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  1. Weav

    Start my new job today

    Can’t wear shorts? Become a lifeguard.
  2. Weav

    Help! I can't remember the name of a game

    I hate when people give others garbage for asking questions. Listen, my friends are better than Google, so I ask. And no, I will not use the search function on the site 😁
  3. Rumors coming out of Europe indicate a May 3rd start and June 7th end; hoping to follow up on that soon.
  4. Folks, we are still waiting for the kit to arrive to begin the Blitzmania league. As of now, I am anticipating a TENTATIVE Sunday 5/13/2018 start. Remember, this is a very open league, so you do not have to play on any particular day and can play as often as you like. More ground rules to follow, and let's all hope the kit arrives soon.
  5. Time: 5 PM to 9 PM (we sometimes open or stay later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: All, with a focus on 40K, board games Blood Bowl, Necromunda and so on. New players are very welcome. Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down.
  6. Weav

    Sunday 04/22 - OF Game Night at WOW

    @michaels and I will be there to play the best game, Blood Bowl
  7. Weav

    Florida Blood Bowl AMA with Weav

    The camera work was Google, which changes focus to who it thinks the active speaker is.
  8. That map is based off of the store that registered last year. Once the kit is received Guardian Games will be on there.
  9. Yes, you may play your Nurgle team in friendlies, @peter.cosgrove. I will work up a redraft for you tonight. All teams that have participated in the Persistent League (in your case that’s Fungis Amongis and Blarg Blarg Honk).
  10. Effective immediately, all time restrictions on finishing league games have been eliminated. That means that you may and should play through the end of the schedule ASAP. All games must still be played in order, but Premiership coaches should play rounds seven through nine as soon as they can and Super League coaches should finish six and seven. Playoffs will start immediately after.
  11. Weav

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    I’m having trouble with my build. I’m tempted to remove the Runner and replace with a line elf. That only saves me 10k gp, but it gives me one fewer player with AV7. For skills, block on the WE’s and at least two dodge on the Blitzers seem mandatory. That’s 80k gp, so the rest? I think a tackle, a sure hands and maybe a kick, but I would have enough gold for a double skill; thoughts?
  12. Forge World and Games Workshop Blood Bowl product manager Andy Hoare discussed the upcoming Blitzmania Regionals (what I was calling Blitzmania II) on the Warhammer TV Twitch feed just now. A reminder, Guardian Games will have our very own Blitzmania Regionals league for people of ALL experience levels starting this May! Details and start dates will follow as soon as we get our hands on the Blitzmania kit. Most likely, the format will follow the 2017 format. That means that you will register your team on BloodBowl.com, and anytime you play another Guardian Games Blitzmania League (GGBL) team you will both complete a results form. I will enter the results into the global Blitzmania Regionals web site, and we can track the GGBL online! Details to follow as soon as I get them. Post your questions here, or in the Blood Bowl PDX or Guardian Games Facebook groups.
  13. Weav

    I'm Bored, entertain me!

    YouPorn NSFW
  14. Weav

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but The Golden Tentacle 2018 is sold out. @Burk, @kb10r, @michaels and me are in.
  15. Teams can be registed starting now, and I will create the Guardian Games store league as soon as the kit allows https://www.bloodbowl.com/regionals/