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  1. Looking for unpainted eldar have a lot of nib and on sprue AD Mech, daemons, Orks, and knights. Lots of other factions too. I really need to consolidate so will be happy to trade in your favor.
  2. Dark Imperium

    I can split one with ya.
  3. Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka jet

    Took me 3 days just to move my models with a full size truck.
  4. Man that gets addictive to say. I am looking for one in New to serviceable condition. I have around 236lbs of plastic models NIB to trade along with another 427.5lbs of assembled models. I will most likely have something you want or need. I can always do green stuff too.
  5. Want Dark Eldar Haemonculus goodies.

    Maybe if I get some wracks sure.
  6. Bored to death with all my current piles of models and need something new to inspire me to get back to modeling, painting and with the grace of the gods gaming. Looking for new models of Haemonculus Wracks Grotesques Talos Dark Eldar Codex I have lots models to trade very heavily in your favor or I can throw cash at you as well.
  7. Anyone bored with their genestealer cult yet?

    Throw me a pm on what you want for them. I just picked up death storm so I am up for everything but the command stuff most likely.
  8. Looking to put together a small force I have cash and plenty to trade. I do not have one model yet so I am pretty much open to anything.
  9. WTB/T bulk magic cards

    I am up in kelso
  10. WTB/T bulk magic cards

    Ya just bulk Commons or uncommon are perfect I think he is building commander decks with his buddies.
  11. WTB/T bulk magic cards

    Son is getting into magic looking to buy or trade for in bulk. Have lots to trade warhammer, 40k, flames of war and other miscellaneous games.
  12. WTB/T4 Putrid blightkings

    I have cash and hella models.
  13. Which side will you choose?

    The warriors of the Burning Drong lodge will fight for whoever has the most Ur-Gold to offer.
  14. Fyreslayers I want them.

    Well looks like I will be searching for The Ur-Gold this summer. Let me know what you have I am starting from scratch. Have lots of chaos to trade plus a few other 40k factions and the almighty green stuff too.
  15. W:Flames of war H: lots of GW

    So imagine my surprise when my son said he wanted to try flames of war. This used to be my favorite game so of course I agreed. Looking for a small starter force for him early or midwar would be great. Also always looking for more Italians and French to add to my collection. Have a lot to trade and cash.