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  1. Foul every turn? Even turn 16? 😂
  2. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    We will also discuss the use of cards
  3. In an effort to support the local Blood Bowl community, and more specifically the Ordo Blood Bowl League, I will be hosting a coaches meeting on January 7th 2018 at Western Oregon Wargamers. The purpose is two-fold: one, to discuss the commission's plans for the coming year; and two, for coaches to play friendlies and build their OBBL teams. The meeting will start at 3pm and will follow this agenda: Introductions Commission Existing coaches New coaches 2018 structure Friendlies Persistent League Competition pyramid Premiership Super League OBBDL Prizes and awards Fanaticus Founders Cup Prizes and awards The Human League Invitation process Tournaments Ordo Bowl Red Card Rampage Carnage Cup Out of area tournaments Play Friendlies! We are looking forward to another terrific year of Blood Bowl, and this town hall meeting will help the commission understand the needs of the community. Please add your questions below...I hope to see you there (and hopefully it won't interfere with a Seahawks' game)!
  4. 12/5 Game Night at WOW

    @In Matt We Trust is asking for a friendly with his new Orc team at Ordo Game Night on Tuesday; any takers?
  5. Thoughts? http://www.littlearmybuilder.com/bb/5827570249498624/764075
  6. I’m no expert, but is a lot of hobgobs compared to what I see most Chaos Dwarf coaches bring. Are you liking the extra players because of low armor? Oh, and fouling?
  7. If I can paint them in time, I’m thinking about bringing Orcs. Four Blitzers and four Blockers are a given, but I’m unsure what else to do. A Troll seems like a liability, but the ability to throw a one turn TD seems useful. Any sample 1.2M gp Orc builds? I need to save some gold for skills. How is this: 4 BL, 4 BO, 1T, 2L, 3RR, 2 block, 2 MB, 1 tackle, 1 wrestle...? 1,190,000
  8. Yes. I can work with you if you need.
  9. Nice! Looks like the Weavermobile is full. I recommend you guys sign up soon as there is a 24 player cap. Send $20 to relictor@gmail.com and mention entry to Winter Bowl.
  10. Quick note for Northwest USA Blood Bowl players: a one-day winter-themed tournament late December northeast of Seattle. So far two of us from greater-Portland are planning on attending. https://www.facebook.com/events/1511566562269460??ti=ia
  11. 11/21 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night at W.O.W.

    If @Dark Trainer and I don't play Blood Bowl, I'm okay with Mars