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  1. Blood Angels Coming

    I took a while trying to find the most unsettling way to word that ;)
  2. 8th Edition List Building

    The Stratagems aren't really what I'd call "Dedicated" AA. You're not paying any Points for them, and they're not forcing any substantial restrictions on your list, just "must contain at least one Infantry Missile Launcher". And that Missile Launcher is still fully effective on ground targets, unlike, say, a Hydra, which suffers a non-negligible penalty when shooting at stuff on the ground.
  3. Blood Angels Coming

    I think the hair is supposed to be more like Shirley Temple-style golden curls.
  4. So Luther escaped...

    Time to head down to Kinkos and print off a bunch of signs to stick up on telephone poles everywhere. Lost dog, lost cat, lost helicopter, lost heretic, you know the drill.
  5. Dark Angels Preview

    You gotta catch 'em all! Everyone knows that ;)
  6. 8th Edition List Building

    One thing to keep in mind for longer-term players is that there has been some pretty massive power creep over the editions. I haven't seen it so much here, but out in the 40K blogosphere, I've seen a number of people complaining about newer editions being all about cheese, because they're still looking at things from a 3rd-4th Ed viewpoint. Much of the stuff that could be called cheesy back then is now standard, or even underpowered.
  7. New Beast of Nurgle?

    The Khorne Red actually covers the black pretty well. But the Blood Red won't even cover the Khorne Red very well. Like I said, it's one of the crappy older paints with a much lower pigment ratio, but I feel like I need to use it up. And yeah, I'm not actually hugely impressed by the Beast of Nurgle shots we've seen, but as long as it's a reasonably priced plastic kit instead of the FineCast one we've been stuck with for ages, I'll be able to do something worthwhile with it.
  8. New Beast of Nurgle?

    I did actually lay down a coat of Khorne Red first. Honestly, I should just chuck that bottle and get some of whatever the new equivalent is, but I have trouble bringing myself to throw out something that is still at least usable.
  9. Random Photo Thread

  10. Before you gripe about GW pricing...

    That is a really cool Model.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    James Hong's move into voice acting has resulted in me guessing wrong while trying to figure out who's the villain in way too many Scooby Doo things.
  12. Tyranid questions

    2) Forge World doesn't understand the Rules Sets they're writing for. Probably a copy/paste from 7th Ed, when it would have mattered. 3) They're the cheapest Elite slot fillers for a Brigade, and they're one of the very few Units that have both Auto-Hit Weapons with a range greater than 9" and access to alternate Deployment. Since I'm mostly looking at Jormungandr, I'm thinking of bringing a Brood of them along with a Trygon or something.
  13. New Beast of Nurgle?

    I was slopping a ton of the old Blood Red on something to get it to cover over black, and thinking "And this piece was done with my classic 'give Duncan an apoplectic attack' technique" ;)
  14. Guard color scheme

  15. Tyranid and GK FAQs Updated

    It's a joke about the Blood Angels not getting the option back to Deep Strike their Land Raiders.