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  1. VonVilkee

    New Assassin rules from WD

    The assassin stratagem states if your warlord has the imperium keyword then you may expend reinforcement points for an assassin at the cost of a single cp in matched play. I highly doubt these stratagems will require a detachment of oficio assassinorum. Just an imperial warlord.
  2. VonVilkee

    New Assassin rules from WD

    Grot shield... Edit second idea, couple of vehicles to block true line of sight. One of them could even contain your lootas as you might want to use grot shield on the character. Don't have to deploy that way but if you are that dependent on the mek or wierdboy. The wierdboy could also just deploy in vehicle as he can jump out and do his job same turn.
  3. VonVilkee

    New Assassin rules from WD

    Quick math... 18 in detachments no cp sadly but battle forged for 3 cp so 21... one of them would be your warlord (without a trait they can be warlords they just don't get traits).
  4. VonVilkee

    Koyote enters the Underhive

    I have them! Multiple sets, love them, they travel and are what I was gonna use for your demo when you are ready... a scenario worth is even painted!😇
  5. VonVilkee

    Necromunda Consensus?

    They are just hard mode... bomb rats have a really cool niche, prepped bombs. They can also cut off parts of the field from los with smoke and use multi activation to out number at point of contact. Easy access 5" template, Blunderbuss pole arms are awesome too. Basically they have crazy awesome gear. Cheap fighters allows for better gear.
  6. VonVilkee

    LVO Previews

    I do!
  7. VonVilkee

    Necromunda Consensus?

    What I've said in the beginning of this thread continues to apply... I have not gotten enough reps in with the compilation books to find much in the way of changes. If you are nitpicking you can continue to find gw type issues but overall I love it so much! More focus on fighters and equipment than the building of individual fighters through experience but everything starts more lethal so quicker to get into mid campaign levels of previous systems (necromunda or mordhiem) so feels solid to play never way behind nor really ahead so far...
  8. VonVilkee

    Necromunda Consensus?

    You'd know if I was coming down! Especially for necromunda
  9. VonVilkee

    Necromunda Consensus?

    This would be in Bellingham as koyote is up here unless I totally missed something...
  10. VonVilkee

    Necromunda Consensus?

    Omg! Next Tuesday want me to run ya a demo? I have cawdor built and somewhat ready! No paint but some conversion work as is my style! @Koyote
  11. VonVilkee

    Forgotten Gargoyles Space Marines

    In narrative gaming I'd just flip it around! Course I favor tearing the imperium down over propping it up...
  12. VonVilkee

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    We love this movie! So sad it didn't do well enough for them to continue to explore the universe. This is the first movie with Mila Kunis that I wasn't immediately seeing her as Jackie from that 70s show.
  13. VonVilkee

    Forgotten Gargoyles Space Marines

    Honestly aren't the fallen just the dark angels on the wrong side of that argument? Who knows who knows what? There are a lot of administrative mistakes and blind spots...
  14. VonVilkee

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    Isn't this basically the reason for the Iceland/ Greenland thing?
  15. VonVilkee

    More GSC previews

    Interesting space marine scouts and nurglings were my experience... that is an interesting interaction worthy of waiting for the full rules...