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  1. Weav

    A Year of Blood Bowl Tournaments

    Either is fine
  2. Weav

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl coverage

    The pitch’s we are playing in today
  3. Weav

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl coverage

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl, day two: DEATH BOWL Death Bowl is four player Blood Bowl. Like Street Bowl, I’ve never played it before. Our Canadian friends in BC play once a year, so it's a little surprising that it hasn’t happened yet. This Death Bowl is a little different, as it is a team event. So rather than a four team free-for-all, it is two teams versus the other two teams. Again, I’m playing my Dark Elf team, the Khainesas City Chiefs (with Elijah Doom), and my Floridian partner is playing Wood Elves; team Dark Wood. My teammate Chris will focus on scoring and I will focus on defense.
  4. Weav

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl coverage

    Game four, 1-0 Win vs Ogres. Ended the day 3-1 in fifth place. I thought I was in the running for best defense, but my 2 allowed weren’t good enough. 😕
  5. Weav

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl coverage

    Game three, 2-0 Win vs Dark Elves
  6. Weav

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl coverage

    Game two vs High Elves. Frankly, his list was under powered with no Blitzers. 3-0 Win.
  7. Weav

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl coverage

    My build is two blitzers, one with dodge; two Witch Elves, both with block; and three Line Elves. No rerolls, and had 700k to spend.
  8. Weav

    Crucible 7 Blood Bowl coverage

    Street Bowl is hard with Elves, as they all ready have low armor. Street Bowl knock downs add an additional +1 to armor rolls because of the hard surface. There are a few other nuances I’ll post later. I lost 0-1 in my first game vs a person I’m making special play cards for now, Chris Nelson.
  9. Some of you may know from conversations and my Facebook that I am in Orlando attending a gaming convention, Crucible. There are three Blood Bowl events, and I am attending all three. Interesting, none of the three are standard Blood Bowl, they are variants. Today, Friday, we are playing the Street Bowl variant. Tomorrow is team Death Bowl and Sunday is a special Dungron Bowl. Unsurprisingly, I’m playing Dark Elves.
  10. A few pics of their Infinity tables
  11. ...begin this Sunday! Please have both your rounds one and two games finished by Saturday. If you cannot, please let @Burk or me know ASAP. Round four is exciting, it’s the first of the inter-divisional matchups 😳 The Moot Division (Four) can play all games asap due to their additional weeks.
  12. Once a year, your favorite group of local wargaming organizers gather at Bohemian Grove to elect the next year's Ordo Fanaticus senate. After many rounds of combat and games of strength, a group of strong-willed individuals have come together to facilitate, organize, administrate and promote wargaming in the Pacific Northwest, under the proud banner of Ordo Fanaticus. You, the wargamer, are the most important part of this fine community. As a result, please leverage the senate to help support your endeavors, be it a new league, a pick up game, or even to assist in running events. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the 2018-2019 Ordo Fanticus senate. Your humble servants are: Consul: @ninefinger Jeffrey Pro-Consul: @evil_bryan Bryan Campaign Czar: @DisruptiveConduct Khan Treasurer: @Blustorm Nathaniel Chaplain: @Weav Weav (Jason) Fabricator General: @Burk Burk (Mark) Senator: @Raindog Eric Senator: @Exile Pete Senator: @peter.cosgrove Pete Senator: @Jay Jay Senator: @ROGRE Jason Senator: @Dark Trainer Matt The Ordo Senate is very excited for the upcoming year, including the 2019 OFCC and more. Want to get involved? Join us for our next senate meeting on 11/3/2018. Senate meetings are public, and we encourage non-Senators to attend and participate. Please, stop by the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse on Sunday or Tuesday Game nights; click here for more - What is WoW? Hope to see you there! FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Jason Weaver - Weav Ordo Fananticus Chaplain