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  1. Willing to unload some old Warhammer and 40k stuff

    Agreed. I don't usually inquire about sales unless the price is listed. It's too time consuming.
  2. Metals

    I love vallejo alcohol base metals.
  3. I need a recommendation.

    I now have the whole range and although they do resemble grey knights the gear options are pointing me toward vanilla marines.
  4. Long Shot Request: Plastic Squats

  5. Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    I've been playing Human Fall Flat. It's a little over a year old and has some extra content now. It's essentially a rag doll physics obstacle course. You are able to walk, jump and grab onto things. Each level consists of a series of obstacles that have one or more solutions. I recommend it for people who like physics-strategy, dexterity and puzzle solving. I like it because it isn't time sensitive nor does it penalize you for dying. The progress you lose is trivial. I recommend a control pad with two thumb sticks because camera control is crucial. It's a really fun game.
  6. Look what I found 😂

    I have a compressor if you need. It's pretty loud but should do the trick.
  7. Dooky biscuists.. I can't make it down. Sorry guys. I'
  8. Oops

    There is probably an easy solution for simple bases whereby you you just orient the current base on a 32mm disc and base around it. Highly decorative bases (which everyone should aspire to) would be a real pain.
  9. I'd be interested in getting help with a 40k list.
  10. Dreamforge Games

    So I got the figures. They are about marine-sized so now I need a stand in for terminator figures. Let me know if you see anything that looks promising.
  11. I need a recommendation.

    So I've started putting these together and they aren't large enough to be terminators. I think they will need to count for ordinary marines instead. So, I need to find a figure to stand in for termies and I need to re assess army list choice to reflect this. Blood Angels seem like a good bet. Do the specialist marine forces still have access to vanilla marine gear for the most part?
  12. 30th Anniversary Marine Model

    Look at all the majesty!
  13. Foam carry case suggestions

    A good option for saving cash is to buy the foam by itself and find a cheap deal on a pistol or rifle case. Many are virtually identical to game cases.
  14. Foam carry case suggestions

    I would check Pretres thread on bartertown. He might have some second hand case bargain.
  15. Painting on the sprue?

    It never really worked well for me. It's difficult to assemble painted components. What I prefer is partial assembly. Attach legs and torso. Assemble arms if necessary and pin everything to a stick separately. Clean all flash and mold lines. Prime and paint on sticks. Scrape paint away from the portions where they are joined.