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  1. Requesting Help: Spec a ~$1K PC

    I have a 1070 or maybe a 1080 that is working good. But thanks to the cryptocurrency miners getting any decent video card is super difficult right now.
  2. So PP is releasing a skirmish version of their rules called Company of Iron. Does anyone have a link to a decent preview or review?
  3. PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Despite the cumbersome name, if you don't absolutely hate shooters you should buy this game. 100 people parachute out of an airplane and have to grab the randomly distributed loot and try to be the last person alive. Every few minutes the 8km x 8km map is constricted into smaller and smaller safe zones forcing conflict to occur. You can play solo, duo or a 3 or 4 man team. Playing this has been some of the most tense and fun gaming I have had in very long time. From slowly crawling through a wheat field hoping to not get sniped and trying to catch a glimpse of the other person you think is also crawling through your field to parachuting onto the same rooftop as someone else and trying to frantically punch them out while they try to frantically load the revolver they picked up. Its $30 in early access on Steam and actually is the 3rd most played game on Steam right now. 10/10
  4. Random Video and Gif Thread

    Very cool 40k video in the style of Take On Me