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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    If I can spare at least one person the experience...
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    Played this for the first time tonight. It's good. I'm still grappling with some facets. It's a game about completing contracts like Starship Traders or some of the better railroad board games. You get a random ship combined with a random captain and the combination of their abilities gives you your starting profile. Everyone gets a few basic resources as well. There are variations to this within the expansions. Your ability to complete missions is enhanced (or made possible) by the acquisition of new crew members, ship upgrades and various bits of gear. These enhancements cannot be simply acquired at will however. Some are available by completing missions. Most will require you visit a particular zone on the map where the corresponding bazaar. You can also get lucky and acquire some resources via random encounter cards. Most player turns will require careful planning and some compromise. Your available actions must be done in a strict order with movement coming first so that it's (almost) impossible to complete a contract in one turn as most require both a pickup and a delivery (or some equivalent requiring at least two movement phases) You can always opt to move just one space with no cost or risk and sometimes its a good idea but usually you will need to move further. When decide to make multiple moves you must draw cards for each one. The cards correspond to the location of the zone you move to. Half the board is ostensibly lawful and patrolled by space cops who will mostly leave you alone as long as you aren't doing anything illegal. The other half is infested with bandits. Many missions force you to move through both. Each game has a randomly determined victory condition that will direct player focus. There is a pretty good variety of viable strategies available to each player no matter what the initial draw. It's fairly non confrontational with only a limited number of ways to directly sabotage an opponent. You can't attack directly but you can dime opponents to the authorities, set bandits on them and steal their crew members. Competitive play (as far as I can tell) will probably require one to complete missions in creative combinations. I look forward to playing it again with a better understanding of the rules.
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    Current Favorite Painting Hacks

    Since I'm apparently diving back in: Clear condiment bottles with squeeze tops. I like to mix up my two or three favorite washes in large quantities as I tend to use them a lot and like the idea that the proportions will be consistent throughout a project. Of course I have a matte medium solution and one with just distilled water as well. Makeup applicator. This is the best thing I've found for finishing glazes and thick washes. Apply wash as normal with a brush and then use this to clean the excess. You can get them for a penny apiece if you buy in bulk. Porcelain palette. Specifically this one with the sloping reservoirs. The angle lets you see exactly how well your wash will cover and blend. Multiple sections allow for mixing and composing. Filberts. Wide at the base. Narrow at the top. Holds a lot of pigment but also allows for good control. Use the wide profile for large areas and the narrow profile for corners. Best base coating brush I know of. Hit me back.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Sicario: Day of the Soldado. On it's own it's a competent if forgettable action movie. As a sequel to one of the best movies of 2015 its nearly unforgivable. For every mold broken by the original the sequel crazy glues that mold back together and regurgitates it with all the finesse of vintage Schwarzenegger. . It reunites much of the original cast and presumes to carry on the story of those characters but in a far weaker story. It gives formerly brilliant characters silly and cliched lines to recite and the actors appear visibly embarrassed by the obligation. The original was enigmatic and utilized ambiguity to heighten tension. The sequel needs dialogue exposition AND repetitive close ups AND many cloying references to the first movie as if to say that it knows perfectly well what a weak imitation it truly is. I could go on but why bother. Learn from my pain. Don't watch this. The world will be a better place.
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    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    I'm enthused. Its been a minute.
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    On the ordobowl site it says hiring journeymen is free so long as they are within the 16 player threshold... am I only able to hire one if I'm under 11 players as in past seasons or can they be a reserve player?
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    Ok. So same as before then. Thanks.
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    So, presumably one would not hire a journeyman until after the first game since starting teams need to be TV1000. Unless you were trying to save gold for later.
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    So this is a thing....

