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  1. Burk

    Tuesday 6/19 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    what type of army are you looking for? I havent played in a while so dont know if they ones I have are viable.....
  2. Burk

    Tuesday 6/12 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    yawn...this mars winning is getting so passe...... /Frostitute.
  3. Burk

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    Thank you for your service.
  4. Burk


    ok. so first. reputation. I didnt try to manage it. I took any mission that was available before taking the campaign missions. some liked me, some hated me...who cares, they all pay. Re: salvage. on normal missions (non campaign) I took full salvage...and sold most of it. Only kept the ++ or +++ weapons or full mechs that moved me up. Refited mechs with the better weapons. All smaller mechs and salvage I sold. Each light mech is work 300+k, so that was my money intake. Yes there were a few times I needed to take full cash to survive, but rarely. get enough mechs and pilots to always go on a mission while others are healing/repairing. In combat, a mech I wanted, I would focus fire on the legs or head, it gives you more mech parts so you get them quicker. if you have 2/3rd of a mech, then take that last piece when salvaging to sell the full mech. who cares if you need the mech, you need the cash. most of my Cash (non salvage) came from campaign missions. they routinely pay 1M+ if you get all the secret objectives. Re game play. Focus fire and use precision strikes to take out one mech a turn (or two). This way you take minimal damage back and hence have your mechs available and dont have to wait/burn cash to go back out again. Game is about limiting your damage and grabbing mechs.....
  5. Burk

    WTB - BB mini's

    Looking for the following blood bowl miniatures. cash or trade. Must have's: High Elf Lineman High Elf Throwers High Elf Catcher High Elf Blitzer Ogre Snotling Ogre Ogre Khorne Pit Fighter Khorne Bloodletter Khorne Herald Khorne Bloodthirster Bretonnians Lineman Bretonnians Yeomen Bretonnians Blitzer Chaos Pact Maruaders Chaos Pact Troll Chaos Pact Ogre Chaos Pact Minotaur Would Like: Wood Elf Treeman Underworld Skaven Lineman Underworld Skaven Thrower Underworld Skaven Blitzer Elf Lineman Elf Throwers Elf Catcher Elf Blitzer Vampire Thrall Vampire Vampire Hafling Hafling Hafling Treeman Skaven Lineman Skaven Throwers Skaven Gutter Runner Skaven Blitzer
  6. officially starts at 2, but what time will people be there? I have to be out by 5:30.
  7. Burk


    I am not sure what day I was at. I can say that you are about 2/3 of the way through the campaign and I finished the campaign around day 1200. so if I guess I was probably about 500--800. again, no reason to rush to the campaign missions. Play all the supporting missions to build up.
  8. Burk


    where Bro G is at, I had 2 assaults. like I said, you dont have to do the campaign missions right when they become available. Build your mechs up with the standard missions first.
  9. Burk


    Is someone throwing tissue paper at my atlas II or King Crab?
  10. ill be there. I can play one or both of you.
  11. Burk


    good job.....that mission does suck 🙂 it is one of the two hardest ones.....you'll know when you hit the other one 🙂
  12. Burk


    i know the one you are talking about. the escaping vehicles are a disctraction. you can ignore them. I wont that one with 2 assaults by sitting back on the upper starting area and letting the mechs come to me. you are correct you have to sacrifice the front right ammo box to kill the LRM turrets....then just sit and kill mechs as they come to you.
  13. Burk


    sounds like you are being too aggressive. I completed the campaign with only losing 5-6 pilots. ideally, you gang up your shots all on one mech till its dead. you should be using precision strike to take out CT. with all 4 mech concentrating fire you should burn through a ct in 1-2 turns. dont move forward, let them come to you and stay in cover when you shoot. if a torso blows, then rotate your mechs around to be on that side, it will blow the CT quicker then.