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  1. Dagna

    Guild Ball

    What guild are you playing? I have been enjoying morticians lately.
  2. H: Space wolves army rhino really nicely painted 2x landraiders really nicely painted 3x vindicators 2 really nicely painted 1x drop pod Canis wolfborn special character 3 thunderwolf cavalry 60 space wolf marines in various states of assembly (10 need arms, I can not find arms for them) 5 terminators (really nicely painted, 2 need minor repairs as they came broken in the mail) 1 x landraider that should be turned into terrain it is in pretty poor condition 1x old plastic dreadnought with no arms. I would toss it but may e someone can use it for something Want: Guild ball models painted. I have 2.5 guilds that need painted. 12 models per guild plus one half a guild so 30 models total. I’d like them painted to tabletop standard close to the studionpaint scheme. Ideally it would be someone local that could meet from portland to olympia so I can hand off the wolves to you. I will pay to have you ship the models back to me. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Dagna

    Aristeia Core Game - NiB

    Hello, I PM’d you a day or two ago. PM me back :)
  4. I did find a couple copies. Thank you for checking though. (Though I would like more time counter bases) The base game is not as needed anymore.
  5. As the title says. I am looking for WoW trading card game. I have had a WoW itch lately and prefer setting down at the table than playing Hearthstone online. Thought I would give this a try. Let me know what you got and what you want.
  6. I have been playing and really enjoying Divinity: Original Sin on XBox One. It is a great old school RPG. The battles are tense and require planning. Save early and save often! Great game!
  7. As the title states. If you are interested I can make you a list. It is a pretty large lot. Some has been pro painted. UltraMarines would be awesome. But I am open to about anything. Including offers that are not Space Marine.
  8. Bump/price drop. Also added Guild Ball Butchers team.
  9. Hello. It is time to downsize again. I live in Kelso, WA. I also have a Khador lot. All plastic where available. This makes a few really great lists. Mk3 cards included. $200 Butcher 3 pro painted (by Jay) sorscha1 metal very nicely painted vlad3 assembled Ruin Juggernaut Destroyer Spriggan Magnetized Juggernaut/Marauder/Destroyer Kodiak plastic kit New on sprue Shocktroopers Widowmakers nicely painted widowmaker marksman nicely painted Outriders mechanics 4 nicely painted 2 primed Man o War Drakhun x2 Fenris on resin base kayazy assassins plus UA ( these have green stuff hoods and cloaks because I didn't like the sculpts and they needed to look more assassiny) Koldun Lord grey lord ternion war dog on resin base Retail is over $600 not including the painting I would sell it for $200 Warhammer Diskwars- $40 OBO(in plastic totes) 2x core boxes 1 dwarf and lizardman expansion box Lego Heroica sets- $25 for all three. They may be missing a few random small bits but they are still completely playable. Nathuz, Waldurk, Fortaan Lots and lots of dice masters I could trade Guild Ball Butchers painted guild. All season 1and 2 models except Truffles and Vet Brisket. Tenderizer and Fillet are new in box. $100 I would take cash and trade combinations. WANT: Concordia board game D&D5th (I have nothing) Harry Potter deckbuilder game Quadropolis
  10. Dagna

    Guild Ball

    So, we are still enjoying Guild Ball up here in Kelso. Are there any regular nights where people are playing in Portland or Vancouver? Or is it dying off a little? I am really liking season3. Guild Ball has replaced most other games for me personally. I really appreciate the low model count and low barrier to entry that this game has.
  11. Looking for the board game and would not turn down expansions. Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Also looking for Dicemasters. Preference to AvX as I already have some of that. But I am just playing with my son so I would consider anything. I am not looking to spend a bunch of money. Just trying to take advantage of gaming time with my kids when I can. He discovered my old AvX stuff and is all excited to play now.
  12. Dagna

    Board games for my mini me

    Games we regularly play with my 6 and 8 yr old: Santorini (by far the most played game we own now) Fish eat fish (you may need to wait a year or two for this one) Hey! That's my fish Magic Labyrinth Boo who ticket to ride first journeys Slamwich Tsuro ( I almost forgot this one but it is played regularly)
  13. Hello, I am looking for a 3ds XL (or regular) for my son. Also looking for games. Let me know what you got. I have Khador Cygnar Trolls Heroscape terrain and figs A little PayPal Thanks!