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  1. Sold- Thanks

    Thank you for the response. I sent a message on Facebook for more details.
  2. Sold- Thanks

    Bump. On the the hunt for older Magic cards.
  3. Sold- Thanks

  4. Sold- Thanks

  5. Sold- Thanks

    8th edition has caught my eye and I've decided to build a AdMech/Skitarii army. If anyone has any for trade, hit me up.
  6. Sold- Thanks

    Thank you for the interest but I'm not looking to separate.
  7. Sold- Thanks

    Looking to sell/trade some space marines and/or Raven Guard. Retail on all of this is over $400. I'm asking $150 or would trade for old Magic the Gathering. Older the better. 4x Assault Squad (20 marines, 10 are assembled with magnets) Predator Thunderfire Cannon Aegis Defense Line Imperial Armour Volume 8 Army Transport with foam Raven Guard Shoulder Pads Raven Guard Dice