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  1. Brick Bungalow

    Blood Bowl Pun Thread

    In the words of Mick Jagger, I'll never be your beastman herdstone.
  2. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 12/11 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Cool. I'm down for whenever. We can always christen the clubhouse!
  3. Brick Bungalow

    Blood Bowl Pun Thread

    That troll got a fouling assist from a black orc and a goblin. It was wrong on so many levels.
  4. Brick Bungalow

    Fallout in Space?

    Spaceships increase any game by a full letter grade for me. I'll likely get this.
  5. Brick Bungalow

    Blood Bowl Pun Thread

    Don't pass on this party! Rush right over! When halfling fans talk trash its a moot suit riot. I never joke about dwarf teams. That would the lowest form of humor. I wanted to register my wood elf team but I forgot how to log in. Its easy to quit smoking when you lose all your matches! Bring It!
  6. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Foxcatcher: I recommend watching the documentary film of the same name. Probably watch that first. The story will be familiar to anyone who follows olympic wrestling. The documentary will probably shed new light on some details if you need them. The film is just a master study in capturing a character and depicting a true event. If you don't know the story the film should be a great nail biter. If you do I think you will not help but marvel at the performances. Can't recommend highly enough.
  7. Brick Bungalow

    OBBL final rounds and playoffs schedule

    Game done. We had a little trouble reporting. Jeff will likely contact you.
  8. Brick Bungalow

    Captain Marvel next trailer

    I wish I could summon excitement for more superhero movies. I think they should take a year or two off.
  9. Brick Bungalow

    OBBL final rounds and playoffs schedule

    We are set to play tomorrow.
  10. Anyone actually played this? I do love spaceships.
  11. Brick Bungalow


    So whiskey made outside of Bourbon County can still be Bourbon? I'm a little disappointed if I'm honest.
  12. Brick Bungalow

    WTB Rogue Trader Imperial Assassin

    Need to sneak up behind a fortified compound? Attach these giant rubies to your knees! No one will see you coming.
  13. Anyone do scale modeling of cars? Got a bitz box for that? I need two chrome wheels with tires and possibly other random pieces.
  14. Brick Bungalow


    Has anyone tried the Bob Dylan whiskey? It's a partnership with Angels Envy which okey dokey. Celebrity product placement on liquor doesn't have a strong track record but I might need a bottle just for fun.
  15. Brick Bungalow

    Gorgeous Wood Elf Blood Bowl team from Facebook

    I like the way the uniforms are coordinated with the foliage. Camo!