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  1. Yarbicus

    Happy Birthday to Our OFCC Overlord!

  2. Yarbicus

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Is there a list of players somewhere?
  3. Yarbicus

    OFCC Saurians

    Sounds good!
  4. Yarbicus

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    QI 10 Billion/10 I absolutely love this show, particularly with Stephen Fry as the host.
  5. Yarbicus

    OFCC Saurians

    OOPS! Or maybe not...
  6. Trying to get a decent list for myself while simultaneously getting an Orc list for my son. First shot: Cuatl Lord General, BSB, Alchemy and Pyromancy --Binding Scroll, Essence of Free Mind, Grasp of the Immortal 30 Saurian Warlord on Raptor, LA, Sh, --Touch of Greatness, Serrated Scales, Portion of Swiftness, Talisman of Shielding 30 Warriors Full Command, Spears, Serpent Warrior --Banner of Speed 26 Temple Guard,Full Command --Totem of Mixoatl 15 Skinks, Full Command, Bows 15 Skinks, Full Command, Bows 22 Skinks, Full Command, Shields --2 Caimans 6 Raptor Riders, Full Command 1 Salamander
  7. Figured I might as well consolidate and post my never ending questions. Man, getting TWO armies ready for OFCC is a hassle! Does "fight in extra rank" stack? If I have a unit of SA Warriors with Serpent Warrior and Spears fight in 5 ranks?
  8. Yarbicus


    Got it. I'll try to be more specific.
  9. Yarbicus

    T9A OFCC 2018

  10. Yarbicus


    Um...9th Age? Am I in the wrong room?
  11. Yarbicus


    So while I am trying to wrap my brain around the new magic phase, I also want to keep my son's Orcs as simple as possible. How necessary is it to have a caster these days?
  12. Yarbicus

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Hey help a brother out! I'm not seeing a new Orc book? Link to the download?
  13. Yarbicus

    Whats your OFCC project?

    Now that my son has decided to play: 1. Teach him how to play. 2. Prepare Orcs for him. I have the awesome Kev Adams old school sculpts and want to get as many of those ready as possible. 3. Get Saurian Ancients ready for me. Obviously, I will be trying to use as much as I have finished as possible.
  14. Yarbicus

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Finally bought my ticket! As an added bonus, my son Thomas will be coming with me. He has never played before so he is clearly already better than I am. Hopefully we can get in enough games so that he feels ready. Watch out for the Killer Yarbs!!!
  15. Yarbicus

    Tempting Kickstarters

    Ok, the Fantasy Trip KS is just insane. I decided do the "get all the stuff" level at least once a day a new stretch goal is unlocked.