    I heard that the original primarchs first recruiting drive was involuntarily celibate internet tough guys.
  10. Brick Bungalow

    Tuesday 9/11 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Board games or blood bowl 're-learning' game ???
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    Inducements cheat sheet

    link is broken for me
  12. Brick Bungalow

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    Roster is all done and ready to go. Working on models now.
  13. Brick Bungalow

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    I created a team but can't figure out how to go back in and add player names.
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    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Started playing Kingdom Come Deliverance last week. I like it. Fluff and setting is real medieval history. The locations are real. The battles are real battles. The historical references check out. Fans of difficult combat will like it. You get nothing in the way of auto targeting or even a reticle. Weapons are heavy and sometimes off balance. Footwork, inertia and follow through are essential. Button mashing always fails. Combat damage is realistic...IE you don't simply lose some amount of health. A direct hit pretty much kills you every time no matter what your level. Healing isn't exactly realistic but wounds impede your progress far more realistically than competitive titles. Different injuries require different measures. My favorite bit is the dialogue trees. If your character doesn't have good speech and charisma skills you basically talk like a moron. In order to acquire better conversation options you actually have to get smarter. This means that a lot of the more clever avenues of solving quests will be closed to you if you simply level up your combat abilities. I also like that you play a very ordinary character. No nameless warrior escaping from prison with amnesia... you are a lazy, horny teenager with a penchant for practical jokes. The story is genuinely interesting. I don't find myself skipping any cut scenes or dialogues.
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    So I'm painting some figures after a pretty lengthy hiatus from the hobby and wanted a few pointers from those who have kept up their game. I like the concept and look of the polyshades dip but as an intermediate step. I'm wondering what a good way might be to duplicate this effect but with a water based product that I could mix myself and modify the color. I have a pretty good set of inks. I used to use a solution made from floor wax that worked pretty well as well as water based varnish. I don't have extra figures to practice so I'm hoping someone has a good recipe to share. Also, I plan to finish the figures with an oil wash. I think I have a pretty good grasp of this technique but I wanted to know if anyone present has tried it. Also, if you have does it work well with dullcote? Normally its applied over a gloss varnish but I'd rather have a matte finish if possible. All guidance is appreciated!
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    I've done oil washes before and they seem fine over most any sort of varnish. I imagine one would not want to agitate them a lot if using mineral spirit and you certainly cannot put anything water based over them. I would definitely recommend experimenting with them especially if you want to get some really brilliant colors or a more convincing texture on skin or fur. Thanks for all the tips! I ordered those quickshades and Ill try mixing that wash as well.
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    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    Dark Elves. I expect to acquire a team this evening. (edit) make that wood elves.
  18. Brick Bungalow

    Guardian Games - 3rd Annual Yard Sale

    Ill be there hunting for blood bowl.
  19. Brick Bungalow

    WTB Blood Bowl Team

    It's difficult to believe but I think I want a blood bowl team. Ideally I'd like to buy or trade for an already cleaned, assembled and based team (unpainted) I'll consider most anything but high on my list are vintage GW skaven, greebo wood elves, greebo chaos dwarves and black scorpion humans. I like the new GW plastics ok but I really dislike assembling them. Not interested in anything that would require stripping, cleaning, glue removal or repair. I don't really have miniatures to trade at present but I can hook you up with console video game stuff, graphic novels, board games, anime, pokemon plush toys and other marital aids. The IRS hates barter!
  20. Brick Bungalow

    WTB Blood Bowl Team

    Possible. Preference for humans or elves.
  21. I'm coming just for drinks, dinner and board games saturday.
  22. KHAAAN volunteered to pick it up. If that falls through I will bring it saturday.
  23. Yo. I've got a big box of loot compliments of Retro Game Trader. I can bring it on saturday. Or someone could get it from the shop. Sorry to be tardy.
  24. Brick Bungalow

    What podcasts are people listening to?

    Sean Carroll, Sam Harris, Very Bad Wizards, Joe Rogan, Star Talk, Infinite Monkey Cage.
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    Here's an Odd one for ya...

    Back in my day we paid a nickel and we liked it!