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  1. Massive Darkness

    Just got my character sheets laminated. Got 2 of each class laminated at Kinkos for 20 bucks. The kid behind the counter asked about it and we chatted about board games for a few minutes.
  2. Massive Darkness

    Looking for some rules help. The stun ability stuns mobs and monsters until their next activation. That mean if I stun a roaming monster in melee the monster can not counter attack. But does the counter attack act as an activation so the monster can now attack during the enemy phase?
  3. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

  4. Random Photo Thread

  5. Tempting Kickstarters

    OOHH, apples to apples version of Illuminati
  6. Massive Darkness

    show off.... :P I will look into KR, thanks.
  7. Massive Darkness

    How do y'all plan on carrying around the game with all of its expansions? It seems to me it will be a pain in the butt to bring 8 different boxes around that carry all the parts you might need.
  8. Massive Darkness

    I just went thru and sleeved all of the mini cards. I bought the wrong size for the large cards so I have to go buy new ones. But I am super stoked to play. I want to play the intro with just the original set then get into all of the expansions.
  9. Massive Darkness

    I didn't get the elemental set, but got everything else. What do you think of the sculpts?
  10. Massive Darkness

    Just got my kickstarter a couple of days ago. I am pretty jazzed about getting a game in. I just went out and got sleeves for all the cards and am looking for a place to laminate the player cards so I can re-use them. The rules look pretty solid. Though I am not a fan of the glue job they did on some of the larger multi part monsters, LOTS of glue over run. Most of the sculpts are good to great but you can definitely tell when you get a model that came out of the mold at the end of the molds life, vs getting a model from a brand new mold. Anyone else get a game in?
  11. Tempting Kickstarters

    With geek chic out of the picture, this looks like a nice much cheaper option.
  12. All Khorne at 2k list noodle

    a battalion is +3 CP, so you would have 9 total. Is there any way to get those Zerkers up to 8 in a unit, just for old school fluff sake? Otherwise I like it. My Nids/GSC want a go at it!
  13. Looking for nids

    Apparently I can't read.
  14. So you use super thin super glue? Why not?

    I am waiting on a "But wait! There's more!" to your sales pitch... :P
  15. Looking for nids

    Got a list of what you have?