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  1. Warporch date?

    Looks like the 9th will be the day after all. Life is silly.
  2. Eldar info

    That was against Torg, not dusldorf.
  3. Eldar info

    But did Maugan Ra die trying to death or glory a trukk?
  4. Hail Hydra for swarmy goodness.
  5. Interesting that they put them all out at once.
  6. Warporch date?

    Sounds like the 25th. That could double as a birthday gathering for me as well. (My birthday is the 26th).
  7. Eldar info

    I want to do another one soon. Been advertising more on FB since most of the participants have been more Warmahordes folks.
  8. Eldar info

    Lance, pick a weeknight or weekend afternoon and come over for a learning game. 8th is dope.
  9. Eldar info

    My dream Eldar army is an Alaitoc force of Rangers and Scorpions backed by war walkers. Looks like that will be feasible.
  10. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    It does, because it is...
  11. I'm seriously so pumped for codes Orks. Been fanboing about Klan abilities and such. Here's my ideas: Blood Axe: infantry get a 5" scout style move at the beginning of the game. Evil Sunz: can embark after melee, every vehicle slightly faster, maybe 1 or 2 inches. Goffs . Re roll 1s in melee Bad Moon: extra range on guns. Deathskullz: 6+ invul Snakebites: bonus to grits, maybe t3? Other ideas?
  12. Really good Kickstarter, Empire of Men

    I can't justify rebuying my Guard. Too bad these weren't out years ago...
  13. Rough Riders into the Sunset

    This was my thought as well. Unfortunately, all the regimental stuff targets infantry or vehicles...