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  1. 😊 I really like the aesthetic of pipes kn the battlefield. I had to trim them down with a dremel to get the height right so they work as barricades. My other plan was to use big PVC pipes as smoke/steam stacks/vents. I need to get some batting from Michael's but this steel wool gives the idea. I have these fake candle led tea light things that'll go inside to complete the look. Got a bit more work done on my buildings and Ezra started another can tower. A while back, Ordo donated a bunch of terrain to Warporch and I decided I could bump up the quality of this one by adding some armorcast stuff. And the base of this was a special 711 mug for Cowboys and Aliens that I've been meaning to use as terrain for forever.
  2. 3 buildings, a bunch of pipes, 4 upright can towers (like the one above) and then all the walkways, plus so armorcast resin pipe walls, and I think it should be dense enough.
  3. I bought two scatter terrain sets and figured I could add them to these boxes to make them into buildings.
  4. Interesting. I plan on keeping the heavy scrubbers, I like their style. As to bolters, I plan on using munitioneer on both champions. I like the idea of bolters a lot.
  5. I got one more Orlock ganger witb autogun done after this. My starting gang is Leader: plasma pistol, chainsword Champion: heavy stuber Champion: heavy stuber Juve: 2x autopistols 4x Gangers: Autoguns
  6. Just remember, I'm the one that dropped an entire Chicken Teriyaki onto a game in progress once...
  7. First 4. Ezra built the polearm guy all by himself!
  8. Finally got all the stuff I ordered and I sat down to put models together last night, usually one of my favorite activities. I'm no @Koyote or @PourSpelur when it comes to conversions, but I really love it. Well, I had really underestimated how hard it is to put models together with numb hands. 😞 After a frustrating 30 minutes I had ONE Cawdor put together. I'm a little depressed at this situation, and my grand plans seem wobbly now. Fortunately, I see a neurologist in a few weeks and maybe I'll get a solution. I'll keep plugging away until then I guess...
  9. OK, makes sense, that's why no hard and fast rules. I'm mostly going to be playing with my son, so no big deal.
  10. So you can essentially deck build ala Netrunner?
  11. I don’t get how to create tactics cards decks? Do I… 1. Make One Deck of all generic tactics that each player draws from, PLUS their own house deck to draw from. 2. Each player has their own deck of ALL generics + their house cards. I found a resource on YakTribe with all the tactics cards, just need to know how to use them. They seem like a great way to balance out Gang imbalances.
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