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  1. stop tempting me with your minis!
  2. Brother Glacius

    One Day Painting Retreat - March 30th

    That's a shame Brick. I've also created a Facebook event, so please feel free to share with anyone you might think would be interested. https://www.facebook.com/events/394213054672980/
  3. Brother Glacius

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Space Hulk: Deathwing - PC version. Okay, big shocker, as it is a SPACE HULK game...you play as a terminator. You know...because that is what SPACE HULK is about...Oh, and yes, you play a male marine...because GW doesn't have female space marines! Sorry, but some previous reviews of this game just bugged the crap out of me for complaining about stuff that really is not the "fault" of the game. Its like bitching that you can't choose a bat for that soccer game you just bought. The game itself is fun. I've played it so much that I'm level 130something. Granted, I don't play single player, I only play multiplayer. That doesn't mean you will actually have other people though. I've solo'd missions plenty of times. I just simply like the overall pace of MP. You get a range of roles to pick from (CC, HW, Tac, Lib, Apoc, Chap) and each one has its own abilities that they can earn and weapons to unlock. If you want, you can start the game with all of it unlocked, but then respawn timers are 5 minutes long. I like playing where you have to unlock everything during the game. Replay-ability is there due to the level up process. As you level, you earn customization unlocks, and a currency that you can use to unlock features as well. The customization plays a big part in the game as they can make you tougher or more lethal or both. While the game does not have built in voip (it should), Steam does...so you can use it when playing with friends. There is a string of missions that you can run, but also random missions that you can use that truly are random. The maps are not dynamic, but the objectives are, as well as the types of Genestealers you will face. The AI is good and the threats are varied. You have your typical GS, but then you also have stealth ones that pack a real punch (most of the time I die, its when a stealth dude one-shots me to the head), then they have suicide explodey guys, armed cultists, and then the big nasty Brood Lords...(which look more like carnifexes). Oh, and they also have enemy psykers which can one-shot you too. The game is beautiful. Fantastic level design too. All of that with strategy and tactics important. A varied four man team usually does best as all of the abilities they bring compliment each other. Oh, and they actually did a good job with melee as well. Now at first glance, you might dismiss it, but play enough times and you will realize how useful a pure melee build is, and with the right customization, devastating. In fact, the most lethal character in the game is the Close Combat terminator. Can take down a brood lord in two hits on max difficulty. I'd give it a solid 8/10. A lot of that is due to the fact that the company added a significant amount of content for free after the game was released. If you like 3D shooters, like co-op and a solid campaign, then this game is for you. Oh, and it is hard. My friends and I play a lot, and we still fail missions sometimes. And for those real die-hards, you can turn on friendly fire too. That big AOE plasma cannon goes away real quick after you kill yourself with it because you hit too close to yourself. 🙂
  4. Brother Glacius

    One Day Painting Retreat - March 30th

    Details Update: The location changed. It is no longer in Green House, but instead in the Barn. And no, it is not actually in a barn. The building is probably 150 yards from the main house and is somewhat secluded. That basically means we get a small walk to and from lunch. 🙂 Also, the cost is $34 and you can sign up for it at the Menucha web site. I'll post up again when I see the program on there. Some of you may be wondering, why pay $34 to build and paint models when you can do that at home, or even at WoW? Well, the simple answer is that its another way to build the community, and the atmosphere is unique. First off, Menucha is a beautiful place. It is truly restful. Second, there is a feeling when you leave Portland and drive out there that helps create that environment of really being away. Third, if we can prove that there is an interest in it, then we can eventually do bigger and longer events.
  5. Brother Glacius

    Painting MDF - advice needed

    was planning on trying my airbrush on it. I also have a bunch of color inks too, so maybe that wouldn't be a bad way to go. Have to give it a shot I guess and hope it works out.
  6. Brother Glacius

    My new blog :)

    new happy update with pics!
  7. Brother Glacius

    W: Female GSC Heads

    what's wrong with the bikers?
  8. Brother Glacius

    One Day Painting Retreat - March 30th

    Hey Ordo, Wanted to get this out there as soon as possible. I am trying to have a one day painting retreat at the Menchua Retreat and Conference Center in Corbet on March 30th. That is a Saturday. I will post up the final details once I have them. https://menucha.org/ What is it? Well its an organized day to hang out with fellow hobbyists to build and paint models. It is a retreat, a chance to get away and really focus on what you want to do. And of course it is about community and spending time with others that enjoy the hobby. A few years ago my wife started something similar for her scrapbooking hobby. It has since turned into a full weekend event that they hold three times a year. I've been a few times and always got a lot done. This past weekend I painted up an entire Italian Bolt Action army and still had time left over to build some MDF terrain too. The details that I do have currently is that it will be held in the Green House (most likely), and looking at a total occupancy of around 10 I believe. Cost will be around $30 and that includes lunch which is served as a family style meal in the dining hall. Corbet is just 20min outside of Portland. The retreat goes from 9am to 5pm. Toss me a PM if interested and I can send you details on how to sign up.
  9. Brother Glacius

    Painting MDF - advice needed

    So I picked up these nice buildings from Dave's Wargames. I'd like to paint it, but I'm a bit worried that the detail that is burned into the wood will get covered by the paint. Any advice?
  10. Brother Glacius

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Ocean's Eight - or, how to kill off a franchise. I can't say there was anything really bad about the movie. But I also can't say there was anything good about the movie either. They took the Ocean's formula, used women, and then stripped out all the Coolness that made the previous movies so darn entertaining. And no real plot twist. Everything went as planned and they got away. zzzzzzzzzzz Ocean's Eleven - or how to build a franchise. So then my wife and I watched the original remake (Clooney and Pitt). It was fantastic. It was subtle, it was fun, the chemistry worked great, and the music tied it all together. And the casting really worked. The best part were the plot twists too. The question of "could they pull it off" never left the table. So good.
  11. Brother Glacius

    My new blog :)

    New update y'all.
  12. Brother Glacius

    More GSC previews

    did they lose the ability to take AM allies?
  13. Brother Glacius

    More GSC previews

    Love the models. Really like the direction they are going with for GSC. I also like how even the smaller vehicles in 8th are survivable past a single hit. Makes them worthwhile for the first time in ages. This army is going to drain my wallet.
  14. This one is going to take some explaining. I bought the German army set when BA first came out. So I have the early plastic sprues. That means each arm and the gun are separate and a huge PITA to assemble. Since that time Warlord has put out some newer sprues that have the arms and weapons as a single bit. I am hoping that some Ordos out there might have extras of these combos. I am guessing they will still work with the older torsos. You can find the combos on either the blitzkrieg or the grenadier sprues.
  15. Never Mind, will wait for book.