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  1. Modifiers to hit

    Assuming the Unit qualifies for both (which pretty seriously limits the AL/RG options with Smoke Launchers specifically), and there's nothing saying they don't stack, then yep. Hence Alaitoc Hemlocks at -3 to Hit.
  2. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I just got out from seeing Black Panther as well. In addition to the above, I noticed that there were a lot of parallels with the Thor movies. Not entirely unexpected, really, since both are about a prince dealing with the death of his father and becoming a king. Further, as a tribute to the quality of the actors and crew Marvel has put together, I'd note that, even with the sound cut out for the last 15 minutes or so, the ending was still not only understandable, but even compelling, purely through body language, facial expression, and cinematography.
  3. Meta down there (pdx)

    A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says "Can I get you a drink?" The replies "I think not, and disappears." Oh, wait, I already screwed this one up by quoting the other version. I put Descartes before the horse.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Gwen 10 would have been a better show than Ben 10.
  5. 40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    Yep. Space Wolves and Blood Angels do them best, but with the FW Chaplain Dread HQ option opened up to most SM sub-Factions, DA and Vanilla can make it work, too. Actually, vanilla Marines might be really good at it. Lots of Ironclads.
  6. We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    Why am I double posting so much lately?
  7. We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    That actually is pretty much what I was talking about. I just worded it badly.
  8. It's on my list. I read Carmilla a while back, too, for similar reasons, and really liked it.
  9. We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    It's more for the first few Games, so you've got a reminder. After that, as you say, you'll get a feel for which ones you use, and won't need it.
  10. We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    - Stratagems are pretty important to any Army with a Codex. If you don't have the Datacards set for the Army, you should consider at least making some cards or a sheet with the ones you're likely to use. - Rippers are awesome. They never really kill much, but they're amazing for sitting somewhere out of sight and racking up Points for Objectives, Recon, Linebreaker, etc. - Being cheap and mobile is Hormagaunts' real job. The claws are sometimes actually a distraction from their actual purpose. Especially in small Units like this. You really need a Brood of 25-30 or so to actually threaten anything. - Tyrant Guard should absolutely be kept cheap. The only thing I might add to them is Adrenal Glands. They don't have enough Attacks or a good enough WS to make up for the -1 from Crushing Claws. And frankly, their main job is to get shot, anyhow, not to actually do damage themselves. - Lictors, I think, are kind of where they were in 7th: Either you take like 6+ of them (probably including DeathLeaper), or don't really bother. With just a couple, the only thing they're reliably usable for is Objective grabbing, but Rippers usually do that better. Yet another Unit that I really wish could take Adrenal Glands.
  11. 40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    via 3++ is the New Black
  12. outside of 9"?

    Yeah, it was in one of the FAQs. Main Rulebook or Designer's Notes, I think. The key point is that you have to Deploy more than 9" away, so on an 8" Charge roll, you will still be more than 1" away, which is a failed Charge.
  13. We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    I was thinking kind of the same thing. It'd probably go better on tripe, haggis, or sweetbreads*, tho ;) *