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  1. That's my problem too. I have no interest in playing either of my league teams either.
  2. Stitches question

    Only if it's a bottle of Maker's.
  3. 40k Teams Fully Paid list

    The Emperor's Neckbeards and Glow in the Dark are both fully paid.
  4. Yes, that is correct. Also, if you haven't purchased a weekend ticket, then open gaming is $5 per day.
  5. Sorry to hear that. If you can't find another player, there is a Merc Player available to sub in for any team.
  6. 40k Teams Fully Paid list

    Warhamsters Big D Bee is now fully paid.
  7. The following teams are fully paid and ready to play in the 40k OFCC! A-Club Underdogs Crusade Force Bartel Fanger Zone Get off my LAN! Gladi-haters Glow in the Dark Kill!Maim!Beer! Riders of Brohan Team Diversity Team Sister The Emperor's Neckbeards Things Best Forgotten Warhamsters Big D Bee If your team is not on this list and you think it should be, please contact me via PM. Otherwise, Captains, it's time to crack the whip and get your team fully paid!
  8. The last day to ask for a refund of any OFCC ticket purchases will be next Friday, July 21st. Past that date, a refund will only be given in the case of personal or family emergency, on a case by case basis. In order to request a refund, please send me a PM with your name, along with the event/s that you are requesting a refund for. Thank you for your attention.
  9. I am planning on bringing my copy of Tyrants of the Underdark along with the new 2 deck expansion with me to OFCC. I believe a few other Senators will be bringing board/card games (Terraforming Mars, Coup, etc.) as well.
  10. 7/11 - Ordo Fanaticus Game Night - 40k 8th Ed Pre-League Games

    I'm planning on attending.
  11. BlustormInv

  12. I believe Spagunk has been trying to find a team for the last few OFCCs. I'm glad that he finally has the opportunity to play in the event.
  13. It looks like the hall will be open at 9am, as a couple events will be starting at 10am. Open gaming is just a flat $5 fee. Edit - Also note, we have a few people running game demos on Friday and Saturday. There is no entry fee if you are running a game demo.