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  1. Thanks for the reference links. We were talking about these last night.
  2. I wonder if they are coming out with another German book to cover MW Sicily & Italy?
  3. GOOD - New German & Soviet Books. BAD - No indicators if they have more expanded selections for British Lend Lease with the Russians. GOOD - HS129. My old airplane gets to ride again BAD - I only have one and its the later version with the PAK gun GOOD - Stugs with sideskirts BAD - they are going to be expensive GOOD - Panthers BAD - Panthers
  4. yes, i am bringing stuart horde along with DAK germans. Also, Mr Nelson, I brought the 2x ZSU 23-4 for our trade if you can remember to bring 1x can of soviet green spray paint.
  5. close, but would probably take out the first of the first card to put in airplanes, and take out 1 stuart from each company to put in recon & assault guns.
  6. 109 points?! Somebody want me to bring a whole Battalion of US Stuarts!
  7. ZEKE

    Tanksgiving Event Nov 12, 2016

    Glad to hear this. I haven't gotten off my ass to get anything done for this and was afraid that people would have been reading this thinking it was for this year. Glad to here Phyfor88 has picked up the baton, thank you. I too have alot to loan out, German, American, Russian. I have come to prefer to loan my stuff out cause I hate seeing them sitting on the shelf for years without use.
  8. I am planning on bringing Team Yank & FOW Germans (DAK) along with what I have of Russian stuff for people to borrow. (some infantry, valentines, katyusha, universal carriers)
  9. I packed along Mid-War Americans along with Team-Yankee. (Didn't know who was showing or what was being played) Barca. If nobody else shows up, it would be cool to play either the Germans or Russians since you have everything.
  10. Ques#1: none -- I don't have much going on here, waiting to see if the second Russian book will have an actual British lend-lease formation. Otherwise it'll be alot of borrowing for me. Ques#2: B & C Ques#3: B C D -- 75 points & above. Germans are more comfortable with higher points while Russians are just fine with using lower point levels.
  11. I was referencing the closures for Saturday, January 28. And for anybody else that may be coming in from the North. During the week, it can be a crapstorm and understandable
  12. looks like easiest route for people coming from Washington would be to take I-205 down to I-84, Take I-84 west to Exit 1 (Lloyd Center Exit), at end of exit ramp keep going straight to Martin Luther King Blvd (I believe its the 4th traffic light after getting off I-84), turn Left and take that down to GG.
  13. I plan to be there. Brought FOW 4th edition US
  14. ZEKE

    looking for decals

    Still looking for more Yellow stars. I have about a Battalions worth of stuff to transition over.
  15. ZEKE

    looking for decals

    PM sent