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  1. Disgaea has an end but the playtime is effectively unlimited because of the item quests. No Man's Sky is kind of a roleplaying game. Binding of Isaac keeps going.
  2. Who needs star wars when you can watch A Boy And His Dog.
  3. I'm really pleased that they have the time and resources for some leisure as well as the opportunity to pursue some other life interests. They gave the city of Portland an amazing gift. I believe the new owners are wise enough not to meddle with a winning formula.
  4. It says that if a chainsaw player is knocked down for any reason the opposing coach is allowed to add plus three to armor.
  5. I think the answer is no in both cases but I'd like to see an official errata.
  6. Does the chainsaw player have to make an armor roll: 1. When placed prone using wrestle skill? 2. When stunned by pitch invasion? The entry for chainsaw says 'knocked down for any reason'. The question is whether every instance of being down is the same as being knocked down.
  7. Legend of Grimrock one or two. Classic dungeon crawling mechanic with an updated look. Actually, classic dungeon crawling with updated looks AND updated everything-else. Variable difficulty. Option of character creation (suggested for a second play through unless your intuition of party composition is naturally strong) Pretty typical back story, setup and environment. If you loved games like might and magic, path of radiance or even old fantasy text adventures you should get this. The grind factor is just right. The puzzles are clever but not too clever. The combat is fun. It's a great love letter to the genre.
  8. It's confusing because 3 minus 2 is always 1 regardless of ag. Is this addressed explicitly in the errata?
  9. My thrower has AG score of six. I want to throw a long bomb. The modifier is minus two. I roll a three. Did I fumble? Since a fumble is a score of one before or after modification? Three minus two. Thanks!
  10. Venue looks great. Sadly I'm back to working weekends.
  11. The End Of The Tour A Rolling Stone reporter interviews author David Foster Wallace over the course of several days. It's a buddy picture, character study, reflection on mental illness and a dialogue about writing fiction. Overall I think it succeeds even with it's flaws. That's sort of the point. The subject suffers from depression and the movie, to me channels some of the reasons. I'm actually inclined not to make lists of pros and cons because I think the premise is really worthy and larger than any list of minor compliments and criticisms. One thing I will say, it's probably better for people who are not familiar with the real people portrayed in the script. Fans of Wallace will likely have too critical an eye and probably be irritated by how the performance relies heavily on costume and affectation. Or maybe not... if they are really into meta analysis they might actually love that. Either way, it's an earnest and authentic movie in my opinion. I think anyone who struggles with the creative process or being social will find something that resonates here.
  12. http://boardwebgames.com/rojo/
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