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  1. Blood Angels Coming

    organizing your posted list by detachment helps avoid those replies... even with out points there are many people out there struggling to think about lists in the new 8th splits
  2. Tyranid questions

    Looks like I wasn't reading fully though... the first one has to be on the list. I was doing this out of habit but the spend CP for them still stands for the more situational relics.
  3. Tyranid questions

    You only get a single relic unless you take a strategem so while they are free in points they are not auto include as they compete with each other... technically you pick relics at the table and could spend CP or not during pregame prep so it is far more complicated than previous write the list and play it... you could plan multiple relic contingencies!
  4. Post-Apocalyptic Terrain recommendations

    <checking wallet> I have the cash! How late you staying? I don't have a game and would like to spend time with the child but could come down closer to bed time. I also have a game with sigur on the 19th...
  5. Post-Apocalyptic Terrain recommendations

    Not trying to step on toes but I'd totally be interested in that shanty town for necromunda...
  6. Bham Warhamsters Game Night 12/5

    Yeah I'm in a bit of a limbo on 40k myself... I really want to go heavy on the knights and mechanicus (drop the guard, mostly). Next week is Sarah's Tuesday book club so how about the 19th we play one of those new missions?
  7. Bham Warhamsters Game Night 12/5

    I could be persuaded to play some 40k or necromunda.
  8. Blood Angels Coming

    and charge flyers in turn...
  9. Legacy gangs available now

    Me too
  10. Legacy gangs available now

    It is totally based on the models the old guy is actually wearing some pretty bulky armor while the rest are just wearing their coats... sneaky mesh armored coats that could or could not be armored. I personally would have liked to see armored over coats for them. But the legacy gangs are like the indexes in 40k for them just a get you by until the gang war for them.
  11. Legacy gangs available now

    That is correct currently... they will expand the trading post in future books and there is an armored under suit available in campaign. Finally you really thought the leader of the delaques was the best one? I immediately thought clever; their leader is a bit of a straw man!
  12. You are correct the transport rules say that the specific entry will list any restrictions so buildings have none
  13. Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    More units gives you more options to grow... if you lose a model here or there you can replenish losses and still make bigger units... if you plan to try and but new squads later while having fewer max sized squads you will have less options for your cache points.
  14. 11/28 - Night of the Living Warhamsters

    So dishwasher needs fixing... I'm out this week.
  15. Necromunda Campaign League - Opening Day Dec 10