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  1. Eldar info

    I haven't seen anything new yet either but .... would that be a GW 1st? A new codex without any new models to sell?
  2. Eldar info

    Anyone have any insight into whether we might see a new Shining Spears kit?
  3. Warhamsters 10/17

    Im in!
  4. Tuesday game day!!!! Warhamsters!!!!

    Depends on who wins! I think I might be helping Brad playtest Damage next week, and I'll be at a track meet the following Tuesday. Maybe sometime after that, though? This year is going to be a pretty busy one for me, but I'll try and make it out as much as I can.
  5. Tuesday game day!!!! Warhamsters!!!!

    Excellent! One group of mutant loyalists versus another!
  6. Tuesday game day!!!! Warhamsters!!!!

    Anyone up for taking on the Raven Guard in a 2000 point 40k game?
  7. Warhamster Gamenight on the 3rd of October!!!

    Yup. It was used for blind testing before and during KublaCon. It worked well enough, but is in need of a major over-haul now.
  8. Warhamster Gamenight on the 3rd of October!!!

    Thanks for the help last night, gents! I have a short list of tweaks to try out from last night, but nothing to get in the way of revising the rulebook (which I've been dreading). It's getting close!
  9. Warhamster Gamenight on the 3rd of October!!!

    Fair enough. Infinity percent more clockwork beavers!
  10. Warhamster Gamenight on the 3rd of October!!!

    I've got to get this Dark Curios run-through finished, but I am getting desperate for some more 40k action. If y'all can stand the might of the XIX, I'll be up for some 40k in the coming weeks.
  11. Warhamster Gamenight on the 3rd of October!!!

    Thanks, gents! Room for one more if need be, but 3 will work fine, as well. I'll plan on setting up shooting for a 6 or 6:15 start time, if that works for folks.
  12. Why am I starting this thread so early, you ask? Why, because I want to rope 3 to 4 of you into playtesting a round of Dark Curios,. I've made some modifications following Kublacon, and have some updated components. There are a couple of rules that might change mid-game, and I want to give it another shot before I finalize the rules and start shopping it around. It shouldn't take longer than an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours max if the conversation goes long. Any takers? Don't forget, Dark Curios has 100% more Clockwork Beavers than any other game on the market!
  13. Warhamsters Assemble!! September 26th

    I'm celebrating my youngest daughter's tenth birthday!
  14. Warhamsters 9/19 Game Night

    I'm in for playtesting! Specially seein as I'm gonna be hitting y'all up for some Dark Curios/Siege action in the weeks to come.
  15. Warhamsters 9/12 - Game Night!

    What the hell, Joey! Emergency appendectomy? I hope all is well! It's Middle School curriculum night, so I'll be hanging out in the 8th grade tomorrow. I'll be back next week!