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  1. Burk

    OBBL Clausera rounds three and four...

    looking to you @Frostitute and @jollyork
  2. Burk

    Non-BB player has a question

    wrong. he asked if the "models" have an affect....they have none..... you lose.
  3. Burk

    Non-BB player has a question

    no effect.
  4. Burk

    Burk’s Sexy Wood

    @sbr I had them at WOW today and Raindog took a pic
  5. Burk

    Burk’s Sexy Wood

    these are @sbr's models.....look for them on a blood bowl pitch near you.
  6. @MOONEY: @savion47 was looking for a friendly
  7. Burk

    Tuesday 10/2 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Blood bowl with @jollyork
  8. as a note, I will not be at game night on 9/25, so I apologize to my first opponent as our game will have to wait a few days.
  9. Burk

    Always to late.

    yes it is only the pass, not the catch. regardless. you are a lucky son of a bitch.......
  10. Burk

    Always to late.

    I dont recall if you did, but you would have got it...I mean the sequence was basically a hail mary and you got that so why wouldnt you get the 3+ you needed. here is the sequence....less than 10% chance of all this working player 1, dodge (against tackle) - 2+ to establish an assisstplayer 2, leap 3+then dodge 3+ against tackle (failed, used Team RR)then dodge 2+ (uses dodge)sprint 2+, sprint 2+ to get blitz. 2D block against blodger (gets the pow)player 3 - dodge 3+ against tackle, then 2+ dodge, pickup 2+pass 5+ (I fail intercept)player 4 - 3+ catch (in tackle zone)2+ dodge against tackle to hand offplayer 5 - catch 2+ to run it in...oh and lets not forget you only had 8 players on the field.
  11. Burk

    Lizardmen Team by GASPEZ-ARTS (funded on KS)

    Fabio, I love your stuff. I wish this one was sculpted similar to the lizard star players you made for the Cossack KS. I would have been all in on that style. This style just doesnt grab me. Either way, I am a loyal customer and look forward to your future projects. Thanks Mark
  12. Burk


    you can only hire journeyman to fill out a roster that is less than eleven as part of the post game sequence, so it can only be used to fill holes caused by causalities. you should not add them to your roster when creating a new team as you have to have 11 players when building new and journeyman are not available until the post game sequence.
  13. Burk

    The FFC Grand Final is set!

    you can have mine.
  14. Burk

    Tuesday 9/11 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Blood bowl for me.....cup game
  15. Burk

    Tuesday 9/11 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    just show up. we can sell them to you there.