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  1. Hard to tell how this will shake out, but according to this Beast of War post http://www.beastsofwar.com/warcradle-studios/warcradle-studios-acquires-dystopian-firestorm-settings/ the intellectual property has been bought. If anything come of this maybe this sub-forum will need a name change.
  2. Spartan Games has gone out of business

    Yeah, he has mention elsewhere online having ideas for the v3 rules. And there is one effort lead by a former Spartan employee, although there seems to be mixed feeling about his work.
  3. Spartan Games has gone out of business

    I haven't totally given up on their games, but I was hoping to see what vers 3 of the FA rules would bring. I read they were posted to the Spartan forums, but those are closed. Will have to make sure I have copies of DW and Planetfall. Haven't played the with the most recent rules for the former, or gotten a game of the latter in at all.
  4. Spartan Games has gone out of business

    This last week I was dusting off my Firestorm Armada minis in preparation restart painting them in hopes of getting some games in. Then the email showed up. sigh.