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  1. We want you, we want you in the captains crew!!!!
  2. DOWN TO 3....only 3 spots left. If you want to be part of the the ORDO CRUSH 2019, then you better get your tickets today!!!!
  3. Burk

    Online lols

    That is funny that you guys got put in the same division...and played first round.......
  4. HOT CAKES>>>>>> Going like HOT CAKES. down to 4 tickets for the ORDO CRUSH....better get in if you want em......
  5. GET EM WHILE THEIR HOT!!! Ordo Crush tickets have only been on the market for a few hours and already we have 2 purchased. Only 6 spots left, if you want in, you better buy them now.
  6. Tickets are up. see first post or you can click here: ORDO CRUSH 2019
  7. its never to far of a commute for 3 days....yes 3 days of bloodbowl. 3 possible events to enter (Braft, sevens, and 2 day OrdoBowl 3 - Al Araby Derby).....any commute pales in comparison.!!!!!
  8. Yes. Ordo will provide all mini's for use during the Tournament.
  9. Announcing the Ordo Fanaticus Crush 2019. The Crush is a 1 day braft tourney. Max 8 Players Tickets to be posted soon. Ordo Fanaticus CRUSH (Braft) 2019 When: August 16th, 2019 Where: Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge (Vancouver Hilton) Tournament Rules: · This is a Non-NAF Sanctioned draft and 3 round Tournament. · We will be drafting teams from all player positions in the official Blood Bowl CRP, the Brettonnians, Khorne, Pact, Underworld and Slann · There will be 13 rounds of the draft. (teams can opt out of the 13th round) · After the draft, you will assemble a team of 1,150,000 gold pieces from the players you drafted. · All players are changed to 0-1. · All re-rolls will cost $70,000. · Apothecary can be purchased for $50,000. · Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches can be purchased for $10,000. · Fan Factor can be purchased for $10,000. · Bribes may be purchased for $70,000 (max 2) · Argue the Ref is in effect, but no head coach model is required. · You may not purchase Star Players. · This will be a resurrection tourney. · There is a 2:15 hour time limit per game that will be enforced. o Once time is called, the player’s current action will be finished. Skills · Each player may only be assigned 1 skill. · Once your team is assembled, you will be allowed 1 normal (non-doubles) skill to be added to 1 player of your choice. · After the first round, you may add 2 normal (non-doubles skill) or 1 doubles skill. You may select your skills after round 2 pairings are announced. · After the second round, you may add 2 normal (non-doubles skill) or 1 doubles skill. You may select your skills after round 3 pairings are announced. Special Rules · Bloodlust – Any player on your team that would normally be a 0 -16 or 0-12 can be bitten. · You’re a Blood Bowl coach and an untrained Necromancer. o No Zombies will be raised. · Everyone is up to date on their vaccinations. Nurgle’s Rot will not be effective. · Regeneration still works. 3 rounds of Swiss Win – 30 Points Draw – 10 Points Loss – 0 Points Bonus Points · Keeping it Close: 2 points (Lose by only 1 TD) · CAS (you get 1, not both) o Out injure opponents by 2+ : 2 points o Out injure opponents by 3+: 3 points · TD’s (you get 1, not both) o Out score opponent by 2+: 2 points o Out score opponent by 3+: 3 points Tournament Winner – Based off total Points · Tie Breaker 1: Head to Head · Tie Breaker 2: ((CAS Caused x 3) + (TD Scored x 2)) – ((CAS Taken x 3)+(TD Allowed x 2)) · Tie Breaker 3: Burks Choice Time Line: Draft starts: 9:00 – 10:15 Assemble Teams: 10:15 – 10:30 Round 1: 10:30 – 12:45 Round 2: 1:00 - 3:15 Round 3: 3:30 – 5:45 @Weav @DisruptiveConduct PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE!
  10. Burk

    Summer league

    uh yeah...but isnt that when the new OBBL would start? after Human league
  11. if we get enough PC players we can create an ORDO clan on RBBL.....
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