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  1. NO only because I will need to get an equal number to my bloodcrushers and that will be spendy.
  2. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸŽ† you made coffee come out my nose. restating Friends that will go to OFCC and have room on their team.
  3. Sadly I have no 40k playing friends and I only have been at ofcc to fill holes in the chocolate starfish and ordo east. But would happy to be a captian or a grunt.
  4. i pretty much just play at 3 events per year so not worth the $300 investment.
  5. I put a bid on a forgeworld battle fortress this week then realized that they don’t have matched play rules for 40k. I was hoping to bring a mobile ork army to ofcc but will have to piece together something else.
  6. sisters in 2019 is like orktober. you will be able to pre-order the codex on 12/28/19.
  7. Skkipper


    The whole not in the shops = not in the codex is a bummer. I don’t think I would pick up 40k today. I started in 93 and it was a modelers paradise. I am scaling way back and have khorne and Orks. I will probably switch to Orks for next year and see how it goes
  8. I am in north Seattle. I will probably buy a second empire and rebel expansion and sell off the extra bits.
  9. I will push 200+ boys out onto the field once the new codex drops.
  10. Last night, I plopped down the $200 for the core and 3 faction upgrade sets. played a three x-wing rebel list last night. second seems better as there are less actions/ bonus actions. I will pay more over the next few weeks to get the real flavor of the game.
  11. chess clocks could work like this if the game didn't finish turn 4 and used the majority of the time you lose.
  12. GW games are about fun and enjoyment. The rules always could be broken. People who need to break them don’t belong in the hobby. Beer and pretzels. If accpect more you are in the wrong game.
  13. I slid in as 2nd to last team. Just need to find a hotel for that weekend.
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