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  2. Fanaticus Founders Cup The Fanaticus Founders Cup (FFC) is a multi-week, single elimination, league team tournament. The FFC is open to any team that has participated in the three seasons of the OBBL's Persistent League, and has been re-drafted. Based on number of participants, the FFC will run three or four weeks, in a one and done format; you win, you continue...you lose, you're done! The final two teams face off in the Cup final, and will take home the honors. Teams progress through the event, and all injuries and SPP's count like a normal league game. All monies collected go to prizes and the Cup trophy, which will be engraved with the winning team's name and the year. Minimum eight participants needed, maximum sixteen, and games begin 10/15/2017. Who's taking home the first Fanaticus Founders Cup?!?!
  3. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    I've been asked if MNG's reset between round eight and the playoffs; they do not. However, MNG's do reset before the championship game. @Burk, @jollyork, @Frostitute, @kb10r
  4. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    The OBBL Premiership playoffs are set! Bugman's Divisional playoff - @jollyork's Gnarghull Gnash (Chaos Renegades) vs @Burk's Southland Reavers (Chaos Dwarfs) Orcidas Divisional playoff - @Frostitute's Boredom (Elf Union) vs @kb10r's Garblat Greenskins (Orcs) Games may played immediately; the two winners will face off in the Premiership final to crown the 2017 OBBL Persistent League Season Two champion!
  5. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    We have our Bugman's division playoff set! Due to unfortunate circumstances, the final game of the season will go unplayed...this means Gnarghull Gnash's opponent is between the Southland Reavers and the Dead Henchmen, both on thirteen points. First tie-breaker: head to head; these two teams drew in round one Second tie-breaker: winning percentage vs divisional opponents; both teams have three wins against their six Bugman's opponents Third tie-breaker: winning percentage vs common opponents; both teams faced seven common opponents, the six other Bugman's Division teams, and the Garblat Greenskins. Since both teams had three wins vs common division opponents, it comes down to their results vs the Greenskins...Southland defeated Garblat in round four, and the Henchmen lost to Garblat in round eight, giving the Reavers four wins versus common opponents out of seven games, and Dead Henchmen three wins out of seven games. The Southland Reavers win the playoff position by third tie-breaker.
  6. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    With one game remaining, we have one side of the OBBL semi-finals confirmed. @kb10r's Garblat Greenskins defeated @drod's Dead Henchmen, 2-0. The Greenskins will face @Frostitute's Boredom in the Orcidas Division playoff, with the winner to face the Bugman's Division playoff winner. It's very unfortunate that drod's first loss of the season happens in the last game, and that lost keeps him out of the final playoff position in the Bugman's division. Congrats go out to drod, who after voluntary promotion from the Super League last season, nearly went undefeated...great job! The final game will determine Gnarghull Gnash's opponent, as @Vraeden and @savion47 still have to play the final game. If @savion47 wins, he's at 14 points and clearly second place in Bugman's behind the Gnash. If the game is a draw or if the Degenerates win, then the Gnash will face @Burk's Southland Reavers, who have the third tie-breaker over the Dead Henchmen (wins vs shared opponents; Burk has four, and drod has three).
  7. There are a few GREAT Chaos Dwarf and Bull Centaur models out there, and almost no good hobgoblins. These hobgoblins are great. They are a little like regular goblins, but that's a very small critique. Great team.
  8. Look what I found 😂

    I tried to use it last night and it didn't work...I only have a little propellant left, and didn't want to waste it. The trigger works, air comes out, but the paint wouldn't spray.
  9. If anyone has any Propellant cans to donate, I'll take 'em off your hands 😂
  10. Morg 'N' Thorg

    I've seen him person and he's amazing
  11. Willy Miniatures Ratmen

    I'd help you out, but I've already got a full Skaven team, and I've backed three Kickstarters in the last three months. Sorry pal.
  12. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    Want this to get more complicated? I was just (rightfully) informed that if both @drod and @savion47 lose, there will be a tie between the Dead Henchmen and @Burk's Southland Reavers...! Since they drew in round one (head-to-head is tie-breaker one), and would have the same in-division winning percentage (.500, tie-breaker two), we would go to a third tie-breaker, which is winning percentage vs common opponents. Guess what? Both will have played the same in-division opponents, and by the end of round eight, both will have played one common inter-division opponent, @kb10r! Burk defeated kb10r's Greenskins earlier in the season, meaning if both drod and savion47 lose, Burk gets second place in Bugman's...phew!
  13. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    With only a few games left, the play off picture is nearly set. In the Bugmans Division, regardless of final game result, @jollyork's Gnarghull Gnash is the division champion. What isn't clear is who will face the Gnash in the Bugman Division play-off; with a draw or win, @drod's Dead Henchmen will have the honor. With a draw, the Henchmen will have fourteen points, and a tie-breaker over @savion47's Mouse House rejects. Speaking of the Rejects, They need a win in their final game vs @Vraeden's Dungeon Degenerates to reach fourteen points...basically, a Dead Henchmen loss and Mouse House win leads to a Gnash vs. Rejects semi-final; any other result gives the division a Gnash vs Henchmen semi-final. Who will they face? Well, that's complicated, too! In the Orcidas Division, @Frostitute's Boredom has secured the division title; however, who they will face in the championship semi-final is cloudy. Currently, @michaels's Calamitous Intent sit in second place, with thirteen points after eight games played. The wild card in this race is 2017 OBBL Season One champions, @kb10r...his Garblat Greenskins have one more game remaining, and with a win will be at fifteen points, and firmly in second place in the division. With a draw in their final game, the Greenskins would sit on thirteen points, and tied with @michaels's Nurgle. A quick review of the tie-breakers shows that Calamitous Intent defeated Garblat in round two, giving them the first tie-breaker. It's win or go home for the Greekskins! In a weird twist of fate, guess who @drod and @kb10r face in their round eight game? EACH OTHER! To summarize, @kb10r needs a win, or his Orcs are out of the play-off picture...similarly, the Dead Henchmen need a win or draw, or a Rejects loss or draw, to advance. EXCITING!
  14. Painting on the sprue?

    I agree with Ryan, never really worked for me