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  1. Ques#1: none -- I don't have much going on here, waiting to see if the second Russian book will have an actual British lend-lease formation. Otherwise it'll be alot of borrowing for me. Ques#2: B & C Ques#3: B C D -- 75 points & above. Germans are more comfortable with higher points while Russians are just fine with using lower point levels.
  2. I was referencing the closures for Saturday, January 28. And for anybody else that may be coming in from the North. During the week, it can be a crapstorm and understandable
  3. looks like easiest route for people coming from Washington would be to take I-205 down to I-84, Take I-84 west to Exit 1 (Lloyd Center Exit), at end of exit ramp keep going straight to Martin Luther King Blvd (I believe its the 4th traffic light after getting off I-84), turn Left and take that down to GG.
  4. I plan to be there. Brought FOW 4th edition US
  5. ZEKE

    looking for decals

    Still looking for more Yellow stars. I have about a Battalions worth of stuff to transition over.
  6. ZEKE

    looking for decals

    PM sent
  7. ZEKE

    looking for decals

    What have you got, what you want for them?
  8. ZEKE

    looking for decals

    I am looking for more Mid-War Yellow star decals for US forces from Fighting First. Or a link to someone selling them.
  9. showing up with Flames of War - Americans
  10. ZEKE

    Team-Yankee Learn-to-Play on SAT at GG

    I am bringing a friend
  11. I brought V4 US mid-war. Not entirely Stuarts.
  12. Whatcha talkin bout? I'm just appealing to the masses and giving them LOTS of easy to hit tanks to destroy! ☺️
  13. Sure, I can go with 85 points. Nothing wrong with another Platoon of Stuarts to go with my other 5 platoons of Stuarts :)
  14. I am stopping over for Team Yankee, now to find my some lunch/supper.
  15. as usual, I will have all 165pts of my West Germans, 100 pts for me and the extra in case someone needs some more filler.