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  1. Weav

    Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

    @sfoster @savion47 @Vraeden @peter.cosgrove have you guys scheduled your games?
  2. Weav

    Newb Start

    Apologies, I misunderstood. Burk’s reply clarifies it nicely.
  3. Weav

    Newb Start

    Skill Packs; choose one of the following packs for your team for the entirety of the event; you may only give a player one skill in addition to what they already are equipped with, and no skill may be acquired via skill pack more than twice (i..e., if you are playing dwarfs several players come with tackle, but you can still use your preferred skill pack to apply tackle to one or two players that do not start with that skill):A) Six normal skillsB) Four normal & 1 double skill(s)C) Two normal and Two double skills
  4. ⭐⭐⭐Did you know...? …that while the ancient Kraken is revered by the citizens of Southstorm, the Merwyrm is reviled? Merwyrm sacrifices were once so popular before Squids' games, the mighty sea monsters avoided the area for fear of capture. In 2475, the largest Merwyrm sacrifice occurred, drenching the Schooner pitch in two feet of unctuous blood! Best/Worst of all, the opposing Greenfield Grasshuggers were late leaving their locker room to get to the pitch...the result? Once the blood was siphoned into the opposing locker room to clear the pitch for play, not a single Halfling was alive to take part! Final score: Squids 12, Grasshuggers 0. Don't be late like the Grasshuggers, purchase your entry to Southstorm Slaughter now! 🦑 Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter at the OFCC 8/25-8/26 2018 🦑 http://www.ordofanaticus.com/store/category/6-ordo-bowl-ii-southstorm-slaughter/
  5. Weav

    Newb Start

    He lives! Yes!
  6. There are lots of tools but I prefer LittleArmyBuilder.com
  7. Folks, please upload your Sevens Seas rosters ASAP at http://www.OrdoBowl.com/events @Ziggens @MexicanNinja @ninefinger @Andrewgeddon @savion47
  8. Great to have you play! I have painted Vamps and Orcs if you wanna’ borrow for Sevens Seas.
  9. Weav

    Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

    Both Sandwich Popsicles and Southland Reavers advanced to the semi-finals of the FFC today. Congrats to @Frostitute and @Burk for advancing. Thank you to @Bosco and @Zorcon for participating.
  10. Weav

    Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

    The 2018 Fanaticus Founders Cup has begun!! Chaos Dwarf vs Chaos Dwarf as the Zharr’Thrak Seahawks face off with Southland Reavers http://ordobowl.com/index.php?section=matches&type=report&mid=812
  11. Officially at 10 paid for Sailing the Sevens Seas, with at least one more person planning on playing as far as I know...let's get some more! At 30 for Ordo Bowl, with three more paid entries expected...very cool. Let's get those lists submitted! http://www.ordobowl.com/events
  12. Weav

    Tuesday 8/14 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I wish I could be there, can’t 😕
  13. Submit rosters at: Roster Upload
  14. This email went out to all Ordo Bowl paid participants, but I'm posting it here in case people do not check their email often, or if the email went to their spam folder. Hello, all! we are two weeks out from Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter! Thank you so much for registering for the event. This email will cover a few critical items prior to your attendance. First, if you haven't booked a hotel room at the Hilton Vancouver and need one, reply and let me know. I will send you a link and a group code for discount. Second, please be aware that at 7pm on Friday 8/24/2018 we are having a fun and quick Blood Bowl Sevens tournament in the same event all as Ordo Bowl II. Interested? Please use the link below to learn more about Blood Bowl Sevens and purchase your entry. We're playing on custom pitches, how cool is that? http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/210602-sailing-the-sevens-seas-ofcc-friday-blood-bowl-sevens-tournament/. ASK QUESTIONS! Third, ALL Ordo Bowl II and Sevens lists MUST be submitted to me for review and approval by 8/23/2018. Please use the link below to submit lists. I will be tracking this and following up as we get closer. If you have already submitted, please ignore this item unless you plan to change your roster. http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/210602-sailing-the-sevens-seas-ofcc-friday-blood-bowl-sevens-tournament/ Need help making a roster? You can locate the building rules at http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/210045-ordo-bowl-ii-southstorm-slaughter-resources/. Also, if you need a tool to help make the roster, you can use a tool like Little Army Builder: http://www.littlearmybuilder.com/bb/#2 Fourth, please remember a few important tournament items that have been posted for awhile. However, they are crucial and mandatory. Remember, you must have a fully painted and based team to win any awards at Ordo Bowl II or Sevens. That means that you cannot walk away with the winners trophy with a 6-0 record if you have an unfinished team. Please do not panic if you don't, just let me know. There are plenty of loaner teams in the Portland group. Yes, it is better to borrow a painted team than play with an unfinished team of your own. We have two Appearance-based team awards at Ordo Bowl II and one at Sevens; please understand that you are not eligible to win these awards if you did not paint your own team. We are using the honor system, but I will be asking each player if the paint job is their own. Also, your players must be clearly numbered and the numbers must match the numbers on your roster. Not a hard consideration, so please make it work. In addition, make sure you have a way to mark skills, like bands or skill rings. If you don't, don't fret, I'll have bands for you to use. Please get those rosters submitted ASAP, and do not hesitate to ask questions. I am happy to offer assistance, and even if you're new to tournaments or Blood Bowl, the Ordo Fanaticus team will help you and make you comfortable. THANKS!!!