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  1. The final two quarterfinal games have been played, and the semi-finals are set! @michaels's Murder Junkies defeated a very strong Tails of Yore team led by Coach @sbr. I watched most of the game on Twitch, and despite the final score, Steve did a good job challenging Michael's team, who just happen to be former OBBL champs. Up next, Michael takes his Necromantic team up against OBBL champion @kb10r and his Orcs in one of our two FFC semi-finals. In the last quarterfinal, @Vraeden defeated @Osprey, moving his Lizardmen into the semis to face @Zorcon's Super League Winter champs, Zharr'Thrak Seahawks. The winners in these two games will face off in the championship game!
  2. Yes, these games are not friendlies.
  3. Apologies, I was surprised by it too.
  4. Critical note: please be aware the Death Zone: Season One rules specifically state that for tournament semi-finals and finals, no star players or mercenaries may be induced. This means that all teams that advance past the quarterfinals may not use those inducements. Also remember that no injuries reset during the tournament or after the final. Lastly, and this is new, NO FRIENDLIES between rounds!
  5. The Greenskins advance to the semi-finals after a very difficult win vs the Crookback 13'ers.
  6. FFC match between @kb10r and @Weav happens today at 3pm, Guardian Games
  7. The FFC is underway! The Zharr'Thrak Seahawks defeated Fungis Amongis, moving the Chaos Dwarfs to the semi-finals. Three more games to go, with remaining games being played this weekend.
  8. One of the best Blood Bowl formats (so I hear) is Blood Bowl Sevens, and there is a full Blood Bowl Sevens event in Arlington, WA 11/25/2017. The Gravy Bowl is sure to be a ton of fun! for more information, please visit their Facebook event page: The Gravy Bowl - Blood Bowl Sevens
  9. Khorne and Bretonnian Teams

  10. I just sent you a PM about redrafting Fungis Amongis.
  11. The first round of the Fanaticus Founder's Cup is determined and posted! Please see below. Games can be played beginning tomorrow, 10/15/2017. It would be optimal for all games to be played by the end of 10/21/2017, but we'll allow some flexibility as needed. The draw was performed on Facebook live, and can be seen HERE. Remember, the FFC is a ONE AND DONE tournament...if you lose, you're out! The winners of matches one and two will face off in the semi-finals, and the winners of matches three and four will play in the other semi-final to determine the final game! Round One: @Osprey WWF Hall of Maim vs @Vraeden Black Pool Dragons @Zorcon Zharr-Thrak Seahawks vs @peter.cosgrove Fungis Amongis @kb10r Garblat Greenskins vs @Weav Crookback 13'ers @michaels Murder Junkies vs @sbr Tails of Yore As these are elimination games, sudden death overtime is mandatory. Play halves until a team scores. Please allow for extra time in case overtime is necessary. Remember, all injuries and SPP's count, so continue to log games as normal. Injuries will not reset at any point in the tournament. The trophy will be ordered shortly, and THANK YOU ALL FOR PLAYING! Post questions here, and get those games scheduled!
  12. We're good to go!!! The first round matchups will be posted tonight, with games starting tomorrow. Thank you all for participating in the FFC!
  13. Awesome! The last spot is still open, please go to the store and purchase your entry...we'd love to have you!
  14. Awesome! We're only one person away from the eight we need for the FFC! We have two OBBL Premiership champions, and the two 2017 OBBL Super League champions as well...tough competition but the FFC title is worth it! We need just one more person before the end of tomorrow to make this happen!