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  1. Thank you for the feedback, I will review shortly. In the meantime, I've attached the spreadsheet I used to run the event. SUMPTOWN.xls
  2. Weav

    OBBL 2018 Apertura Playoff Picture

    The finals are set! Premiership: 1) @Vraeden Black Pool Dragons (Lizardmen) vs 2) @Frostitute Sandwich Popcicles (Dark Elf) Super League: 2) @Damien Profit and Misery (Chaos Dwarf) vs 4) @Ziggens Time Bandits (Dwarf) Good luck to all!
  3. @Josiah, thanks for attending tomorrow! I'm tagging our rules judge @ninefinger to answer your question. See you tomorrow.
  4. ⭐⭐⭐Did you know...? ...that like most teams, the Southstorm Squids have an arch rival team? In the Squids case, it is former division rival Creeveland Crescents. These ‘derbys’ featured brutal game days, with each team doing what ever it takes to gain an advantage...even poisoning? The Crescents lost horribly in 2486 to the Squids, in the now infamous ‘Chowder Gate’ controversy. Creeveland where one win away from a playoff spot, and faced their rivals the Squids at the Southstorm Schooner Stadium. Creeveland ordered the local delicacy, Black Gulf chowder from a Squids’ recommended Halfling chef. Before the game, the entire Crescents team, including star Hoshi Komi, fell ill and couldn’t play the game. Two Creeveland Linemen even died! To this day, Creeveland claim Southstorm were responsible for their poisoning, as Squids owner Brixton Murmader couldn’t stand to see the Crescents in the playoffs. The NAF investigation was suspiciously brief, and Murmader and commissioner Nick Three-Horn were seen on holiday together in Tilea just a week later. 🦑 Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter at the OFCC 8/25-8/26 2018 🦑 http://www.ordofanaticus.com/store/category/6-ordo-bowl-ii-southstorm-slaughter/
  5. Weav

    OBBL 2018 Apertura Playoff Picture

    We are advancing towards to the championship games, as @Vraeden and @drod play their Premiership semi-final this Sunday, and @ninefinger and @Ziggens will be playing their Super League semi-final soon as well.
  6. Weav

    Tuesday 6/19 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Welcome! I don't play 40K, but I am fairly sure one of the regulars would be super happy to show you the ropes.
  7. Thanks Alex, I'll let you know after the event. That's very generous of you.
  8. In addition, Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter is now officially NAF and West Coast Grand Prix sanctioned!
  9. It was brought to my attention that this resources post did not have the core NAF rules linked; that has been added to the original post.
  10. Weav


    I’m a huge Blood Bowl player, so to read this is encouraging. Thanks much.
  11. Yes! Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter is now at twenty paid players, with over two months left! WOW! Thank you all for signing up early, and I can't wait to have you all in Vancouver for the event.