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  1. Flyers

    I guess that explains why I can't find any special rules! Thanks.
  2. Tempting Kickstarters

    Thinking about it.
  3. Flyers

    Hey, quit hijacking my thread!! How do flyers work as transports? Specifically, what are the rules for "landing" and disembarking?
  4. Tempting Kickstarters

    I have probably played more games of Ogre than any other game. I bought the original Micro Game and played it solo when I couldn't find an opponent.
  5. Flyers

    Pretty much my answer to everything.
  6. Flyers

    Yeah, not really ready to commit to a Forge World model.
  7. Flyers

    Good info. I do have a Storm Raven and have been looking for an excuse to take it.
  8. Flyers

    I only have a few games of 8th under my belt and haven't faced any flyers yet. Most of my 40k experience was 3-6 editions so scary flyers were extremely rare. I play Space Marines so what I should I be concerned about? What are my options for dealing with them? Which ones should I consider for my own lists?
  9. Random Thought Thread

    5 minutes? Your kids are slackers.
  10. Axanar

    Don't forget that copyrighted material MUST be protected by the owner or they could lose the copyright. US law actually takes this into account. If they pursue protection against one party but not another, the court could conclude that the material is no longer copyrighted. This is a big issue in the guitar world right now.
  11. Weirdness

  12. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I'm not surprised at all that the movie is polarizing. I think I am getting burned out on supers and this one just went for silly fun. Plus, some really great performances. Valkyrie is my new movie crush.
  13. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    It is the Big Trouble in Little China of superhero movies.
  14. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    Do want to start a fist fight? Because that's how you start fist fights.
  15. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I tried to watch it but it seemed to be weirdness string together with no real purpose.