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  1. Vanguard KickStarter - 7 Days Left

    Mantic is accepting late pledges through the end of the month (28Feb18). The giant model is brand new and is looking really cool. Linky: Mantic KoW Kickstarter
  2. Mantic's Kings of War Skirmish game is on Kickstarter now. Looks like a lot of fun and it's very flexible in terms of One off game/Campaign/Tying it into a KoW game. $85 gets you the game and bunch of goodies (2 player or 1 warband & scenery) or $30 for just the rule book and token/dice. Here's the link: Mantic Vanguard Kickstarter
  3. V4 50PT meet and greet? 4/30?

    I should be able to make this. I'll bring along 50 pts of DAK and 50 pts of Brits.
  4. V4 50PT meet and greet? 4/30?

    I would be interested in participating. My mid war guys have been gathering a lot dust (and not from the desert). I have both Brits and DAK and 50 points would be a fun starter.
  5. H: 40k, Pathfinder, others

    PM Sent
  6. Gorilla Shelves For Sale

    Dalmer, Thanks for the assist.
  7. Gorilla Shelves For Sale

    These are steel with wood shelves. Both are approximately 6 ft tall and have 5 shelves apiece. One has a shelf size of 48"x18" and the other is 36"x18". I'm happy to post a pick of the disassembled pieces, however I have yet to figure out how to do that with the new changes to the forum. So any help with that would be appreciated. Thanks for the interest, Robert
  8. Gorilla Shelves For Sale

    2 gorilla shelves units for sale. $25 each or $40 for both. Units are complete and disassembled. You pickup preferred but I can deliver within a reasonable distance. I live in Vancouver, but I work in South downtown Portland. I can provide a picture on request.
  9. I see "cards" mentioned a lot. Are the cards going to be mandatory? Or will I still be able to use Army Builder and just my army off on a couple sheets of paper? And where might I be getting these cards for any of the models that I already own? I also hope that some of the British Colonial forces make it into a book at some point. If they don't, that eliminates 2/3 of my British Mid War armies.
  10. 23 inch Samsung Monitor Model P2350. Comes with power cord, VGA cable and install disk. Prefer cash - asking $30. I am in the PDX metro area and I'm flexible on a place to meet up. Thanks for looking
  11. H: Deadzone, GW Terrain W: $

    PM sent.
  12. Bolt Action Roll Call

    I have Brit Para's (mostly assembled), US (not assembled), and Jerrie (not assembled). Just ordered V2 book and some German reinforcements from Warlord.
  13. The Spartan Two-Step

    Bro G and I have a good number of models. I have Brits, Prussians, Ruskies, and Covenant (not all assembled mind you). We have been know to thrown down now and again, but it has a been a while. I have a Brit Legions starter force; not assembled yet either. I think a lot of Spartan's problem is the movement and targeting rules and the ADD nature of their game support. Very finicky and slow to play. But that might be the nature of naval combat? I believe that is was a good idea to not go ahead with the KS, but on the other hand 15mm with their universe could have been very interesting.