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  1. WestRider

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Truth. This may well mark the first time I ever have a Dark Eldar force of any size.
  2. WestRider

    Just the Dickel - OFCC 40K Team Event Thread

    I think the original would actually make for a pretty good brawl against the strongest list on our team. It'd be sketchy against a couple of the others, but that's what the Captain's Matchups are for.
  3. WestRider

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Looks pretty much like what I wanted to see here. A bunch of Culties screening a couple of CSM who do the heavy lifting. "The Long War, Your Way" sounds kind of like a McDonald's tagline, tho 😉
  4. WestRider

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Posted 17/07/2018 Kill Team Focus: Heretic Astartes Sabotage. Assassination. Terror. To the Imperium, these are specialised missions requiring unique tactics and men of courage, skill and dubious honour. To the Chaos Space Marines, it’s just another day in the Long War – the Dark Gods don’t much care if you fight fair… In Kill Team, the renegade warbands of the Heretic Astartes combine elite Chaos Space Marines and hordes of eager Cultists to conquer their foes – with a generous share of insidious warp-magics. We’re taking a closer look at just how it all works in our latest Kill Team Focus… The Chaos Space Marines have access to all manner of sinister powers granted to them by the Dark Gods – from insidious Tactics to Marks of Chaos and Icons that provide deadly in-game benefits. There’s a lot of flexibility in how you build your Heretic Astartes Kill Team. Stack up on heavy weapons, go elite, grab a ton of Cultists – or mix and match to stay flexible. From a renegade squad of Night Lords spreading terror behind enemy lines to a cell of secret Cultists rising up on their own against the False Emperor – these kill teams have loads of potential for thematic depth. Durable, hard-hitting and well armed, Chaos Space Marines can be equipped for long-range with various weapons, or for melee, with brutal chainswords. Costing a mere handful of points, Cultists are great for increasing the numbers in a Heretic Astartes kill team, as well as having access to a few more special weapons like flamers. Feeling lucky? This Tactic transforms one member of your kill team into a deadly juggernaut – or it just kills them. Such is life in service to Chaos… Mortal wounds are rare and deadly in Kill Team, and this tactic is one of the most reliable sources of them. As you’d expect, you’ll want to kick off a Heretic Astartes kill team with some Chaos Space Marines. From there, it’s your choice – upgrade your models with some heads and shoulder pads from Forge World, grab some Cultists, pick up a set of Legion upgrades… when you’re building Chaos Space Marines, you’ve got a lot of choices. Fancy something a bit less devoted to the powers of Chaos? Check back tomorrow, when we’ll be taking a closer look at the highly-mobile warbands of the Asuryani…
  5. WestRider

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    I think it might be like Shadow War, where it was one of each of the Sector Mechanicus sprues to show off the whole range, rather than a specific combination of the individual release kits. Altho it does look there are duplicates of a couple of the Terrain sprues there, so I don't know.
  6. WestRider

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Nice! They got pretty much everything I'd want for a Necron Team. Very interested in what shows up tomorrow.
  7. WestRider

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Leprechaun 4: In Space: Even without the knowledge that it was a direct to video release in 1995, the title alone should be all the info you need to determine whether or not you'll enjoy this movie.
  8. WestRider

    Fortifications can't score!?!?

    Yeah, 3++ is usually pretty good. But this is one case where things weren't corrected later when better info became available.
  9. WestRider

    Fortifications can't score!?!?

    That article was posted more than two weeks before 8th Ed was actually released, based on leaks that Matt apparently hadn't read thoroughly enough. It's just plain wrong on those points.
  10. WestRider

    Fortifications can't score!?!?

    Pretty sure those are all things from the 6th-7th Ed Rules.
  11. WestRider

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    If you look at it as percentage of non-Character Infantry Units in the Codex, tho, Harlequins are at 100% of the available options, while Drukhari are below 50%. I dunno. I would have liked to see the Harlies get a Death Jester option, but I also really think Drukhari should have had Wracks available as well as a bare minimum. I also think it could be cool to have an option for an entire Harlequin team to just be a single Solitaire.
  12. There weren't really many good targets for the Sonic Blasters, so I largely just used them for Blastmaster shots at Plagueburst Crawlers and Mortarion. That did decently given how durable those are, adding in another Wound or three here and there. The Sonic Blasters did chew up some PoxWalkers, but they kept coming back, so it wasn't very impressive. I do want to try sometime running a list with 3+ Units of them, so their contribution makes up a larger part of the Army in general, and it's more visible what they're doing.
  13. WestRider

    Random Thought Thread

    Hipster Slaanesh: "Yeah, I have a pretty obscure gender. You probably haven't heard of it."
  14. Still needs a ton of work in the next month or so, but I managed to get in a game with it against Nato Sicarius's OFCC Death Guard. I was outmatched, and ended up with only a handful of Daemonettes on the board by the end, but all the dead stuff had managed to buy enough time and slow down the Death Guard sufficiently that I had the win by the Objective. It's an odd list for me. I tend to play Armies where the hitting power is fairly evenly distributed, while this has the majority of the Models mostly just being Objective Holders and Screens, while the Knight and Characters do most of the actual damage. Glad I broke with tradition and got at least one learning game in with it before OFCC, as that first one would have been really awkward. I think it'll be fun once I get the hang of it, tho. I also really need to make some reference sheets. Having important stuff spread across three books and a .pdf is a real pain, and I wasted way too much time looking things up.
  15. WestRider

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Unsurprisingly, DeathWatch look pretty good. Their basic Veteran Squads are so flexible that they actually have more options with three Units than regular Marines do with four.