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  1. PumpkinHead

    Help painting a Stompa

    I am a techno idiot. I can't seem to get a photo sharing app to work on my phone. So if you want to see the Stompa you have to come to Friday OFCC.
  2. PumpkinHead


    So far he sounds better then a carnifex... higher strength, more damage output, most likely better WS, character, and cult ambush. It will be interesting to see his point value.
  3. PumpkinHead

    2k IG List

    Dice Hard will roll again!
  4. PumpkinHead

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    It was brought to my attention that I hadn't paid for the event yet... it has been rectified! Skipper and I will lay waste to all before us! I am really hoping there is a beer hammer portion where you can take shots of some horrific drink to cause mortal wounds 😛
  5. PumpkinHead


    That is a dumb looking stop sign... might have to go find one that looks more like the stop signs we have.
  6. PumpkinHead


    And apparently a stop sign... which will make it all worth it.
  7. PumpkinHead


    The abominant... just more GSC in prep for the coming codex
  8. PumpkinHead


    Anyone want to split a box? I want the GSC half.
  9. PumpkinHead

    Kill Team pick up games at OFCC

    I would be willing to play, but I have all 3 days of 40k. I should have the rules read and can have a tyranids list prepped
  10. PumpkinHead

    Help painting a Stompa

    LOL... I know. Maybe Monday, as we are heading out of town this weekend.
  11. PumpkinHead

    Huzzah for supportive spouses & significant others!

    Not that SOs aren't great when they support our plastic dolly hobby, but 3 years is a long ways to go back.
  12. PumpkinHead

    Help painting a Stompa

    If I can figure out my password again to imgur....
  13. PumpkinHead

    Bad Skkipper!!!

    Depends on if he is on my way to the doubles event...
  14. PumpkinHead

    Bad Skkipper!!!

    If you get sent to jail make sure you can get out by Aug 23... don't mess up my doubles event! Or you buy the first round.
  15. PumpkinHead

    Help painting a Stompa

    @PourSpelur rocked it last night with his airbrush. The Stompa is probably 90% done. I just have to go in and paint the ork on top and do some washes.