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  1. Eldar info

    Yep, this so far is my favorite edition. So awesome
  2. Eldar info

    For battle forging (all stuff in detachments) you get 3 command points, then certain detachments add more. You want to make heavy use of command point abilities? Build your force with "tax units" included. Don't really care? Take more obviously powerful units. In chaos the alpha legion used to just infiltrate, now they have a strategem for CP to infiltrate units. Good when needed but doesn't have to be considered in the units possible points value as a different resource is used and by infiltrating they are limiting their abilities to use other stratagems. For the mechanicus the canticles are kinda meh now cuz most of the best ones went stratagems with specific keyword requirements.
  3. 6 week "tourney"

    Pax for the damage stuff using the command reroll in there too could result in more dead scarabs just use it against the last damage applied to try and crush one. Damage should be rolled one at a time and applied immediately to know which ones die in what order
  4. 6 week "tourney"

    Yep counts as destroyed...
  5. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    Oooh a strategem to allow evil suns boys to fight in the fight phase while embarked on a trukk!
  6. Eldar info

    I love the idea of moving one fire prism possibly full out to get line of sight then using the link fire to allow remaining fire prisms to move at half and fire double all rerolling! Wow useful not something I want to pay points to have built in all the time but something worth a command point to do on the fly. @Romans this is the beauty of command points instead of having to points in niche abilities that will be really good when useful or worthless otherwise GW is able to give a really powerful niche ability that is tired more to force organization than straight army build points. Really hard to write this thought out but instead of having to pay points every game to hypothetically link fire you only pay command points in a game it is actually useful in. Love the mechanic!
  7. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    Knife fights... with dance steps and wrist straps
  8. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    This is a case where having a modeled pad is a good idea make it just big enough for your own squad... if pax can't fit models he can't deploy there.
  9. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    Okay more fanboy... I want a strategem "The big red button" makes something go really fast like a vehicle gets to advance and charge with extra movement and gives extra attacks... I don't want extra round of combat for boyz they are good enough but I want some extra hurt with the vehicles!
  10. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    I'm hoping for combined clans along with mono clan viability... maybe if you have representation from all clans in a detachment they keep their bonus or mono for a bonus... Set them apart in a way and support either a dedicated force or the fluff of true waaaghs
  11. Eldar info

    Mechanicus went out no new models... repackaged (Cawl separate) but nothing new, grey knights also not new models wait repackaged Voldus separate.
  12. World of tanks meets 40k

    Omg... oh my god slurred a bit
  13. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Okay I'm not into horror or gory violence movies but someone I work with was very adamant that "the purge" was something I needed to see she was extremely correct. The wife hates horror movies but based on the recommendation we tentatively rented the first one... as soon as it was over we were in the car back to the rental place for the second and third installments. This one goes to 11 on my scale. While it was marketed as a gory horror flick it is extremely well done and oozes near future dystopia masquerading as utopia built upon this one brutal night. Just crazy good.
  14. 6 week "tourney"

    How did you recover wounds? Oh man I'm impatient
  15. 6 week "tourney"

    I'd like to hear how much healing played into the ending wound count. Did you actually bring mechanicus or just the Questoris? Being limited to effectively reroll stratagem seems limiting. Cuz there are two solid ways of taking down knights anti armor weapons, or mortal wounds. I would expect eldar to have a good amount of both. Report good man report! As far as unbalanced Leman Russ tank companies could be a thing and they are obsec!