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  1. JMGraham

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    Do Hired Swords count their warband rating increase in addition to, or instead of the base 5 per model?
  2. JMGraham

    Infinity Escalation League

    Thanks a million, Joey! It was awesome to see so many Infinity tables. I'm feeling much more comfortable with the new edition of the rules, in spite of my constant stream of rules questions.
  3. JMGraham

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    Koyote! Post a guide of “things oft neglected that should be more carefully considered” for Mordheim noobs. With, like, lucky charms and the like. And a need for max henchfolk.
  4. JMGraham

    I think its been a spell

    Yea! I need more Addisyn in my life!
  5. Age of Sigmar is definitely NOT forbidden. The sour grapes are mostly because the Warhamsters used to be a WHFB club before expanding into other games, and the End Times saw GW replacing a beloved game into which folks had sunk a ton of money, time, and talent with a game that, while it might be great in its own right, was definitely not WHFB. In that way, Age of Sigmar is a reminder of what we once had. Also, it gives old farts a chance to grumble about kids these days.
  6. JMGraham

    Looking for a caster/printer

    You might check with @scottshoemaker . I don’t cast to order, but if he’s not interested, he might point you in the right direction. Otherwise, if the ResinAddict forum is still open, that’s where all us casters used to congregate.
  7. JMGraham

    Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

    Most of us with a Fallout itch have been playing This is Not a Test (TNT). Even had a campaign ran by @Koyote not too long ago.
  8. So, my ability to actively moderate this forum has waxed and waned over time. I don’t recall the specifics of why we were initially an invite-only board, but I think that time has passed. We should still keep supporting Ordo, because they have helped make us the glorious club we are today. But the comment about the difficulty in getting on these boards in the Infinity thread is totally legit. And on me. Because I have three kids and increasing responsibility at work. How about we open these forums to the gorgeous, filthy, marvelous, unwashed masses of the world and make this board public? It would save me unnecessary work, and be more inclusive and welcoming.
  9. JMGraham

    Quick update!

    Yea!!!! Congrats! Best. Award. Ever!!!
  10. JMGraham

    Warhamsters 8/21

    Playing Infinity with Nathan! I haven't played Takenoko, but Smallworld is a really fun game - you'll love it! Advanced warning - I may try and hit folks up for a Dark Curios playtest next week. Things have changed substantially since last iteration, and I think I may have hit something solid. The initial test was positive, I just want to tweak things a bit more and give it another try.
  11. JMGraham

    Malifaux 3rd edition beta....

    Hmmmm.... I want it to be easier to pick up and play, but I have Wyrd trust issues. I don't know that I'd be interested in beta-testing, but when they finally land on a stable ruleset, I might be interested in giving it a try.
  12. JMGraham

    Sweaty Hamster Game Night 8/7

    Playtest Damage with Brad and I! And play boardgames!
  13. JMGraham

    Infinity Escalation League

    I’m in! I’ll be rocking my Nomads, because: a. Nomads are the best. b. My Nomads are all painted. c. I only have Nomads. d. Space Apes and other non-Nomads are literally garbage. e. All of the above.
  14. JMGraham

    7/31 A hämster once bit my sister.

    In laws are in town, so I’m staying in.