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  1. Yarbicus

    Anyone else unimpressed with E3 2018?

    The trailer for The Last of Us 2 was mostly gameplay (and it looks so good I might actually buy a PS for it) but otherwise you are right on the money.
  2. Yarbicus


    Yeah, selling salvage is the way keep your bank account up.
  3. Yarbicus

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    This really confused me until I remembered that the first film version was called Manhunter.
  4. Yarbicus

    Fallout 76 official teaser trailer

    Supposed to be 4x larger than F4 and I am excited! Sorry (not sorry) to the haters but I loved F4. Hell, I still remember pre-ordering the original from Egghead and waiting weeks for it to show up.
  5. Yarbicus


    The Highlander has always been a favorite of mine so I love piloting it in the PC game. So brutal, too! Don't be afraid to explore the map, too. Some of the most rewarding missions are on the edges.
  6. Yarbicus

    Beware of Cougars

    North Bend, WA. Basically Malsqueek's back yard. Scary stuff.
  7. Yarbicus


    Just as a heads up, you won't actually be fielding more than one lance during the end game. However, you will need extra Mechs and pilots since you wont be able to heal or repair between battles.
  8. Yarbicus


    I was all set to start the final campaign end game with 12 Mech Warriors and 18 mechs (one if you team recommends being able to field multiple Lance's). My mechs are all 50+ tons but I only had 2 assault mechs. Decided to go hunt some more. 2 Orions later and I am ready to roll!
  9. Yarbicus


    I have played Battletech since the very first boxed game called Battlemechs. This PC game really feels like playing the tabletop version. Loving it!
  10. Yarbicus

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    Why did Thanos wipe all dwarves but one instead of just half of them?
  11. Yarbicus

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    So is it just generally accepted that Strange did something timey wimey and that plus Capt Marvel will save the day?
  12. Yarbicus

    Tempting Kickstarters

    Dope is for dopes.
  13. Yarbicus

    Random Photo Thread

    I think I have that mini:
  14. Yarbicus

    Looking for music recommendations

    Man, I listened to The Last In Line over and over in high school. What is it you like about Dio? If it's his voice, that will be hard to replicate. The guitars and evocative lyrics are part and parcel of modern prog metal. Some of my favorites: Ray Alder used to sing for Fates Warning and his band Redemption is great. Kamelot might also scratch that itch: Symphony X. Michael Romeo is probably the best metal guitarist in the world right now.