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  1. JMGraham

    Warhamsters Game Night 5/22

    I'm out for tonight. I'm leaving for KublaCon this weekend and I have tons of stuff to get done at home. Eli! Welcome back!
  2. JMGraham


    Yea! Congrats on the grad school acceptance! Wait ... Western Michigan is just on the other side of the mountains, right?
  3. JMGraham


    Sepsis is scary stuff. Glad you and an angry dwarf biker are going to try and get your uncle some R&R. Caretaking, when you are helpless to do anything, can be absolutely exhausting. I'm glad you can be there! For most trips, Las Vegas would be a highlight of potential weirdness. However, given what you've already seen and done this trip, it's probably just another blip on the radar.
  4. JMGraham


    They picked up a white hitchhiker. My experience living in smallish town Texas was that everyone was always very nice to me, very polite. My East Indian co-workers? Much less so. Ahmer would spend the night in the lab some nights if he stayed too late, so he wouldn't have to walk past the bars on his way home. Sorry to hear about your aunt! I hope you arrive there safely.
  5. JMGraham

    Workstation build

    Nice! Looking great!
  6. JMGraham


    I like Savannah a lot. I ended up visiting it by accident when Erin and I were camping in South Carolina and realized that our campsite was infested with mosquitoes and black biting flies the size of vultures. We bailed and went to Savannah instead. I love the whole feel of the city, the squares, the Spanish moss, the giant cockroaches... Well, maybe not those. Savannah has one of the best haunted history tours I've been on. It's interesting how much of your trip has been about the people. Flitting in and out of folks lives puts you in such an interesting position. I'm not surprised you're running into some strange drama, but I'm happy you're running into the occasional act of kindness as well.
  7. JMGraham

    Warhamster game night Tuesday 4/3.

    I know, right? Who can forget the Eldar Corsair Pirate Garb Emporium, or the Nomad Cat People Emporium? Or the time where I went all meta and had a superstore that sold smaller stores. Remember the Emporium Emporium?
  8. JMGraham

    Warhamster game night Tuesday 4/3.

    And don't forget, when you get a hankering some tasty grub, or when your warband starts complaining about a thirst that need's a quenching, don't rely on what you can scrounge up from the wasteland. Why risk rad-poisoning to eat rad roaches and drink muddy water? Instead, come to Mee-Maw McLintock's Meat Shack and Moonshine Emporium, the source of the finest vittles in the wasteland. Good Eats For Cheap.
  9. JMGraham


    While the blood might be scary, I'm certain the fact that you have a machete will allay any concerns.
  10. JMGraham


    Just found this thread - holy smokes, Eli, this is the best! Sounds like an incredible adventure thus far. I hope you're safe and that all continues to go well. Thanks so much for sharing this!
  11. JMGraham

    Warhamster game night Tuesday 4/3.

    A couple of games of TNT for me. Brad, I'll Damage if I can later in the evening.
  12. JMGraham

    Warhamsters 3/27 Night o' Games

    Yup! I'm making a "little bit of everything" list to try out the new stuff, so don't expect anything coherent!
  13. JMGraham

    Terrain Project -hills and valleys

    I love how this is coming along. It's been what, 4 or 5 years in the making?
  14. JMGraham

    Koyote's Britons

    Go Koyote!!!! Good luck at Adepticon!
  15. JMGraham

    Warhamster game night 3/20

    Yeah, there are some game-changers there, with the maws and point changes. No more free BSB? gonna take more of a rewrite than I have time for. I like some of what I see, though. T5 Chaos Warriors are pretty rad.