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  1. Hard to tell how this will shake out, but according to this Beast of War post http://www.beastsofwar.com/warcradle-studios/warcradle-studios-acquires-dystopian-firestorm-settings/ the intellectual property has been bought. If anything come of this maybe this sub-forum will need a name change.
  2. MoonWyrd

    Spartan Games has gone out of business

    Yeah, he has mention elsewhere online having ideas for the v3 rules. And there is one effort lead by a former Spartan employee, although there seems to be mixed feeling about his work.
  3. MoonWyrd

    Spartan Games has gone out of business

    I haven't totally given up on their games, but I was hoping to see what vers 3 of the FA rules would bring. I read they were posted to the Spartan forums, but those are closed. Will have to make sure I have copies of DW and Planetfall. Haven't played the with the most recent rules for the former, or gotten a game of the latter in at all.
  4. MoonWyrd

    Spartan Games has gone out of business

    This last week I was dusting off my Firestorm Armada minis in preparation restart painting them in hopes of getting some games in. Then the email showed up. sigh.
  5. MoonWyrd

    The Spartan Two-Step

    I've tried the quick rules for Firestorm Armada, not a fan. Made me skeptical of the DW version. While awaiting the new DW rules hopefully I'll find the time to dig out, dust off, and get back to working on my minis. Have fair number of CoA and EotBS.
  6. MoonWyrd

    The Spartan Two-Step

    I've been wondering if anybody is still playing DW. There used to be a fair number that hung out at Bridgetown Hobbies. But they closed. I haven't played 2.0 yet. How different is 2.0 from 1.x? Been getting some games of Firestorm Armada in.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to Stoobert for putting this together. It was fun.
  8. MoonWyrd

    Learn Dystopian Wars, Thursday nights @ GG

    I'd like to learn DW 2.0, but week nights tend not to work that well for me. Unless a earlier start is possible.