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  1. Seems like several peeps were chiming about practice on April 28th. That's this Saturday, is Hanaur still interested. I am available this weekend and have German and/or US to help. I understand about trying to get used to the V4 system and several of us have been doing some extra weekend games to help out other people. If GG doesn't have table available, Oregon City Geeks & Games can accomodate a table and their store is easy to get to in Oregon City from I-205.
  2. ZEKE

    Mid vs Late FoW?

    I tend to buy Krylon - Automobile Primer - Grey. It is fine enough for 15mm without becoming too coarse. Can get it anywhere for about $5 a can. But, then you add in an extra step of base coating the proper color on top of the primer. This works fine for me cause I do all different kinds of forces that get different colored base coats (german, US, russian, team yankee, french, etc.) A friend of mine bought a can of the paint/primer that BF is always touting about. 1 can gave an even base coat of the proper color over enough TeamYankee Russian tanks for a 100 pt list. So it's not a bad deal there too. If you are only working 1 specific force, this method might be best.
  3. ZEKE

    Practice for ENFILADE - SAT APR 21

    I will work on a DAK rifle co list for peeps to use. Will also bring some variant of stuart company.
  4. Just saw the French box set and thinking that somebody should do a BlueThunder mod on the Gazelles
  5. ZEKE

    Practice for ENFILADE - SAT APR 21

    I will mark this on my calander
  6. ZEKE

    Mid vs Late FoW?

    From the tankers point of view, this is generally how the different periods go. Early War - lots of BAILED out tanks due to weapons systems having a higher firepower. Because of the lots of bailed out tanks on the table, Instead of being outright killed, most tanks seem to be sitting in the penalty box (bailed) for a while then get back in the game. Mid War - probably the most balanced of all the periods Late War - lots of insta-kills. With the higher AT numbers and the Lower firepower, things go poof more easily. TEAM YANKEE - insane amounts of insta-kills. "I WAS winning ... and then I lost 5 tanks." As for the new V4 rules, this new MidWar stuff is born out of the V4 system, while Late War is currently using conversion rules. So, V4 will feel kinda glitchy.
  7. I Brought MW americans
  8. ZEKE

    New FM 101 for team yankee

    I haven't had the chance to blitz my helicopters onto the table yet, so actually, no loss for me.
  9. Unfortunately due to work, I cannot make plans or a decision about going until the night before.
  10. I have 71 points of Fighting First. Either a Tank co. or an Engineer Co. I didn't bring any team yankee today.
  11. Mr Barca,. My book accidently pick up your arty template.
  12. Does anybody have any info on where I can get some decals. I am looking for the yellow stars with yellow bands and yellow platoon markings. I believe battlefront has a decal in their boxes of tanks, but I currently have a bunch of Stuarts & Shermans, some of which are zvezda models, and I am thinking of picking up more zvezda models.
  13. ZEKE


    hmmm, since i remember seeing them parked across the street in front of the operations buildings for 1/17th cav I thought they were the ones using them. But, I guess it really was 3/73 armor since for years/decades they had been trying to find replacements for their m551 sheridans. I just don't recall the 3/73 having recon elements. Don't get me started on the classification of the sheridan as an armored recon vehicle cause we (the 82nd airborne) treated and used them like tanks.