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  1. PumpkinHead

    Kill Team

    I am looking at making some different kill teams and the more I look at them deathwatch sticks out like the best squad. I haven't played yet so this is all theoretical, but frag cannons seem crazy good and basic marines have special issue ammo. What lists are people using out there?
  2. PumpkinHead

    W: Gunz! Bolters, shootas, flashlights, whatever!

    I have some random marine stuff and some GSC style guns you can Pour over... 😛
  3. PumpkinHead

    The Big FAQ

    Tracking the different rules and points changes is getting annoying. I wish GW would make a digital rules source that would get updated every time they mess with things. Easier to track one source with edits then having a main rule book, army rule book, FAQs, chapter approved, appendix 1 and 2, Forgeworld, Forgeworld FAQ. Some easy way to make tracking rules and points changes would be helpful; especially since I only play like once a month now.
  4. PumpkinHead

    Can I make the Warhamster forum public yet?

    I believe there needs to be an abstain option... 😛
  5. PumpkinHead

    We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    I wasn't meaning to imply tervigons can replace dev gaunts. My bad. I was meaning to mix the group so that the dev gaunts have a meat shield to stay alive.
  6. PumpkinHead

    Game Room

    Store name? location?
  7. PumpkinHead

    We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    Don't forget, Tervigons can replenish gaunts in a unit for free. If you decide to make a new unit you have to pay for them with reserve points. So it is always better to use the Tervigon to replenish a large group of gaunts with devourers and fleshborers.
  8. PumpkinHead

    Game Room

    No room for warhammer?
  9. PumpkinHead

    W: 1 Primaris torso

    I have Primaris marines. Some built, some not... You can rummage thru them if you would like.
  10. PumpkinHead

    Random Photo Thread

    I think this thread needs a name change to "Raindog's photo thread" 😛
  11. PumpkinHead

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    Daddy like...
  12. PumpkinHead

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    Hot Stompa on Stompa action! You might have to convince the legendary @fluger for the Stompa show down. I had borrowed his and he will be back at the OFCC next year.
  13. PumpkinHead

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    Oh yeah, that volcano cannon thing, or what ever the knight had was most definitely going to rip it a new one.
  14. PumpkinHead

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    Died every game. Always took at least 2 turns though...
  15. PumpkinHead

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    SLOW PLAY! I would have to say next year there needs to be a cap to the total model count for an army.