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    A cute isometric adventure rpg that will appeal to zelda fans. You sail your boat around an archipelago searching for treasure and relics. You will have to backtrack often to complete puzzles and secure items that were not obtainable on the first visit. It doesn't break any new ground... thus far, I'm not finished yet. But it's pretty and well laid out and seems to be free of bugs. Its out for PC and should be available any minute for switch and ps4.
  2. Brick Bungalow

    cyberwolf kitbash

    bitz make everything better.
  3. Brick Bungalow

    Your first album

    I got two on the same day. Weird Al, Polka Party and the soundtrack to Beyond Thunderdome.
  4. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    A prayer before dawn. If you feel like a prison movie without the cliches.. This is a biopic about an english boxer who serves time for drugs in thailand. A lot of it feels like a documentary. There is a refreshing lack of familiar movie tropes . No moralizing. No forced character arc. It just relates a sequence of events. Because there is no deliberate setup the tension feels real. It isn't predictable. There are elements of redemption and victory but they are owned by the characters in a way that feels more authentic than what movies usually do with these situations. It's really good.
  5. Brick Bungalow

    Extra Life - Charity Gaming marathon 11/3

    Check these guys out. Our shop has done events with them. Good people
  6. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Caligula would be forgivable if it were just bizarre and profane and a-historical and generally disgusting. The thing that makes it irredeemable is that it takes so much amazing talent and historical context and wastes it. It contains some amazing quotes and isolated performances and takes all the wind from them. Pee Yew.
  7. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Shotcaller. Solid prison/caper movie. It's hard to love these movies because they are so very common but this is competent in all aspects and good enough that I watched it twice. Probably my favorite aspect was how it utilized actors that you will recognize from other roles but gave them material that broke their type cast pretty decisively. I always appreciate that. Weak points include that it milked every cliche from the prison milieu. No pun intended. The 'first night' sequence is way too familiar by now. My favorite performance is from the wife... its really believable even in the middle of a movie that isn't especially.
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    Tuesday 11/6 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Oh sure.
  9. Brick Bungalow

    H: Construction Skillz W: $, trade

    Both. Beaverton and Banks.
  10. Brick Bungalow

    H: Construction Skillz W: $, trade

    Much larger actually. Do you have experience or referrals for solar?
  11. Brick Bungalow

    H: Construction Skillz W: $, trade

    I need to pour a lot of concrete in January.
  12. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Get Out. Not sure what to think about this. A very incendiary idea. I will not detail the plot because it would be impossible not to spoil. It was watchable enough. Insofar as I can tell what the goal was I must say that it did not succeed for me... there was plenty of cringe but no real tension. The best thing, I think would be to see it and discuss its social implications with people close to you. It's ineffective as a thriller but might be useful as commentary. Several good performances.
  13. Brick Bungalow

    Workshop Space

    Mods feel free to remove if this is out of place here. I'm looking to lease or share a workshop space on the west side of the portland area. I'm pretty flexible with terms and could make it very lucrative for the right person. I need a minimum of 400 square feet and access to power. It needs to be dry. Heat and water would be good but I can work without them. No storage units. No heavy power tools. No caustic chemicals. No spraying. Ideally I'd find someone who is already established and wanted to double their income and possibly pool other expenses and overhead. PM if interested or if you have a referral.
  14. Brick Bungalow

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    I'll grab the roster. I know the death was apoc'd to a BH... there were two SI's I believe. MVP was number 7.
  15. Brick Bungalow

    I don't know what to think about this...

    Of all the works by both authors this is probably the best fit. Also, as far as Gaiman adaptations go I will say that the BBC ones are the best because of the stuff they don't do. I think the trick is to avoid the temptation to compare books and movies. No question of whether I'll watch this. It is a pity that Alan Rickman didn't live long enough to play Crowley.
  16. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 10/23 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Lets do it!
  17. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 10/16 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'll be at the bar very soon.
  18. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 10/16 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Blood Bowl match versus Mooney if possible. Will try to play sober this time.
  19. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 10/9 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Great to see everyone. Sorry to be so snookered.
  20. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 10/9 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'm scheduled to play Rhuntar. Otherwise I'll just be saddling up to the bar.
  21. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 10/2 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Beguiling BloodBowl business beside Blustorm and additional alliterative activities as allowances admit.
  22. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Mission Impossible: Fallout. Exactly no more and no less than what is implied in the title.
  23. Brick Bungalow

    Question for the Community - Gaming Content/Product Creation

    I always read your stuff on this site. I'm likely to follow along.
  24. Brick Bungalow

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Fahrenheit 11/9 I'm glad we have a tradition of activist film making and a lot of issues is in this movie resonated with me but its a mess. Michael Moore follows a similar tack as with earlier films but the man-on-the-street stunt setups just don't gel. We also get an awful lot of content and theme from earlier films. I'm not really sure how to evaluate something like this because it feels bigger than just a movie but in the context of craft it really does fall short. I suppose I'd have to break it up. Strong for relevance. Strong for ethos. Mixed for accuracy. Mixed for clarity. Mixed for film craft. Weak for coherence. Weak for focus. Weak for reliance on ad hominem attack. I thought his closing conclusions were pretty apt but I wish his premise was tied together better. We'll always have 'Roger and Me'.
  25. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 9/25 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Practice game with the Weav