tournament or casual play but hey, you never know
  14. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    It's about a guy just trying to get some god damn noodles