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  1. KHAAAN volunteered to pick it up. If that falls through I will bring it saturday.
  2. Yo. I've got a big box of loot compliments of Retro Game Trader. I can bring it on saturday. Or someone could get it from the shop. Sorry to be tardy.
  3. Brick Bungalow

    What podcasts are people listening to?

    Sean Carroll, Sam Harris, Very Bad Wizards, Joe Rogan, Star Talk, Infinite Monkey Cage.
  4. Brick Bungalow

    Here's an Odd one for ya...

    Back in my day we paid a nickel and we liked it!
  5. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 7/3 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'd love to hit up some boardgames!
  6. Brick Bungalow

    RIP Harlan Ellison

    Fans of sci fi, dark future, psychological horror and just general weirdness really should not miss out on this man's stories (fiction) Fans of literary culture and peculiar social issues really should not miss out on his non fiction editorials and op ed pieces. I disagreed with him about a lot of things but it was always zesty and always interesting. His references are all over gaming fluff if you watch for it.
  7. Brick Bungalow

    Puzzle Games

    I've always loved a well executed puzzle within a video game. For games like Legend of Zelda, Tomb Raider and others the puzzles including bosses that are essentially puzzles they really make the game. Recently I've acquired a swathe of games that are distilled down to the puzzle element. It's all I'm really playing right now. On current rotation are Talos Principle, The Witness, Qbeh, Haven Moon, The Bridge, Oxenfree. Others on the queue that I haven't started yet include: Braid, Obduction, Limbo, Inside and Hue. Probably more that I'm forgetting. If you like puzzles I think that you are spoiled for choice right now. I'm curious if anyone has a favorite.
  8. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/19 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Curses. I got called in. See y'all next hopefullyu
  9. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/19 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'm thinking five-ish for board games and/or beers.
  10. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/12 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Great to see everyone again!
  11. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/12 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'll come for board game love and foot rubs.
  12. Brick Bungalow

    The Death Knights of Khorne

    Nice palette. I always appreciate armies that break away from familiar primary color schemes.
  13. Brick Bungalow


    Nice squads. Props on the competent photography.
  14. Brick Bungalow


    Does anyone know if you can use a game controller or is it mouse and keyboard only?
  15. Brick Bungalow

    Small buisness Owners

    LightSpeed, OpenOffice, Photoshop, Ebay, Amazon, VideoGamesPriceCharting, MGTGoldfish, PlayAsia, Etsy, Alibaba, ESnipe