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  1. Burk

    Tuesday 04/17 - OF Game Night at WOW

    there at 3 hopefully for my BB game vs @Frostitute
  2. Burk

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    somethings wrong with the link. even when I log in, it wont connect.
  3. Burk

    Florida Blood Bowl AMA with Weav

    AMA? why will you not talk about tournament results.
  4. Burk

    Midnight's Masque Kickstarter LIVE

    Here is a link to the KS as I had trouble connecting with the video link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/259153683/midnights-masque-vol-1-a-tale-of-teddy-bears-and-m?ref=user_menu
  5. Burk

    OBBL Rounds Three and Four

    @drod yeah that will probably work. just keep me in the loop on what works for you.
  6. Burk

    OBBL Rounds Three and Four

    @drod I will be at WOW around 3, can you play that afternoon/early evening?
  7. Burk

    TUESDAY 3/13/18 - OF Game Night at WOW

    ill be at GN with my bloodbowl....but the team is very seasoned (ie it will kill you) so not sure if you want a friendly.
  8. Burk

    Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    sort of all of them. the 79, 4 blitz, 4 catch, 7 line, bear. that could work as all with a model or two add.
  9. Burk

    Changes coming to OBBL

  10. Burk

    Size of Feculent Gnarlmaw?

    Wow. I think penicillin will clear that up for you.
  11. Burk

    OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    fix your team link...it links to this thread.
  12. Burk

    League roll call

    I do, but it is not painted......
  13. Burk

    OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    yes, we just need to adjust your cash. I forgot you get your treasury too, so basically you just increased your treasure with the re-draft.....
  14. Burk

    OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    @ninefinger I show your last season you played 9 games, so that is 90k you had 5 TD, so that is 25k and you had 20 casualties so that is 100k. that is 121.5k on top of the 1M starting value. So you basically re-buy a team using that amount (1,121,500GC) FF caries over, but the rest you have to buy from your existing players or new players. when you decide what you want to keep/adjust, let me know and I can make the the changes on OBBL