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  1. We accept this challenge... oh dear God this is less than a week away...
  2. I want to keep bodies so specific bitz are easier! I totally have a spare crossbow... pole arms are a little different based on arms and how good the blunderbuss is... how many you looking for? Also what are you looking for from the orlocks? As far as what I'm interested in... your first ed necromunda got any rat skins millasaurs scum or bounty hunters?
  3. VonVilkee


    Possibly primaris? Wolf/ frost for the old school fenrisians while the primaris are stuck with the standard equipment because of the silly correct dimensions 😛
  4. I can hook you up with the rad cannon. I'm doing 20 of each gang to have options etc. So I have too many of this particular weapon. No spare sprues tho.
  5. VonVilkee

    M3E was leaked and now its officially announced...

    Apparently requests are open till 8/20... so incredibly long to wait
  6. VonVilkee

    LF: a handful of puppy size single rats

    That's amazing! Any random bits you are looking for?
  7. VonVilkee

    2k IG List

    Melta guns are pretty bad in guard squads. I love melta guns and I re armed if that is any indication for you...
  8. VonVilkee

    2k IG List

    Looks reasonable to dip your toes back in. Legality is there, efficiency of command points doesn't matter. Play it and learn it sir! Thinking about it I'd consider collapsing the rough riders to a single unit and splitting the sentinels. But I think that is a preference thing as you play keep an eye on how that works out. Rough riders combat and having to select them individually for attacking could catch you while the sentinels being able to deploy further apart could help that Visa tactic of yours. Course having the rough riders in two places is good too.
  9. These are NOT dollies! Have two challenges. Kill maim beer (edosaurus rex), and just the dickel (disruptive conduct)
  10. VonVilkee

    Don't call it a comeback!

    Truth fact! I love 8th but man lots of stuff, not convinced I want to ever mess with ITC missions again but the open war cards are really cool for pick up games simple enough for casuals and variable enough for a bit of crunch.
  11. VonVilkee

    LF some one to split new SW/GSC box with

    I got a split with the local space wolf player yay not the internet! Good luck gents.
  12. VonVilkee

    Don't call it a comeback!

    And in time for me to emerge from child induced hermitude!
  13. VonVilkee

    New Box set split.

    Looks like the gsc is the popular half...
  14. VonVilkee

    LF some one to split new SW/GSC box with

    @PumpkinHead even tho I want them too...
  15. You will have to wait and see! Just like me waiting to see what you have...