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  1. There are now ten coaches signed up! Six more to hit goal, with room for eight more after that.
  2. Weav

    OBBL final rounds and playoffs schedule

    The final games in the Middenland Division (Two) are complete. We have three games left in The Moot Division (Four) and once they’re played, we can move forward with the playoffs. @Brick Bungalow @MOONEY @MexicanNinja @ninefinger
  3. The game forms are being sent to the printer next week
  4. Weav

    Spring 'fun' league

    Okay, all...not much clamor for a fun league. Instead, we will run The Human League as planned in March, and if we get a request from non-HL coaches for more Blood Bowl, we will play a short Super League come April or so. We may have the Super League start as a Sevens for a few games, then go to full Blood Bowl, and name a champ off of a single playoff between teams one and two. I will only be doing this if people ask for it. The Fananticus Founders Cup will begin in June, and is intended for very experienced, mean teams. We need a minimum of eight teams to sign up for it though. More to come this spring.
  5. Weav

    New option for OrdoBowl

    That would require admin access as far as I know. Burk and I do the easy admin stuff, but @savion47 is the main man.
  6. Weav

    OBBL final rounds and playoffs schedule

    So far, both the Averland Division (One) and Ostermark Division (Three) are done with the regular season. We have two outstanding games in the Middenland Division (Two) and Four in The Moot Division (Four). Please get those played ASAP so we can start the playoffs. @Ziggens @sbr @Damien @Bosco @Brick Bungalow @MOONEY @ninefinger @Blustorm @MexicanNinja
  7. Weav

    OBBL final rounds and playoffs schedule

    I’d like to do once a week like last season, Sun - Thu for games and Waivers/Free agency Fri - Sat
  8. We’re up to eight players, planned on about sixteen, room for 24. Sign up now, don’t upset Nikk!
  9. Weav

    Bitterberg Kneelers. WIP

    Any updates?
  10. Weav

    Bloodbowl 2 on Xbox on sale

    I wish you were buying this on PS4 instead, it's been too long since we gamed... In my limited experience, you can play together in the same room, and you can play vs someone that you have as a console friend. This is based on PS4 experience.
  11. Weav


    If Spike is released tomorrow I look forward to buying for the ride home from The Matrix Bowl
  12. Weav


    I’m looking forward to getting the issue of Spike!
  13. Anybody have any? Do they even exist? I need four, preferably on the small side.
  14. Five players signed up, four of which are from out of town...get going, locals!
  15. If the playoffs were today, here would be the first round matchups: 1 Khainesas City Chiefs (@Weav) vs. 8 Semper Regalis (@jollyork) 4 Time Bandits (@Ziggens) vs. 5 Garblaat Greenskins (@kb10r) 2 Southland Reavers (@Burk) vs. 7 Low Elf Esteem (@Bosco) 3 Golden Skull Warriors (@Blustorm) vs. 6 Khorgar Bengals (@Zorcon) Obviously these matchups can, and likely will, change with the completion of round eight (and nine/ten for The Moot).