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  1. Job searching sucks

    So I've been looking for work now for 6 months and still have not found a job. I can barely even get a phone call, let alone an interview. I am just flabbergasted at this point. Apparently 22 years of development and application support mean nothing.
  2. Looking for beastmen

    only plastics?
  3. Dang, I have to say I'm really tempted by the dwarfs. But I just have no interest in playing AoS. Arg, dang great models, meh game. :(
  4. W: plastic witch elves and cauldron

    Another long shot, but wouldn't mind getting the last pieces for my dark elf army. PM if you have some for sale or trade.
  5. Old School Fanatsy RPG Adventure crawling - Sundays at Ordo

    Put me down for playing
  6. LF: big warhammer monster square bases

    Sold. PM incoming.
  7. LF: big warhammer monster square bases

    Fantastic. Let me know and what you'd like for them.
  8. LF: big warhammer monster square bases

    If they are bigger than a normal cav base, then I'm interested in them. Also looking for the large monster bases. Stuff like the big spider, or the zombie dragon base.
  9. LF: big warhammer monster square bases

    Monstrous cav, chariot or bigger.
  10. LF: big warhammer monster square bases

    Shot in the dark, but maybe someone out there that went whole hog on AoS might have some of the older big monster bases from GW. Have $$ or plenty for trade.
  11. Daughters of Khaine

    I can't imagine the cost though. I was looking at the orrucks and those prices were outrageous. $79 for 3 cab models? The sculpts are amazing. Just wish gw would allow you to buy more than the getting started kits.
  12. mantic has some thudd gun looking pieces for their forge father line.
  13. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    I really like the white helm. Even the white bar on top of the split helm looks good. I was starting to think they were a bit on the dark side (strange as yellow is half the model), but the white really works well in my opinion.
  14. W: NIB or NOS Tau H: Cash, Metal Orks, OOP Daemons, OOP Elves

    I might have some firewarriors. What wood and dark elf stuff do you have?