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  1. JMGraham

    Sweaty Hamster Game Night 8/7

    Playtest Damage with Brad and I! And play boardgames!
  2. JMGraham

    7/31 A hämster once bit my sister.

    In laws are in town, so I’m staying in.
  3. JMGraham

    Tuesday Night Hamster Fight 7/24

    Kevin and I have space elf plans!
  4. Correction ... Jodorowsky's Dune! Also, Time Bandits
  5. JMGraham

    Hamsters Game Night 7/3

    Kevin's cowardice knows no bounds! He has scheduled a last-minute trip to Pennsylvania to avoid facing my retribution for last week's drubbing. If anyone is up for a 2000 point game of 40k, I'm available. If not, I'll just plan on playing it by ear - if I'm down early enough, maybe Zombicide, if later I'll bring some Infinity models, if nothing else I'll just hang out, watch games, and go out to Bayou later.
  6. JMGraham

    Hamsters Game Night 7/3

    I'm doing round 2 with Kevin! Probably be ready to get a re-learner game of Infinity in the next week or two.
  7. JMGraham

    Hamster Game Night @ DTG 6/26

    If you're up for unpainted Raven Guard, I'd love to revisit the 41st millenium!
  8. JMGraham

    Hey Hamsters, I love the things you do...6/19

    I'd totally be down for Scythe. Love that game.
  9. JMGraham

    Hey Hamsters, I love the things you do...6/19

    That is the best Infinity promo I've ever seen.
  10. JMGraham

    Hey Hamsters, I love the things you do...6/19

    I wanna play something, preferably with miniatures. Not too excited about Zombicide (though Black Plague is good) , but I would gladly play Saga or Infinity. Any takers? If the impetus is toward Zombicide, though, I'd acquiesce.
  11. JMGraham

    Warhamsters 6/12

    I'll be at the Lairmont Manor, eating dinner with a bunch of non-Sword-tix scrubs from work. See you next week, WITH MY GAME ON!!! Wanna play summat miniaturey.
  12. JMGraham

    Warhamsters 6/5

    It's natural to be curious, Kevin. Completely natural. Super natural, that is.
  13. JMGraham

    Warhamsters 6/5

    Hey all, I hate to impinge again, but... if 2 to 4 souls could deign to play another round of Dark Curios, I have some changes I'd like to test. First soda or beer is on me! I'd plan on being there at 5:30, set up to go by 6. If it takes more than two hours, I've done something wrong, so there should be time for another board game or something after.
  14. JMGraham

    Warhamsters Game Night 5/22

    I'm out for tonight. I'm leaving for KublaCon this weekend and I have tons of stuff to get done at home. Eli! Welcome back!
  15. JMGraham


    Yea! Congrats on the grad school acceptance! Wait ... Western Michigan is just on the other side of the mountains, right?