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  1. Is it possible to use the US M3 75mm tank destroyers. The info cards for them were posted on battlefront a while ago but don't know if it's official.
  2. I am still working on some kind of viable russian churchill list. I still have a couple ideas to work with.
  3. I will be there with v4 americans, and/or germans, and/or russians to play east front or north africa. Lately, it seems that most games are FoW so thats all I've been bringing. Team Yank has been left at home unless a special request is made ahead of time.
  4. Looks like I get to play Glider Rifle company again come July.
  5. not making it this thursday, too busy
  6. I have a FoW North Africa American List - 160 pts ready for THU, 12/6. I don't have any particular mission in mind. If anybody has any ideas to try, I'm game.
  7. ZEKE

    TanksGiving 2018

    Mr. Nelson, Thanks again for organizing this event. Had lots of good games and enjoyed the day. You have given me some ideas for next year and hopefully I will be more in gear to run it again.
  8. Yeah, I got the the Polish booklet & cards. Will need to figure out what stuff to pick up. Starters would be the wheeled SP arty pieces.
  9. Yeah, I got a different german list to try out. Also, I have magnets for Nelson & Barca.
  10. Thanks for the reference links. We were talking about these last night.
  11. I wonder if they are coming out with another German book to cover MW Sicily & Italy?
  12. GOOD - New German & Soviet Books. BAD - No indicators if they have more expanded selections for British Lend Lease with the Russians. GOOD - HS129. My old airplane gets to ride again BAD - I only have one and its the later version with the PAK gun GOOD - Stugs with sideskirts BAD - they are going to be expensive GOOD - Panthers BAD - Panthers
  13. yes, i am bringing stuart horde along with DAK germans. Also, Mr Nelson, I brought the 2x ZSU 23-4 for our trade if you can remember to bring 1x can of soviet green spray paint.