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  1. WestRider

    Random Photo Thread

  2. WestRider

    40k Funko Pops!

    They're pretty cute. I do love that the Marine on the Dark Angel's shield has also been re-done in Funko style. The Space Wolf and Blood Angels are the ones that really grab me, tho.
  3. WestRider

    Kill Team Arena coming up for pre-order

    Yeah, they're each getting new Commanders. The expansion to the Ryza Pattern buildings with actual intact structures that's coming in KZ Fronteris is what I'm really excited about, tho.
  4. WestRider

    I Like Tanks!

    They're scattered among four or five Armies as it is. I just haven't ever run them all together.
  5. WestRider

    I Like Tanks!

    Ugh, you're right. I think that might actually take Baal Predators out of the picture as well, since they have a different Datasheet name.
  6. The Murderbot Diaries: All Systems Red, Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol, and Exit Strategy. Murderbot is a Security Unit that hacked its control module several years ago to hopefully prevent a repeat of the incident where a malfunction forced it to kill 57 people it was supposed to be protecting. It generally just uses the freedom granted by this to ignore stupid orders and do what works instead of what it's told, because it doesn't want to be found out by the company that owns it, but what it really wants is mostly just to be left alone and watch TV. Unfortunately, like most of us, it rarely gets what it wants. As the name implies, it's all first person perspective, with Murderbot narrating all the stuff it has to put up with, seasoned with heavy layers of sarcasm and dark humour, along with repeated mentions that it would really rather just be watching Sanctuary Moon. The tone really reminds me of Barnes in the Winter Soldier fanfic The Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail, which is one of my faves. If you like either, I suspect you'll like the other.
  7. WestRider

    I Like Tanks!

    That might actually be worth trying. That's a lot of points invested in Predators, tho, even with just two trios. There's a note somewhere in one of the FAQs that Stratagems with the same name are considered the same Stratagem even if they come from different Codices. I think the specific example was Death Guard and CSM, but they said that the principle applied generally. Yeah, I had noted that for Annihilators and Desctructors, but hadn't thought of Baals. That would mean that Blood Angels can actually still build in some redundancy for it. Cool! Also worth noting is that it's been Errataed so it buffs fixed damage as well as damage rolls, which is nice.
  8. WestRider

    Random Song Thread

  9. WestRider

    I Like Tanks!

    For me, it was more about Killshot. I really like Predators, to the point where I'm not actually entirely sure how many I have, and it was actually pretty awesome when I could get some redundancy for it. Yeah, I know. It still annoys me.
  10. WestRider

    Space Marines new Beta Rule

    Especially since there isn't actually a need to do them permanently. The bit that differentiates them will pressure fit (especially if your prime them separately), so they can be completely swappable if you want.
  11. WestRider

    I Like Tanks!

    That does seem to be correct RAW. My gut feeling is that it isn't RAI, but my gut feeling doesn't have any actual authority over 40K Rules. One of my few complaints about the Rule of Three is that it took Killshot and Linebreaker Bombardment from being niche, but usable, to being almost worthless, since you can't build in redundancy for them anymore. Also, it's annoying that the Rhino Primaris isn't actually a Primaris Unit. They really need a Rhino Primaris that's just a Rhino that can transport Intercessors and Hellblasters.
  12. WestRider

    Titandeath Cometh!

    One game to rule them all One game to find them One game to bring them all And in the Grim Darkness bind them
  13. WestRider

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    The Removed, aka After Effect, aka The Infected, aka Patient Z: The Infected, aka Just Pick a Name and Stick With It: Pretty good horror flick. Follows a couple of college students and the people they meet when they sign up for a medical experiment that pays $1000 for a couple of days. Things progress pretty quickly from odd to unsettling to downright creepy, and then to 28 Days Later-style "zombies". I feel like it maybe could have used a little more build-up time, and maybe a couple more characters basically just to add some more chaos and confusion to the chunks where everyone's trying to figure out what's happening. Shadow of the Missing: Another for the "cool concept, poor execution" pile. Documentary-style found footage horror film, with the found footage interspersed with interview clips with friends of the people who shot the footage and segments of a local priest and historian (the action takes place in an old abandoned church) providing commentary and attempted explanations. Like I said, I think the idea and the basic structure have potential, but the pacing is just way off here, with no real tension building up, and none of the characters are engaging enough to keep it going.
  14. I was expecting that to be something from the Wurzels, for some reason 😉
  15. I've got a fair amount of stuff I'm getting ready to send from Seattle down to Pretre in Camas if anyone who's doing this doesn't mind making another pickup/dropoff as well.