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  1. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    So true!
  2. Warhamsters 9/19 Game Night

    Need to spend time with family. Had tons of fun in Kamloops playing malifaux! I'm really jazzed to paint up more options for playing...
  3. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    The chaos space marines book says you can pick any legion except death guard and thousand sons (they are getting their own books) to replace <legion> so unless there is a faq about it rules say no for now. Under index you could...
  4. Massive Darkness

    With how soft the foam is there is great flexibility in the very thin trays if you go this route go thinner than your minis by just a bit and buy an extra pack of toppers. You can use them between trays to put more foam between models or to just fill the box out to the best height to eliminate box closure stress.
  5. Massive Darkness

    Umm I have a geek chic table... I don't plan to travel with it. Previously kr multi case was my go to for board games good tray choices including a card board token tray...
  6. Look what I found 😂

    I converted mine to a compressor. The hand flamer actually has a good wide spread. Use GW wash straight in it on my vehicles works great... after a little interior drilling
  7. Warhamsters 9/12 - Game Night!

    attack x up in Kamloops 9/15 yay malifaux!
  8. Massive Darkness

    I'm digging the sculpts but I did not have high expectations of them. the game is looking really killer too. In laws visited so no time for the game yet... silly Ikea
  9. Massive Darkness

    I was gonna start a thread asking who else got this. Opened all the boxes, I got all the things no half measures here and I agree so excited to actually play
  10. Warhamsters 9/5 - The Day We Play Games

    Shed roofing job taking longer than expected I'm stating hone to work on it in the comparatively chill Smokey air
  11. I need a recommendation.

    I use his mini leviathans as dread knights so cool!
  12. I need a recommendation.

    Yeah troop terminators, also quite a few weapon options which will help. Marines are on 32mm bases now so those look like they could be anything in those books if you picked up different bases.
  13. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Hitman's bodyguard. 10 outta 10 amazing! You know where the movie is going the whole time but the journey is so well done Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds totally pull it off. Also Jackson writes and sings his own song for the soundtrack!
  14. Chapter Approved is coming back

    Question is chapter approved going to change power levels? Seems like GW may have fixed this issue already... points get updated but power level is already close enough so those that Don't want to worry have an easier not worrying about it. If points are in play then yep get used to the rules thing...
  15. Tempting Kickstarters

    No where near the quality that is like Ikea stuff... those supports and stuff turn me off. Dedicated gaming table sure dining room centerpiece no way...