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  1. VonVilkee

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    So took this to heart and I've been trying to find time to even familiarize myself with the rules... this has not gone well so far. We shall see what this week brings and reevaluate...
  2. VonVilkee

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    Seriously I even finally got a picture of the models I was gonna use...
  3. VonVilkee

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    Man sometimes parents suck! So I've been excited about this, setup with the wife time set aside... and now my parents divorce is eating up my time. I'm gonna have to declare this a non starter for me. October 9th has stuff that will keep me from the shop as does Nov 13th. Uhg not being in charge.
  4. VonVilkee

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    While I would love a demo game too, the infinity thing seems to take up all the tables... tried a 40k narrative campaign game ended up at my place to play...
  5. VonVilkee

    The Big FAQ

    On the digital thing it wouldn't help casuals keep track of the rules any better... I actually think it would be worse cuz honestly how many times do toy read the actual rule book? Faq I read way more often. Nice and split up makes it easier to realize there was a change. If it was digital we'd have complaints of stealth updates...
  6. Okay what if those of the public that can now vote, vote us into private again? Would their votes continue to count or would we fall into a vote eligibility paradox and explode the free world?
  7. I read this as a response to the abstaining option... got excited to change my vote, then realized we are public.
  8. VonVilkee

    they're good canids Brent

    I'd agree, if he couldn't be brought back... but Minst can resurrect models from that squad so being ignored for morale is pretty good.
  9. VonVilkee

    they're good canids Brent

    The RT one is the same cost as the squadies but drastically different stats. Worse save, 3+ ws, no gun, and two attacks. Kinda cool best part is the doggie does not count for morale tests and the star striders have a medic who can bring him back... cute but not super great.
  10. VonVilkee

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    I'll take a photo or two this week and post here. Nothing on hand at the moment.
  11. VonVilkee

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    So excited! The count down commences... where did I put that list I wrote...
  12. I'm more amazed at the fact that we have 19 votes!
  13. VonVilkee

    Random Thought Thread

    Start a realm of chaos post? I'm intrigued...
  14. Levi starts at 4 attacks but loses an attack for each ccw swapped out.
  15. On the contemptor, the extra movement is a huge benefit and the weapon opportunities on the relic version are super nice.