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  1. NES maker

    A project I am following closely.
  2. Job searching sucks

    My buddy has worked here for a long time and likes it a lot. They have several positions open. https://pollinate.com/#!/agency/careers/listings
  3. Repulsor conversion brainstorm

    The profile is pretty similar to the thunderhawk fuselage. Maybe you could model it after that. Add a cockpit, vtol thrusters and delta wing.
  4. 2/6 Game Night at W.O.W

    Gotta skip tonight
  5. 2/6 Game Night at W.O.W

    I'd be down for some board game love.
  6. Modeling Splashing Water?

    The best technique I've seen is to use fishing line to approximate the size and shape of the splash you want. Poke a few holes in the surface of the base and add a few strands and maybe a little loop depending. Then pour your water effects as you normally would for a flat surface, allow a few moments to let some surface tension build up and then tilt so that the liquid forms around the strands. It probably takes a couple practice runs to get right but it looks nice. The fishing line disappears. As with most accent type effects less is more.
  7. W: World of Warcraft Miniatures game H: $$ Khador

    I may have these. I can check thursday.
  8. Kickstarter Advice

    I appreciate a lot of detail and background. I mainly back kick starters out of a desire to further some project I find interesting. It's rarely a case of just wanting a good deal on some good or service. I appreciate insight into the process, motivation, future goals, influences et cetera. Also, we can stock some copies for you if you like. We do fairly well with comic books. I think a local, indie title would do well.
  9. Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Fire and Ice for the NES. One of the most challenging and elegant puzzle games ever created. I think games like this actually improve your intelligence or at least your capacity for lateral reasoning.
  10. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Dallas Buyers Club tells a really interesting story that stands on its own. The two leads lost a dramatic amount of weight for their roles which is impressive but kind a movie cliche at this point. It's good that they did considering the story context. I thought the film did a good job of avoiding simplistic moral judgments even though the main character does not. It will resonate, maybe too closely with anyone who has ever had a dispute with a hospital about a sick relative. It motivated me to do some independent research on the subject matter. Good movie.
  11. Random Song Thread

  12. WTS Jagermeister Shot Glass Freezer $125

    It might be good for super glue and epoxy putty. I know stuff like that lasts longer in a freezer.
  13. Ursula K. Le Guin

    A great writer and social activist. I'm thankful for her works and for her inspiration.
  14. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I finally watched Gone Baby Gone the other night. A bit ham handed in places but very solid overall. Good character development. Effective plot twists. Some thought provoking moral dilemmas and a well executed closing scene that is worth twice about. I'd compare favorably with Shawshank Redepmption or Philadelphia.