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  1. Question for Forgeworld buyers

    I've acquired a big stash of eldar items and have a question about some of the Forgeworld item's legitimacy. Eldar Warp Hunter - when you buy a standard tank w/Forgeworld upgrade (turret) is the standard tank part ever cast from resin? Mine are, which leads me to believe they are recasts. I would think that Forgeworld would sell a standard GW plastic sprue and then tack on their own resin upgrades Thanks
  2. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    Minor Point - Fresh Converts says they have to come in from your deployment zone, not "behind enemy lines" like the following paragraph says (unless your own lines are being overrun!)
  3. Look what I found 😂

    Sorry, huffed mine years ago
  4. Eldar Lots for Sale

    Still debating if I want to keep him. His sword is a bit jacked up (the bottom half broke off after photo and the blade is pretty bent back). I went and deleted the photos at the end until I can sort through which ones I really want to keep
  5. Eldar Lots for Sale

    What do you mean?
  6. Eldar Lots for Sale

    Thanks, I changed the link. It should be a public file on Photobucket (which has become a pain to use lately) Let me know what error you're seeing if it still doesn't come up
  7. Eldar Lots for Sale

    Took some pictures of stuff this morning if you want a sneak peak http://s211.photobucket.com/user/Mospaeda/library/Aeldari%20for%20Sale?sort=3&page=1
  8. Eldar Lots for Sale

    Pics of stuff here, will update as I go along Eldar / Dark Eldar / Wood Elves for Sale! Looking to sell only, no trades. USA buyers, Paypal only. Will ship the most economically way possible via USPS with tracking. Local pickup available around the Seattle, WA area. Will combine shipping, let me know what you're interested in and I'll quote you a total. Feel free to make an offer! 2 Wraithknights. Partially assembled, sprayed bone over another paintjob (there's blue on one's hip plate). Detached at the waist, will look for the shoulder guns. $50 each shipped. 6 Drukhari / Dark Eldar Readers, nicely painted and with lava flight bases. Four have scatter lasers, two more unattached. Three additional bikes painted in same scheme included, but no riders. One rider has slight foot damage but not noticeable when mounted. $45 shipped for the lot. 19 Dire Avengers including Exarchs, painted. One squad of 10 with red crests and one squad of nine with black crests. $50 shipped. 5 Eldar Windriders, old style. no flight bases. $25 shipped. 3 Vypers, paint started and with various guns. no flight bases. $30 shipped 5 War Spiders, including exarch. Painted, metal. $25 shipped Avatar, metal with some greenstuff work at waist. $10 shipped Various Eldar and Imperial statues and altar, painted well. Can be used as objective markers too. $30 shipped Treelord Ancient, painted very nicely. Magnetized hands and feet to the base. $35 shipped 10 Dryad conversions. Think they were for a Wraithguard conversion. One is missing it's axe but I should have an unpainted one to include. Make me an offer.
  9. no longer available

    Sorry, when I didn't get any response I decided to hold on to it. Already got off my butt and started painting
  10. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    Doesn't look like anything new for Ad Mech besides Belisarius sold separately. Farts
  11. Looking for: 27 Marine torsos

    Would Thousand Sons Rubric Marines work?
  12. Orks for Sale

    They might be the same ones on Ordo Facebook page. Look good
  13. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/22/codex-death-guard-first-lookgw-homepage-post-2/ Codex: Death Guard: First Look The Death Guard are almost here, and with them, yet another new codex for Warhammer 40,000. We know you’ve been asking to see more of the Death Guard ever since we teased them back in March, and today, your patience is rewarded: This is one of the most exciting armies of the new edition, and you can expect to see loads of new and revamped units (you may be able to pick out a few of them from the picture, if you’re not too distracted by just how awesome Mortarion looks leading his Legion). That’s not all – we’re also very excited to announce today that Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus is next in line for release! The Adeptus Mechanicus are being re-armed for the new edition with their best codex ever. This book will contain rules for fielding the Cult Mechanicus, the Skitarii and the Knights of the Questor Mechanicus, alongside – for the first time – powerful faction rules for seven forge worlds. Codex: Death Guard will be out in September, with Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus not far behind. We’ll be previewing both books, in detail, in advance of their release, so make sure to keep coming back to Warhammer Community to make sure you don’t miss any of it.
  14. Eclipse question

    Moon 'bout ready to throw some shade
  15. no longer available

    Thinking of trading some NIB Thousand Sons for a painted army (at least base coated). Lots of 3rd party conversion parts!! Not looking for Ad Mech (already have) or Necrons. No 30K. No splits. Located near Seattle, would prefer to trade locally but can also ship. http://s211.photobucket.com/user/Mospaeda/library/Thousand Sons 2017?sort=3&page=1 Magnus the Red, NIB Ahriman (Prospero version) Ogroid Thaumaturge (use as Demon Prince) 20 Rubric Marines NIB 5 Scarab Terminators NIB bits to make 5 more Scarab Terminators 10 Tzaangors (AoS version) NIB Rhino w/havoc launcher bits Scibor Osiris Mech Suit (use as Helbrute) NIB Dark Vengeance Helbrute (some paint) 40 Scibor Egyptian 32mm bases 10 Scibor 40mm bases 1 Scibor Egyptian Basing Kit Heldrake bits to convert a Flamespyre Phoenix into a Heldrake. Includes Flying Base The Scibor bases are en route from Scibor, should arrive w/in a week. Let me know what you have!