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  1. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/19 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Curses. I got called in. See y'all next hopefullyu
  2. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/19 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'm thinking five-ish for board games and/or beers.
  3. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/12 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Great to see everyone again!
  4. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 6/12 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'll come for board game love and foot rubs.
  5. Brick Bungalow

    The Death Knights of Khorne

    Nice palette. I always appreciate armies that break away from familiar primary color schemes.
  6. Brick Bungalow


    Nice squads. Props on the competent photography.
  7. Brick Bungalow


    Does anyone know if you can use a game controller or is it mouse and keyboard only?
  8. Brick Bungalow

    Small buisness Owners

    LightSpeed, OpenOffice, Photoshop, Ebay, Amazon, VideoGamesPriceCharting, MGTGoldfish, PlayAsia, Etsy, Alibaba, ESnipe
  9. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 5/29

    I'm into some board games if that's going on.
  10. Brick Bungalow

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    I like to use 'Incorrect' that way the bot just tells me the password no matter what I type in.
  11. Brick Bungalow

    H: $$$ W: Your Unused Miniatures

    Ditto, ditto and Curley. The only way I sell figures anymore.
  12. Brick Bungalow

    Nintendo Switch

    Breath of the Wild is awesome for (relatively) casual open world. Splatoon 2, Super Bomberman, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Wonderboy 3, The Binding of Isaac, Cave Story, Blaster Master Zero
  13. Brick Bungalow

    "Bulk" Airbrush Cleaner?

    Like an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner?
  14. Brick Bungalow

    Help! I can't remember the name of a game

    What is the average annual rainfall in the Amazon basin?
  15. Brick Bungalow

    I'm Bored, entertain me!

    Oh, also for the record Martin Shkreli 'was voluntarily entangled with' the Wu Tang. Action. Reaction.