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    I feel like there needs to be more bourbon or at least more whiskey talk... I got a set of glencairn crystal whiskey glasses... I have some stuff to put in them but it won't last. What is something I should consider getting? I'm looking more mass market to start so I can taste while paying myself back for the glasses... yes it contains Scottish pride!
  2. I agree on the base coloring. I do wonder if purple goo would help the yellow...
  3. Click the "k" in the video... it is the link
  4. Yep, salamanders are very forgiving while encouraging you to remember rerolls since every unit gets them regularly. They encourage MSU and dreadnoughts get the rerolls too. Helps eliminate blaming the dice excuses and facilitates learning the game and tactics. Highly recommend them single book and models that can be slanted differently as he grows in the hobby, marines are so flexible!
  5. Look I'm a better captain this year! @Munkie @Sugarlessllama
  6. There was an achievement for being the first fully paid team... and I'm between remodeling projects on the house right now... I got lucky!
  7. Paid for 4 full tickets! My team is all paid, was I first?
  8. I subscribe to this, most calendars I see have Sunday at the far left with Saturday on the right.... logically Sunday is the first day of a week. That said common sense isn't common @DisruptiveConduct you now have about 17 hours of grace period 😝
  9. Lies! I still don't see the tickets for sale... You have 4 hours...
  10. Orlock legacy and cyber mastiff!
  11. I was thinking this the whole time I making them!
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