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  1. WestRider

    Warhammer 40k Airfield

    A bunch of the FW Flyers aren't VTOL, as far as I can tell. The Xiphon, Thunderbolt, Marauder, Lightning, and Avenger all look like they need a proper runway, and I know I've seen references to at least some of them having airfields with runways. I think they just don't make Terrain for them because it would be like thirty feet long.
  2. WestRider

    Kill Team....IN SPACE!

    Got the most important part of the set built:
  3. WestRider

    New Shadespire Box / Campaign

    We may get some Sylvaneth, but The Briar Queen is the ghost with all the roses. Def need to pick up those pieces for the blocked hexes, even if I end up using them for something completely different. The Gobbo Knight or whatever is pretty cute, too.
  4. WestRider

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Phoenix Forgotten: An actually good Found Footage Horror Movie. Not only that, but it's a good Found Footage Alien Abduction Horror Movie, which is something I've never encountered before. The number one factor, I think, is that the characters are pretty likeable. One of the common failings of FFH for me is that the characters are often so annoying that I just can't care. The three in this one seem like some nice kids. The central one, Josh, is obsessive and enthusiastic enough that it can get a little off-putting, but you kind of need someone like that, because anyone else would have turned off the camera and gone home long before things went this far. It also helps that it's inspired by a true event, and includes some actual news footage from '97 covering that event, which was only ever partially explained. Apparitional, a.k.a. The Haunting of Cellblock 11: Not actually Found Footage, tho the concept has usually been done as FFH in the past. The crew of a Ghost Hunting TV show, needing a hit episode before they get cancelled, spend the night in a former prison, where all sorts of horrible things are said to have happened. It's straight to video, relatively low budget, but uses the setting and poor lighting well to raise tension, saving the effects budget for key moments, and using some practical effects very well. The plot is somewhat contrived, but not horribly so; it does what it needs to. Most of the acting is pretty solid as well, making for a pretty good chunk of creepshow overall.
  5. There's an imgur link up there. Has pics of all of it. Primaris Marines don't really come with separate torsos, tho.
  6. WestRider

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Shove all the plot holes in the MCU into one flick, and it would still make more sense than Antihuman did.
  7. WestRider

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Antihuman: At first when I started watching this, I thought I was having trouble following it because I was tired enough that I was starting to have auditory processing issues, and there are a couple of different accents, and a lot of the dialogue is pretty quiet. After forcing myself to pay more attention for a while, I realized that I was actually having trouble following it because it makes no damn sense. Maybe it's just because I randomly ran across some stuff about it earlier today, but it brings to mind some of what I've read about the Blue Öyster Cult album Imaginos: That was supposed to be an epic, sweeping story, spread over three double albums, but all they were actually able to make was one disc, which had the track order changed by the record label, and was a mess of multiple layers of re-recording and remixing over the course of 8 years. Antihuman didn't take that long to make, but it also feels like we're getting about a sixth of the actual story, out of order, and with essentially un-filmable sections. Beyond the plot, there are a bunch of more technical issues. The soundtrack is way overwrought, and sometimes drowns out the often quiet dialogue. There's no real sense of pacing here. They basically try to hold the tension level at about 9/10 from very start of the movie, and that just doesn't work. It needed more variation. Other parts, later on, felt very much like a filmed version of something intended for stage performance, with the dialogue a little too stiff and awkward, some of which comes from the actors trying hard, but not succeeding, to impart deep meaning to fundamentally meaningless statements, and to make 2AM stoner philosophy into cosmic horror. Honestly, the most unsettling part for me was when someone said something about one of the two female leads having a husband, because she and the other female lead were so gay together that I assumed they were either a couple, or at the very least, really needed to have a long conversation about suppressed feelings. I'm also kind of trying to figure out why I'm writing so much about a movie that failed so badly. I think it's because it's one of those where there was a spark of something genuinely worth exploring in there, but I can't even figure out what it was. In the final analysis, all I can really say is that the reason this sort of thing is called experimental film is that experiments don't always succeed.
  8. WestRider

    Random Photo Thread

  9. WestRider

    Tempting Kickstarters

    By Ogres. About Ogres. For Ogres.
  10. WestRider

    Large Pro Painted Ork Army w/ Cases

    They're made of metal? The title said they were oak 😉
  11. WestRider

    So this is a thing....

    Necrons actually do have at least one female character, in the FW Maynarkh Dynasty. But no Model for her.
  12. WestRider

    So this is a thing....

