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  1. I really hope I can make this one as I mist the first.
  2. If I get the chance to participate in this, I will be taking on the challenge of using only the paints provided... and the following brush:
  3. There is a very good chance that I have one, shoot me a PM so I remember to look when I get home.
  4. Both these instances do not have the player roll for armor. The rule does not say you roll for armor anytime they are knocked down, it says you add +3. Not sure how you could add +3 to a non-existent roll. The part of the rule for reference:
  5. If someone really wants to play, and can do Nurgle, I am happy to let them play in my stead. I can always do data entry or something at the tournament.Happy to help run things over playing.
  6. I have paid. I think I have everything I need. Just need to double check I have enough rotters.
  7. guess I am playing Nurgle if I can find the roster
  8. On the flight back. Had a great time! Need to play more undead.
  9. Taking Undead. If I do worse than the Vampire team I should consider quitting BB.
  10. I may come down and play a new team. Are games scheduled or is it just going to be put together with who is there each night?
  11. How much more do we have to go and do you have a list of people for me to harass to make this happen?
  12. donated to make Bryan play!
  13. If the award was "most dapper" there was no contest.
  14. No, you can spend up to 50k on a player.
  15. So, I have been struggling to come up with a good roster for the west coast quake on Jan 19-20. The rules are 1.1 mil and you have to buy skills. No player can have more than 50k and only 2 of the same skill can be taken. You can see the rules here. Finding a team that can actually fit in this format has been tough. Here is what I am thinking. I am not solid on the skill choices yet, but I think undead could work. Thoughts?
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