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  1. Eldar info

    CSM didn't get new Models either. The trend seems to be indicated by the cover art: If that's new, new Models as well. If that's reused, no new Models.
  2. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Looking fantastic, dude!
  3. Random Song Thread

  4. Eldar info

    Craftworld Focus: Iyanden Codex: Craftworlds is our most detailed look at the Asuryani yet, packed with stratagems, warlord traits and psychic powers designed to let you build thematic, fun and powerful armies. There are also 5 new Craftworld Attributes to customise your army with, representing the distinctive ways the Aeldari go to war. In a series of previews this week, we’ll be looking at all of these in detail. Iyanden is a craftworld renowned for its tragic history and its serried Spirit Hosts, making heavier use of ghost warriors than any other. Wraith constructs will still be an important part of Iyanden armies, but their Craftworld Attribute is versatile enough to allow for a range of powerful builds focused around elite units of all kinds, including tanks and aspect warriors. The Craftworld Attribute Stoic Endurance helps shore up the Craftworld’s vulnerability to Morale tests. Perhaps nothing is worse than watching a couple of casualties on a costly unit of Wraithguard turn into a devastating rout, and with this trait, you won’t have to worry. On the other side of the coin, 20-strong units of Guardians become much more efficient and make for an excellent target for Psychic Powers without having to worry about being mauled in the Morale phase. The second part of Stoic Endurance helps your tanks and larger constructs keep kicking even after heavy damage. Enemies will need to chip 17 wounds off of an Iyanden Wraithknight before seeing any appreciable difference in its combat effectiveness! Best Units It’d hardly be an Iyanden army without some ghost warriors, would it? Wraithblades in the new codex are just as deadly as they’ve always been, with some added bonuses. Smaller Wraith units have received an additional point of Toughness in the new codex, bringing Wraithguard and Wraithblades up to Toughness 6 and Wraithlords to Toughness 8, making them markedly more resilient against incoming enemy fire. What’s more, they don’t even cost any more points! The perfect accompaniment to a Spirit Host unit is a Spiritseer. These guys are already an efficient HQ choice for a Craftworlds army, and have even seen a reduction in cost, now a steal at 45 points, only 10 more than a Warlock! Use yours to cast the new psychic power Empower on your Wraithblades, trigger the Psytronome of Iyanden and throw in the Guided Wraithsight Stratagem and you’ll be dishing out 60 Strength 7 AP -3 attacks, hitting on a 4+ with a reroll and D3 damage apiece – enough to scrap even a Baneblade in close combat. Want your army to hit hard and take a beating in return? Iyanden is the Craftworld for you. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be taking a closer look at Ulthwé, as well as how the Black Guardians are represented in the new codex.
  5. ITC rules

    Yeah, it does work out that way. But when I've run them, I've felt that I got what I paid for them. That is subjective, tho. I like the consistency of a guaranteed 24 shots per Turn over the higher S/Damage, but lower average (and far, far lower minimum) number of shots that the others get.
  6. Eldar info

    Some of the Objective Markers I have use Roman numerals, and yeah, the IV vs. VI thing can be really annoying to try to sort out at times. There are reasons we switched to using Arabic numerals instead.
  7. 6 week "tourney"

    Knights are in the AdMech Codex, but don't actually have the AdMech Keyword.
  8. ITC rules

    You should be able to buy just one or another of the guns from various bitz sellers online. Or, for one of the best options, the dual Avenger Gatling Cannon, you can use ForgeFiend parts, since their Hades Autocannon are almost exactly the same size.
  9. Chaos Bastions?

    I think it was basically just done because GW actually had a Chaos Bastion available for sale at one point. It was just a regular Bastion that also came with a spiky sprue, but it was a released product, so they gave it an Index entry.
  10. Eldar info

    I'm tempted as well. Some of those older Eldar Models were sweet.
  11. ITC rules

    The re-roll Stratagem is also not usable for rolls made before the first Battle Round has begun. I think they might have removed the restriction on PL31+ Units, because I can't find it anymore.
  12. 6 week "tourney"

    Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus got consolidated into a single Adeptus Mechanicus Faction, so they should actually be OK. Astra Militarum, similarly, all the sub-factions have the Astra Militarum Keyword as well as their sub-faction Keyword. Custodes and SoS are out of luck, tho, since they don't match any Keywords with anything else other than Imperium.
  13. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    My Cousin Vinny: Another re-watch, but it's been at least 20 years since I last saw it. Still holds up amazingly well. I hadn't remembered that Ralph Macchio was in it. What's the Karate Kid doing letting those cops push him around like that? ;) Also, now that Marisa Tomei is playing Aunt May, it got me thinking about Joe Pesci as Uncle Ben.
  14. Adeptus Custodes Assembly Problem

    My light box is not available right now, but this is basically just a proof of life photo, so whatever. Thanks for the encouragement!
  15. Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    I don't think any Daemons have a Deep Strike equivalent anymore.