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  1. Random Photo Thread

  2. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    It Follows: Scariest horror movie I've seen in a while. Persistence Hunting is creepy as hell.
  3. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    A good Howling Griffons force is one of the best-looking things you can see on a 40K table.
  4. Eclipse question

  5. Eclipse question

  6. BlightWar

    I am such a fan of the two new characters here. Want to make a straw hat for Horticulous. I can use all the rest of the Nurgle, too, so I might actually have to pick this set up, and either find a buyer for most of the Stormcast or figure out something to convert them into.
  7. BlightWar

    Blightwar: New Rules, New Models, and more! A new age of war is dawning in the Mortal Realms, and Nurgle is rising… Blightwar is the latest boxed set for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, designed to allow you to re-enact the battles between the forces of Nurgle and the Stormcast Eternals desperately trying to stop them. As well as two armies – one from the Daemons of Nurgle, the other from the Vanguard Chambers of the Stormcast Eternals – the box contains loads of battleplans, background continuing the story of the Age of Sigmar, exclusive miniatures and even new rules. What kind of rules? In addition to warscroll battalions, there are warscrolls for two brand new characters and new allegiance abilities for Nurgle armies. If you’re a Nurgle player, these new mechanics are a fun, thematic and powerful bonus to your force – as you fight, Nurgle’s endless cycle of renewal and decay will grind on with powerful effects. Leading the forces for each side are two new characters. Neave Blacktalon is a new kind of Stormcast Eternal, of the Knights-Zephyros. Armed with Whirlwind Axes, Neave can cut down characters in a flurry of blows, or she can weaken them at range with her Boltstorm Pistol – she’s a powerful new option for any Stormcast Eternals army. On the other side, Horticulous Slimux commands the forces of Nurgle. Slimux is Nurgle’s Grand Cultivator, helping to seed and maintain the plagued gardens of his realm and beyond. On the tabletop, Horticulous has several powerful benefits that improve your Nurgle units, and he’s more than capable of holding his own in close combat. Make sure to come back next week to get your hands on these great models and new rules by pre-ordering Blightwar.
  8. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Just finished up Defenders. I had lost track of where I was in the series because I couldn't bring myself to stop and just kept letting it auto-continue, and hadn't realized I was so close to the end. Very good stuff, possibly my favorite of the Netflix Marvel series so far.
  9. Stevensonmat2's Escalation League Thread

    Best bet is to post them somewhere else (imgur, instagram, tumblr, whatever, just not photobucket), and then link them here.
  10. Random Photo Thread

  11. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    The Devastator Centurions are the only pic not showing up for me. The rest are fine now.
  12. There are a bunch of bits that I'm having trouble finding without having to get a bunch of extra stuff along with, or even at all. I need some Shattered Dominion Bases to expand my Assassins/Inquisition. Maybe half a dozen 32mm, 3-4 25mm, and 1-2 40mm. I'm missing the outside cover for the right side sponson on my Storm Raven. And I dislike having unhelmeted Power Armoured dudes, so I'm looking for a couple of Reiver Helmets so I can fix the Sergeants I got in the easy-build sets. Could go for some of the Grav Chute fins, too, but those are easier to convert. I can do PayPal (probably going to have to ship, my place is pretty out of the way), or I have a fairly substantial bits collection of my own, tho any given thing is going to be kind of hit or miss.
  13. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    Pretty sure that one's from the Vanguard Veterans kit.
  14. Eclipse question

    Nope. You just see warnings about it because people are more likely to look directly at the sun during an eclipse than normally. That said, there also isn't any less danger in it, and looking directly at the sun really isn't a good idea under any circumstances. Best to get some heavily smoked glass (much more so than regular sunglasses), watch through some sort of projection system, or just observe the effects rather than watching it directly.