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  1. Burk

    Newb Start

    that is correct, you also cannot add more than one skill to any one player. Example. on chaos dwarf team, I could add: Blocker +guard Blocker +guard Blocker + mighty Blow Blocker + mighty Blow Bull Centaur + Block Bull Centaur +break tackle. This would fit the 6 normal skills, no more then 2 of the same skill and no more than 1 skill per player.
  2. Burk

    Newb Start

    definitely come down on tuesday. Several of us have games already scheduled, but may be able to get you a learning game when our cup games are done.
  3. Burk

    Tuesday 8/7 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    missing you.
  4. Burk

    Newb Start

    oooh. metal. would love to see what you have
  5. Burk

    Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

    not supposed to start will the 12th
  6. Burk

    Newb Start

    I am willing to give you a learning game to get you back in.
  7. Burk

    Tuesday 7/31 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    burk there
  8. Burk

    Sacrificing Virgins (in film)

    its a tight market.....wacka wacka.
  9. throwing is over=-rated in 7s.....take SH.
  10. Burk

    Tuesday 7/24 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    @weav. I wont be at GN. sorry
  11. Burk

    Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

    Southland Reavers
  12. Burk

    Tuesday 7/17 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    im there. i will mars, or ss