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  1. 40K ITC at WOW 3/9, get in on the action now!
  2. Our friends at the Everett Blood Bowl League are running a special Blood Bowl tournament at the Ordo Fanaticus Clubhouse in Portland, Oregon on 3/2/2019. The twist? Coaches may only choose the Hall of Fame teams listed in the Death Zone books, and in the Spike Journals. Only twelve spots exist, and no team may be selected more than once. Many teams have already been selected, but a few teams are still available. Register by sending $15/$20 (NAF/Non-NAF) to ebbltournaments@gmail.com, with your team selection. Teams already selected are noted with the player's name next to them. The Hall of Fame Teams: • Death Zone 1 The Bright Crusaders (Human) TV 2,000,000 – no changes @Zorcon • Death Zone 1 The Orcland Raiders (Orc) TV 2,000,000 – no changes Lance Swanson • Death Zone 2 Warpfire Wanderers (Skaven) TV 2,000,000 – no changes @Weav • Death Zone 2 The Greenboyz (Goblins) TV 2,000,000 – no changes • Death Zone 2 The Grudge Bearers (Dwarf) TV 2,000,000 – no changes @Bosco • Death Zone 2 The Celestial Comets (Elf Union) TV 2,000,000 – no changes@] @Ziggens • Death Zone 2 The Chaos All Stars (Chaos Renegades) TV 2,000,000 – no changes @Locky86 • Death Zone 2 The Underworld Creepers (Underworld Denizens) TV 2,000,000 – no changes David Birdsong • Spike Magazine #1 The Doom Lords (Chaos) TV 2,000,000 – subtract 1 assistant coach, 4 fan factor, and 6 cheerleaders @Burk • Spike Magazine #2 Naggaroth Nightwings (Dark Elf) TV 2,000,000 – subtract 2 assistant coaches, 2 cheerleaders, and 2 fan factor Nick Vice • Spike Magazine #3 Nurgle’s Rotters (Nurgle) TV 2,000,000 – subtract 1 fan factor and 1 cheerleader @savion47 • Spike Magazine #4 Champions of Death (Shambling Undead) TV 2,000,000 – no changes Wade Brickman Click below to go to the Everett Blood Bowl League Tournaments page for more information.
  3. From Facebook: Okay Hall of Fame Derby coaches, it's time to commit. I have a few other people who would like to join in if a spot opens. With only 12 players, I need to make sure that we're all in. We're making history here folks, so step up. I need you to email me at ebbltournaments@gmail.com to verify that you will still be attending and send your $15 payment to Paypal at ebbltournaments@gmail.com by this Friday, February 15. I don't need your rosters, I know those already. 🙂
  4. Weav

    Tuesday 2/12 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    You two should fight
  5. Weav


    From the album: Avatars

  6. Weav

    This makes me think of bloodbowl

    Yeah, those could be turned into a variety of positional players
  7. Weav

    Tomb King Team

    @Dark Trainer
  8. Hello, Generals...facts are, this planet is going to hell and we're the solution. It's cold, soldiers are dying, and did you hear? Them damn bugs just landed in the south. Add to that those damn robots with their gauss weapons searing our men to death...things are tough. But who's tougher than us? NO ONE. 2019 Winter Warzone is the second installment of the Ordo Fanaticus war zone escalation league at Western Oregon Wargamers/Ordo Clubhouse. This January, Generals from around the galaxy will battle in fierce escalating engagements to crown a victor. There can only be one General to win the war, but in order to do so, many must lose. This thread will serve as the primary information post for the weekly mission, escalating point values, and victory conditions. @Weav is your league administrator, and @Dark Trainer will create the rules, decide scenarios, and be the primary rules judge when necessary. Check back soon to see the point values for week one, to learn how we will crown our victor, and to see what scenarios will be played each week. Wanna' participate? Week one is January 8th, 2019. Want to take full advantage of the league? Become an Ordo Fanaticus champion! Learn more here.
  9. ATTN: 40K players! Winter Warzone is a three game 40K ITC Tournament March 9th 2019 at Western Oregon Wargamers. The cost is $15, or $10 for Ordo Fanaticus Emperor, Warlord, or Reaver champion. If you participated in the 2019 Winter Warzone and met the minimum requirements, you have priority entry, and may play free of charge. @Dark Trainer will create a list here of those players, and will PM you your coupon code for free entry. Please post questions in this thread. The event is capped at 18 participants. ITC rules can be found: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bUs0HrJ3f6YzR6mWlT1LRLq0i9_0ekf7ah9WhCTxsIo/edit Winter Warzone tickets can be purchased here:
  10. Weav

    Blitz Bowl

    A week from Tuesday I'd love to show it to you...and play Blitz Bowl
  11. Weav

    Blitz Bowl

    Am I the only Ordo Bowl regular to pick up Blitz Bowl? I’ve only seen it played once, and haven’t played myself, but it seems damn fun. https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/toys-games-blitz-bowl-the-game-of-gladatorial-sports-mayhem/32462628?ean=5011921106653
  12. As a reminder, the league will end with a one day, three game Warhammer 40,000 ITC tournament at WOW on 3/9/2019. Details will be posted soon. Players who played in the league and completed certain requirements will receive priority entry and will not play an entry fee.
  13. Hey all; I am in need of a player for the Blood Bowl league at The Portland Game Store. We had a drop. The league is one game every two weeks, and is only six games long. You would be coming in basically at the start. Games can be played anywhere and any time, but the league night is every other Monday at The Portland Game Store. It is a new group, casual players. Please help us out.
  14. Weav

    The Bastard Squad

    After two games, The Bastard Squad is bruised, but not battered... https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/the_bastard_squad_-_pit_city.41987/
  15. Are one of you guys gonna' knock Tyler off the top?
  16. Do you have what you need to play? Has everyone here paid?
  17. Weav

    Necromunda Consensus?

    I wish I was that smart!
  18. Weav

    Necromunda Consensus?

    No, I just confused myself and was curious if you’re going to be down here for some reason.
  19. Weav

    Escape from Pit City - Launch and Week one

    After two games, I’m just as bad at Necromunda as I am Blood Bowl 🤨
  20. Weav

    Necromunda Consensus?

    Up there or down here?