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  1. 2/20 Bellinghamsters play games sometimes

    I am in! Gonna win all of the space bucks!
  2. Kickstarter Advice

    Just saw this! I'll actually weigh in for the no stretch goal side of things. Pick a couple of reasonable rewards that are appropriately priced, and stay the hell away from stretch goals. You're a first timer, so it's really important that you deliver what you say you would, on time or early, and with good communication. I've seen too many new Kickstarter overcommit and develop a bad reputation when, if they would have stuck with what they originally offered, they would have done great. Besides that, advertise and build a following in advance. Day one should be a big day. Make certain you price things appropriately, including shipping, Kickstarter fees, taxes, etc. Good luck!
  3. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    Jake, that's a plan! Eli - I'm up for 2000, unless you think we'll be pressed for time. I'll be there shortly after 6, though you're welcome to see set up a board in advance if you're there earlier. Tell you what, I'll build a 1500 point and a 2000 point list. It should just be the difference between 4th and 7th division armored rifle.
  4. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    Scratch that request, @Scipiano - though, if you'd be interested in a game next week, I'd be up for it. Eli - just saw your post on the Warhamster forum - you're on! Old rules it is. Points?
  5. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    Will you still be around next week? That'd give me time to read books and reacquaint myself with the rules. I'm still going by the older edition, BTW - I haven't seen the new stuff yet. Though, usually the army books roll over? @Scipiano - Any interest in a game? I'd be trying a second iteration of a Warriors list.
  6. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    Anyone up for a game of Ninth Age?
  7. 1/30 The Warhamsters Ride Again!

    Eli, I'm assuming that at this point, I wouldn't have time to review the FoW rules in time to be able to play a reasonable game. In which case, anyone up for Ninth Age?
  8. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    Damn it, David! You would normally have precedence, but I had previously challenged Sherbert to a raincheck (from last week) for today. Sounds like Sherbert's back on the menu again. 4500 points of Ninth Age? David - I'd be happy to schedule something for next week if you want to 9th Age or 40k!
  9. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    I'd play Ninth Age or 40k. Any takers?
  10. LF: 5e Shadowrun Core Rulebook

    I appreciate it, but I'm all set now! Rule book is incoming. Thanks to the vast collective nerd resources of Ordo!
  11. Anyone have a copy of the 5th edition Shadowrun core rulebook they're not using? Wanna unload that brick of a book for some (Paypal) cash?
  12. Warhamster Dance 1/9

    I'm doing 40k, Sherbert, though I appreciate the offer! I WOULD have played David, but he posted after Brendan (and mentioned Age of Sigmar) :)
  13. Warhamster Dance 1/9

    Too soon for another round with the Raven Guard? If not, I'm up for it!
  14. 1/2* Warhamsters bring the New Year

    Yea! Brendan, if you don't get a 40k game, you're welcome as well. Fair warning, though - had trouble getting to sleep last night and I have more on deck than I planned to try out. The rules are subject to changing mid-game.