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  1. Skkipper

    party like it is 2002

    Khorne cares not from whom the blood flows?
  2. Skkipper

    party like it is 2002

    I can chop them into 2 detachments for 13 cp’s. I will abuse my kids and see how I like it.
  3. Skkipper

    party like it is 2002

    I have been looking to put together a list that is back to being somewhat competitive. It looks like my old army from 2002 is good again. khorne demon prince chaos lord 6 squads of 8 berzerkers 1 squad of 8 khorne raptors 1 8 man squad of khorne bikers here I will deviate and replace the twin ccw dreads for maulerfiends
  4. Skkipper

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    saw the Deadpool double header last night at the drive in and they both rocked. I like #2 slightly better.
  5. Skkipper

    40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    woohoo on Ordo East so headed back to OFCC for the 4th time.
  6. Skkipper

    X-Wing 2.0 Announced

    I generally have 3 of each small ship and 2 of the big ships all around and in some cases more like falcons and tie fighters.
  7. Skkipper

    X-Wing 2.0 Announced

    so two of each. :(
  8. Skkipper

    X-Wing 2.0 Announced

    I just wonder how many update kits I will need to buy at $50 each. I have a lot of ships.
  9. Skkipper

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    He used it when he woke up in the water and saw the young Gamora(sp). "what did it cost?" "Everything" I think this is the key scene and will show Thanos has regerts.
  10. Skkipper

    4/26 north seattle 40k

    Updated for new date
  11. Skkipper

    Big FAQ Update

    I don't need more. I have enough stuff even after any purge.
  12. Skkipper

    Big FAQ Update

    funny that "Greg" from adepticon team was my college roommate for a couple of years. I like the rule of three but I will need to purge some of my extra models.
  13. Skkipper

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    They need to include traitor knights in codex.
  14. Skkipper

    Big FAQ Update

    my biggest issue is my renegade knight porpyrion needs to find a way to get into my chaos lists. He will probably his own detachment in the future.