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  1. All sold, thanks

    Thanks - how about now?
  2. All sold, thanks

    everything sold
  3. The Death Knights of Khorne

    Whoa! These look fantastic!
  4. Reaver grapping hook

    Or switch unit places - deepstrike on ground level 3” from an enemy unit 6” up. How are people playing assaults against units that are occupying the entire floor (eg there’s no room for an attacker to be placed there)? Are you allowing the combat or insisting that the target must be whittled down with gunfire first until there’s room for an attacker?
  5. Looking to sell the following items, not looking to trade. Located near Seattle (east side) and include shipping w/in continental US. Will be cheaper if I can sell in person although I'd rather not travel very far (they're priced cheap as it is) OOP Tau Broadside, new on sprue, complete. This is the older one with metal upgrade bits. $18 5 Space Marine Scouts (CCW, Bolters, Shotguns), new on sprue. $20 3 Catachan Snipers, metal on bases, primed grey. $12
  6. Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Worked on the wardroth beetle today - it's going to be a grav tank. Either a fire prism, falcon or maybe even another night spinner.
  7. Sold

  8. Random Photo Thread

  9. Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Court of the Young Queen, Biel Tan e'ry day. Had to sacrifice on of my Ohmu for her scenic base but I think it was worth it.
  10. Custodes Info

    Thank you!
  11. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    I binged this one too. Good stuff, kinda like Stranger Things
  12. Custodes Info

    Are Sisters of Silence going to be in this codex or are they still split off separately?
  13. Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Worked on some Dark Reapers with their handler. Pew-tato bugs
  14. Terrain and Charging

    I had something similar come up - charging a unit on a floor of a building where they take up the whole floor. We always allow the charge, for fairness
  15. Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Here's my Shining Spears conversions, tabletop ready. These took a lot longer than expected to make. I used Spellcrow insect helmets and like the way they turned out, was worried at first. The riders are actually Thousand Sons blue while the spiders are more of a true blue - not showing up well in this picture