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  1. With the lines in the terrain, do you have to sand it first before painting?
  2. PumpkinHead

    W: Female GSC Heads

    -1 to hit, T4, 2W, 5+ save. They will die in a flurry to the new beta bolter rules. I hope I am proven wrong, as I said I haven't played with them yet, but they do not look like they could fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
  3. PumpkinHead

    W: Female GSC Heads

    Their stat line sucks, they are a guardsman on a bike. They get heavy weapons or a shotgun, and they take penalties for moving and shooting heavies unless they are taken in The Rusted Claw. So they don't kill things well, they die to a stiff breeze, they don't offer any benefits that I can tell. I will run them a few times and try them out, but I don't expect much. I love the models. I think they look fantastic. So I will assemble them and paint them and then let them sit on the shelf until they are FAQed. But you can have the heads.
  4. PumpkinHead

    W: Female GSC Heads

    I bought a box of jackals, though now after reading a bunch of reviews and reading the rules myself, I don't really want to put them together. So I can open the box and find the female heads for you.
  5. PumpkinHead

    More GSC previews

    Stupid kellermorph only being in a $65 box. 😞 Looks like a cool character to try out. Now I just have to find one thru other means since I don't want to buy the whole box for 1 dude.
  6. PumpkinHead

    More GSC previews

    I am thinking that genestealers in the cyborgised hybrids would be crazy scary. With a 4++ now, that would be freakin awesome! But if it doesn't, it is straight to the twin helix cult.
  7. PumpkinHead


    Look at me, I'm a cider drinker... Lets talk about cider in a bourbon thread... 😛 Anyone else collecting the horses on top of Blanton's bottles? I am looking for the " 's " horse.
  8. PumpkinHead

    Yeah boy! Clemson!

    Bama's game changed after the two interceptions. You could see they were in a spot they weren't used to and they were uncomfortable. I figured they would come out swinging in the third, but after their first couple of series, you could see they were defeated.
  9. PumpkinHead


    I have to say the same thing as everyone else. I have my go to sipping bourbons and then I will throw knob creek in with a coke to make sure I can drink longer. Or if I am drinking in the morning I will do a bourbon sunrise so that I start off my day with some fruit.
  10. PumpkinHead


    I have been poking my head around a few shops looking for a bottle of the angels envy 10 yr. No one up here has it for a reasonable price. We haven't tried the double oaked, but we do love woodford reserve.
  11. PumpkinHead

    Yeah boy! Clemson!

    Not much of a game. I have never seen Alabama embarrassed like that. It kind of made me happy. 😛
  12. PumpkinHead

    Random Photo Thread

  13. PumpkinHead

    Fluger's Orks

    Inceptors are brutal against a horde. Also, shock attack guns are dumb...
  14. PumpkinHead

    CA leaks

    I have been out of the game pretty much since OFCC. Getting in some games soon, thankfully. 1 quick question, does CA 2018 replace the old CA? Will I only need my rule book, CA 2018, and codex to get the points and rules needed to play? Thanks.
  15. PumpkinHead

    Rampage: Saturday the 1st. You are Invited

    What games?