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  1. JuliusRedwings

    I'm in!

    Someone done screwed up! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  2. https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/433620500 You need go to the link and sign up for the test. If you don't take the test you won't be able to apply. The test is at Bonneville Dam near Cascade Locks. Good Luck Ivan
  3. JuliusRedwings


    Has anyone else tried this site? http://channillo.com/ It's basically self published books, one chapter at a time. I've only found 3 series I enjoy and a ton of badly written crap. Here are the three I like so far. http://channillo.com/series/moirai/ http://channillo.com/series/lockheedelite/ http://channillo.com/series/war-eternal/
  4. JuliusRedwings

    Glass Display Case ideas

    I didn't realize Ikea had so many different display cases.
  5. I have a piece of plywood that I use so my lawnmower doesn't leave grass stains in my garage. You can have it if you come pick it up. I'm only about 6 hours away ish...
  6. JuliusRedwings

    Board games for 2

    Arkham Horror... but I've never played a game that didn't take several hours...
  7. JuliusRedwings

    Space Frontier: Kickstarter by local Warhammer player

  8. JuliusRedwings

    OFCC Pub Quiz

    I figured with Portland's liberal nudity laws I would just wear the black tie...
  9. JuliusRedwings

    OFCC Pub Quiz

    Is this a "Black Tie" event?
  10. JuliusRedwings

    Random Photo Thread

  11. JuliusRedwings

    OFCC annoucement

    So we can get the waitress to bring you cake!
  12. JuliusRedwings

    OFCC 40K Team Event 2014

    I prefer pie!
  13. JuliusRedwings

    OFCC 40K Team Event 2014

    I'll throw my hat in to the pool of stand by players there is always that last minute guy that can't make it. I'm coming up for the weekend to hang out with all of the good looking people anyway. (Sorry Burk I'm talking about Weav and Eric!) Ivan
  14. JuliusRedwings

    Timbers Season Opener 8 March

    Super WET but it was fun! I think the refs were a little to zealous in some of their calls but not to horrible after all.
  15. JuliusRedwings

    Random Photo Thread

    OUCH! Poor kid!