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  1. savion47

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    Ya, my answer to those is generally some string of expletives followed by how I am not going to answer these dumb questions. It made for a fun time trying to recover access to an important account over the phone.
  2. 2nd place is still good for me I guess.
  3. So far I have this tournament in the bag. Cannot believe you guys are going to let me win this easy.
  4. I am going to sign up. There is a chance I will have to give away my ticket to someone else, but I think it is a small one. edit: Oh and it is going to be Van Saars if I can find the time to paint them.
  5. Count me out until I say otherwise 😀
  6. savion47

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    I use password a password manager as well. I honestly do not know most of my passwords anymore. Yes, they have their security vulnerabilities, but when sites get hacked, that password only works on that one site. I don't have to worry about them using the password on other common sites. This has simplified my life when I get those "we've been hacked" emails.
  7. savion47

    Nintendo Switch

    Jut bought a switch actually because of the exclusives (and portability as I find myself away from my gaming pc to often these days). Only complaint I have is having to buy a better controller when it is docked. I did see a 3rd party device that would allow me to connect my xbox one elite controller, but I have heard of bricked units from 3rd party peripherals.
  8. savion47

    Sea of Thieves

    A comparison just struck me about this game. I am not sure how many of you played EVE online, but Sea of Thieves gives me a lot of the feelings of that game. It has very little to do with any connection to mechanics, or anything like that, but everything to do with my feelings while playing it. The general day to day game play is actually quite boring for me (as with EVE but 10x worse), but the moments of pvp battles are incredibly thrilling. As Bro G was talking about, when you and your crew successfully fight off other players trying to steal your treasure (or just kill you because you might have treasure) the game is insanely fun. Taking revenge on someone for their actions against you is immensely satisfying. For instance the most fun I had was during a battle between my galleon with 3 total crew and another. A smaller sloop decided to try and get involved. I ended up sneaking onto the ship and killing the 1 person crewing the ship. I then proceeded to ram the galleon that we had been fighting off for I think about 30 minutes. It was truly glorious watching the ship I had commandeered sink and the pursuing galleon panic as their ship began sinking at a rapid pace as well. We escaped with our treasure laughing and cheering. It was truly the most fun I have had in a video game in some time... sadly it is those short lived moments that make me keep coming back to this game for the boring missions.
  9. savion47

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    I hope to be very impressed with your commitment to this bit by the end of Sat.
  10. savion47

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    Man I wish I could go. Post plenty of updates on your games!
  11. savion47

    Sea of Thieves

    Oh ya, the player on player ship battles can be a lot of fun. Things like using gunpowder barrels to blow a bunch of holes in the side of ships is great. I have also had the opportunity to complete the raid which was ok. Was able to fight off the Kraken once as well which felt like a great accomplishment (and saved a bunch of treasure we collected). We have however hit a point of collecting treasure feels like a bit of a meaningless task. Since everything is cosmetic, once you have what you want there is little incentive to keep going as the quests are the same three things over and over.
  12. savion47

    Sea of Thieves

    I have been playing this game a fair amount with some friends. $60 game it is not, but we are always talking about what potential it has and if they had only had more content at release.
  13. savion47

    Blood Bowl World Cup

    The rules for 2019 have been posted: http://www.nafworldcup.sbbm-turniere.com/ Home>Rules
  14. savion47

    OBBL Rounds Three and Four

    @Vraeden You good with Tuesday GN next weeK?