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  1. Huge Collection purge 40k

    here are latest prices from barter bucket on facebook 20 painted horrors - $40 metal moon face sorcerer on disk $5 metal abaddon painted $10 plastic chaos lord in terminator armour $10 10 mixed plastic/metal terminators black and gold $30 10 mixed plastic/metal terminators green $30 3 metal screamers $10 burning chariot herald painted chariot unassembled $15 5 metal obliterators $30 6 converted raptors $25
  2. Huge Collection purge 40k

    i am in north Seattle and have 4 not spoken for
  3. Huge Collection purge 40k

    30 painted orks $50 per squad includes nob with fist 30 storm boyz unpainted includes zagstruk $90 I can get more pricing and pictures over the weekend
  4. Huge Collection purge 40k

    Dakka jets
  5. Huge Collection purge 40k

    The mega Fred have to find his claw bits
  6. Huge Collection purge 40k

  7. Huge Collection purge 40k

    I have hatches and other bits to put them back to complete.
  8. Huge Collection purge 40k

    still have all the land raiders
  9. Huge Collection purge 40k

    No I decided to keep them.
  10. Huge Collection purge 40k

    he is the 83 GBP one on Forgeworld he is unassembled. I can get pictures tonight.
  11. Huge Collection purge 40k

    squiggoth and 2 dakkajets $150
  12. Huge Collection purge 40k

    all the forgeworld is legit so it would be sold at 90% of forgeworld retail. list updated slightly will post links to barter bucket as added
  13. Huge Collection purge 40k

    I am selling off most of my stuff. Space hulk painted nicely $200 deathwatch overkill assembled Renegade knight game, both knights still on sprue. $200 chaos 5 land raiders $25 each lots of broken spike racks 12 bikes $100 for the lot 10 raptors $30 1 belakors $25 5 obliterators $50 a couple rhinos $20 each squad of noise marines squad of plague marines 10 horrors 6 nurgle fly riders $120 2 dozen other marines dozen termi's orks: 200 boys 3 Dakka jets 8 mega nobs 30 storm boyz mega dread squiggoth 2 battlewagons 1 forge world original battle wagon 8 grot tanks 1 grot mega tank fighta bommer 2 trucks Largest black label army builder case with foam for most orks Space wolf drop pod and 5 guys okay parting it out. Let me know if somebody wants pictures or details of anything. I am posting most items in Facebook Barter bucket then ebay. IM me bids.
  14. how I miss G$!!!