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  1. That's very similar to the army I ran. I used the Sheild Bearers, had slightly smaller units and had a cannon instead of bomber... oh and Anvil and Runesmith... but the bare bones are close to it... The War throne does seem pretty keen... but mine is not painted... I should paint that... I should paint anything really...
  2. OFCC 2018 Dwarf Blocks4500 Pts - Dwarven Holds Army 1 King @ 538.0 Pts General; Pistol; Plate Armour; Shield Bearers Runic Weapon [100.0] Rune of Craftsmanship Rune of Fury (x2) Runic Armour [80.0] Rune of Iron Rune of Steel 1 Shield Bearers @ [0.0] Pts 1 Thane @ 314.0 Pts Pistol; Plate Armour; Shield; Battle Standard Runic Standard of Shielding [80.0] Runic Armour [40.0] Rune of Iron (x2) 1 Anvil of Power @ 200.0 Pts #Bound Spell: Rune of Resilience [0.0] #Bound Spell: Rune of Resolve [0.0] #Bound Spell: Rune of Reckoning [0.0] 3 Crew @ [0.0] Pts 1 Runic Smith @ 199.0 Pts Plate Armour; Shield Bound Spell: Rune of Resolve [20.0] 1 Runic Smith @ 199.0 Pts Plate Armour; Shield Bound Spell: Rune of Gleaming [20.0] 1 Runic Smith @ 199.0 Pts Plate Armour; Shield Bound Spell: Rune of Resilience [20.0] 24 Greybeards @ 620.0 Pts Heavy Armour; Shield; Veteran Magic Standard; Musician 1 Champion @ [20.0] Pts 24 Clan Warriors @ 590.0 Pts Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician; Vanguard 1 Champion @ [20.0] Pts 29 King's Guard @ 930.0 Pts Great Weapon; Plate Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician 1 Champion @ [20.0] Pts 24 Seekers @ 710.0 Pts Standard; Musician; Vanguard 1 Champion @ [20.0] Pts Models in Army: 110 Total Army Cost: 4499.0
  3. Well, in theory the Greybeards and Kingsgaurd should have been within 6" of each other... I sorta fumbled my deployment and the Greybeards were stuck way to far field. Pretty much a newb error and I realized it was bad at the end of deployment... but it was too late then.
  4. Well my game went south on one bad Ld roll, so it's hard to say how it would have gone, but the dwarfs could not really compete with any of his units once the Hammerers and General were gone.
  5. Oh I'm sorry, I thought my opponent was supposed to have fun too :P Seriously though, I left the default spell type (or whatever it is called) as I have no idea on any of them. Like I said, this is a quick "see what it looks like". Contamination... lets be honest... it was no fun to face on the field last weekend... I plan to skip it. I think the army will have plenty of nastiness without it. I know it is the bonus for the mono list... but you've never seen the bonus of the glee I get with a whole plaguey army on the field! For the Father (and other upgrades) I was flat outta points and squeezing models already. In Old Warhammer, it was upgrades that really took them over the top so I'd rather err on the side of a fun game for two players. (again, just testing the waters at this point).
  6. Random Song Thread

    For Weav
  7. Ughhhhhh

    Couple years ago we went to Seaside to avoid the heat for a weekend... then it breached 100...
  8. I was somewhat inspired to see what I could do with my demons after playing Josh's Plague... so here is a rough list I tossed together... would definitely need some refinement, and I ran out of points long before I ran out of models: Unnamed4500 Pts - Daemonic Legion of Pestilence Army 1 Father of Pestilence @ 1050.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence; General; Wizard Master; 3 Learned Spells; The Witchcraft; General of Pestilence 1 Harbinger of Pestilence @ 290.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence; Battle Standard 1 Harbinger of Pestilence @ 400.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence; Wizard Apprentice; 1 Learned Spell; The Witchcraft 1 Pestilent Palanquin @ [0.0] Pts 15 Tallymen @ 424.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence; Standard; Musician 1 Champion @ [20.0] Pts 18 Tallymen @ 496.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence; Standard; Musician 1 Champion @ [20.0] Pts 7 Furies of Pestilence @ 188.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence 3 Blight Flies @ 540.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence; Standard; Musician 1 Champion @ [20.0] Pts 4 Blight Fly @ [0.0] Pts 3 Pestilent Beasts @ 390.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence 4 Plaguelings @ 240.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence 1 Daemon Engine of Pestilence @ 480.0 Pts Daemon of Pestilence Models in Army: 56 Total Army Cost: 4498.0
  9. I have it but have not had good luck with it. I have not played with it a lot but it seemed like I had to reload my Army Systems every time I loaded it... I was probably doing something wrong.
  10. On the plus side, I am the proud owner of an ArmyBuilder 1.4 CD which is upgradable to v2.2c. So... I am off and running in old army builder which is like an old friend to me.
  11. I used to use AB all the time and loved it, but the subscription bit turned me off of it over time. If it is back to a buy once thing I might have another look.
  12. So battle scribe works, but it is really clunky and hard to use. I tried 9thbuilder.com and while it is a pretty nice interface they do not seem to have all the points right... what is the point of a builder if you have to do all the math anyway? I don't feel that I really get my money worth out of a subscription service like Army Builder... So, any other army construction tools out there?
  13. Get on a team with the worst of us to avoid playing against us!
  14. Start small if needed, teams of two are still teams!
  15. This is when we get to rub it in!