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  1. W: Eldar. H: 40k Nurgle and $

    I am looking for: Wave Serpent Hemlock Windriders Warlock Spiritseer Guardian weapon bitz (special weapons, pistols, hand weapons) For trade I have Nurgle figs from the new 40k big box or cash.
  2. Iyanden List

    Yeah Spiritseer makes sense. I'm not sold on a Hemlock but moving Wraith Guard in a Serpent makes sense.
  3. Iyanden List

    Yeah, not buying a Wraithknight. More Guard and Bikes is doable.
  4. Iyanden List

    Oh! Yeah I want mostly Wraith constructs.
  5. Iyanden List

    Umm... English please?
  6. Iyanden List

    I am trying to stick with Iyand fluff. Well, that and keeping to the starter boxes for cost effectiveness.
  7. Iyanden List

    I have always wanted to build a Iyanden army and, since I am also painting up an Imperial Fists army, this seemed like a good time to use up all of my yellow paint. I basically have 1 of the old and 2 of the new Start Collecting boxes as the basis. I realize that not taking Troops really hampers my access to Command Points but so be it: Vanguard Detachment Autarch Skyrunner 3 Windriders Bonesinger 2 Units of Wrath Guard Spearhead Detachment 1 Warlock Fire Prism Wraithlord War Walker Spearhead Detachment 2 Warlock Wraithlord War Walker Vaul's Wrath Battery That puts me at about 1500 points. I do have unit of Guardians that I could add if I need to bump points a bit. Suggestions for other additions?
  8. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I don't see rivaling Avatar as that much of an achievement unless you are talking about visuals. Even then...meh.
  9. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    And you are filling in way more blanks than the show does.
  10. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Bright 5/10 I wanted Lord of the Ring meets Training Day but what I got was Warcraft (the movie) meets Chips (the movie). Alien Nation has similar themes but is so much better.
  11. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I agree 97% (I love Jeremy Renner). H8 was the movie where Tarantino officially disappeared up his own backside.
  12. Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    As always, your work is amazing. We need to get a game in soon.
  13. Drop Pods

    Ate they worth the points? What best to put in them?
  14. Drop Pods

    Yeah or nay?