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  1. Newb need intro game

    Not this Sunday. Got a family get-together already scheduled. Maybe another time...
  2. I paid right after you suggested we reserve our spots.
  3. Yeah, the rules for the tournament give points for KOs and INJs regardless of blocking, fouling, etc. That's the main reason I have extra Hobgobs, in case some foul out and some get injured.
  4. That's a pretty good build there, Weav. Here's what I've come up with so far. 2 Bull Centaurs - both with Block, MB - 340k 4 Chaos Dwarf Blockers - 2 with Guard- 320k 7 Hobgoblins - 2 with Dirty Player - 320k 3 rerolls - 210k Total = 1190k
  5. I'm trying to decide if I should give my Chaos another go or take my Chaos Dwarves, as I haven't played them in awhile.
  6. Oh, I have money in my Paypal account, I just wanted to make sure that's what you meant, before I sent money to some random person.
  7. Just to clarify, you mean thru Paypal, correct?
  8. Sounds like it'll be the four of us in Weav's car on the 30th. Can't Wait!!
  9. 11/28 Game Night at W.O.W.

    I'll be there for Bloodbowl.
  10. W: GSC H:apparently not a chance in hell

    This thread is way too entertaining to be in Bartertown.
  11. Axanar

    It's dumb, because the people behind Axanar are giving old Trek fans what they want, and CBS/Paramount don't want Axanar competing with Discovery (the new Trek series), which is what the company execs think/hope will attract new Trek fans. The funny thing is I've heard more people are watching (and liking) the Orville (which is kind of an homage/satire of TNG/DS9/VOY-eraTrek) than are watching Discovery. I haven't seen either show, as I'm currently hooked on The Expanse.
  12. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    Probably 10am - 3pm or something similar.
  13. 10/31 Ordo Game Night @ W.O.W. - Halloween gaming!

    I'm playing Blood Bowl with @Zorcon
  14. That's my problem too. I have no interest in playing either of my league teams either.
  15. Stitches question

    Only if it's a bottle of Maker's.