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  1. That's cool. I'm down for some pizza. I brought MidWar German and/or American, and I brought Team Yankee West German. As for practicing, I am already well versed with Americans & TY W. Germans so I don't really need to practice those games but I can still throw up stuff to help others with their development & practice. My eclectic midwar germans are still in the developmental / painting stage but I am not planning on using them for any tournaments coming up so I just use them as cannon fodder until I eventually get settled with them.
  2. not making it today. gotta run errands in the opposite direction.
  3. Agree, after this past event I am all coffee'd out, or Mid-war'd out. Team Yankee sounds like a good change of pace and maybe test some of the Quick missions.
  4. Now that LateWar is around the corner with More historic battle areas coming available to V4. I have an idea for the weekly thursday gaming. Designate each Month according to historical events for that Month. So far I have come up with. Jan - MidWar - eastfront - stalingrad Feb - MidWar - eastfront - stalingrad Mar - Apr - May - June - LateWar - westfront - D-day July - Midwar - all - Sicily & Kursk Aug - Midwar - all - Sicily & Kursk Sep - Latewar - westfront - A bridge too far Oct - Nov - Midwar - northafrica - Torch landings Dec - Latewar - westfront - Bulge I know some historical events spanned over months (stalingrad, n.africa) but that can help with assigning which month to slot it in.
  5. I am planning on dedicating Glider Rifle Company for anything D-day related. Would still like to take it up against Buette-Panzers for historical reasons (see laFiere Causeway). After that it would be 4th armor div for Bulge. Then Remagan related stuff (chaffees/pershings/jacksons) for Late-Late war.
  6. I am planning on showing up. Got Germans & Americans
  7. Was a fun day with a nice change of pace and getting to play something else. Would have been better if at least 8 people showed, we still made due with the 4 of us. Thanks to James for setting this up.
  8. Registered! #2 of 10 Steve Zeeck, NATO, West German.
  9. good deal... I packed FOW Germans & Americans.
  10. ZEKE

    Oil War

    as for painting, that sounds similar to american late war inf I painted. Here is how I did simple easy painting. My whole technique here is just base color, wash, and a little highlight. 1. hands & face: FLAT FLESH (valejo)-paint face & hands, SERAPHIM SEPIA (citadel)-wash face & hands, BUFF (valejo)-drybrush/highlight face & hands 2. uniform: US DARK GREEN (valejo)-paint shirt & pants, AGRAX EARTHSHADE (citadel)-wash face & hands, USDARK GREEN + a little bit of something to lighten it up a little bit - drybrush/highlight uniform. 3. rest of equipment: I usually detail paint the boots & gear them apply a slightly watered down wash to the gear with no highlighting so use slightly lighter than usual colors since the wash will darken it a little.
  11. Here is latest article by Phil Yates at Battlefront about creating a force using multiple books between east front and north africa, and between allies. https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6380 Is this allowable for enfilade? just asking in general.
  12. Is it possible to use the US M3 75mm tank destroyers. The info cards for them were posted on battlefront a while ago but don't know if it's official.
  13. I am still working on some kind of viable russian churchill list. I still have a couple ideas to work with.
  14. I will be there with v4 americans, and/or germans, and/or russians to play east front or north africa. Lately, it seems that most games are FoW so thats all I've been bringing. Team Yank has been left at home unless a special request is made ahead of time.
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