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  1. Dnd or Pathfinder

    I'm currently playing pathfinder and it is okay, but it is a builder's game. And due to the fact that there is so much content for it, there is some pretty wild and crazy [big bad swear word]. If you can keep it simple, it is probably a fine game. However, be careful about people finding stuff for it that is completely broken. I've only played 5th a little, but it is a much more controlled game that I have seen. But I also know they are having trouble with some of the class balance.
  2. Craft retreat goodness

    Thanks. Now I just need more shelf space for the new units. :) I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed the weekend. I think it is great that the hosts are now open to any craft hobby coming to these retreats. One of the coolest things that happened was that I discovered that one of the people that works there actually plays Bolt Action. He lives in Corbet and doesn't have many players available to him. I let him know about Ordo and hopefully will schedule some games soon. For those that may be interested, here is a link to the current info: Crafting retreats at Menucha
  3. My new blog :)

    Been a while, I know, but hey, an update. :)
  4. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Justice League - 7/10 for the movie, 9/10 for Gal Galdot in leather pants. I think the issue was that it was a little rushed. They had three intros to do for characters, and yet somehow put in a plot that required everyone to be there. So okay for a DC movie. Marvel just does it better. Probably because they actually have a plan. If you really really really like DC, then go see this movie. If superhero flicks are just okay for you, you can probably wait for the at home release.
  5. Craft retreat goodness

    So Menucha hosted another Scrap and Sew retreat this past weekend. My wife happened to be hosting this one and had a spot open for me to go. I love these things. Sure, I was the only guy there, but I had a whole weekend for working on my models. We pulled in around 2pm on Friday, got fed at 7pm, and went to bed some time around 10. Next morning, breakfast at 8am, lunch at noon, and dinner at 6pm. Sunday was breakfast and lunch as well. As I said, I was the only guy there, but the ladies were all real nice and some came over to check out the models. They were all pretty amazed at the details and I got no judgement whatsoever. Also, my wife was scrap booking at the table right across from me. No kids, no chores, no cooking. I just got to play with my models for the whole weekend. The one thing I did hear often was that it would be great to have more guys show up. So while the event is called Scrap and Sew, they are completely open to other indoor craft activities. I had a whole 3x6 table to myself, and an LED lamp was made available. I brought my Tau that had been sitting in boxes for several years and pretty much put together an entire force. The next one they are going to have is going to be in March. If anyone is interested in going, toss me a PM and I can get details for you when it is available. I think the price for this one was around $250. But considering you are getting a work area, two nights stay, and six meals, it really isn't that bad. And you also don't have to stay the entire time, so price is flexible. I think for the one in march I will leave the boxes at home and just bring some models to paint.
  6. H: FoW houses and terrain W: Cash

  7. FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

    I could also be interested in various flavors of chimeras or russes...for my GSC :)
  8. ammo box by battlefoam

    Imagine my surprise today at GG when I saw a new battlefoam bag in desert tan with the words Ammo Box across the front. $100 got me an updated FoW bag with two infantry trays, one inf + command tray, two gun team/tank trays, a large base tray, and a pluck tray (for aircraft). Side pockets are larger too. I was so bummed when they dropped the FoW bag, but very happy to see it again in the Ammo Box.
  9. Dark Eldar for sale - sold

    I love the models too, which is why I got them. Dude on Barter had a nice assembled set for $100 which nearly sucked me in...but I need to get these gone so they are no longer tempting me. So yes, give in to your temptation and take these models away! Shiny models.....still in box.....so new.....great deal.....
  10. LF: Imperium 1 Index

    Hey man, we are going to have to do this another day. My caregiver called in sick and its just my and my daughter today. Maybe tomorrow.
  11. LF: Imperium 1 Index

    I'll see what I can do. I have my kids this weekend (wife is out of town). Is PGS fairly handicap friendly?
  12. LF: Imperium 1 Index

    Need the book to play with my space wolves. :)
  13. Dark Eldar for sale - sold

    So after picking up my new GSC army, I don't really need another project. Thus the DE are on the chopping block. My current army, all NIB, are as follows: Getting Started box ( 10 kalabites, 1 archon, 3 bikes, 1 raider) 3 venoms 10 kalabites 1 talos/chronos $250 retail - looking for $150 + shipping if required. No longer available.
  14. LF: new style leman russ, GSC hybrid heavy weapons

    The bigger ones mostly. For acolytes, I need the rock trio (cutter, drill, saw), and for the neos, I need the heavy stubber, the seismic cannon, and mining laser. I could also use icon bits too. Don't have any of those.
  15. LF: new style leman russ, GSC hybrid heavy weapons

    I did look, but those are all old russ's, and I have one already. I'd like to get a newer kit with the various gun options. Also looking for GSC hybrid extras. I got some models, but pre-built, and I'm in need of some of the mining weapon options.