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  1. Brother Glacius

    06/23 Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

    Can't be there to sell, but hope to be there in afternoon to buy some.
  2. Brother Glacius

    Good News Mechanicus Players!

    yay...Now I can put together those fw mechanicus infantry guys
  3. Brother Glacius

    Interested in undead half of Soul War

  4. Brother Glacius

    looking for 40K codexes

    I do not own any of that stuff. Thanks for the response though.
  5. Brother Glacius

    looking for 40K codexes

    Other things as I need my codices. (freaking autocorrect is really getting on my nerves lately)
  6. Brother Glacius

    looking for 40K codexes

    I'm in the market for the latest Necron, Tau, and Eldar codices. Buy or trade.
  7. I almost picked it up at GG the other day, but ended up against it. My AM book already lets me take the models I have (minus the new forgebane). I don't see myself blowing $170 on one of the new guys that is not that much different from my existing knights. Is there any reason for an AM player to get the IK book if they aren't planning on running a IK detatchment?
  8. Brother Glacius

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Solo has definitely been hurt by disgruntled SW fans and bad press of late director change. Lets face it, Fanbois are dicks and they give a bad name to true fans.
  9. Brother Glacius

    Ordo Terrain Nights - An ongoing series till OFCC

    Painting tonight?
  10. Brother Glacius


    What day were you at? I'm at 240 or so.
  11. Brother Glacius


    stock jager sucks, but its still a 60 ton mech and the first heavy mech made available to me.
  12. Brother Glacius

    Ordo Terrain Nights - An ongoing series till OFCC

    Thank you Scott for my first run at using an airbrush. Learned a lot and am pretty excited about giving it a go on my own models. Gotta find a good resource for airbrush paint in Portland now.
  13. Brother Glacius


    There's no need for a controller. No twitch controls, all point and click. I suppose if you had a controller that mimicked mouse controls, that is all you need.
  14. Brother Glacius


    Thanks, I also started to Precision Strike the 35 tonners in the CT with the Jager (twin AC5s and two med lasers). That let me one-shot them. I had tried to use a hunchback for that role since the AC20 could wipe out a location in one hit, but jesus, that thing misses so much. Had to sideline the mech.
  15. Brother Glacius


    I went back about 30 days, played every other mission I could and got a grasshopper. Retooled my other mechs to boost armor. Beat it with two heavies, a med, and a light. Got all objectives, no losses. Took me 8 tries in all? Grasshopper, jager, shadowhawk, and jenner.