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  1. Khorne and Bretonnian Teams

    The khorne team would be pretty amusing if nothing else.
  2. Random Song Thread

  3. Random Song Thread

  4. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Blade Runner. There were a few minor things I could complain about but I think it would be petty considering the total scope and success of the project. Lots of subtle homages, returning characters, references to other sci fi franchises and the focus on anti climax that made the first movie great. I won't give any specific details until we have a spoiler-ready thread but I do recommend it without reservation. I will probably see it again.
  5. Why my models aren't painted.

    Yep. Mainly. I might add other stuff. Not for sure yet.
  6. Why my models aren't painted.

    Thanks. I'll get a better photo when it's finished. The top four or so feet are cut off. There will probably be five or six characters total.
  7. Why my models aren't painted.

    This isn't quite the right angle. If you hunch down and move to the left a little the checkered squares line up with the floor and the pillars appear correct.
  8. Why my models aren't painted.

    I've been working on this mural for our game room at the shop. It's probably a little over halfway. About 15'x25' Top portion is missing from photo.
  9. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    It's not a series but I watched a Hulu documentary called 24 comic book last night. It takes place at Things From Another World in Portland and features PNW comic book artists who stay up all night in order to draw a comic book in one day. I really like stuff set in Portland.
  10. Tom Petty

  11. Job Opening

    If it's inappropriate to post this here feel free to remove. Our store has a current opening for a game room coordinator/supervisor. The position is two days a week (tuesday and friday noon to 830) to start but the right person would have as many hours as they like up to full time in pretty short order. The most immediate qualifications would be to have your own transportation and have experience running Magic the Gathering events. You will need to register or be registered as a judge with Wizards of the Coast and be prepared to run all sanctioned and un sanctioned events. (I'm not especially informed about this myself but we can answer particulars in person) This is a paid hourly position with some available benefits. Total compensation will fluctuate depending on skill set, flexibility and the success of individual events. Other relevant skills include any solid state electronic repair skills, general retail merchandise skills, video game knowledge, accounting, general contractor type skills et cetera. It's minimum wage to start but our current employees have all earned multiple pay increases each year. We average $14 at present. Interested parties should submit a current resume in person to 13885 SW Farmington rd. Beaverton OR. 97005. Resumes transmitted electronically may or may not be considered.
  12. Dreamforge Games

    I like my gundam dreadnought guy but I'm concerned that he's too large. He stands almost three times as high as a normal trooper. Any suggestions as to what to count him for?
  13. Smoothing 3-D Printed Minis

    I feel like anything that would smooth the whole model would also compromise the sharp corners. Do you have extras or pieces that you can run tests on? I like emery boards for such tasks.
  14. Free Magic Cards

    Sure! Thanks. We have lots of kids show up. I love giving them free cards to play with.
  15. Free Magic Cards

    We host Magic the Gathering every tuesday at six pm. Typically friendly formats. If you don't have a deck handy the staff will make you one... and you can keep it! No entry fee for non tournament play. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/RetroGameTrader/