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  1. League roll call

    @Weav you may want to check with Pete. He wants to plan I think...but you know internets......
  2. League roll call

    Burk - Southland Reavers - Chaos Dwarfs - Premership
  3. Tentative league start

    what does this mean?
  4. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    it was a suggestion made by a couple of us. no decision yet. Random naturally though so you cannot use it to target
  5. Kickstarter Advice

    stretch goals for me...hardly watch the videos.
  6. Co Op Games

  7. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    not sure on this one. the issue is playoffs it seems for you guys. I think the CRP ruling on inducements is a pain in the ass. I liked the simplisity of the new one. is it fair, not quite, but its simple.
  8. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    I am 100% against not allowing claw to stack with modifiers. I am ambivalent on the piling on. I prefer it is CRP, but dont care if it stays as it currently is....its a rule after all.
  9. CMON miniatures?

    how about a link
  10. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Downsizing: 2/10 This is not a comedy. Dont believe the previews. it is a Matt Damon, "humans are bad" film...and it sucked because of the expectations. Great concept....horribly done.
  11. ag4 snot is good....till he gets crunched.
  12. Ordo Fanaticus 15th Anniversary Shirt

    Too bad I already ordered......