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  1. Swan-of-War

    In seattle

    There was a guy on the Seattle Warhammer! Facebook page looking for a game. Ludwig or something, think he's visiting from Europe
  2. Swan-of-War

    Beware of Cougars

    Yeah, this is close to where I live.
  3. Swan-of-War

    First Plastic Sister

    She looks awesome
  4. Swan-of-War

    Trident Realms + Undead Allies 2250, new to KoW

    Here's some WIP pics - Trident Realms with Undead Allies. My theme is Neriticans defending their watery realm, gathering on an old battlesite where a pirate ship was scuttled by placoderm ambushers. An allied necromancer is using his powers to bolster the Trident Realm's strength with a legion of zombies and troops of wraiths. Love the multibasing and diorama opportunities in this game, I built my theme around the Gloomtide Shipwreck and will be adding some coral scenics from the Barbed Venomgorse boxes. Just waiting for the new Deepkin Eel Riders to be released and I should be close to done! I'm using Wrath of Kings Hadross and Deepkin models for the Trident Realms, Hordes stuff for the undead. I mixed some of the models into other unit's bases to make them look more disordered and such. Will also add more scenic bits and skeleton pirate crew once all my models come and I can lay them out.
  5. Swan-of-War

    Looking for some example lists and ideas for starters

    I like master crafted and direct misfire.
  6. Swan-of-War

    Trident Realms + Undead Allies 2250, new to KoW

    5+ to hit is pretty meh but I did notice that the Leviathan Bane has two shots vs. the Catapult's one. Does about half the damage (D3+1) but with a sweet, sweet Piercing (4). anyways, this game looks fun
  7. Swan-of-War

    Trident Realms + Undead Allies 2250, new to KoW

    Switching it up, how does this Undead w/Trident Realms allies look instead? Comes to 2,055 out of 2,250 - so 145 pts of magic items/ upgrades / chaff to slide in BATTLE LINE Zombie Legion (60) (anvil) Wight Regiment (3) (flank guard) Gigas Horde (6) (flank guard) Revenant King on Foot (support, surge and inspire to undead) Necromancer on Foot w/Lightning (surge and ranged) Wraith Troop (10) (support and flank/rear surge) HAMMER #1 Soul Reaver Cavalry Regiment (10) (hammer) Revenant King on Horse (hammer and support) Wraith Troop (10) (to be surged by the Rev King) HAMMER #2 Werewolf Horde (6) HAMMER #3 Kraken (monster) WARMACHINE Balefire Catapult (anti-monster. could take a leviathan's bane instead)
  8. Swan-of-War

    Trident Realms + Undead Allies 2250, new to KoW

    Great advice everyone, thanks! I need to pick ion CoK 18 and get to know the rules changes and new magic items. Think I’ll have my first list ready to play soon-
  9. Swan-of-War

    W: Trailer H:$$$+Trade

    There’s a gelatinous cube hiding there
  10. (Copied my post from the Mantic forums, hence the weird formatting) Looking to start my first army as Trident Realms with some Undead Allies (fits my theme). Can you critique my list?Placoderm HordePlacoderm HordePlacoderm DefenderGigas Horde-these guys seem fantastic, do they still get Ensnare? Looks to be the best anvil units in the list and I’m paying a premium for them. Gigas are there to guard a flank and the Defender hangs around to inspire and help out in a fight. Are two placo hordes too much? Could I get away with Naiad Ensnarers instead (or just one horde of Placoderms instead of two)?NecromancerWraith TroopWraith TroopZombie Regiment-the undead allies help with the center line. Zombies anchor the other flank with the help of the two Wraiths to wipe any units that engage them or the Placoderms. Does the necro need to inspire them at all given that they’re mostly throw away units? Or should he have lightning bolts instead?Wyrmrider CenturionWyrmrider Horde-my first hammer, they seem awesome. Should I run one of the Wraiths ahead of them for cover and diversion or is the Fog good enough as extra protection.Kraken-my second hammer, he must be releasedKnucker-my anti warmachine and anything else that doesn’t want to be hit by a fish missile. Should I take two?Thuul Mythican + Lightning BoltsI like this guy. He has a surprising number of attacks for a caster and, with the Inspiring Amulet, looks like he could even replace the Placoderm Defender. Lightning helps pick off chaff and lingering units. Do I need him?My plan would he to deploy as an Oblique Line, the Placo hordes anchoring along one table edge while the faster units move from side to side like a window wiper.Comments? Am I too heavy/ light in anything? I like the Siren too - would she fit well into this type of army?Thanks!
  11. Swan-of-War

    w: Bog Trogs, Croak Raiders. H: $$$

    Thanks, I hadn’t thought of looking there.
  12. Anyone looking to move some Hordes Bog Trog Ambushers, Croak Raiders and similar solos and can beat ebay prices? Unpainted please. Have Paypal, located near Seattle.
  13. Swan-of-War

    Big FAQ Update

    I agree with ignoring it - it makes it unfair to allow them to be immune to a charge. I faced a full unit of Dark Angel Helblasters perched on a second floor covered by a 4++aura (some land speeder nearby). To have to whittle them down with shooting just to make space for a single banshee to charge them really tips the scales in their favor
  14. Swan-of-War

    Airbrush - thoughts from the users

    Airbrushes are a rip off - I take a big swig of paint and spit on it like a fire breather.