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  1. deathwatch overkill

    I am thinking of picking up a set so I can get the GSC models. I have no interest in the rules or marines. Any takers on that?
  2. Supposed new Primarus Super Heavy

    I love how gw just makes up weapon names. Redonkulous.
  3. The Inhumans

    Ugh. So bad. Watched/tortured myself with three episodes so far. I do have a huge question that hopefully someone can help with. In ep 2, Medusa stabs and seemingly kills the inhuman chick who's the new head of the guard. And yet in ep 3, she's alive and kicking with seemingly no mention of her death or recovery. Did I black out a whole scene somewhere?
  4. W: Genestealer cult H: Tau

    So I know this is a long shot, but I thought I may as well put this out there. I've decided I like the genestealer cult. However, I really need to cut back on an army in order to get it. So my Tau are going up on the chopping block. PM if you have genestealer cult for sale, or if you are interested in buying Tau...or even better, trade. I'll be posting Tau details a little later. This image is fairly recent, but I may have added a unit or two since then.
  5. latest GW price hike

    To be fair, I went back and sure enough, apparently I was looking at Canadian prices. So the units in question were $8/model. Still not great, but at least better than $10. Good call Pretre.
  6. latest GW price hike

    Wow, I know the hobby hasn't really been on my radar for a while, but holy gee whiz! Are you serious? $10/model core troops? I guess when your game is hot, you can really screw your customers.
  7. W: Eldar H: AD Mech and about everything else

    I might have some stuff as well. Just pm if still looking.
  8. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    Great job GW, you've given me an updated book for 8th edition with no freaking new units. On the one hand, means I don't need to buy anything else. On the other, now I have to wait years before getting an admech flyer or transport that isn't FW.
  9. Damnit Pretre, those dwarfs are tugging at my soul!
  10. Eldar Lots for Sale

    dude, google photos..can't see pics.
  11. Anyone planning on selling spartan games stuff?
  12. Spartan Games has gone out of business

    Well, just because the company closed its doors, didn't suddenly make everyone's rulebooks disappear. The download section of their website is still up as well, so if you need rules or the latest orbats, you can still get them.