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    I'm Bored, entertain me!

    Oh, also for the record Martin Shkreli 'was voluntarily entangled with' the Wu Tang. Action. Reaction.
  2. Brick Bungalow

    I'm Bored, entertain me!

    Buzzfeed printed a version of the story about how an actress from the television program Smallville was recently arrested for her association with a human trafficking ring. The elected to use Comic Sans for the headline. I was troubled for a moment but then decided that it was probably the correct choice... all factors considered.
  3. Brick Bungalow

    I'm Bored, entertain me!

    I have an acute allergy to elevators. My doctor said I should take steps to avoid them.
  4. Brick Bungalow

    Dragon's Dogma Dark Arrisen (PS4)

    It's a great game with a lot of innovative features. I think it's a good sign for the future. I recommend it.
  5. Brick Bungalow

    PC / Windoze - workstation costs?

    I would not personally suggest trying to drastically cut costs on gear. Get a good value to be sure but a reliable network with some redundancy is worth the cost. Same goes for support. Our business tried a few options for a POS network and went bottom barrel to start... it definitely did not save money over the course of time.
  6. Brick Bungalow

    3/6/18 Tuesday Game Night at WOW

    Hey all, I cannot make it to game night but I do have some stuff for WOW (or for any interested member) would anyone driving down from vancouver want to pick it up tomorrow? It's one box of rule books (mostly privateer press) and one box of hobby supplies. Whoever volunteers can dictate what happens to them. Thanks. 3708 p st, Vancouver. 3606953724
  7. Brick Bungalow


    I like it a lot.
  8. Brick Bungalow


    This is the eighth (I think) title from Pirhana Bytes Studios who produced Gothic, Arcania and Risen. Their games all have a characteristic look, feel and structure. This is their first foray into dark future sci fi. It's an action adventure game in the third person. These games all feature a main character who is essentially stripped of all possessions and powers by some convenient plot device and basically left to die in some hostile backwater. This isn't exactly original but it's handled well in this game. At least you don't literally have amnesia. The graphics are comparable to recent elder scrolls and fallout titles. Perhaps a little more in the way of caricature. There is a nice array of gear, skills abilities... again, comparable to those games. The map is similar but features a focus on very high highs and low lows. Your character makes use of a jet pack and the maps make sure to utilize it to full effect. You need to practice hitting jump jets to avoid falling damage. Lots of other stuff that could be compared with other games. Companions, guilds, quests, side quests, lots of extra background for those who with the patience to sit through dialogue sequences, read notes and listen to audio samples scattered about. The story is actually pretty compelling. Things that make the game unique, at least for me; The guild factions are handled with above average attention. Most quests of any consequence are not simple and do not yield simple rewards. You earn the standards of cash, gear, esteem and quest tree options but you also burn bridges, create enemies, lose items and even lose attributes on occasion. If you do quests randomly or fail to pay attention your total character development will suffer a lot and you may even break the main quest line. Even while paying careful attention it will often prove impossible to complete certain tasks completely or optimally because every decision can potentially count against you and deny you future possibility. The combat is pretty tough. All missile weapons have limited ammunition and its difficult to keep it consistently replenished. Melee features follow through delay and cool downs so you cannot button mash your way to victory. You can barely fight anything when you start and many monsters will be next to impossible for the majority of the game. Lots of fights require trickery. Higher levels tend to open strategic options more than simply giving you the brute force to over power opponents. If you find a lot of action rpg's too easy or too boring combat wise I think you will appreciate this difference. The AI is sometimes impressively strong but not always. The companion characters are a lot of fun. They all have a back story and goals of their own. They are all sometimes useful and sometimes harmful. Some of the funniest sequences involve them saying stupid things and spoiling your dialogue sequence, costing you a quest. You have to learn to use each one and not simply run them autopilot. One in particular will graze you with friendly fire a lot if you don't make the effort to coordinate. The skills, equipment and abilities are managed well. You don't get a lot of good loot for free. It feels like a real accomplishment when you get an upgrade. You can find rare items but cannot use them until you have leveled certain stats and skills. There are a few common PC game warts but they didn't impede my enjoyment. Certain animations are stiff and awkward. Not every environmental effect is top notch... minor things I think considering how many things this game gets right.
  9. Brick Bungalow

    Apple II - W - floppy disk software / games

    We've had some rare vintage apple stuff in our store from time to time. A pippin, for instance. I might have some software still.
  10. Brick Bungalow

    Before you gripe about GW pricing...

    The spiraling expense of GW kits has actually made me a better hobbyist. I've had to employ scratch building and bargain hunting and era-folding as well as experiment with paints, tools and supplies. I don't do much modeling these days but I've pretty much cleansed my system of the urge to assemble a GW kit according to some standard scheme. Give me wacky custom models, paint schemes and fluff every time.
  11. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Oh, I also need to shout out the inventory system. There is crafting, potions, cooking and so forth but just enough for flavor. It doesn't sprawl past what is necessary for immersion. There is stuff lying about all over the world but real gains in quality gear feel earned. New stuff actually works differently and changes how you play. It's not simply a matter of more damage/protection. Just as with skills you don't get access to everything. The best stuff is gained by faction promotion and will preclude you from the top gear of other factions.
  12. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Not an MMO. Single player. I say re playable because of faction alignment and character development. There are many different paths to leveling a character. The faction orients you broadly but there are variations within that. Also variations of the story.
  13. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Elex. Pirana Bytes first foray into sci fi. If you are familiar with Gothic, Arcana and Risen you will already know the ropes. Some of my favorite RPG storytelling. Multiple factions vie for your services. You can only maintain an active alliance with one of them though you can do odd jobs for all. Many quests represent a choice to serve one faction while provoking another. There is no way to progress without making two enemies for every friend. Serviceable combat system with a good variety of weapons. Slashing and shooting wildly is never rewarded. You have to approach fights tactically. Most enemies must be avoided early on. Great open world environments that reward thorough exploration. Camera is a bit off. Characters are genuinely interesting and have scope and ambiguity. Dialog choices really matter. NPC's remember and repeat things. Factions represent play style, character development and story progression. Your skill trees open according to who you make friends with. Good execution of integrated static story elements and player driven events. Good re playability. Pretty decent jokes.
  14. Brick Bungalow

    NES maker

    A project I am following closely.
  15. Brick Bungalow

    Job searching sucks

    My buddy has worked here for a long time and likes it a lot. They have several positions open. https://pollinate.com/#!/agency/careers/listings