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  1. Brother Glacius

    Spartan IP acquired by Wayland Games / Warcradle Studios

    They are also releasing Armored Clash, the land version. However, I think the scale between the naval and land are now going to be different. Lets face it, it was very ambitious of Spartan to try to have all three in a single rule set. I never played a combined game other than air and sea.
  2. Brother Glacius

    New Box set split.

    Is the SW side all primaris stuff?
  3. Brother Glacius

    LF: a handful of puppy size single rats

    Didn't a nid spruce have something similar? Or I suppose skaven might have.
  4. Brother Glacius

    Raindog's Model Reduction and Slow Sell Off Thread

    Dang...I would, but Pretre just snagged the last of my fun cash... 🙂
  5. Brother Glacius

    Raindog's Model Reduction and Slow Sell Off Thread

    Is it just the three Tileans?
  6. Then have I got the job for you! Come on down to NE 61st and Tillamook today and help us paint our street. All ages welcome.
  7. Actually, I'm going to undibs. I got all excited and then looked at my DE collection and don't need them after all. 😞
  8. Brother Glacius

    PAX West

    Kind of surprising a little, but I rarely see threads about PAX on Ordo. I've never been myself but would love to go some day (although honestly, I have this fear that I'm too old for it now). This year does not work out for me, but wanted to start making plans for next year hopefully. Just curious if anyone out there regularly goes, or perhaps has tips or advice on going? The only events that I'd really want to go to are the Acquisitions Inc. games/panels. Not sure if I'd need a full weekend pass for that or not. Anyways, any info from people that have actually gone would be great.
  9. Brother Glacius

    Best edition of warhammer fantasy battle?

    @Pax - wha? Fantasy used to be the board where all the coolness happened. 40K was ehh. Mostly because 3rd edition I think lasted a long while. My recollection was that Fantasy was the game of choice for most ordos in the beginning. And probably BloodBowl a close second for the inner circle. 40K did start to grow, but I know personally, the more "mature" game was WFB. I think the big downturn for fantasy was when the pricing started to really jack up. You went from a nice period where the regiment boxes were great values...then they went to okay values, and then quickly moved to "wtf are they thinking?" And it was at that point that fantasy saw a big downturn because it was simply too hard to get new ppl into it that weren't born with a silver spoon. Starting with 6th edition, units kept getting bigger too. Where once a hundred models might have been average on the table, now it was easily double that. Once we reached 8th, seeing units of 40+ was common, and then translate that into dollars, and you had a $200 unit... GW literally changed the meta of WFB so that more and more models were required, but kept upping the cost of those models, and then turned around and blamed the community for not buying as much. Kind of funny if you now think about 40K. GW has not gone more models, but has gone bigger models, and thus kept the numbers low, but are charging $100+ for a single model. That seems to not be as daunting for folks. Go figure. And that same strategy is now in play for AoS. You see these killer large models being made, with high price tag. I guess people are okay with it since they only need to buy one.
  10. Brother Glacius

    So what do I need?

    Honestly, you should be able to download what you need just to play. I think all of the old armies still have pdfs somewhere on the website, and of course the rules for 2.0 were posted in the community page a little while ago. For point value games, you'll need the general's handbook. The army books they have put out have only been for new lines for the most part, with the undead book (not the night haunts) being perhaps the only exception? But not sure about that. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-warriors-of-chaos-en.pdf Just put in "compendium" in the search bar at GW's web site and you can find the pdfs. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Rulesheets/ENG_AoSSW_Rules_booklet_web.pdf
  11. Brother Glacius

    What podcasts are people listening to?

    Acquisitions Incorporated C Team - so good
  12. Brother Glacius

    Spartan IP acquired by Wayland Games / Warcradle Studios

    Game is still in alpha. There have been dev Q&A sessions on facebook.
  13. Brother Glacius

    Here's an Odd one for ya...

    Its a Kirin.