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  1. I may get to play in this, but sadly my registration will come late. Sorry organizers!
  2. savion47

    Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

    Only reason I am playing this year!
  3. savion47

    OBBL 2018 Apertura Playoff Picture

    Great job @Vraeden! Congrats on the win.
  4. savion47

    Warhammer: Inquisitor - Martyr made a Cabal

    but is this game any good?
  5. savion47

    New Ordo Bowl Commissioner

    I do look good topless on a horse.
  6. savion47

    Fallout 76 official teaser trailer

    Fallout 4 is a fun game, but low on my list of top fallout games. I am waiting to see what crazy rumors and guesses 76 will be.
  7. savion47

    New Ordo Bowl Commissioner

    Hi Everyone. I wanted to announce that we have a new Ordo Bowl Commissioner, Jason Weaver (weav). Jason took the position from me when I told him to do so. I am excited by all the work he has been doing while I pretended to be the commish and believe that the next season of the league as well as upcoming tournaments are going to be a great time for all who participate! Congratulations Weav!!!
  8. savion47

    OBBL 2018 Apertura Playoff Picture

    I vote she can never play in the league.
  9. savion47

    OBBL 2018 Apertura Playoff Picture

    Thanks for the heads up!
  10. savion47

    The New And Improved Infinity at the OFCC

    It is an OFCC tradition to enlist as many people as you can the night before in the event hall to paint your models. I will be happy to see the Infinity players embrace the time honored practice.
  11. savion47

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    Ya, my answer to those is generally some string of expletives followed by how I am not going to answer these dumb questions. It made for a fun time trying to recover access to an important account over the phone.
  12. 2nd place is still good for me I guess.
  13. So far I have this tournament in the bag. Cannot believe you guys are going to let me win this easy.
  14. I am going to sign up. There is a chance I will have to give away my ticket to someone else, but I think it is a small one. edit: Oh and it is going to be Van Saars if I can find the time to paint them.
  15. Count me out until I say otherwise 😀