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  1. Weav

    New FAME+2

  2. I initially wanted a team that would benefit from using Lewdgrip, but I’m not sure that matters...Khemri is about the only one that does, right?
  3. Splendid, happy to have you. I will post the payment information shortly. What do people think they are taking?
  4. @Burk, @Bosco and I are attending the Golden Tentacle tournament on May 11th, 2019 in Everett, Washington. I have one spot in my car available, who wants it?
  5. I’ll hand over my keys to Jesse if needed like he said.
  6. Almost certainly the evening after the Crush....7pm to 11pm
  7. They are! It’s a super fun format, and it creates incredibly interesting games. We even have cards printed with all stats and a picture of the actual model for easy reference.
  8. I’ll have the club open early to play Blood Bowl with @Frostitute, then possibly Necromunda league with @ninefinger, and then D&D with @Sylvos...messy Tuesday for me. Pray for Mojo.
  9. Weav

    Summer league

    No, Premiership starts in September
  10. Weav

    Summer league

    Is anyone interested in a casual summer league? Looking mostly at newer teams. Probably start in July.
  11. I don't want to make @michaels too happy
  12. I'll be there, and I can play a little bit of Blood Bowl or Blitz Bowl. The issue is that I am starting a D&D campaign too and have committed to that tomorrow night at WOW.
  13. Yes, however that requires a key holder to be there that late. To be safe, let's try to be there no later than 9p please.
  14. We all have had our moments, at least you are aware and can recognize. Most lack the awareness. I have treated Burk, Shane and Jeffrey very poorly in games and it embarrasses me. These are three of my best friends.
  15. No, I mean my ward @paxmiles
  16. Blood Bowl, tits, and Pax 💗
  17. @zcaust83 @Dark Trainer @peter.cosgrove That’s my fault. I have the PIN. I will attempt the steps that Pete mentioned ASAP (on a flight now). I apologize for the delay, won’t happen the next time.
  18. Just saw this. I believe it was/is Jeffrey
  19. Just wait, in two weeks we start a private league and the clubhouse will be hummin’!
  20. Oh man! 😖 I’m out of town for work, darn it.
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