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  1. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    I will plan on being there.
  2. I am thinking Goblins to get myself ready for the beatdown in the league next season.
  3. Give me a seat in your car and I will be there.
  4. Elheim Eagles

    I like the skill rings. Hopefully in more than just yellow!
  5. Spike! 2018 dates are official!

    Likely going to miss
  6. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    Apathy is not the issue here.
  7. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    I am sad that I cannot make it
  8. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    I really need to get an ooligan model now
  9. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    Can I use it to start a new team... say like some goblins I plan to play in the upcoming season?
  10. I am going to try and watch. I would love to have more of our league games streamed live and look forward to seeing how you have it set up.
  11. 11/4 @ Noon - First ever ORDO AFTER DORK 40k League Celebration!

    Sadly I have a work thing on the 4th and cannot make it.
  12. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    Have you not already won with Ogres. I think it is time for a real challenge. High Elves