    One actual Army out of 25. 4% sounds pretty select and limited to me. About 7% if you look at it just as out of just the "good" Factions. Still pretty limited. Zooming out a bit. Including the tiny ones, GW has 29 Factions listed on the 40K Webstore. Of those, two are entirely female (and one of those only has a single kit), three have some sort of mix (the major Eldar Factions. But for Craftworlds, it's only Banshees, Jain Zar, and 1 in 5 Guardians. Even Drukhari and Harlequins have about 2/3 of their range as male, and the distribution in both of them is really uneven.), four have exactly one female model, and the remaining 20 are purely male. If you take out the minor Factions*, it's down to one all-female Army, the same three with some sort of mix, one with a single female Model, and still 20 that are purely male. That's...pretty badly skewed. *The ones you can't functionally be built as a Matched Play Army on their own, outside of very small Games. Inquisition, Assassinorum, Sisters of Silence, and the Ynnari-only Models.
  13. WestRider

    Kill Team....IN SPACE!

    Attention, Guardsmen! In the following days, you will be offered work with a Rogue Trader in accordance with their Warrant of Trade. While the work of Rogue Traders is essential, and they should be afforded almost as much respect as your officers, you must first remember your duties to the Astra Militarum. Rogue Traders will often try and tempt Guardsmen into their household staff, using half-truths and propaganda to entice you into their service. Used as you are to the stalwart, unflinching honesty of the Departmento Munitorum, this may come as a shock and so, in this one instance, you are permitted to experience doubt and employ critical thinking. To assist you in making your decision, we have produced this pamphlet, designed to offer an unbiased, objective view on the scurrilous lies pedalled by these shiftless privateers. Rogue Traders – THE TRUTH! Produced by the Departmento Objectivia In association with the Departmento Munitorum To the inexperienced Guardsman, life aboard the ship of a Rogue Trader can feel safer than open combat. Nothing could be further than the truth! While Imperial star-vessels are nigh indestructible, certain luxuries afforded to troops on the ground – like artillery support, the use of Chimera transports and the ability to fully unfurl and wave inspiring banners – are nonexistent within the constant confines of a privateer vessel. This is only a half-truth. As a member of the Astra Militarum, your diet is carefully designed to keep you functioning at peak efficiency, providing you with necessary nutrients to hone yourself into a living weapon without distractions like taste or texture. Commissars and other higher ranking soldiers have been specially trained to process luxurious foodstuffs through exacting training regimens at the Schola Progenium. To the untrained palette – i.e. yours – such meals would prove devastating and would only serve to weaken your resolve and distract you from your duty. This is another false truth that, upon careful logical examination, collapses. The lasgun may not possess the flash of a rotor cannon or artificer-wrought shotgun but, in terms of aggregate kill count, is far superior to both. Likewise, your flak armour is just as resilient as the bronzed breastplate of a Voidsman, with the added benefit that most bloodstains will soak inconspicuously into the fabric, thus avoiding any undue distress to your fellows. Voidsmen serving with Rogue Traders are allowed undisciplined, wild lives in which they are allowed unscheduled periods of shore leave, the setting of their own sleep times, and permission to speak to their commanding officers without having first sought written authorisation. Such hedonism can only lead to heresy, poor discipline, and untimely death. Choose Wisely We hope this encourages you to make an informed decision, Guardsman. ++ Thought for the Day: “Analysis is the bane of conviction.” ++
  14. WestRider

    So this is a thing....

    Some of what I posted there is, in fact, from research done with trans men. But Space Marines are different by a far greater degree from either men or women than men and women are from each other. Like I said, my issue with it is that the Space Marines are throwing away half their potential recruit pool. I don't like PA Models without helmets, so it would really just be a fluff difference, not a modeling one.
  15. WestRider

    So this is a thing....

    Other than the physical form of the primary sexual organs, the bulk of those differences arise when the body gets flooded with gendered hormones during puberty. Since the hormone dose from the geneseed would massively overshadow the differences due to gender, it's really not a substantial issue, and adding an oophorectomy during the geneseed implantation process could completely nullify that. Also, because all embryos start out as female, and then various factors (largely, but not entirely genetic) shift some to a male form, it's actually much easier to make changes in the female to male direction than vice versa. For example, testosterone supplements will cause increased muscle growth and other tertiary sexual characteristics (facial hair, etc.) in women, but estrogen supplements and/or testosterone suppressants won't remove facial hair or reverse male pattern baldness. The only relevant differences when it comes to individuals being modified for purely combat roles on the level that geneseed alters a human body are that women tend to have higher pain tolerances*, and they don't get hurt as badly if they get hit between the legs. *Necessary to survive childbirth. Studies have estimated that level of pain would kill a substantial percentage of men, purely from the pain sending the body into shock.