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  1. Bump/price drop. Also added Guild Ball Butchers team.
  2. Hello. It is time to downsize again. I live in Kelso, WA. I also have a Khador lot. All plastic where available. This makes a few really great lists. Mk3 cards included. $200 Butcher 3 pro painted (by Jay) sorscha1 metal very nicely painted vlad3 assembled Ruin Juggernaut Destroyer Spriggan Magnetized Juggernaut/Marauder/Destroyer Kodiak plastic kit New on sprue Shocktroopers Widowmakers nicely painted widowmaker marksman nicely painted Outriders mechanics 4 nicely painted 2 primed Man o War Drakhun x2 Fenris on resin base kayazy assassins plus UA ( these have green stuff hoods and cloaks because I didn't like the sculpts and they needed to look more assassiny) Koldun Lord grey lord ternion war dog on resin base Retail is over $600 not including the painting I would sell it for $200 Warhammer Diskwars- $40 OBO(in plastic totes) 2x core boxes 1 dwarf and lizardman expansion box Lego Heroica sets- $25 for all three. They may be missing a few random small bits but they are still completely playable. Nathuz, Waldurk, Fortaan Lots and lots of dice masters I could trade Guild Ball Butchers painted guild. All season 1and 2 models except Truffles and Vet Brisket. Tenderizer and Fillet are new in box. $100 I would take cash and trade combinations. WANT: Concordia board game D&D5th (I have nothing) Harry Potter deckbuilder game Quadropolis